Depantsing Boys Is Wrong, Except When . . .
Becky RomeroThere are few legitimate reasons for a girl to suddenly and without warning pull down a boy's pants, causing him embarrassment. However...

by Becky Romero
October 13, 2003

The following was originally posted on the Internet by me on, on the poll entitled, Depantsing Boys.

I had posted this message in response to threats from 'Ouched' (who threatened to strip my best friend, Libby, naked in public) and 'Dr. Spank' (who we later found out to be Danny McDonald, a senior at our high school). Danny had posted see-thru clothes photos of a girl who resembled Libby on the Internet as a prelude to eventually posting actually nude pics of her.

Yes, it's true that I made a total fool of myself by my public dare to 'Dr. Spank' to post nude photos of us online if he had them (which I really didn't believe existed, since the jerks took them without our knowledge while we showered at school and I had never allowed anyone to take nude photos of me before, not even my boyfriend). But I'd rather suffer that humiliation again than have any regrets over fighting back against the jerks who sexually harassed us.

TO OUCHED, DR SPANK and everyone else

Posted on 2003-10-13 11:53:52
by BrashyBecky17

note: originally posted on Mister Poll

I really didn't want to have to write this post. I couldn't sleep all night just thinking about it. But given all the recent verbal abuse Libby has been taking on this board lately -- most especially from the guy who calls himself Ouched -- and now threats from someone else (Dr Spank) about possible nude pics of her circulating about, I have to post this even though it is very embarrassing personally to me and someone else dear to me. But, Libby is my best friend and if I can't do this, then what kind of friend am I? I'm glad there's no school today because of the holiday. So, Libby, my brother and I are going out all day today and have some fun.

There's a reason why I wasn't present when Libby and four of our girlfriends depantsed that "obnoxious "Mark" kid early last year."

I didn't WANT to be there that day after school because Mark (actually his name is Matt) is my kid brother. He's two years younger than I am. I knew what was going to happen to him -- I had actually helped planned it with our older brother, Libby and the other girls -- but I didn't want to make him have that extra embarrassment of his sister (me) seeing him totally nude, too. (I didn't know at the time that my older brother's girlfriend or that Matt's girlfriend was going to be there, too, and see him nude. I was really hoping it wouldn't come to that - him getting stripped - but he passed up every opportunity to avoid it.)

Libby came over to the house yesterday and her and I had a long talk with Matt. He never knew that Libby had posted a few relatively anonymous details about last year's incident on MisterPoll. I was the one that found MisterPoll and told Libby about it. I enjoyed teasing Blushing Bill and thought Libby would, too. And has she ever! (Billy, if you're reading this, you haven't any idea of the laughs we have all had at your expense!)

But, Libby never dreamed that just mentioning the incident with Matt would blow up into such an issue that some - like Ouched and Dr Spank - seem to think it is. At first, Matt was a little upset about being mentioned (even though Libby changed his first name to Mark in the postings), but we had him read ALL the posts here, including all the threats, verbal abuse, etc., to Libby. That's what REALLY made him upset.

Libby really feels bad now that she made those comments about Matt's genitals. She was just playfully answering JustinKid's question and never dreamed that Matt would ever see it or that anyone would possibly know that her comment was about HIM. When he read that post he blushed as red as could be, then quipped to Libby that he had actually grown a bit in the past year.

Libby then asked him if seeing her totally naked would make him feel any better. That really broke the ice and we all had a good laugh. Then, without even waiting for an answer, Libby quickly lifted off her blouse and threw it aside and said Matt could take off her bra and everything else she had on if he wanted to. I was shocked! Libby is far from being any sort of exhibitionist. But Matt politely declined (although he clearly enjoyed looking at Libby's bra-covered breasts for those few minutes) and blushed that although he sure wouldn't mind seeing Libby totally nude, he didn't want her to be embarrassed by stripping for him and, in any case, was afraid it would affect their friendship. Libby said she really meant it; she'd totally strip for him if he wanted her to and she began to unclip her bra. But, Matt reached out to stop her and then hugged her tightly. He assured her that he isn't even the least bit mad at her (or the other girls, for that matter) and then we all had a good cry together.

Even though Libby saw him naked and engaged in the stripping of him, he still highly respects her - and I mean a lot, too. He's always treated her almost like an older sister, sometimes I think he actually respects her more than me! She's over our house a lot and, although he still shows a tinge of embarrassment in her presence now and then, he can easily talk to her, joke with her, is one of her biggest fans and rooters at our school's girl softball games when Libby's pitching and we all go out together to movies, shopping and such. He also knows darn well, and said it again yesterday when we sat down and had that long chat, that he was more ashamed and embarrassed at WHY he was stripped than of actually BEING stripped.

I hadn't wanted to post all the details about the incident earlier because there are a few kids at school who know about MisterPoll and it would be embarrassing to both myself and Matt for them to read all this, now knowing that Mark is actually Matt and is my brother, not just some other kid at school or a similar incident at some other unnamed school that they wouldn't be sure of given Matt's name switch.

No one at school actually knows what happened to Matt except the girls that were there, my brother and his girlfriend, Matt's now ex-girlfriend and myself. Not even the girl who Matt was - teasing isn't exactly the right word, more like tormenting - knows that he was stripped and bared from the waist down in front of seven girls because of what he had been doing to her. Yes, he's still embarrassed when he sees the other girls at school (as Libby has previously mentioned), especially Belinda. But, they don't tease him or anything, partly because he's my brother, partly because they know he's really changed and learned a lesson, partly because future teasing of him wasn't the reason he got exposed to them in the first place and partly because he made good on his promise to apologize to the overweight girl in question.

Contrary to what Ouched says he all his name-calling, inuendo and threatening postings to and about Libby -- of course, granted, how would he know all these details before now anyway? -- Matt was not just teasing the girl and calling her names.

Not long after starting 9th grade last year, Matt started picking on this overweight girl. I don't want to say her name and embarrass her even further, although anyone at our school who might be reading this probably now knows who I am referring to. She's overweight because of a medical condition, not because she pigs out all the time or anything like that. Guys, gals - whoever reads this. Come on, be decent. Just keep the details to yourself. There's no need to remind her of the torment she went through.

Anyway, our stepdad was really giving us all a hard time when all this was going on. I really don't want to go into the details, this is all painful, embarrassing and hard enough as it is. Our parents finally divorced last spring. But, Matt just wasn't getting the guidance he should have been getting as a growing boy. He's actually not a bad kid, he's not into drugs, guns or anything like that. He gets good grades, etc. It's hard to explain, but any kid whose parents have gone through a divorce knows what I'm talking about. He's my brother and I love him a lot. But, that shouldn't excuse him for what he was doing to this girl.

The overweight girl never did anything to him. Even he told us so when we first confronted him about it. He just started picking on her because she was overweight. He can't even explain now how it started, it just did, perhaps egged on by a few of his then-friends. Since I'm two grades ahead of Matt, I didn't even know myself what was going on for about a month. Until one day after school, which I'll explain in a moment.

I asked Matt if he would mind me describing all this on the post, even knowing that other kids at school, particularly the girls, who didn't know quite everything he was doing to this girl, might end up reading about it. But, he told me to go ahead, because he didn't want to see Libby hurt because of what he had started. He was especially concerned that his new girlfriend might dump him, too, if she knew about everything that happened last year. Libby and I assured him that we would - along with the other girls, if necessary - talk to her this week and assure her that he's actually a really neat kid and what he did last year was just some sort of aberration because of a rather upsetting domestic situation. He just needed to be taught an embarrassing lesson. We told him if she couldn't understand this and forgive him then she wasn't good enough for him anyway. He agreed and told me to spell it all out, even if it causes him some more embarrassment.

Matt was doing far more than just making one or two cow jokes and mooing at the girl. That itself went on steady, day in and day out for nearly two months. He also printed up various color pictures of cows and altered them, replacing the cow's head in the photo with the girl's photo (he used their 8th grade yearbook photo). He would then show these to his friends or slip them into the girl's locker. He also printed up nude pics of heavy, overweight women he found on the net and again switched the heads, as if to insinuate that the photos were of the overweight girl in a totally naked state.

It was really embarrassing to me and our older brother when we found out about all of this. I still don't understand how I was so oblivious at first, and neither does our older brother. My older brother graduated last June is in college now and may get married to his girlfriend (who also saw Matt nude that day). Matt and his ex-girlfriend broke up after all that. Libby and I had a long talk with her, filling her in the next day about everything Matt and done, but about why she shouldn't dump him. She was actually willing - though still upset with him - to get back together with him and told him so, but Matt was the one who was too embarrassed to do so, not because of his being totally exposed, but embarrassed and ashamed of himself for what he had been doing to the overweight girl. They're still friends, but not in a boyfriend/girlfriend way anymore.

One day about a month into all of this, Libby and I had found the overweight girl hiding behind one of our school's storage sheds. She was crying and crying and was having a hard time even catching her breath. That's when we found out what Matt did that day and what he had been doing. In front of about four or five other guys at lunch that day, he walked up to her with an empty milk carton, said "Mooooo! Got milk?", suddenly reached out and squeezed the girl's breasts through her top. She told us she tried to smack him, but missed and with the guys all laughing at her, she ran away crying, skipping the day's final two classes. She finally had the courage to complain about it to the assistant principal towards the end of the day. But his attitude was basically "boys will be boys", then even had the gall to tell her that perhaps she could avoid the teasing by losing a few pounds. She even got punished for skipping the two classes.

Libby, my older brother (Bobby) and I had a long talk with my younger brother after school on the day we found the girl crying at school. But instead of apologizing to the girl (and we warned him exactly what would happen to him if he didn't), he just kept it up and up and up. He even started bringing a cowbell to school and would shake it when the girl walked past him at lunch, recess, after school, etc. Libby and I had promised the girl we would take care of it, but talking just didn't work. Neither did threats of an embarrassing punishment.

The girl herself told us her grades were suffering and that her parents told her the teasing was no excuse for her not doing her homework, getting bad grades, etc. She said she was having trouble sleeping at night and dreaded the thought of going to school each day. Her parents wouldn't allow her to switch schools, either.

We also couldn't very well tell my parents about all of this because our step dad would have given Matt a cruel beating. And I don't mean just a couple of slaps, either. I mean the kind of stuff that sends parents to jail - or should anyway.

Nothing else seemed to work, but his nude humiliation in front of the girls did. Our older brother even gave him a choice while Libby and the girls held him down on the ground; he could still apologize to the overweight girl, but he chose not to (he says now he thought they were just bluffing, but not very convincingly; I think he was just too ashamed to have to apologize to the girl). My older brother said Matt could tell our mom and step-dad, but he didn't want to do that, either (I'm actually glad he didn't, because his punishment would have been far worse than having seven girls see him naked).

Like Libby said in one of her posts, the next day Matt brought flowers and a box of candy to the girl and apologized to her. He told me after school that she was stunned; she didn't have a clue as to why he was suddenly was treating her nice and he was way to embarrassed to tell her why, probably because she wouldn't believe he was sincere but was just being forced to apologize. He said he cried in front of her as he recounted the mean things he had done to her. And she forgave him! They never became friends or anything like that. But, the guys teased him a little bit, thinking that all of a sudden he had the hots for her or something, especially given that they weren't seeing him with his now ex-girlfriend. But, no one knew the whole story, until now.

The problem with dumbasses like you, Ouched, and you, Dr Spank, just two don't get it! It seems at times that nobody gives a s--- about girls like this or the many others that all constantly sexually harassed, constantly grabbed, constantly fondled and constantly verbally abused by boys at school. Not the f------ school boards, not the f------ principals, not the f------ teachers and certainly not the f------ two of you.

Blushing Billy seems to be understand this. That's why Libby and I were so glad to see him post those news reports about school officials actually doing skirt-flippings, bra and panty checks - in full view of male students, faculty and even a couple of cops!

Mandy seems to understand this. That's why she probably included the options to describe the boys who get depantsed in the poll, i.e. "just getting what they deserve."

Yes, I've teased Billy on this board. But Ouched, you've even said that he seems to enjoy it, while at the same time condemning me and Libby for teasing him (bashing us for teasing guys about their genitals, to be specific). Yet by your other comments, you seem to think that such teasing is o.k. when the person being teased doesn't really mind. So, what's the big deal? Billy, if you in the least feel offended, I'm very sorry. I truely mean that.

Also, our school had a few rape incidents about five or six years back. But, the attitude just didn't change; not by the school officials and not by the boys. Until some of the girls, like myself, Libby and a few others, decided enough was enough.

I've already described for everyone one of the depantsing incidents, actually the first guy I depantsed (not including the little brat who pulled off my top in the swimming pool). Given all of Ouched's rants and rages about 'sexual assualt' accusations towards Libby, everyone should notice that he didn't condemn the guy who had been fondling my butt and the butts of several other girls before me - AGAINST OUR WILL. Guess he doesn't think THAT is sexual assualt! Oh, but because I defended myself and depantsed the guy down to his jockstrap, I'm now some mean bitch who, like Libby, should be stripped bare in front of everyone?

And, now, this Dr Spank creep is threatening to post nude pics of Libby all over the place. I'm apparently on his target list, too, given what he said about me. Like Libby, I don't believe him, either. And, not to brag, but I'm certainly anything but "flat as an ironing board." Just as Libby dared you to, Dr Spank, if you think you have nude pics of me, go ahead and post them! Plaster these supposed-nude photos of me all of the f------ internet. Go ahead and give them away to every guy at school. But, you can't, because you don't have any.

Here's another depantsing incident that I was way too embarrassed to discuss but will now. Last year, a new guy at school

[this was Danny McDonald - who we later found out later was the little worm posting on Mister Poll as 'Dr Spank']
cornered me in an upstairs empty hallway after school and reached up under my top and started fondling my breasts, saying he heard about how I had depantsed the guy for butt-grabbing me in gym class and that he was sure he could handle anything I could dish out to him. I tried pushing him and yelled at him to get away from me, if he knew what was good for him. I had to struggle with him at first, because he was a bit bigger than me. But after giving him a somewhat weak knee to his groin, I gave him a good sock to his guts, then depantsed him - all he was wearing underneath his sweats was a jock strap. But, unfortunately, he wasn't embarrassed and he responded by trying to rip my top off by pulling it over my head, completely exposing my bra in the process, and then nearly pulling my bra off as well by completely exposing my left breast and nearly all of my right breast as well.

That's when I said to hell with this and kicked him in his balls with all my might. He went down in a heep, calling me a slut, bitch and everything else in the book. That's when we noticed that one of our teachers (a female) was standing at the top of the stairs and saw the whole thing! Yet, she hadn't said a word and merely walked by us, merely nodding at me like as if to say 'good job', and smirked at the guy as he tried to cover himself (oh, NOW he was embarrassed). I then pulled my bra back up and over what it was supposed to cover and pulled my top back down from over the back of my head. After the teacher passed and entered one of the classrooms, I then grabbed the guy by his hair (on top of his head, that is) and told him if he ever came within 10 feet of me again, he'd get far worse than what I had just did to him. I then ripped his sweatpants wide open from the crotch to the rear and walked off. A couple of the guys confronted him a few days later (he had the stupidity to admit what he did to me to them, describing my breasts to them) and they beat the daylights out of him. He has stayed away from me ever since.

Libby knew what had happened to me. That's why she was so upset when Ouched asked,

Re: Libby
Posted on 2003-10-08 06:02:02
by Ouched

What would you do if a guy you depantsed was very well-endowed, and not the least bit embarrased by you checking him out? Maybe even a bit aroused?

Also, how would you like it if some guy depantsed you in front a bunch of guys? Your shorts and panties both, so that all the guys got a good look at what you have downstairs, front and back? Would you be a bit aroused? Or would you retaliate somehow?

So, that's why she made the comment, "I can take care of myself pretty good - and the guys know it. But, if not... can you say 'Lorena Bobbit'?"

In [the hypothetical] situation such as Ouched described, any girl who wouldn't have a real fear of being gang-raped would have to be drunk or on something.

But, what did Ouched say to Libby in reply [to her answer to a hypothetical situation]?

He directly threatened her:

Re: Answers for Ouched
Posted on 2003-10-09 05:58:53
by Ouched

It sounds to me like there isnt anyone in the whole world who deserves it more than you, my dear Libby...

Someday, God willing, I am going to strip you naked and send you home blushing red...and I bet there will be several guys there cheering for me and taking some picturs of their own! Can you say "internet porn"?

So, because a girl might feel threatened of being raped and therefore states she'll do whatever is necessary to defend herself, she should as a result be made into some Internet porn queen?

Even after several others critized Ouched for actually personally threatening Libby, he refused to back down from what he said:

Re: Libby
Posted on 2003-10-09 22:40:00
by Ouched

You a sexist pig if nothing else.

From what you say you have done, and condone, aganist boys, I think you should definately experience those things for yourself. Perhaps you wont be so quick to pass out judgement on others. You have been very quick to say others should have to endure at your hands; it's only appropriate that you should experience it yourself.

Ouched then critized me because I said I was quite willing to make fun of a guy's genitals AFTER he makes a crude comment towards me, i.e. a guy who rudely tells a girl that, because of her 'attitude', she has PMS, that's o.k. in his eye's. But, if the girl, like I did, responds by saying that the GUY is really the one with PMS - 'Puny Male Syndrome', which is also more commonly referred to as one who has a 'Puny Male Scrotum', I'm now some abuser and hypocrite [and suggested this kind of discussion occur]:

Re: Becky
Posted on 2003-10-09 22:57:22
by Ouched

You go out of your way to make fun of guys who are "smaller" though dont you? So it's only ok if girls do it eh? Lets start a discaussion about YOUR genitals and see how you handle it.

And OUCHED accuses US of holding double standards?

No, neither Libby or I believe that stripping anyone (girls or boys) is o.k., except when the jackasses who gets their pants and/or underwear pulled down had been doing similar things to girls AGAINST THEIR WILL. Ouched and Dr Spank know very damned well about what kind of abuse I'm talking about. They just don't think it's any big deal. Many guys don't, either. They think all the breast-pinching, butt-grabbing, and skirt-flipping they do is nothing but harmless "flirting". Well, it's not -- not when the girl doesn't like it, not when it's constant and not when no one else gives a damn about doing anything to stop it. She shouldn't even have to tell him afterwards. It just shouldn't be done!

Notice how Ouched never indicates to anyone what he thinks the punishment should be for such offenses to girls? Why? Because he doesn't think there should be any punishment.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. If Ouched and Dr Spank finally can get a clue, then fine. If not, to hell with them.


Was I right, or did I deserve to have full-frontal nude photos of me posted on the Internet?
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Should Libby Be Punished?
Libby MarrAs Becky noted to the left, guys were outraged that I had helped strip her younger brother naked when he was in 9th grade to teach him a lesson in manners. But from the way they came after me with a vengeance, you'd think I had emasculated Matt or something. So his pants and underwear got pulled down and seven teenage girls saw his small penis. Big deal! He got over it. So why can't these keyboard warrior blowhards do the same?

Is it perhaps because some of them did the same rude things to teenage girls that Matt did when they were his age and got similarly punished and embarrassed? Is it perhaps because I was an easy target for their venom, already being threatened by jerks at my high school who would post nude pics of me on the Internet? Is it because when those pics of me were posted, others saw an easy opportunity to rub salt into the wounds of my humiliation?

Whatever their deluded reasons for wanting my continued humiliation may be, I'm willing to let them gripe, whine and complain, even on our own Forum or note their opinion on the poll below.

Now, please don't get me wrong. I love Matt; he's a real sweetheart. And when I went through a horrible experience in high school, he was there to watch my back (and my butt, and my boobs and my...).

I'm just curious as to what most guys think. Would you be O.K. with my good-natured teasing over the years or, unlike Matt, are you so insecure with your masculinity that you would be out for revenge at the first opportunity?

You see, a few years back, when I turned 20, my friends Becky and Belinda actually did decide that I needed a birthday spanking. And since I had indeed set up Becky the month before for a bare-butt spanking of her own on her birthday by a male friend of ours in front of a few other friends, she saw a chance to potentially get even with me in front of a whole roomful of our friends.

I thought the only way for me to avoid a huge embarrassment that night was for me to quickly pick someone to spank me and pray for the best, hoping at least that I wouldn't be bared like Becky was, especially given that in addition to my close friends, some casual friends were also there, along with their boyfriends whom I had only just met. So, I picked Matt.

After all, though he was quite embarrassed when I...

  • helped stripped him bottomless in front of several girls after school one day
  • teased him often about his small penis
  • purposely walked in on the shy teenager while he was trying to take a bath after having broken his ankle and wouldn't leave until he let me help him out of the tub and towel him off
  • depantsed him numerous times, even in front of his girlfriend's older sister
  • never hesitated to remind him of his past predicaments and embarrassments, even in front of mixed company

    ...he never gave me any prior indication that he'd ever try to get even and make me blush for a change.

    So, if you were Matt and it was up to you to decide how I'd be spanked on my 20th birthday, what would you do - given our past history? Would you spare me the indignity and shame of baring my bottom in front of my guests, some of whom hadn't even seen me in a bikini (let alone naked)? Or would it be 'payback' time?

    Libby Marr, about to received an embarrassing birthday spanking in her birthday suit when she turned 20

    Was Matt as docile that night as I had hoped for? Or did everything back-fired on me in a huge way that night, leaving my bare bottom as red as my blushing face? You can see for yourself here.

    What's being said about me and my nude photos (they were posted on the web by jerks at my former high school)

    Libby Marr, at age 18 in 2003, in one of the nude photos of her circulated around her high school without her prior knowledge or consent

    Libby needs to shave her pussy.

    If the girls like stripping men so much they deserve to be stripped

    Libby and Belinda did more than just invade the privacy of those boys showering at that baseball camp. They humiliated them in front of perhaps dozens of girls. Belinda led a group of girls into the locker room where she knew naked boys were... And Libby made some of the boys show her that they were wearing cup protectors while girl campers watched and laughed at their obvious exposure... I have a suggestion. How about taking Libby and Belinda in front of all those boy campers they had humiliated, pull down their pants and panties and spank them on their cute bare asses?

    I can't make up my mind who's the bigger bitch, libby or becky.

    As for the Libby Marr bitch, her boobs aren't very big either and she has about the hairiest damned beaver you'd ever see. Her bush is so thick it should be declared a fire hazard.

    Those nude pics of Libby Marr from her high school days. Can see why she's so pissed. My girlfriend would be pissed too if everyone saw she never shaved her bearded clam.

    Totally disgusting behavior by Libby, parading into the boys shower room. How would you feel if someone saw your pussy by walking in on you?

    Funny how things work out nicely. You chicks stripped the guys but now your nude pics are all over the net.

    Anyone got some recent pics of Libby naked? I'd like to see Miss Prim and Proper bawling again like a cheap stripper as she was in high school when everyone saw those pics of her small boobs and hairy twat.

    The girls did act like little bitches so maybe a little nakedness on the WWW will do them good. Especially the one who pulled down that little boys swim pants.

    [Libby's] bush is so thick birds are building a nest in it.
    --Road Warrior

    Yor nothing but f*cking P0RN STARS now, with your tits and pussys on the www.

    I remember how you were all crying when Johnnyscool posted your nude pics... Just dont you bitches ever forget that we all saw your bare naked tits, asses and pussies on the web. He turned you into nothing but two-bit strippers. No matter how many wimps whose pants you pull down, you can never change that fact. So stick that in your slits and smoke it.

  • Having obtained several nude photos of me, Bad Girl Spanker has been humiliating me with naked depictions of me such as this one. Libby Marr

    As if his constant gloating and rubbing in the fact that he has several nude pics of me isn't embarrassing enough for me, Bad Girl Spanker has now resorted to using those photos to depict me totally naked with various backgrounds (like this one above) and posting them on the Internet, sparing me absolutely no modesty.

    Not only that, but he has given permission to anyone wishing to further my humiliation for use on websites, artwork for erotic stories, book covers or just for plain amusement at my expense, modesty and shame.

    I know it's totally within his rights to do so (as I did actually agree that anyone could use my nude pics as long as it was with a CC-SA license - actually I've insisted on it, even agreeing to pose for that purpose as part of an admission that I needed to be disciplined for some of my behavior). But still. It IS embarrassing nevertheless. I guess I'm still learning that some promises have consequences.

    -Libby Marr

    Many guys think I should still be punished and humiliated, not just for purposely embarrassing and forcibly stripping boys against their will during my high school years or for having seen naked some of the young boys I coach when I've had to quickly enter the boys' locker room or showers unannounced to deal with an emergency situation causing them embarrassment (especially given I've more than once did a poor job trying to control some inappropriate grinning and smirking). But also because, in a moment of weakness, I agreed to not stop guys from punishment by humiliating me for such behavior. I do keep my promises but it's lead to some shameful consequences. On the other hand, how can I learn from my poor behavior if I'm not punished for it in a very humbling, very embarrassing way?

    Libby Marr, pics of my unshaven bush were seen by most of my high school