Babysitting and Bathing Boys
Veronica Veronica S.
Winter of 2007-08

Young boys of school age, especially those nearing their teen years, are naturally going to be quite embarrassed when being bathed by a girl or young woman who is babysitting them. But so be it! In fact, the more shame the boy feels, the easier the girl's job will be.

The girls have asked me to write this intro and to republish some comments that I made to Jason Shannon on Mandy's (mandy44fun) original Depantsing Boys II poll from in 2003.

Like most girls did when they were in their teens, I did my share of babysitting young boys. Of course, as boys get older they tend to get more and more embarrassed and shy about taking their clothes off in front of a girl who is babysitting them. (Of course, not long thereafter, that shyness disappears and most can't wait to strip for a girl!)

Some girls can't help but enjoy a naked boy's embarrassment immensely. And it's not hard to understand why, even aside from the visually appealing aspects of the job when you're a teenage girl. Ordering a boy (or, later in life, a man for that matter!) to take his clothes off when he doesn't want to gives you a sense of momentary absolute power and authority over them that they hate! So, by all means, don't be afraid to look. You're just doing your job.

It also makes it easier to handle babysitting them. As young boys are often unruly, their sense of shame at being seen naked by a girl who may be not much older than he is can have the effect of rapidly diminishing his defiance to your authority. This can be especially effective when reminding the boy of his impending embarrassment in front of others. ("If you don't stop fighting with your sister right this instant, you can go upstairs, take all your clothes off and I'll be up in a few minutes to give you your bath.")

Although use of this embarrassment technique can be quite effective - especially when girls are around to add to the boy's embarrassment - and is sometimes necessary, it is probably used far too often and unjustly as a cop-out for poor babysitting which allowed young children to get too unruly in the first place.

Of course, when there are no discipline issues involved, embarrassing a boy for no reason is not justified under any circumstances. Babysitters who needlessly taunt or make fun of a boy as he is undressing or once he is naked shouldn't be babysitting.

If more than just a slight giggle or two slips out or if your laughter becomes uncontrollable, just excuse yourself from the nude boy's presence for a moment to compose yourself. When you return, if you want to apologize (which will likely make the boy feel even more embarrassed and might lead to another case of the giggles), don't say anything or just tell him you're sorry but you just happened to think of something really funny at the moment.

Naturally, there are girls who might take advantage of being in a position to get-even, such as the older sister of a girl who was bullied by the young boy she is now babysitting. Although it would be inappropriate to tease the boy outright about his nakedness, there are obvious ways in which the older sister could effectively nip the boy's bullying days in the bud. ("Hi, Megan. Sorry I forgot to call you back earlier. I'm giving your classmate Bobby his bath right now, so after I get him out of the tub, dried off and dressed, I'll give you a call back.")

Then, of course, there are the majority of boys who are usually quite well behaved and are simply embarrassed that they have to bare it all for a girl. The proper thing for a girl babysitting a boy like that would be to gently tell the boy that it's o.k. to be embarrassed, he is after all (or soon will be) completely naked! The girl should add that he shouldn't feel ashamed. It's not like he did anything bad. He's just going to be bathed or have his jammies put on. He shouldn't feel any more embarrassed in front of you than if he was naked in front of a female doctor or nurse. Tell him that he's not the first boy you've seen naked and surely won't be the last. If in the unusual circumstances the boy is older, say 12 or more, gently smile and say, "You don't have anything I haven't seen before."

Never make a comment if the boy gets an erection, other than to put him at ease, if it's obvious he's utterly humiliated by his condition. ("It's o.k., sweetie. That happens.")

Also, don't be afraid to look at the boy. If he observes you purposely avoiding any glance at all at his nakedness, he might think you are trying to avoid looking at him to avoid laughing. Keep your composure, look once in a while (but by all means do NOT stare or touch) and keep reassuring him that it's quite natural for him to feel embarrassed ("I know you're embarrassed. But it's O.K. to feel embarrassed."). And he SHOULD feel embarrassed. You certainly don't want to be babysitting younger boys who are eager to show themselves off to you! If you do happen to encounter the odd school-age boy who is too eager to strip of his clothes and doesn't bother hiding himself or an erection, then by all means smirk and grin until he DOES start blushing. If that doesn't work and he is clearly enjoying his exposure in front of you, never babysit that kid again.

As an attorney who has seen the horrific results of child abuse, I would strongly advise any girl who is babysitting children of any age to under no circumstances spank any child, especially on their exposed bare bottom, in private or otherwise. Neither should a babysitter remove the clothing of their younger charges solely for disciplinary reasons. Even if their parents encourage you to spank their children for unruly behavior, avoid doing so. If they insist that you spank their child, don't take the job.

Finally, be aware of nanny-cams in bedrooms and bathrooms and, for your own self-respect, don't take babysitting jobs when you suspect parents may have placed a nanny-cam in a room where you should expect totally privacy (such as in a bathroom or another room designated where you can change clothes).

Veronica S.
New York, NY

And now, a few of those more memorable babysitting experiences...
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Depantsing Boys II

a boy's bedtime babysitting (and depansting) experience for jason
Posted by 1sexynygirl on 2003-11-09 22:20:44
hi, jason,

this is a long post, but i DID promise you!

it's your almost your bedtime and it's now time for your bath, but i'll tell you that babysitting bedtime story i promised while you undress and get in the tub! - LOL!!!

[ sorry, jason, i just couldn't resist that! - LOL! ]

anyway, like i told you earlier, i did my share of babysitting during my teen years and if the parents wanted me to supervise their kids' baths i did so (and only then, boys or girls, this would happen maybe half the time) as i said, little boys, no matter how rowdy they might have been all day or night, would become like little timid puppy dogs when i told them it was time for their bath and they had to undress in front of me

i never got any sexual arousal out of it, most of these boys were either younger cousins or neighborhood kids and were usually under 10, but i have to admit it was secretly kind of funny for me knowing how embarrassed the boys were and how they'd try (and always fail) to hide their little, mostly hairless wee wees when getting in and out of the bathtub in front of me

one summer saturday about 8 years ago when i was a few months shy of turning 18 and going into my senior year in high school, some close friends of our family asked me to babysit their son, enrico (age 13) and two younger daughters (around 9 and 11) because they were going to a wedding in upstate, doing the sleepover thing at a hotel because the hosts didn't want them driving back late

anyway, when i got to their house i was surprised and saddened to learn that enrico had broke his ankle that week, the poor kid!

then, as they were leaving, his mom asked me if i wouldn't mind helping enrico with his bath, since the cast couldn't get wet and she wanted him all clean and ready for church services on sunday morning when they got back

the poor kid was absolutely mortified! ''but she's a girl!'' he squealed in protest!

his father suppressed a laugh and said, ''you just noticed?'' or something to that effect, adding he wished he had a babysitter as pretty as me to help him with his night time baths when he was growing up (he wasn't hitting on me or anything; he was just trying to help make light of his son's fear of impending embarrassment ...still, that crack got him a sharp elbow from his wife)

enrico's mom said to him, enough with the whining, ''veronica is going to help you with your bath and that's that'', saying she didn't want him slipping or falling and that someone had to help hold his casted ankle up to keep from getting wet, unless he wanted his younger sisters to help him bath (that cured the whining REAL quick)

(btw, these are three good kids, they played nice all evening, no fighting, minding their manners, well mostly...)

so, anyway, as the evening got late, each of the girls took their baths, i checked in on them to make sure they were o.k. ... then it was enrico's turn

he was so embarrassed as we went upstairs knowing he have to bare it all for me; i really felt sorry for him but his bath was my responsibility. still, it was a bit awkward for me to have to tell this poor embarrassed boy several times to pull down his pants, eventually having to help him undress as he tried to balance himself on his good ankle and a crutch, but I still needed to get his pants over the ankle cast

now he was down to just his briefs (pants down at his ankles, bare from the waist up) and i was a bit embarrassed about having to have to pull them down. he was, too, and when i finally grasped his briefs' waistband, he said to wait, he had to ''go to the bathroom''

there was NO WAY i was going to stand there and humiliate him by watching him pee, so i told him i'd step outside and he breathed a huge sigh of relief

i figured it was going to be easier finishing undressing him with something for me to sit on because of the cast and then while he washed himself in the tub, so i called downstairs to his sisters. the 9 year old (anna) came running up and i asked her if there was a stool or something i could bring into the bathroom. she said ''yeah, in mommy and daddy's bedroom, i'll get it''

she ran off into a bedroom and about a minute later i hear enrico swearing ''hey! what the ----!''

i thought he fell or something, so i quickly opened the door to see anna standing there giggling; she had pushed a stool in from the adjacent bathroom door off of the master bedroom, catching her brother in a very humiliating position

by the time i entered, the embarrassed boy was clutching his groin and was wincing in pain (obviously, he quickly tucked his watering wee wee into his underwear and was trying most hard not to completely wet his briefs)

i yelled at anna to come out of there now and go downstairs, scolding her for not knocking... ''i didn't know, i didn't know!''

true, she didn't, but that didn't help change poor enrico's embarrassment, and we both heard the girl running downstairs, screaming to her 11 year old sister, ''guess who's pee pee i just saw? ...guess who's pee pee i just saw?''

with that, i apologized to enrico and closed the door to let him finish, then came back in when he said he was done. he was so ashamed at the fact that his briefs were soaked. i said we were just going to throw them out and pretend this didn't happen. i called for anna to bring us up a trashbag and to KNOCK this time. in the meantime, i helped enrico out of his last bit of clothing. he quickly clasped his one free hand over his groin. just then there was a knock-knock and the door whooshed open. it was anna, trash bag in hand (this time, enrico's bare butt faced her)

''i thought i told you to knock!'' i scolded her!

she said she did (yes, true), but i told her she was also supposed to wait for an answer that it's o.k. to come in before actually opening the door. she giggled some more and then ran back downstairs, calling to her sister again about her latest observation of her nude brother.

then it was bath time and i realized i had not even started to draw the bath water yet, due to all the confusion with anna. so there was a few awkward minutes there of enrico standing in front of me totally nude, clasping a washcloth in front of him as the tub half-filled

eventually he had to let go of the washcloth and the crutch and i helped steady him as he put one foot in the tub. i realized then that wasn't going to work; how would i get him down that way? so, i pulled the plug and emptied the tub (poor enrico still standing there in front of me nude, one foot in the tub, one foot with the cast out, holding onto the safety bars)

once the water drained, i helped him into the tub, sat him down, then helped lift one leg up onto the edge of the tub, sat down on the stool along side him and turned on the water. from where i was sitting, i was looking straight down at his groin area which he was holding the washcloth in front of. so i got up and called for anna again and had her bring me a broom (waiting outside the door to prevent her barging in yet again)

i soon realized trying to balance the broom handle across the tub to hold up his one foot out of the water wasn't going to work; there's was no way around it, i'd have to hold his casted ankle (but i kept looking away from him, averting my eyes to try to give him some sense of dignity, whatever he had left by now, which wasn't much) as he washed himself all over (i did NOT do any 'touching' or washing of him) and we drained the bathtub when he was done

now came the next awkward moment, helping this embarrassed and soaking wet naked boy out of the bathtub and figuring out how he would dry himself off while holding a crutch in one hand. somehow, he managed, as I steadied him, trying to look up at the ceiling as much as possible

as he was drying off his face and chest, he suddenly yelped, ''get out!''

i turned and, sure enough, this time BOTH of his sisters had cracked the door open a few inches and had been watching probably ever since i helped him out of the bathtub!

i scolded both of them and told them to go to bed ''now'' and off they went, giggling as they left

poor enrico's face was as red as a beet!

he then starting sobbing. i felt so sorry for him and tried comforting him, telling him not to feel too embarrassed, that i had helped bathe other little boys too (instantly regretting my choice of words to include the word 'little') and that if he stopped crying and held his chin up, I'd make him a milkshake and play him a game of monopoly. his sisters were upset at being sent to bed early, but too bad for them

enrico seemed o.k. after that, though he was still obviously very embarrassed about the whole ordeal. the next morning i mentioned to his mom that the girls seem to have a habit of not knocking before opening the bathroom door. she said, yes, she knows that, they'd always liked to embarrass enrico when he was younger, too, when she gave him baths. poor kid!

well, summer when was over and school started and seniors usually help out showing 9th graders around the campus... and who's in my orientation group - yes, enrico! the boy's jaw dropped when he saw me, he had no idea (nor i) that he was going to be at the same high school as his occasional babysitter!

but, his shock didn't stop there. a few days later after school one day, his mom spotted me in the parking lot and called me over to ask me something. i was with two of my girlfriends and enrico was getting into the car while talking to a boy and girl in his class

suddenly, his sister, anna, pops her head out the back window, ''hi, veronica!''

then, she turns to the other kids and says real loud, ''veronica helps give my brother his baths!''

the poor boy could have died when he heard that! i wasn't too thrilled, either, getting teased about it for a while

there were a few other embarrassing moments for enrico at holiday gatherings and later at his high school graduation party at his family's home, when his sisters reminded him of my bathing him - right in front of his girlfriend!

anyway, that's pretty much it as far as the highlight of my babysitting career (except one embarrassing experience for me, but that's another story -- and, no, i did not end up naked or anything, well, not TOTALLY anyway)!

now get out of that bathtub, young man. do you need help drying off? - LOL !

Re: to veronica from jason
Posted by Jason-S on 2003-11-11 20:11:02
Hi Veronica!!


I'm sure you had the same feelings and reactions that I did while reading Libby's great post!!

Yes, you girls CAN be pretty smart sometimes (in fact a lot of times!!), as well as pretty and smart!! Unlike way too many guys, I've always recognized that girls frequently don't get nearly as much credit as they deserve!! But you can be sure I'm doing all I can to fix that!! LOL

In the post I just made to Becky, I explained how I think the pics on the Internet should be dealt with.

Well now it's a whole lot easier to turn once again to a much lighter subject. Yes, despite all of the posts and tense drama here over the past couple of days, I certainly did read and very much enjoyed your bathtime/bedtime story. Then I slept like a baby. LOL! Thank you very much!!

You were absolutely wonderful with poor Enrico!! That really did have to be awkward for both you and him. As Billy said, and as I said before, you can be MY babysitter anytime!! Even though it was awkward, did you feel a little "turned on" while Enrico was naked, since he was as old as he was? I sure don't think anyone could blame you at all if you did.

Those rascal sisters of his!! It's funny how many girls, even very modest girls, enjoy trying to spy on a brother (especially an older brother) and teasing him about it. It must be a way for a young girl to feel a sense of power and to "level the playing field" between her and her brother, especially if he's a lot stronger than her. But in this case, Enrico had more than enough to deal with already -- his cast and you being there. I can understand why having his sisters humiliate him on top of that made him break down and sob. The girls did deserve the discipline you dished out. And you were very kind, and sympathetic to Enrico. VERY NICE!!

The girls' spying and teasing made me think of a summer day camp I attended when I was 8 and 9 years old. The dressing rooms for the swimming pool were simple outdoor rooms with no roof, just aluminum sheets to form 4 walls. There was a girls' room and a boys' room, naturally. Each room had a wooden door that swang outward, and just inside the door was an aluminum partition to provide privacy while the door was open. However, for some inexplicable reason, the girls' partition blocked the view of the entire room, while the boys' partition blocked only part of the view of the room. So it was very possible for girls to catch good peeks of naked boys as they changed clothes in one section of the room.

Now all of the girls knew this, but the majority of the girls modestly stayed away from the boys' door. However, there was a significant number of girls who regularly found any excuse in the world to conveniently loiter in front of the boys' door. And they frequently got their peeks!! They too loved to tease the boys they saw exposed. One day 3 girls saw a naked boy (from the front) in the "aroused" state. For several days after that, every time they saw this boy, the 3 girls held the index finger of their right hand straight up in the air to mimic the boy's aroused wee wee, and to tease him about it. LOL

The peeping girls just plain "got away with murder" at that camp!!

Oh yeah, I was wondering. Were you planning on telling me about your embarrassing experience babysitting? -- you know, as another bathtime/bedtime story!! OH PLEEEEEEEZE!! LOL!

Re: to jason from veronica
Posted by 1sexynygirl on 2003-11-13 19:24:35
dear jason,

waiting for my friends, we're going to to dinner at 7:30, thought i'd post a quick note

yes, i promise you i will tell about my one rather embarrassing babysitting experience... considering what libby, becky and belinda just went thru, i guess my red-faced embarrassment when i was 16 is really nothing

but you'll have to wait a day or two, i don't want to get caught short on time right now

you asked me, ''Even though it was awkward, did you feel a little 'turned on' while Enrico was naked, since he was as old as he was?''

thinking back on it now, perhaps maybe just a little or maybe it's just thinking back on it now

i really did feel sorry for him, the poor kid! yes, his sisters really must have enjoyed teasing him seeing him nude like that, they must have been watching him for a minute or more, totally naked

i'm glad he didn't develop a you know... that would have made it all the more awkward FOR BOTH OF US while i was helping steady him as he toweled off

re: your summer day camp story how'd you ever realize about the partition, was it because any of the girls told you they saw YOU? bet that would have been embarrassing! come on, did they?

did you see that billy's sending me virtual roses now? i'm not sure what to think of that!

that was pretty mean of 'very curious' saying all that about the girls here, but i don't want to flame him for it or he might tease and harass them all the more (hopefully he'll just stop there, he had his fun, hopefully he leave it at that)

poor becky! i hope that one photo of her doesn't...

later, gotta go now!

Re: to Veronica from Jason
Posted by Jason-S on 2003-11-14 18:59:20
Hi Veronica!!

I hope you and your friends had a very enjoyable dinner last night!!

You said: "i'm glad he didn't develop a you know... that would have made it all the more awkward FOR BOTH OF US while i was helping steady him as he toweled off"

Reply: Yeah, you were lucky in this case. It was already plenty awkward enough!! (It would have made it even more fun for his sisters though!! LOL) If I were in a similar situation, helping a 12 or 13 year-old girl with a cast in the shower, I KNOW FOR SURE I would have been "turned-on"!! Of course, as you know, male hormones make us boys react to visible sexual stimulation much more strongly and much more easily than female hormones do to girls. But even still, I would have MADE SURE that the girl DIDN'T KNOW I was "turned-on"!! Just like you, I would have done EVERYTHING to minimize her embarrassment!!

You said: "re: your summer day camp story how'd you ever realize about the partition, was it because any of the girls told you they saw YOU? bet that would have been embarrassing! come on, did they?"

Reply: Well, the giggling girls were the very first thing that made me and the other boys realize our dressing room was vulnerable to peeping girls. About one-fourth of the entire room was visible to the girls when the door was open. To make it worse, the door didn't have a spring on it, so if some boy forgot to close it on his way in or out, the girls got a prolonged peek!! After the first day of camp, as you would expect, the older boys (ages 8 and 9) dressed in the part of the room that was NOT visible, and so the younger boys (ages 6 and 7) got stuck dressing where the girls could see them (when the door was open). However, sometimes older boys would be seen by the girls when they were goofing around in the "visible" area of the room. OK, since your such a nice girl (or should I say "nice young lady"?), I'll confess to you what nobody except my very best friend (a boy), and the two girls, know up until now:

Two girls did catch a peek of me naked (from the front) one day at that camp when I was age 9. I was engaged in a towel fight with another boy, just goofing around as usual. We were both naked, snapping our towels at each other. I was so intent on trying to nail him that I didn't notice the door open, and forgot I was standing in the "visible" area. I could have died when I finally looked up and saw the two giggling girls. Yes, they had their fun teasing me about that. And you can eaily imagine the boys' (including me) great disappointment when we went to try to peek into the girls' dressing room to get even, only to find the longer partition. (Did I just hear you say "Ha Ha Ha!!"??)

As a footnote to that story, one of the two girls that saw me naked became a very good friend of mine. I verbally and physically defended her on several occasions at camp, and she verbally defended me too. On the last day of camp, when nobody else was near us, she went behind a huge tree and called me back there saying she had something for me. I couldn't imagine what she wanted, so I went behind the tree. She had let down the top of her one-piece swimsuit (her bottom part was still covered), and said "Since I saw ALL of you a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to give you at least a little in return." She then gave me a big kiss on the lips, and then held my face to her bare breasts for about 30 seconds. After that she pulled her suit back up, and we re-joined the other kids. Now her breasts were completely undeveloped at that time, but that's when I first discovered that the size of a girl's breast is not important to me at all (like it is to a lot of guys and girls). What makes girl's breast so sexy to me isn't the size, but rather just the fact that they are part of a girl -- especially if the girl is someone you like very much. And I STILL feel exactly the same way about girls' breasts today.

Every once in while, I still run into that girl, and we hug and tell what's going on in our lives. She is only a "AA" breast size today, but if she didn't already have a boyfriend, I would DEFINITELY offer to be hers!! SIZE IS NO OBJECT TO ME!!!

Those WERE VERY NICE roses that Billy sent you!! I think he was just being is his usual polite and considerate self, but who knows???...

I can't wait to hear your bedtime story!! Thank you so much!! (I'm already in my pajamas!! LOL)

Re: to jason from veronica - my embarrassing babysitting experience
Posted by 1sexynygirl on 2003-11-14 22:58:45
dear jason,

yes, i had a very nice time last night; the four of us went to a nice, little italian restaurant

about your day camp experience, i just had a hunch that the girls must have caught a glimpse of you in the buff - LOL!

my guess, tell me if you think i'm wrong, is the girl who eventually flashed you probably really didn't take her top off for you simply because she accidentally saw you nude, but because you ''verbally and physically defended her on several occasions at camp.''

i think that's how you really EARNED that reward!

although if you ever do become her boyfriend, you'd better not let her see these posts... i don't think she'd be too happy about you describing her small breasts on the internet!

well, i did promise that i'd tell you about my own embarrassing experience, so here goes

when i was 16, i was babysitting these two younger kids, the boy was about 6 and his sister about 8

it was a weekend afternoon and they were playing outside when it starting to rain

just before i told them to go inside, the boy accidentally had tossed his frisbee into a tree in their backyard. i wanted them to go inside, but he started carrying on, crying and wouldn't go in until he got the frisbee back (i was just going to leave it up there)

so, i promised him that i'd get it for him if both of them went inside NOW. so he and his sister went in and i started looking around for a ball or long pole to try to reach the darn thing, but the only thing i could find was one ball and, sure enough, that got stuck up there, too! in the meantime, it started raining harder

so i gingerly started climbing up the tree (the frisbee was only about 12 feet off the ground), but i stretched out a bit to far and my crocheted sweater got caught on one of the mostly cutoff branch stubs. my hands slipped and down i went into a puddle of mud on my butt, with my sweater ripping off, now stuck up in the tree

to add insult to injury, the frisbee came loose and dropped, right on my head!

now, normally i almost always wear a bra, but (you guessed) on that day i didn't, much to my embarrassment! and now i'm suddenly topless, away from home with my jeans were soaked in mud!

so, with it raining even harder, i'm jumping up and down trying to reach my sweater, to no avail (bouncing my you-knows around in the process). then i hear this laughter!

it was the guy next door, he was probably in his 40s. i screamed, covered my breasts (too late) with my arms and froze in embarrassment

he starts asking me if i'm trying to shower off the mud or something and says that he'd be glad to get his garden hose out to hose me down if i wanted him to, then more laughter from him

i grabbed the frisbee and ran to the backdoor and called for the kids

i gave the boy his frisbee and they're like, ''what happened to you?''

''never mind'' i said, then told the boy (who was just staring at me at first and now started to giggle) to turn around, face the wall and close your eyes (he did)

then, i told the girl, you come with me and i quickly slipped off my muddied shoes, socks and jeans and ran into the house in just my panties

(yes, i heard the boy laughing at me from behind as I ran into the next room)

i told the girl to go get me a blanket or something and i went into one of the bathrooms and quickly showered off. i also rinsed off my mud soaked panties too. the girl said all she could find was a towel (and it barely did the job)

so i had to emerge with that on, threw my panties in the clothes drier and sat very embarrassed with my legs closed tight for what seemed like forever with the boy teasing me about me being undressed like that and that my towel might fall off until i told him if he didn't keep quiet i would pull his pants down and give him a spanking (i wouldn't have done that, but he must have BELIEVED i would, because he stopped teasing and his sister was like, yeah, do it to him anyway)

when my panties were dry, i put them on, then found a blanket and tossed that around me until their parents came home

their mom made me some hot chicken soup and lent me some clothes (i still came down with a cold anyway)

about a week later, the kids' parents mailed me a big box and inside it was a brand new pair of jeans and a real nice crocheted sweater

they moved not long after that and i still babysit their kids until the became teenagers (the boy still teased me about it for a few years)

but, at least i didn't have to go back to that neighborhood and see their neighbor

anyway, like i said, that's nothing compared to the embarrassment that libby, becky and belinda have suffered, but now i can think back on that time about 10 years ago and laugh about it

and, jason, what are you doing in your pajamas already? you haven't had your bath yet!

Re: to jason from veronica - my embarrassing babysitting experience
Posted by Jason-S on 2003-11-18 01:56:18
Hi Veronica!!

I wanted to reply to you before this, but I had a really busy weekend, and then tonight, the guys decided at the last minute to get together to play a game of roller-blade hockey. We usually play that once a week in the summer, and twice a week the rest of the year. We play at an indoor skating rink not too far from my house.

You said: "about your day camp experience, i just had a hunch that the girls must have caught a glimpse of you in the buff - LOL!"

Reply: Yeah, you were right. It's that "woman's intuition" again, isn't it? How do you girls do that???

You said: "my guess, tell me if you think i'm wrong, is the girl who eventually flashed you probably really didn't take her top off for you simply because she accidentally saw you nude, but because you ''verbally and physically defended her on several occasions at camp.'' i think that's how you really EARNED that reward!"

Reply: This sounds like more of that "woman's intuition", and (what do you know?) I have to agree with you too. Even though she pointed out that she saw ALL of me, I think it WAS her appreciation of how I took to her, and defended her frequently at camp that made her want to show me some extra special appreciation. And as she held me to her breasts, she told me how glad she was that I attended camp with her.

Yeah, if I ever do become her boyfriend, maybe it is best I don't show her these posts. At least not until we've been going together a while. But I will NEVER make any negative comments about her small breasts!!

Thank you SO MUCH for that highly entertaining story!!! I'm sorry I jumped the gun and got into my pajamas without taking a bath. I guess I got overly anxious for my story!! Next time, I'll definitely wait for you to give me my bath. I KNOW how much you look forward to it!! LOL

It's Murphy's Law that you wouldn't be wearing a bra on that one rainy day. That 40-year-old neighbor sure was anything but a gentleman. I could understand him having to laugh a little at your unusual predicament -- you must have been quite a sight bouncing around!! But then to try to embarrass you even further and kind of make a clown out of you -- what a jerk!! I wish I could have been there to throw my shirt around you.

Once again you proved that threatening to de-pants a boy, either to give him a bath or to spank him, really changes his behavior in a hurry!!

That was really nice the way the kids' parents compensated you for your ordeal. And also really nice that you didn't have to see that neighbor guy any more!!

Did the little boy try to make any specific comments about your bare breasts, or just kept laughing about them?

Thanks again!!

Yeah, it does seem to make it easier to share really embarrassing moments on this site compared with Libby, Becky, and Belinda's ordeal. I'm SO GLAD that that's turning out so positively for them now!!

Bye for now.
Re: to jason from veronica - my embarrassing babysitting experience
Posted by 1sexynygirl on 2003-11-18 21:31:31
dear jason,

glad you had a fun weekend!

like i said, my experience was embarrassing, but looking back on it now ten years later i can laugh a little about it

the boy never got to see all of my breasts as i tried to keep myself covered up with my arms and hands, but it was obvious to him that i was topless

but i'm sure he must have turned around and peeked at me as i ran off to the bathroom in nothing but my panties (since i heard his laughter as i ran into the next room; i didn't want to track mud all through their parents house)

hope that works out for you and that girl you like; it looks like after what she did, it's your move or has it been too many years gone by now? maybe you should invite her to watch one of your roller hockey games

wish i had another funny babysitting experience to tell you (the other times i've bathed boys, they were much younger than enrico) although one time one boy's sister did come walking into the bathroom with her girlfriend to see if i ''needed any help.'' (she apparently didn't like the way he always tried peeking at her, so it was like 'get even' time)

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