Why Do We Allow Teachers to Humiliate Our Kids?
Becky RomeroAll too common degrading actions go far beyond name-calling and the occasional spanking and instead include strip-searches, forcing kids to soil themselves in class and even making them remove their clothing and expose themselves in front of their classmates.

by Becky Romero
November 2007

Of course, some will say I had it coming to me. Fourteen years ago, when my first-grade teacher overheard me referring to her to a classmate as ''Mrs. Snottyface'' (her name sort of rhymed with that), she calmly walked over to my desk in the front row and ordered me to stand up.

When I did, she stood along side of me and lifted up the whole back of my uniform skirt with her left hand. Then with her right hand she yanked my panties downwards, partially exposing my bare butt to those quickly giggling behind me. After giving me several sharp smacks down there, she shuffled me by my shoulders to the corner in front of the classroom, turned me against the wall and warned, ''Now don't you dare move a muscle, young lady.''

Everyone in class was now giggling softly, especially a couple of boys who sat directly behind me. At least I was now facing the corner, so I could avoid eye contact with them. But from the corner of my right eye, I could see the boy who sat across from me in the front of the last aisle shaming me with his fingers. I turned just enough to stick out my tongue out at him.

Unfortunately, my teacher saw that, probably thinking I had stuck it out at her. As she scolded me, ''Mind your manners, Miss Romero'' or something to that extent, she reached under my skirt and tugged downwards at my already lowered panties on both sides until they were at my knees. After slightly arching my back forward, she then lifted up the back of my skirt to above my waist and gave me two more hard swats on my now very exposed and now very sore bare bottom before walking away. As the whole class giggled, several boys laughed loudly. They obviously had a totally unimpeded view.

Then, as I stood humiliated and motionless in the corner as ordered, I felt my panties start to quickly slip down. I slapped my hands at my sides too late as they fell to my ankles, eliciting even more giggles from boys and girls alike. As I slowly began to crouch down, I wondered how I was going to pull my panties back up without exposing myself. But before I got a chance, I was sternly reminded by the teacher that I was told not to move a muscle. She let the class giggle at me for what seemed like eternity but was probably less than a minute. And so I stood there, my panties at my ankles, worrying that the powerful floor fan in front of the classroom that was blowing in my direction would cause me more embarrassment.

However, it wasn't the fan that caused me more embarrassment. After standing several hours in the corner, it was being denied a bathroom break that did. The first week of school, there had already been one boy we all knew wet his pants at his desk when denied a bathroom break by the teacher. I was now regretting that I had joined in teasing him about needing diapers and would soon know exactly how it felt to be teased by that very same comment. I was going to be the first girl in class to have an accident.

Without going into the here, let me just say that without my panties up, I sure put on a much different kind of involuntary show for everyone than that boy did.

Private school teachers could get away with the sort of thing that happened to me, especially way back in 1992. But what most people don't realize is that teachers and school officials get away with similar humiliating punishments and treatment of kids all the time, to this very day.

For example:
Teacher makes boy strip in front of his mixed-sex class
In October 2003, Union Elementary sixth-grade social studies teacher Lisa Lox decided she would demonstrate the need for society to have laws. How? According to news reports, she ordered a 12-year old boy to take off all of his clothes - right there in the classroom - in front of dozens of giggling girls and boys.

The embarrassed boy slowly complied, first removing his shirt, shoes and then pants. Within moments, the red-faced boy was standing there clad in just his underpants - in front of his whole class!

As the giggling girls in the classroom, grinning from ear to ear, widened their eyes in anticipation, the boy placed his thumbs inside the waistband of his underpants... suffered an anxiety attack and passed out.
...or this disturbing incident:
Students made to pee into buckets - in front of their classmates!
In April 2006, newspapers and media around the country reported that an elementary school principal refused bathroom breaks for students, instead forcing mixed-sex classes to urinate in their classrooms - right in front of their classmates and teachers - into buckets.
Degrading strip-searches, forcing girls and boys to urinate into buckets openly and in front of each other in the classroom, paddlings that send kids to hospitals, humiliating bare-bottom spankings, hidden video cameras in showers and locker rooms, embarrassing forced exposures in front of others, denying bathroom breaks that result in humiliating accidents...

When are we as citizens going to demand an end to it? When are we going to reduce the power of the teachers' unions and school boards, making it easier to fire them? When are we going to force school officials to obey the same standards that in some cases would send parents to jail if they did something similar? When are we going to demand justice for our kids? Kids are people, too!

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The additional links below document just a few of the allegations and news reports of the humiliation of kids occurring in our schools at the hands of those who are supposed to be teaching and protecting them.

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  • As Many as 700 Montana High School Girls May Have Been Videotaped Naked - Lawyers Want Tapes Reviewed and Each Naked Girl Identified, Show the Tapes to Anyone Who Might Recognize Them - Judge Considers Letting Jury View the Uncensored Tapes as Well

  • Male Principal Humiliates 13-Year Old Cheerleader; Paddles Her in Front of Her Whole Mixed-Sex Class; Causes Hematoma in Her Buttocks

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  • 5th Grade Boy Bolts from Class to Avoid Wetting His Pants; Female Teacher Runs into Boys' Bathroom, Grabs Him as He Is Pulling His Penis Out at Urinal and Drags Boy Back into the Mixed-Sex Class with His Pants Down and Underpants Exposed to All the Girls

  • Vice Principal Lifts Up Skirts of Girls at High School Dance for a 'Panty Check'; Forced 'Peep Show' Displays Their Thongs (or lack thereof) to Male Students and Male Teachers Standing Nearby; Girls' Tube Tops Also Pulled Down to See if They Were Wearing a Bra (or not)
    Bare Bottom Spankings in Class?
    If all of America had gotten to watch Marcia Brady paddled on her panties by her male school principal - seeing her shame, her exposure and her humiliation - the ensuing outrage would have ensured that school corporal punishment would surely have become be a thing of the past.

    Just imagine if all of America
    had gotten to watch its 1970's
    teenage sweetheart,

    Marcia Brady,

    her face blushing, turning red
    with huge embarrassment after
    being asked if she was
    currently menstruating,

    then being told to bend over
    and grasp her ankles,
    a male witness standing to her
    side, leering as her blouse
    drops away from her body enough
    to partially reveal her bra...

    having one of her trademark
    short skirts hiked up,
    blushing with humiliation when
    her panties are totally exposed...

    first bravely wincing, but finally
    screaming in pain while receiving
    several hard swats of the paddle
    from her male school principal...

    dealing with the shame and
    embarrassment as other students
    find out she had been paddled...

    later, back at home in her bedroom,
    taking off her skirt, pulling down
    her panties and turning around to
    show her two sisters, Jan and Cindy
    (and the TV audience), the red welts,
    blisters and horrible bruises on
    her once pretty teenage bare bottom...

    If only America had gotten to see that,
    completely uncensored and unedited,
    the ensuing outrage would have
    ensured that school corporal punishment
    would surely have become
    a thing of the past.

    - Becky Romero

    In current paddling-permissive schools, at the very least the paddling should be replaced by open-hand spankings by classroom teachers in front and in full view of the offending student's entire class, even if it's decided to spank students on the completely exposed bare-bottoms.
    There's not a more shameful punishment, but also not more of an effective one, than to spank a teenage girl on her bare bottom in front of her entire class.
    The only people in the United States who can legally smack people on the buttocks as part of their paid professional duties are porn stars, prostitutes and public school officials.