Frequently Asked Questions
Dee Dee RandleOh, the questions we get emailed! Hopefully, this page will answer some of the more common ones.

by Dee Dee Randle
Winter 2010

Aren't you girls ashamed of yourselves, flaunting your naked bodies and sexuality, daring guys to re-post your nude pics and encouraging yourselves to be publicly humiliated? And aren't you setting feminism back with your slutty behavior?

No! We're NOT flaunting our naked bodies and we certainly aren't ashamed of our bodies. As for re-posting our nude pics, bear in mind that it was a group of jerks in high school who first put nude pics of some of us on the internet without our permission in the first place. As for encouraging guys to humiliate us, we've taken the attitude that jerks are going to do it anyway. Sure. Can't deny that. So bring it on!

What the fuck? Who are you calling a slut? Sure, I am VERY GOOD in bed. And if I wasn't happily married, I'd clear my calendar for a month and prove it to every single one of you in person that I can take it long and deep just as well as short and premature until you all exhausted yourself.

We're not setting feminism back one minute. We all have strong convictions about women's rights, punishing sexual predators and ending corporal punishment in the schools. We want an end to blaming-the-victim. We're outraged by the treatment of women in most Middle East countries and we'd wish that all women in countries who persecute them in that region of the world would all stand together and in one night of "long knives" literally cut off the main instrument of their oppression. And if it takes some self-deprecation, humor, receiving public embarrassment, scorn and ridicule and the occasional blushing as a result of guys who decide they will re-post nude pics of us... if our degradation helps put a spotlight on the issues we care about it, then it's worth every embarrassing minute. We're never going to live down the humiliation we've already suffered. So why not make some good come out of it?


Where do you girls live? I want to come over so you can depants me.

LOL! Surely you can find some local girls willing and able to humiliate you into total submission.


What happened to the guys who humiliated you girls in high school? Did they get expelled?

Read Libby's detailed message about that.


Which one of you girls has the biggest set of melons?

The proper term is ''breasts'' and the answer to that would be my older sister, Ashley.


Can I see them?

Get lost, loser!


What's with Belinda's tits? Did she really get a boob job like Bad Girl Spanker said?

Again, the proper term is ''breasts.'' Belinda wears the same A-cup bra size as she did when she was 18 and has come to terms with and is now fine with the fact she will be flat-chested the rest of her life.


What's with Libby's hairy beaver? Isn't she embarrassed wearing a bikini without shaving it?

So what that Libby doesn't shave it? What's the big deal about that? And the proper term is ''pubes.'' Although she'll blushingly accept as being described as having a ''thick, unshaven bush.''


Were you embarrassed after you dared Bad Girl Spanker to post your nude pics and he did?

Yes, but I'm not losing sleep over it. What's done is done. It was a lesson that I certainly deserved to learn - and I couldn't have had a better teacher to make sure it was a lesson I wouldn't soon forget. Besides, my friends were humiliated far worse.


Where any of you girls paddled in high school?

Our private high school in the Chicago area didn't condone corporal punishment. (Corporal punishment, by the way, is illegal only in the public schools in Illinois.)


What about prior to high school?

Becky Romero was spanked in grade school on more than one occasion, receiving bare-bottom spankings in both first and second grade. Belinda Ramirez received embarrassing spankings on more than one occasion. Lori Sanchez was paddled in junior high when she lived in Texas. Libby Marr was never spanked in school.


What about at home?

Libby Marr's parents didn't believe in spanking their daughters. Belinda Ramirez' mom, however, did. So, Belinda was frequently spanked while growing up. But Belinda is not resentful about it. My sister Ashley and I got spanked very rarely. Becky Romero's mom didn't spank her three kids. Unfortunately for Becky, her stepdad did and she received frequent humiliating bare bottom spankings almost until she turned 18.


Any truth to those rumors on the net that Becky Romero was raped by a P.E. coach in high school?

That's none of your business! Any discussion of that on this forum may be deleted without warning.


Does it have anything to do with the time Becky got caught totally naked in a parked car one night having sex?

No, it doesn't. Becky and her boyfriend at the time had simply let things get carried away and they got caught by a school security guard.


What about Becky getting raped by those two young teenage boys she once humiliated?

Yes, Becky is a rape survivor. She did ultimately discuss it openly despite the fact that a lot of rotten jerks took pleasure in the fact that Becky, then a few months shy of 19-years old, was overpowered and forcibly vaginally raped by two boys a couple years short of even being able to legally drive. But it wasn't Becky's fault that those boys' moms had embarrassed them a few years earlier by spanking their bare bottoms at the same pool because Becky reported their bad behavior.


What do you girls do, besides humiliate guys?

We don't ''humiliate guys,'' - except those that deserve it, of course. We attended college in the Midwest. After graduation, some of us took graduate classes. We purchased and shared a two-story house near campus and got involved in the real estate market, renting ours out in the summer to college students when we've gone back home to Chicago. Libby and Belinda have coached at youth baseball and softball camps since 2005. We all love swimming, jogging, our boyfriends and, of course, our beloved Cubbies!


So, what's with the whip? Ever use it on guys?

What kind of question is that to ask a married woman?

''I Know I Will Never Live It Down''
What's being said about Libby Marr and her nude pics (posted on the web by jerks during her senior year in high school)

Libby needs to shave her pussy.

If the girls like stripping men so much they deserve to be stripped

Libby and Belinda did more than just invade the privacy of those boys showering at that baseball camp. They humiliated them in front of perhaps dozens of girls. Belinda led a group of girls into the locker room where she knew naked boys were... And Libby made some of the boys show her that they were wearing cup protectors while girl campers watched and laughed at their obvious exposure... I have a suggestion. How about taking Libby and Belinda in front of all those boy campers they had humiliated, pull down their pants and panties and spank them on their cute bare asses?

I can't make up my mind who's the bigger bitch, libby or becky.

As for the Libby Marr bitch, her boobs aren't very big either and she has about the hairiest damned beaver you'd ever see. Her bush is so thick it should be declared a fire hazard.

Those nude pics of Libby Marr from her high school days. Can see why she's so pissed. My girlfriend would be pissed too if everyone saw she never shaved her bearded clam.

Totally disgusting behavior by Libby, parading into the boys shower room. How would you feel if someone saw your pussy by walking in on you?

Funny how things work out nicely. You chicks stripped the guys but now your nude pics are all over the net.

Anyone got some recent pics of Libby naked? I'd like to see Miss Prim and Proper bawling again like a cheap stripper as she was in high school when everyone saw those pics of her small boobs and hairy twat.

The girls did act like little bitches so maybe a little nakedness on the WWW will do them good. Especially the one who pulled down that little boys swim pants.

[Libby's] bush is so thick birds are building a nest in it.
--Road Warrior

Yor nothing but f*cking P0RN STARS now, with your tits and pussys on the www.

I remember how you were all crying when Johnnyscool posted your nude pics... Just dont you bitches ever forget that we all saw your bare naked tits, asses and pussies on the web. He turned you into nothing but two-bit strippers. No matter how many wimps whose pants you pull down, you can never change that fact. So stick that in your slits and smoke it.

Libby Marr, pics of my unshaven bush were seen by most of my high school

See what all the fuss was about!

Get personal and tell Libby what you think about her bush!