Danny McDonald AKA "Dr. Spank" 

A little worm calling himself 'Dr. Spank' on Mister Poll, was actually Danny McDonald, a habitual butt-grabbing, breast-pinching, prick at our high school, who I had depansted in a school hallway in the spring of 2002 after he helped himself to an uninvited grope of my breasts under my blouse and attempted to remove my bra. On October 11, 2003, he posted this message below on Mr. Poll. It was only the tip of the iceberg of the humiliation for us that would follow. -- Becky Romero
TO: Looney Libby and Brashy Becky

Posted on 2003-10-11 13:27:42
by dr spank


If your a Cubs fan your probably living in Chicago. What a sorry-ass case you are just for being a Cubs fan. How about this: Cubs lose and YOU have to post nude pics of yourself for all of us to see. Or are you just chicken? Bahk! Bahk! Bahk!

Hey Looney Libby - Got any nude pics of yourself? No? Well, then do you want to buy some? Oh how I only wish this could be you instead of just some anonymous pic on the net!Well here's a picture of how I'd envision you walking down the streets of your Windy City. I only wish it could really be YOU, Ms Looney Libby, instead of just some anonymous pic on the net. Maybe a good gust of wind would blow your dress off completely and your underwear to! I'd love to see you standing there totally naked near Lake Michigan shivering in the cold wind trying to decide what part of you you'd try to hide with your hands. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Yeah, you heard me, Looney Libby. Here's what you really deserve. To have every guy you've ever gone to school with see you totally nude. You heard me - TOTALLY NUDE!!!!!

Even better. I really hope your girls softball team goes to the national championship. Then somtime around the third inning a couple of your male depantsing victims would run out onto the field and strip you TOTALLY NAKED right their on your own pitchers mound before a national tv audience. Lets let everyone watching see your red-haired little bush, tush and titties. Lets see how you like that experience, Looney Libby!

Heres something I hope you think about. There are ALREADY probably lots of pics of your TOTALLY NAKED BODY on the net. Maybe an ex-boyfriend (what a loser he must be to have even gone out with you) took them and put them up. Maybe there's a spycam in your school's bathroom. Maybe even a teammate got paid to take them while you showered after a game unkown to you. Or maybe they will in the future. That would be great! If one of your own teammates with access to you in the shower took some real nice closeups of you. If so I hope some guy recognizes you and posts more pics or at the very least the links to your face, bush, tush and titties for us all to see.


Your just as bad as your friend Looney Libby. I like to think of you as that obnoxious girl in the movie Private School - the one who's showering nude at the beginning and then gets a drink spilled on her near the end, getting tricked by the guy into taking off her dress. Then guys come popping out from every corner of the room taking humiliating pictures of her in her skimpy little bra and panties. Those ARE on the net. So should YOURS be.

Only with YOU, Ms Brashy Becky, YOU wouldn't get to keep ANY clothes on. You would be just as naked as your friend Looney Libby. Yes, you heard me, NAKED AS A JAYBIRD. Like Looney Libby I hope there are already TOTALLY NUDE pics of YOU circulating on the net to. Then we'd all see if you're a natural blonde or not.

You, like Looney Libby, are always making fun of guys with small penises. Well lets see YOU naked. Lets see if YOU like being made fun of. I hope that little kid whose swimtrunks you pulled down for no reason whatsoever gets to finally see ALL of you - and with all his friends to. So he took your top off and exposed your titties to everyone. Big bleeping deal! What's the matter? Haven't YOU ever been seen naked before? If not, it's about time. I doubt those huge boobs of yours are even real. I bet your really as flat as an ironing board anyway. You probably need breast enhancement even more than that billy guy needs a penile enlargement. THATS probably why you were so embarassed to have anyone see you. Maybe we should call you Flat-Breasted Becky. I dare you to prove otherwise. Why not email your pics to one of the girls on this board and she can then truthfully report to us the results.

I also hope that stupid idiot who let you knee him in PE class just because he playfully pinched your little ass gets to see you TOTALLY NAKED to. Whats the big? So he grabbed your ass. You really should be flattered. If not couldn't you just yell at him or something? You just had to pull his gym shorts down and totally humiliate him in front of other girls.


The next time you depants a guy, you two should be stripped TOTALLY NAKED at school and have to walk up to and personally apologize to every guy in your school - and stand there TOTALLY EXPOSED for as long as they want to look.

Finally, BOTH of you also deserve to get spanked on your little naked asses until they're red. In fact they should make a new video of you two called Girls Get Spanked.

You two should be featured on the cover sleeve and in all the cable tv ads.

dr spank - at your service

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Did I Deserve to Be Humiliated?
After a 9th grade boy pinched and then slapped by butt during gym class, I depantsed him. That's right. I yanked down his shorts (right after kneeing him in the groin), leaving him in front of everyone in his jock strap. I thought it was sweet justice. So did all the girls present.

But in discussing the incident on the net even some people who had little sympathy for the jerk I depantsed that day felt I should have nonetheless been punished for my retaliatory strike.

Even more amazing is the fact that some people felt I should have suffered an even worse fate than the boy I depantsed: standing completely bottomless in front of my entire mixed-sex 9th grade gym class!

And, just for good measure, been given a solid spanking on my bare bottom to teach me a valuable lesson!

Becky Romero, topless

Yet, even that punishment isn't viewed as good enough for others. They've even have gone so far as to say I fully deserved that nude pics of me were taken and spread all around my high school three years later when I was 18-years old during my senior year. Really? I mean, come on! Is that justice? My whole school seeing me nude?

What's being said about me and my nude photos (they were posted on the web by jerks at my former high school)

Becky iz bitch like infidel woman soldiers who strip muslim men naked.

If the girls like stripping men so much they deserve to be stripped

The girls did act like little bitches so maybe a little nakedness on the WWW will do them good. Especially the one who pulled down that little boys swim pants.

Becky was bragging about her first 'depantsing'... two boys ages 11-12. Guess karma finally sprang up and bit her in the ass big time. I got no sympathy for the bitch and hope those boys find her nude pics on the net one day.

Becky pulling down that little innocent boy's swimming trunks and completely exposing and humiliating him in front of all those girls at the pool. What a bitch!

Becky is in need of a taste of her own medicine... [make] her do some knob polishing on those two young lads that she probably scarred for life.

I remember Becky taunting that if anybody had nude pictures of her they should just put them up. I guess she got her wish and probably wishes she hadn't. Nice boobs though. Too bad those 2 kids at the swimming poll she got stripped naked in front of their friends and families and spanked won't get to see them after all the trouble they took to try and get her top off. It's the least they deserve after what they went through.

Funny how things work out nicely. You chicks stripped the guys but now your nude pics are all over the net. And yes Becky - you should be spanked. Naked and in public.

I can't make up my mind who's the bigger bitch, libby or becky.

Really nice rack [Becky's] got!
--beer man2...U.S.

Becky deserves to have her nude pics posted. Totally humiliate the bitch!

I wuz checing out earlier today the nude pics of Becky on a XXX site I came across. ...What a rack! Nice pussy too, although I prefer the shaven look.

Yor nothing but f*cking P0RN STARS now, with your tits and pussys on the www.

I remember how you were all crying when Johnnyscool posted your nude pics... Just dont you bitches ever forget that we all saw your bare naked tits, asses and pussies on the web. He turned you into nothing but two-bit strippers. No matter how many wimps whose pants you pull down, you can never change that fact. So stick that in your slits and smoke it.
Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above photo of me was circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty?

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above photo of me was circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty?

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above nude photos of me were circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty? I might as well been required to attend the rest of the school year naked. It left me vulnerable and indeed lead to me being literally stripped nearly entirely naked at school one day.

- Becky Romero

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