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Contact UsHumiliate Us.LinksSee how 18-year old Louise Ogborn was caught on video being strip-searched totally naked, spanked and sexually humiliated.We were only 18 years old and our whole high school saw naked pics of us. Could we really be any more embarrassed if YOU see us totally nude, too?Shocking School Humiliations. Strip-searches, bare-bottom spankings, humiliating forced nude body exams by the opposite sex, schoolgirls forced to strip for bad grades...Being spanked at school is so humiliating. Trust us. We should know.You agree to these terms by using this website. You can also view our copyright information and learn how you can use our commentaries, polls and pics on your website for free.
Becky Romero

"Teenage Boys Teach College Brat Becky Romero a Lesson She Won’t Forget"

Having been caught skinny-dipping by high school boys during the summer is only the beginning,
as Becky soon finds the shame follows her back to college and puts her modesty and reputation continually at risk

Girl stripped naked at a public pool
How We Ended Up Naked & Humiliated on the Internet

During our first year in high school, we immediately suffered sexual harassment from no small number of guys, including constant butt-grabbing, breast-fondling and sexual inuendo. Eventually, enough was enough and we took a stand, since school officials did nothing to stop the ''boys will be boys'' behavoir.

My best friend, Becky, had already started a trend, depantsing a guy in gym class who had grabbed her butt. Although the same lesson had to be taught over and over, eventually the harassment died down when guys realized their pants (and occasionally more!) would be coming down whenever they got out of line.

However, in the fall of 2003, several despicable jerks at our high school secretly took nude photos of myself and my two Libby Marrclosest girlfriends (Becky & Belinda) with a hidden camera while we showered at school after a Saturday morning workout.

Needless to say, they didn't keep the photos a secret for very long and made quite sure that our embarrassment and humiliation was both intense and widespread, posting the pics on the Internet and circulating them around our high school. The three of us were 18 at the time.

They then used the photos to blackmail me, as I had begged them to at least stop humiliating my girlfriends. I reluctantly showed up at a public park early one morning to meet our tormentors. Having already stripped to just my bra and panties I was quickly surrounded by these assholes, who proceeded to leer, fondle, spank and eventually strip me.

However, they would find out that, unlike me, payback can be a bitch.

- Libby Marr
  Humiliated & Exposed at School  
School girl getting spanked on her bare bottom in front of her classBelieve me! I know exactly what this feels like, having once received a bare-bottom spanking by my teacher during class.

Not only did my girlfriends see me getting spanked, but even worse, all the boys in my class, too, a few of whom were sitting just in the right spot to watch my humiliating shame with an unimpeded view and who by recess time had very quickly and aptly nicknamed me, ''Becky Bare-Butt.''

I have to admit, I learned that day that there is no more of an effective or humiliating punishment for a schoolgirl than to be spanked on her bare bottom in front of her whole class.

But if you think that was bad, wait until you see what's being reported on the news! Click here!

  More Shocking School Humiliations  

Female Teacher Orders 12-Year Old Boy Strip in Front of His Whole ClassFemale Teacher Orders Boy, 12, to Strip in Front of His Entire Class

The Biggsville, Illinois 6th grader is totally humiliated by Union Elementary School social studies teacher Lisa Lox as his female classmates watch, giggle and laugh at his humiliating exposure.

Outrageous? Yes. Illegal? No. At least not according to the county district attorney's office, which said that Ms. Lox was within her right to make the boy strip in front of all his classmates as part of class lesson.

Read more about the boy's shame here.
Our Humiliating Experiences (including photos!)
Watch Us Being Humiliated Right Now!
Watch Us Being Humiliated Right Now!
My Entire High School Saw Me Naked - by Belinda Ramirez

Teaching My First Depantsing Lesson - by Becky Romero

Depantsing Event in Gym Class - by Becky Romero

Depantsing Is Wrong, Except When... - by Becky Romero

A Creep Named 'Ouched' Gets His Wish - by Libby Marr

Punished in Front of My Class for Flashing My Panties - by Becky Romero

Danny McDonald - aka 'Dr. Spank' - by Becky Romero

I Was Stripped, Spanked & Videotaped - by Libby Marr

Why I Deserved the Bare Bottom Spanking I Got at School - by Belinda Ramirez

Harassed by Muslim Terrorists - by Becky Romero

Stripping My Girlfriend's Brother Naked - by Libby Marr

Younger Brother Watches His Teenage Sister Get Spanked - by Becky Romero

Nosey College Coed Gets Shameful Spanking at Walmart - by Becky Romero

While having our nude pics circulated around high school was by far the most humiliating experience of our lives, we've all had other moments of embarrassment, humiliation and exposure.

Having our nude pics circulated around high school & on the net was by far the most humiliating experience of our lives.

Our most embarrassing momentsBut click here and see what other embarrassing moments we've had.
The Depantsing Queens vs. Bad Girl Spanker

The Depantsing Queens
vs. the Bad Girl Spanker

What happens when a small group of bratty and, in retrospect, way too over-confident young college coeds take on a guy who calls himself "Bad Girl Spanker"?

The Urban Dictionary defines 'owned' as:

"Total and undeniable dominance of a person, group of people or situation as to make them/it akin to one's bitch."

As you can see here, that definition pretty much sums up what happened to us.

One Quarter of a Million Children Are Spanked in U.S. Schools Annually

Ohio Judge OKs Bare-Bottom Spankings of Teenage Schoolgirls

Panties Could Soon Be Hitting the Floor in Classrooms Throughout State;
Texas Legislature Codifies Similar Law to Dismay of Schoolgirls

Read an Ohio newspaper article about one teenage girl's particularly shameful spanking!
She laughed at first, but not when her panties came down - and now she will never live it down!

Marcia Brady - a bare bottom spanking in front of her class on national TV might have helped end corporal punishment in the schools

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served to Those Who Are Nude

Stripped, Spanked & Videotaped!

18-Year Old High School Senior, Libby Marr, finds out what it's like to have her bare bottom spanked hard,
as trio of determined teenage boys intend to transform her from school softball star into school slut overnight

Will the boys completely shave off Libby's lovely red pubes?
Will Libby be forced to swallow more than just her pride?
See the answer here!

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served to Those Who Are Nude

A Humiliating Grade School Bare-Bottom Spanking

When her mom decided to spank her bare-bottom in a spare, empty classroom,
Belinda Ramirez had no idea who would be watching her shame from the window

A skirt-up spanking by her teacher on her fully exposed panties in front of all her classmates didn't make Belinda listen.
But she never in her worst nightmare envisioned the embarrassment that was to follow when her mom arrived at school!
Yet read why Belinda, who is now a college grad, admits that she deserved to be punished and spanked that way!

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served to Those Who Are Nude

21-Year Old College Coed Gets Totally Humiliated & Shamed by Young Boy

Becky Romero Gets Caught Completely Naked in the Shower by Ten-Year Old Boy;
She Soon Regrets Scolding Him as He Reaches Out and Slaps Her Bare Bottom!

That was embarrassing enough for the fully nude Becky, but her humiliation doesn't end there!
She makes the mistake of leaving the bathroom in only a small towel. See what happens next!

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above photo of me was circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty?

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above and other pics of me were circulated around campus and leaving literally nothing to the imagination, what good was it trying to maintain any illusion of modesty?

- Becky Romero
Teenage Girl Gets Spanked on Her Bare Bottom as Young Boy Happily Watches

Need to Quickly Turn an Impertinent Older Teenage Girl into a Crying, Contrite, Compliant Pre-Schooler?

Answer? It's Really Quite Simple.

Just Pull Her Panties Down and Spank Her Bare Bottom in Front of Younger Boys.

Trust me. I know from experience.

- Becky Romero

(But please reconsider and don't spank)
Had I received a few infrequent, bare-bottom spankings in front of my entire class every year or so, the shame would have undoubtedly made me a much better behaved and likely more attentive student. - Becky Romero
Marcia Brady - a bare bottom spanking in front of her class on national TV might have helped end corporal punishment in the schools
Is THIS What You Came Looking For?

Becky Romero - nude at the lake

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Libby Marr - naked!
Guys who thought Libby was way out of line for performing cup checks on the boys she coached at a summer baseball camp obtain nude photos of her and decide to give her a taste of public humiliation she'll never live down.
Outrage directed at Libby and Belinda for cup checks
Guys call for their punishment and humiliation and after youth baseball camp controversy. Libby defends confirming that the young boys they coached at baseball camp were properly wearing their athletic supporters.
Becky has her panties removed by her 6th grade teacher
After having been caught panty-flashing at boys on playground, Becky is taught a humiliating lesson in modesty in front of her entire class that she'll never forget. (also, read her complete explanation of how she was punished)
Will Becky be vindicated or spanked?
Becky debates Bad Girl Spanker on the merits of corporal punishment. The stakes for her are a potential bare-bottom spanking if she loses.
See parts: intro, 1, 2, 2a, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Becky's Punishment Assignment: Essay on Her Being Spanked at School
She calls for in-class, bare-bottom spankings to replace paddling, while also admitting she would have gotten a good number of such spankings herself. Will you help hold Becky to her own standards and discipline her?
A depantsed boy asks: Why did I get targeted?
Libby has to teach Shyguy86 about the birds and the bees... and depantsing
'Happy Birthday' to Becky Romero
A former high school classmate causes Becky more humiliation by revealing embarrassing details about her past - gift-wrapped just in time to spoil her birthday.
Becky caught naked in the shower; totally humiliated by young boy
When she yells at him to get out, he stares at her bare bottom, reaches up and back with the palm of his hand and, well, try to imagine the shame of a college-aged girl getting owned like that by a boy not even half her age.
''Good Morning Dee Dee, feeling naked today?''
See what happened when Dee Dee Randle made the blundering error of daring Bad Girl Spanker to post nude pics of her online because she didn't believe he really had copies of them.
How to Depants and Embarrass a Shy, Handsome Hunk
A cute, delightful short story about a young woman who decides to embarrass the handyman on the ladder who is repairing her kitchen light - and doing it without him suspecting she had anything to do with it.
''To Dee Dee re: Belinda's Pussy''
Dee Dee makes the mistake of doubting Bad Girl Spanker has nude pics of her friend Belinda Ramirez with her legs open - and Belinda pays the price. Unfortunately for Belinda, that price is exactly what the title says it is.
The Latest Example Girl Power!
A nearly fully naked young female athlete beats the boys while a huge crowd watches and cheers her on! Who needs clothes anyway? You go girl!
Ashley Randle in the Shower
Well, a girl does have to keep clean. Except that Bad Girl Spanker has his own ideas of what he'd like to do with her in the shower.
''What should have happened to Becky for stripping that boy''
Guys are still harassing Becky for having depantsed and spanked a boy who undid her bikini top in a public pool. And they have there own ideas on what they'd have liked to done to her.
Dee Dee's nude pics
Dee Dee Randle doesn't believe that Bad Girl Spanker could have possibly have gotten nude pics of her. Yet he claims he did. Will her bold dare to him to post them backfire?
The Windy (City) Chicks: Not Ready To Make Nice
Belinda Ramirez is ridiculed with her nude pics from high school showing her full-frontal nudity coming back to haunt her again.
Becky Romero Caught Naked in Public !!!

Lost Bet & Posed Nude Only to Unexpectedly Get Caught by Several Little Leaguers and One Angry Mom Who Took Action in a Way That Would Have Made Bad Girl Spanker Proud

Becky Romero, caught totally naked by several little league boys while attempting to quickly posing nude in public to pay off bet, July 2004 at Lincoln Park

Libby Marrby Libby Marr
August 2014

It all started so innocently. A friendly wager with our friend Lori Sanchez that this would be the year our Cubbies would finish ahead of her damned redbirds. The loser would have to strip naked in a public place and pose for pics. It could be quick but had to be done between dawn and dusk to add the risky possibility of being seen. Although Belinda and I had faith in our Cubbies we didn't have quite that much faith. But Becky, tired of Lori's good-natured teasing about our past embarrassments wanted to turn the tables.

By August 1st, it was already obvious that Lori would win the bet and Becky reluctantly agreed to throw in the towel early (along with her shoes, pants, blouse, bra and panties). So a few weeks ago I drove Becky to Lincoln Park just before sunrise one early Saturday morning.

To save the time of having to strip, Becky wore only a short robe in the car on the way there. The plan was for me to park, get out, look around and make sure no one was around. I left the keys in the ignition with the car running just in case we needed to leave in a hurry. Then Becky got out of the car, tossed the bathrobe back into the car, walking totally naked a short distance away from the car and started to pose.

That's when Murphy's Law kicked in...

Belinda Ramirez, unknowingly photographed naked while showering at 18-years old, her full-frontal nude pics later passed around her entire high school to humiliate her in photo released to public domain

Public Domain Mark
This work ("Belinda Ramirez, showering in high school at age 18 in 2003", by Juan Ramos [Ms. Ramirez having acquired ownership rights from Mr. Ramos, but acknowledging the photo of her had already been released to public domain]), identified by Belinda Ramirez, is free of known copyright restrictions.

When I threatened legal action against Juan Ramos in 2003-04 for him having taking nude photos of me when I had an expectation of privacy, he agreed to transfer to me the copyright and ownership rights of all the photos he surreptitiously took of me as I showered that day back in 2003.

But I also agreed that I had no legal right to make anyone give back copies of the photos of me he had already distributed and those persons could do with them as they pleased. I knew that was a lost cause anyway.

What it meant legally, however, was that I acknowledged he had placed the nude photos of me into the "public domain" when they were circulated around my high school, thereby insuring my continued humiliation, ridicule and shame. So, basically, I was totally screwed no matter what. But fuck it! I don't care if everyone sees me naked. Basically everyone at high school did anyway. So what's a little more humiliation?

I guess what I'd say to people that use or republish the nude photos of me is I want them to at least identify me by my name, Belinda Ramirez.

If people seeing my nude pics are going to think the girl in the photo is nothing but a flat-chested slut, I want them to at least know who the flat-chested slut is.

Louise Ogborn
Louise Ogborn 's Humiliating & Shameful Strip-Search Caught on Video

Imagine yourself as an 18-year old female high school senior, four months into your job at McDonald's.

Then, one busy Friday afternoon, your supervisor calls you into the manager's office and tells you that a police officer is on the phone ordering that you be strip-searched NAKED for a missing purse. Your car keys, cell phone and - after you've taken off everything, including your panties and bra - your clothes are confiscated and locked up.

Male co-workers are then called into the office to observe and comment on your nudity... and this is just the beginning!

Louise Ogborn takes off her clothes!Watch on video Louise Ogborn 's humiliation as she strips... COMPLETELY NAKED!

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Child abuse is NEVER okay. We all deplore it in the most strongest way possible, especially Becky who suffered it.

If you know of a child who is being abused, please don't remain silent. Educate yourself to recognize what is merely discipline and what are the signs of abuse. Abuse isn't always physical or sexual, but mental also. Please understand there's a difference between a mom spanking her misbehaving daughter a few times lightly on her bottom in the grocery store and a father grabbing a terrified child, yelling at him and threatening to strap his bottom when they get home.

Encourage children who trust you to speak up when you strongly suspect abuse is present. Some parents swear children to secrecy about the whippings or beatings they receive at home. Help the child understand that any punishment that is to be kept a "secret" from their friends is almost certainly not right. Let them know it is okay for them to end up feeling embarrassed by talking about it, perhaps discussing some own embarrassing or shameful moment of your past to help them confind to you.

And while we recognize that spanking a child is generally considered legal in the United States (and, unfortunately, so too is paddling in public schools in large sections of the country), we strongly would hope that every parent or guardian consider NOT spanking their children.

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