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Country: n/a
Date: 31 Dec 69 06:00pm
Name: The Grinch
Country: "Mount Crumpit"
Date: 26 Jul 15 12:26am
Ashley! It hurts you don't trust me!

But I'll trust Bad Girl Spanker to justly decide whether Libby has to discuss this seemingly improper incident. From the timing, it appears it was ironically while she was trying to defend Becky from receiving a spanking from BGS.

More importantly, this was after she was hired as a coach at the summer camp. For Libby to be so openly screwing around with boys who were barely legal and not much older than the boys she coached brings up a couple of questions. Had she and Belinda coached these particular two boys at the camp in prior years? And despite Libby's earlier denials about her only 'innocently' gazing at naked boys as they showered at camp, did her 'gazing' lead to wanting to hop into bed with these two high school teenagers?

The big question my dear, dear Ashley is do you and Libby have the courage to outright ask Bad Girl Spanker to adjudicate the matter, have Libby state she wants him to ask any questions he deems relevant to all this and then decide if punishment is warranted for her behavior.

You said on July 6th:

"Yes, we all have learned some valuable lessons. And Becky and Libby would be the first to admit you played an instrumental role in teaching them those lessons and know that periodic lesson reviews are par for the course."

Isn't this one of those potential "periodic lesson reviews"?

Time to put up or shut up.
Name: Ashley Randle
Country: "U.S."
Date: 24 Jul 15 06:40pm
Just how the heck is having sex a "spankable" offense? Libby said no way would she let you decide if she has to humiliate herself (and me along with her) with that tell-all.

Yes, it's true Libby made certain promises to be candid about embarrassing things she did but agreed to let Bad Girl Spanker to decide whether discipline was warranted when those boys she coached were embarrassed by her presence in the locker room when she saw them naked.

And she reminded me that was the case when there was a dispute about whether she had to get spanked for causing them embarrassment. Ok, sure, she wound up spanked for that but it was first left up to Bad Girl Spanker to decide whether she had to even discuss it. Not you! She trusted him to be fair.

But you, Grinch? Libby and I trust you about as far as your tiny dick is long. So, drop it.
Name: The Grinch
Country: "Mount Crumpit"
Date: 22 Jul 15 10:29am
It's a simple enough question, Ashley. According to Libby, you referred to yourself as "the back-up slut" after Libby, in reference to two teenage boys, told the motel clerk "I'm to be their slut for the night" and then invited him to watch her have sex with them.

Besides, didn't Libby promise Bad Girl Spanker a while back that she'd lay bare (pun intended) for him all the details about potential spankable offenses she has engaged in, since she was accepting his decision on whether she needed to be disciplined for her actions?

Unless you and Libby are too ashamed of your slutty behavior to discuss what went down.
Name: Fetus
Country: "US of A"
Date: 22 Jul 15 04:45am
How is Aunt Maureen dealing with Becky since the shower incident? She needs to teach Becky a lesson after her indecent behavior in the boys locker room.
Name: Ingolf
Country: "Iceland"
Date: 14 Jul 15 07:26pm
You are -Belinda - a good and healthy spokesman for women and you are honest and that is rare to day. I agree with you, and I would like to know your thoughts on girls being punished by bare bottom spanking in front of the class - at what time it should start(their age)and if or when it should stop through the education system.

Your breasts are beauty full as all the things I can see on that picture.
Name: Ashley Randle
Country: "U.S."
Date: 11 Jul 15 10:27pm
So we made men out of a couple of previously quite shy inexperienced virgins that night. Why do you care?

They were "legal" if that's your question. The youngest boy had turned 18 earlier that week, the other boy a month before that.
Name: The Grinch
Country: "Mount Crumpit"
Date: 10 Jul 15 09:55am
Say Ashley. All the stuffing of Becky aside, now that we've been graced again by your presence, Miss Royal Bitchiness, I read on your site that you and the Ice Princess apparently initiated some fucking of some teenage high school boys of your own. According to Libby, you even referred to yourself as "the back-up slut" for the evening. Care to elaborate on that?
Name: The Grinch
Country: "Mount Crumpit"
Date: 08 Jul 15 08:20am
You two need to get a room.

But good story, BGS.

About time Belinda got a good ass smacking. I remember reading how Libby boasted of how they got boys to hurry up in the locker room they had to time-share with the girls. By Belinda barging in and saying it's "show-time, boys."

Ashley, thanks for clearing up things about Megan. Nice to know she really did keep an open mind to my point that Becky and Libby ought to have been subjected to depantsing at school just as they did to the boys who made 'free speech' remarks about Belinda's flat as a board chest.

And since Megan's posts of 3/19 and 3/26 were hers, that basically confirms Becky's orifices got multiple workouts in the boys' locker room, doesn't it?

But fear not, Ashley. Even though (understandably) Becky hasn't posted to talk about it, if she was forgiving enough to not have the boys arrested and instead drop the matter, then maybe there's no sense in making her recount all the details from her perspective.
Name: Bad Girl Spanker
Country: "Spanksylvania"
Date: 07 Jul 15 02:56pm
I always knew Libby could scream. She might even scream even louder when she reads all the way to the end.

And if Becky and Belinda want to punish you, you can always tell them that you might be in the next one.
Name: Ashley Randle
Country: "U.S."
Date: 07 Jul 15 02:28am
Hi'ya, Bad Girl Spanker,

My oh my! The shame! I just phoned Libby to ask her to log-on to the forum and take a look and the scream caused ringing in my ears!

I just took the pend off the story. It's now live on the forum. I'm sure Becky and Belinda will want to spank ME for not warning them in advance.
Name: Bad Girl Spanker
Country: "Spanksylvania"
Date: 06 Jul 15 03:17pm
Hey, Ashley. Hope you enjoyed the weekend too. And if you did anything you shouldn't have, better report it to the Bureau of Spanksylvania.

Admitting it is the first step.

Story is in and pending. The strike throughs look good to me. They show it's not true, but leave it up there to see.
Name: Ashley Randle
Country: "U.S."
Date: 06 Jul 15 12:54am
Hi'ya, Bad Girl Spanker.

Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend, too.

Mmmmmmm. Discipline by invitation? Well, when you put it that way, I can only respond by saying that I can never say "never."

I think, but am not sure, my sis set it up for you on the forum for you to post stories. She even created a category on the forum exclusively for your stories that is linked from the "Humiliate Us" button. But if you have trouble posting for some reason, let us know here.

Not sure if everything is moderated there first by default, so I can't say for sure if you'll see it immediately, but at least you should see something to indicate your post will be reviewed. Like here, there was a mice infestation when she finally got the forum working.

Yes, we all have learned some valuable lessons. And Becky and Libby would be the first to admit you played an instrumental role in teaching them those lessons and know that periodic lesson reviews are par for the course.

I don't know what quite to do about the mice droppings. One of our friends suggested to delete them but that wouldn't be fair to strangers who posted commenting on them. Another friend suggested we strike-through the things that weren't true and leaving the rest. I've tried that with a couple of the mice droppings for some of the things I know for sure didn't happen, like Jake saying Becky was forced to remain naked in front of the boys' parents when she was describing what the boys made her do. (And so all you guys know, I haven't taken the time to review every post since this March in detail. So just because it doesn't have a strike-through now, doesn't mean it won't later.)

All of Megan's posts were her own.

Hi'ya, Grinch, I would have thought that it goes without saying that I am just as deserving of being punished by Bad Girl Spanker as my sister and my friends. But if you want it said, there it is.
Name: Bad Girl Spanker
Country: "Spanksylvania"
Date: 03 Jul 15 03:07pm
Happy 4th and pass my best to Becky and Libby. Maybe they can get a weekend without any fireworks going off on their butts.

Since you're uncomitted, I'm guessing the same is true for you, but if you ever feel the need for a little discipline, you know which state to look to.

I'm glad Becky and Libby learned some valuable things along the way. You've got to live something to know it. Maybe Festus ought to read some of what Becky wrote about her choices. Maybe one day Libby will write something like it too.

The stories about Becky didn't sound true and I'm glad I was right. Megan doesn't sound up to the job, maybe maybe Aunt Maureen can fix that.

If Dee Dee is busy, maybe pass on the moderation to Belinda. If anyone knows how to keep mice out, it's her.

I think I've got a few stories that didn't show up on the forum. Maybe after the 4th, I can offer a surprise or two. (I would have said a little surprise, but I knew where you were going to go with that.)

Name: The Grinch
Country: "Mount Crumpit"
Date: 03 Jul 15 12:45pm
O Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. You said:

"OMG! Grinch! I never said I wanted to "do" Bad Girl Spanker."

You never said you didn't, either. What you did say was:

"I'm sorry for all the jokes and insults I hurled his way when he was being a pain in the butt. But I'm sure not even he would insist than I should have to make it up to him in that manner."

And in what manner is that, Ashley?

Can't help but notice that Becky has herself over Bad Girl Spanker's knee on you home page. And we all know how badly Libby wanted spankings from him too. Even Belinda started sucking up to him after he posted her nude pics after she dared him to.

Your little sister said that getting humiliated by Bad Girl Spanker, "was a lesson that I certainly deserved to learn - and I couldn't have had a better teacher to make sure it was a lesson I wouldn't soon forget."

But what about poor little Ashley?

Spanking? Sucking? Or would you just spread your legs like you did for Jason?

You say you're sorry but that's it? Your friends and even your ditzy little sister all not only accepted responsibility for their hurtful words, but expected to be punished, even asked to be. Libby and Becky posing nude for spankings from him. Belinda and Dee Dee publicly sucking up to him. Are you so much better than them that you can't do the same?
Name: The Grinch
Country: "Mount Crumpit"
Date: 29 Jun 15 12:09pm
According to what the LMAO dude said on January 8, it does appear that Becky was directed to shower off in the boys locker room by a coach. And he claims when the boys found her naked, they thought she was a 'gift.'

On the other hand, he said Becky did not appear all that distressed about being caught naked by the young studs and they took that as a green light.

Ashley said Megan's posts are legit and Megan confirmed, ''becky had to suck, kiss or lick some of the boys' penises, but only two boys came in her mouth. a couple purposely came all over her breasts and her face while others took pics.''

Love how Megan said ''only two'' as if it wasn't that big a deal that her cousin had to suck dick and swallow cum.

Steveo is right. We need Becky to make her case that she wasn't being a tease and leading the boys on, who already thought she was there as a gift for their team's success.

But, next time the coach should just take the boys to Hooters or a strip club.
Name: Festus
Country: "USA"
Date: 29 Jun 15 05:54am
Am I reading these posts correctly, it sounds like Aunt Maureen is going to punish Becky for the shower/sex scandal! Let me know if that is not the case. Aunt Maureen is a sadist when it comes to Becky. I can't even imagine the punishment that she has in store for Becky this time. How do you punish a girl for gang banging a group of boys?
Name: Steveo
Country: "USA"
Date: 29 Jun 15 05:49am
There seem to be conflicting accounts of Becky's shower incident. From what I gather she decided to take a shower in the boys locker room. A risky proposition at best. The some boys showed up whilst she was showering. There things get fuzzy. The boys say she put on a show and was basically asking for sex. From Becky's perspective it sounds like she was not a willing participant and can make a valid claim of rape. We need to understand the complete scenario from all perspectives. I tend to give Becky the benefit of the doubt. But if she was purposely being provocative, I may need. To reassess.
Name: Mike
Country: "USA"
Date: 29 Jun 15 02:35am
You knew what I meant you little bitch! I'm pretty sure everyone here can tell that Becky liked what happened, then claimed rape to avoid trouble when everyone finds out! She probably even liked their cocks in her ass! You girls are all the same, and when you respond with insults, it shows why you girls deserve everything you get!
Name: Ashley Randle
Country: "U.S."
Date: 28 Jun 15 02:01am
Becky most certainly did not enjoy being forced into doing degrading acts by a group of adolescent teenage boys, let alone by what they did to her.

Now go back to your rat hole and eat your cheese before I take you up on your offer to give you a lesson in humiliation.
Name: Mike
Country: "usa"
Date: 26 Jun 15 09:48pm
I am glad to see that at least one of the depantsing sluts has recieved some naked karma for herself! I'm glad that most people here can see it like it is, Becky was acting like a little slut, sucked some guys dicks, and then claimed rape when they took it farther than she would admit to enjoying. It's good to see that she has been called the slut that she is by others! Apparently, something is going on to shame Libby as well. That is too good! Now surely Ashley and Dee Dee have been giving some humiliating lessons recently?! Or else, I will have to come spank you girls over my knee myself! That's what happens to bratty little bitches who try to disrespect men!
Name: Ashley Randle
Country: "U.S."
Date: 26 Jun 15 06:11am
OMG! Grinch! I never said I wanted to "do" Bad Girl Spanker.

OK sure. I'm sorry for all the jokes and insults I hurled his way when he was being a pain in the butt. But I'm sure not even he would insist than I should have to make it up to him in that manner.

But as you know, he is physically challenged and I was just expressing happy thoughts towards him. That's all.

Why do you guys think every time one of us says something nice to a guy it means we want to get fucked by him?

I'm sorry, but I do not see any pended messages from you wishing good thoughts to Becky. Not saying you didn't send them, but if they were there they probably got unintentionally deleted.

As for Megan, it's my understanding without talking to her about it yet, that all her posts were hers. It's some of the others posts, by Jake especially, that were posted just to shame Becky.

Obviously Becky wasn't forced to remain naked and /
Megan, meanwhile, didn't know what was happening because her mom had grounded her from using the internet because she got caught webcamming with a boy online.

So without basically any monitoring of the guestbook by anyone, the mice had a field day.

Ellie read me the riot act this morning. And I'll likely have to spend the rest of the week cleaning up the mice droppings.

Haven't quite figured out how to break the news to Becky to inform her that a whole lot of people now think she happily spent a good portion of one afternoon on her knees performing on nearly a dozen teenage boys. It wasn't quite as bad as Megan's ex and his friends made it appear. Bad, yes. And what happened and what they did to her was bad enough.

As with other unpleasant, degrading experiences in her life that she has suffered, Becky has done her best to accept the fact she can't change the past and move on.

Ironic that you would post something after all this time. Because last month we had all gotten together for a barbeque on Memorial Day weekend and the uncomfortable topic of the spankings Becky had been regularly given by her stepdad came up.

Becky's little 10-year old nephew Mario asked Libby's 9-year old niece if she ever got spankings from her parents. Madison said she didn't but then Becky's nephew embarrassed his aunt by noting he knew Becky got spanked on her bare bottom as a teen. And that his great aunt (Maureen) sometimes still spanks Becky in the same way.

By then Libby's young nephew had also joined the conversation as Mario lividly described to Libby's nephew and niece one of Becky's spankings that he and his younger sister had witnessed at Maureen's.

After Libby overheard the conversation she quickly scolded the kids for spreading gossip and sent them off to grab their lunch, we sat down with a now very badly blushing Becky.

In the course of the conversation, you came up!

And this time, there were no E.D. jokes (ok, ok... maybe just one or two). Becky has been writing more about her experiences growing up and since you were part of those experiences, it was only naturally your name was brought up, too.

Nothing bad, just how people change and grow and how Libby said she learned some valuable lessons from your insistence she be spanked.

Becky blushed and said you had been right all along - that she deserved to be spanked and remembered that you once that that bare bottom spankings in front of everyone could do a "brat" much good well into her twenties. "God, does it ever suck finding out how right he was about that!" she said.
Name: Willson
Country: "USA"
Date: 23 Jun 15 06:08pm
i too was spanked fully nude in front of younger kids. Very humiliating for a boy to be turned over a woman's lap and have his bottom set on fire while others are witnessing. And jumping around naked rubbing your red bottom really amused those who saw it.
Name: Bad Girl Spanker
Country: "Spanksylvania"
Date: 22 Jun 15 06:20pm
So how is Libby doing?

We haven't heard from her in a while. Is she still headed to comp with some of the boys who watched her get spanked?

That's going to be a tough experience for her.
Name: Unseenshadow
Country: "U.S."
Date: 13 Jun 15 02:31am
Shame on you Becky! Robbing the innocence of those teenage boys by your slutty behavior.

But in reading more about you those boys at your high school and guys like Ouched and Bad Girl Spanker and Joe and a whole bunch of others who you argued with and called them names while you prick teased other boys who wanted to get in your pants on Mr Poll and elsewhere were right about you all along.

You probably would have sucked off every one of them if given the chance.

Admit it. You're nothing but a little tramp. A slut. A whore.
Name: The Grinch
Country: "Mount Crumpit"
Date: 25 May 15 12:24am
Not even a peep from you Becky? At least you haven't lied because we all know you enjoyed it.
Name: Jake
Country: "US"
Date: 31 Dec 69 06:00pm
Name: Andrei
Country: "Israel"
Date: 15 Feb 15 06:37am
Megan may not always be as considerate as she should be, but even so, she doesn't deserve to be touched against her will. The way some people are treating her is really bad, they are wrong.
Name: Festus
Country: "USA"
Date: 14 Feb 15 05:20pm
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. From what I recall in the old guestbook, Mallory was flat up top but was well endowed with a perfect ass. Glad to hear the boys still get to see it in action. Since the boys have gotten older does Aunt Maureen delegate spanking duties to them? Her arms must be getting tired disciplining Megan, Mallory and Becky!
Name: The Grinch
Country: "Mount Crumpit"
Date: 09 Feb 15 11:15am
Hey Festus. I think Megan unwittingly answered your question with her comment, "we get to see a lot of becky."

Hi Megan. Please do say hello to Mallory. Yes she posted a few times. That's how we know of her, plus Becky has told us a lot about how you and your sister get discipline. Having those panties pulled down in front of your brothers. Mallory not being allowed to wear a bra because your mom doesn't think she needs to. But surely you do, Megan. You're not flat like your sister? So you get to keep your bra on even though your brothers get to see everything else.

Interesting how you think making comments about that boy's private parts doesn't warrant getting your pants pulled down in revenge. But you think the boys who exposed your cute butt should be stripped for your whole school to see.

I think that's really interesting because isn't that basically what your cousin Becky and her friends did? I remember them talking about something about a guy making comments about Belinda's flat chest. And Libby and Becky and Ashley or whoever was there, they pulled down the guy's pants and underwear in front of a bunch of girls in revenge.

Really no different that your situation. And by your own reasoning that meant your cousin Becky and her girlfriends should have been stripped naked for the whole school to see. Of course their nude pics ended up around the whole school so maybe they should stop whining about that and consider it a justified punishment - something even you basically said they deserved.

Hey Andrei. What about the boy Megan made fun of? You OK with that?
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