My Humiliating Day
Libby MarrThree high school teenagers videotaped my degradation, even so far as ordering me to suck their dicks, as they intended to show all my classmates the tape and label me 'the school slut'

The following was originally posted on the Internet by Libby Marr on, on the poll entitled, Depantsing Boys on November 11, 2003.

That poll, along with the nude photos of us [Becky, Belinda and Libby] that Juan Ramos, Danny McDonald and Raul Camacho uploaded in November 2003 there to humiliate us, was thankfully deleted in the spring of 2004. We also forced them to turn over a website which they had used to humiliate to us. It was at that point after putting up with the taunting, name-calling and harassment from hundreds of guys on the web that we then decided to put up a formal web presence for ourselves, laying out all the embarrassing details of what happened to us. We knew the stigma of us having been naked on the net wasn't ever going to go away anyway so we might as well speak our peace about it, grin and bear it (or, as we'd soon find out with the constant re-posting of our photos by anyone who had acquired them, 'bare it'.)

Fortunately, the three of us that were humiliated in our high school senior year were all 18 that year and legally were entitled to make our own decisions, despite efforts by well-meaning board posters who wanted us to suffer the indignity of telling school officials what was happening to us. (What for? So our whole school would know that nude photos of us were posted online? We were resigned to the fact that everyone at school was going to see copies of our nude pics sooner or later, but why let it become common knowledge that our nude pics were also online? (Of course, we were way too naïve to think that wouldn't soon be known just the same anyway.) That might be a route for some girls to take but not us, as our school's officials couldn't care less and turned a blind eye to years of sexual harassment and assaults on girls. (Since we were asked this before, for those interested the jerks, except for one who was 19 and was repeating 12th grade, they were all also 18 years of age.)

It is our hope that other girls who are similarly and continually sexually harassed at school in the ways we were (groped, fondled, stripped, spied on while nude and exposed online) and receive no real help from school officials, law enforcement or the courts, will not give up and submit to the kind of blackmail that Juan thought he was going to get from me. The blackmail will only get worse. There is no shame in remaining at your school and, yes, you CAN fight back!

Libby Marr .. Becky Romero .. Belinda Ramirez .. Ashley Randle .. Dee Dee Randle .. Elizabeth McNally .. Lori Sanchez

by Libby Marr

Re: Libby to EVERYONE - My Humiliating Day
Posted on 2003-11-111 15:28:38
by libbym

Libby MarrAs Juan (''Johnny'') Ramos [he called himself johnnyscool on Mister Poll] instructed me last night on this board, I am writing this message to describe ''every detail'' of what happened this morning. After all, I wouldn't want to get another spanking. My butt is still sore from the hard swats I received from Danny McDonald [the jerk who called himself dr spank on Mister Poll] when I arrived at the very seldom used community center building not far from our school at 6:30 this morning.

First of all, let me clear up any misunderstanding of how Juan knew for certain that I didn't wear anything under my skirt to school on Monday. No, he didn't personally check. But, he humiliated me when he called over some 9th grade girl and had her lift up the back of my skirt. He told he I had 'lost a bet.' Then, he had her check my front, too, in case I was 'wearing a small thong.' The girl was speechless, but did it when I asked her also, saying if you don't, he will. He didn't see anything when she did it. Some consolation, given the nude pics of me he has shown everyone here.

As far as this morning, I have a lot to say, so please hang with me. After all, Juan doesn't want me to leave any detail out, so I won't. Becky might post something later today. She and Belinda are still very embarrassed about having their breasts displayed openly for everyone with those direct page links being noted by Juan last night, Belinda, like me, having even more shown of ours fronts than our breasts.

I drove over this morning with Matt, Becky's brother. Per Juan's instructions, I wore nothing but a pair of white panties and a bra, not even shoes. I was freezing, too, as it was about 50 degrees this morning. When we got there, I parked in the lot, realizing I'd have to cross a grass field to get to the center and was just praying that one else would be around (no one was, fortunately, guess a lot of people slept in today due to the holiday). I did notice Doug's car parked up along the street, but didn't see him in it.

So, Matt and I got out of my car and I told him to run up to the building to make sure that just Juan Ramos, Danny McDonald and Raul Camacho were the only ones there, per agreed. Matt then waved to me to come over. So, I started across the field. Then, the damn sprinklers came on and I got soaked. The three guys were standing over by the building laughing and I could see Danny snap a picture with a camera. Even Matt laughed a bit, which surprised me.

I said to them, come on, let's go inside and get this over with, I'm freezing and didn't want anyone walking a dog or something to see me standing the there the way I was dressed, or rather undressed. Raul said, ''You're worried about someone seeing you in your UNDERWEAR - after the show you put on last night?'' (obviously referring to the web stuff). They all laughed, including Matt. Even I have to admit, I probably sounded a bit silly with me saying that.

Before we went inside, I said, wait. I wanted Matt to frisk them. They laughed and said sure. They weren't wearing jackets or anything, even though it was cold, and they lifted their shirts. Matt padded them down, they did the same to Matt and I went to open the door when Juan said to wait. 'Frisk HER' he said to Danny. I said, ''What the hell for?'' (given what I was wearing and NOT wearing)

It had to please Danny to no end at the time, getting to run his hands all over my panties, then my bra, saying, ''They feel real.'' Then he told me to turn around. When I did, he suddenly pulled my panties half-way down and quickly smacked my butt very hard about four or five times (until that day, I had NEVER before been spanked on my bare-bottom). Then, he reached down into the back of my panties and pinched my bare butt.

Matt started to laugh and I said to him, ''What the f--- are you laughing about?'' He answered that was something he had been wanting to do for a long time (that is, to spank me).

I said that I couldn't believe him, ''You're Becky's brother? How can you say now that you're going to enjoy this?'' He just laughed in my face!

Matt then asked the guys if they would mind if he videotaped my humiliation. And, with that, I slapped him in the face so hard it actually made his lip bleed a little. Matt then slapped me back almost as hard, telling me to watch my mouth.

Juan, Danny and Raul were as stunned as they felt I was, saying ''Oh, boy, this was going to be good!'' and everything. So, Matt went back to my car and returned with a video camera. Then we all went inside. Matt set up the video camera on a tripod in the corner and turning it on.

Matt asked them, ''Are you sure you guys don't mind me taping all this?''

''You kiddin' me, milksop?'' Juan said. ''I would have brought my own if it wasn't busted.''

Juan said to me, ''Now, you're gonna get it now but good.''

I said, ''Get what? Let me go home!''

''Go home?'' Danny said. ''Like HELL we're letting YOU go ANYWHERE! Not until you're stripped and plucked!'' All three of them started to laugh.

I started to cry, ''No! Please and started to run for the door.'' But, Juan grabbed me and threw me to the floor, ripping a tear in my panties in the process, nearly ripping them off.

''Now strip!'' Raul demanded, ''or we'll strip you for you!'' Again, I said, ''No.''

With that, Juan suddenly grabbed me and started yanking at my bra, ripping it off, completely exposing my breasts to those three jerks.

[ True, they had obviously already seen the nude photos of me they had taken, developed and posted on the Internet. But still, other than my one former boyfriend and my current boyfriend, no guy had ever seen me topless IN PERSON before! And I was worried it was about to get far worse. ]

Embarrassed, I turned away from the jerks and now faced Matt, covering myself with my arms and hands. Then Juan reached around me and into the front of my panties and said, ''Good. Glad you didn't spoil the fun and shave it yet.'' [The lousy SOB was even going to shave my pubes just because some assholes on Mister Poll suggested that to him earlier to further humiliate me.] I really thought he was going to pull my panties off right then, but he didn't. Instead, he pushed me down to the floor to my knees in front of him.

I turned my face from him as he let go of me for a moment and I could hear him from behind me pulling down his pants' zipper, mumbling something about a b/j and that there needed to be a first time for me for everything.

I wasn't facing him, but said, ''No, don't! Please! Please! Please no!''

[ This was obviously because of an answer I posted on Mister Poll while he was blackmailing me with the threat of posting more of our nude photos, when I answered that, no, i had never given a guy a b/j. Now, he wanted to be the first. Damn asshole! He also had made me answer questions - PUBLICLY - on the Internet in several places describing when and how I lost my virginity, how many guys I have had sex with, how many times I've had sex and in what positions, questions dealing with self-stimulation and the use of a dildo, what brand of tampon I use, more embarrassing questions about my pubes -- and all of this after he and Danny McDonald had already posted very personal information on the Internet about where I lived, my height, my weight (which he was wrong, I'm 135, not 145!), a birthmark on my butt, my bra size (B-cup), plus the nude photos he posted of me, showing ALL OF ME - from my head to my toes - with additional closeup enlargements of my face, my breasts and my pubes! There was no way for me to stop all this very personal information about me from making the rounds at my high school. But with the help of a wonderful attorney, she and I were able to get my nude photos removed from several porn sites we later found out that Juan had submitted them to, but I'm now resigned to the fact that it is very likely the nude photos of myself, Becky and Belinda have subsequently been shared by countless jerks who saw them, re-posted them and I will make it impossible for us to ever get them completely removed from the Internet. ]

With that, they all laughed and Juan told me to turn around, saying they had all seen my breasts anyway when they took the pictures of the three of us in the shower. I wouldn't turn around and, crying, asked him how he did it anyway, even though I pretty much already knew, as Becky has described the other day. But, he explained it anyway.

''Now turn around and suck it,'' he demanded again.

Juan then put his hand on the top of my head and twisted my head around until I was facing him, his unimpressive erect penis sticking out from his open pants, less than six inches from my face!

That's when a voice from behind him said, ''Suck what? That puny, little thumbtack?''

It was Becky, with a baseball bat in her hand. My softball teammates Belinda, Lori, Kristen, then within a few seconds all the rest of my teammates were in the room save one who had the flue (Mary, if you're reading this, thanks for wanting to come; get well soon!), plus Elizabeth and Ashley. (Becky had left a cell phone on taped under the table from over an hour before any of us 'officially' got there; we were only worried that the battery might run out; my friends were listening in, just in case.)

Elizabeth tossed me a pair of jeans and a sweater, which I quickly put on, even though I had to turn and give Matt a little flash of my breasts. What the hell! If he wasn't my best friend's brother I might just do him. (Becky, don't you DARE tell him I said that!)

Ashley tossed me a bat, then grabbed a hold of Belinda, who we all knew would have liked nothing better than to bash Juan like a pinata.

I motioned to the door and told the guys to leave. Danny got up and slowly walked to the door, as if to test us. I told him to GET LOST and he walked out, then came back in a few seconds later. Juan and Raul didn't move, Juan's little prick still hanging out, but very limp now.

Again, I told them to leave. We'd see them later when we dropped off copies of the video tape to their parents and to the police. Elizabeth added, ''What's the charge for attempted rape, anybody know?''

That's when it hit them.

What a bunch of wimps! I just knew they'd believe all that stuff about me crying my eyes out and everything. Sure, I'm damned embarrassed about all of this, and even more humiliated about those damn nude pictures of me on the Internet more than anything else. And, that we know of, all but Doug are friends of ours. But, it's especially with that f------ asshole Ouched seeing them. One more day! That's all we needed to keep Juan from doing what he did last night! Only a handful of other guys at school have seen our pics, though. They were afraid to spread around the news because of what would happen to them. They wanted all reward, and no risk.

There was no f------ way that I was going to give into their demands, not from day one when Juan made them known. But, we all wanted him to BELIEVE I would. His brain must be even tinier than his dick!

Again, I told them to go, when Juan asked, ''Please, Libby, what do you want us to do?''

NOW who was talking all polite! Again, I told him nothing, just leave. Now, all three were pleading. It was actually pretty sick watching these guys grovel like that.

I said, again, nothing, just LEAVE, you bleeping assholes! But, they wouldn't budge.

That's when Becky made a few suggestions. ''It would be kind of funny if we had a free full monty show, wouldn't it?''

I said, ''Look. We girls are going to discuss you three as if you aren't here. You can leave at any time.''

They actually started taking off all their clothes without even being asked. What a bunch of wusses! Danny was no bigger than Juan. Only Raul was about average. Within a minute, all three were completely naked and shivering like little boys.

''Satisfied now,'' Juan asked.

''Hey, I didn't tell you to strip for us. Guess you three must be flashers or something. Becky, shouldn't we call the cops to report three wimpy flashers flashing high school girls?''

Ashley said, ''Libby, did you know that there's a collection tomorrow of used clothes for the homeless?''

Juan said, ''Fine. Take them. Just let us go.''

I said, ''Juan, none of us want your clothes. And I told you, you can all go anytime.''

Juan said, ''I'm giving them to you. O.K.?''

Ashley said, ''Hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth. She picked up all the clothes and took them to her car. ''You can pick up your wallets and car keys at school tomorrow,'' she added.

Danny asked, ''Where the hell is Doug? Why didn't he call us? He was supposed to make some calls and join us.'' I loved it. They were even making more confessions -- all on video tape!

Becky said, ''You have a cell phone?'' and she reached into Danny's - well, no longer technically his pants pocket, and pulled out a cell phone.

Elizabeth said, ''That's funny. I thought I saw Doug hiding in a car down the street. It looked like he didn't have any clothes on, from what I could see anyway.''

[ We knew they'd try something like that. Once Doug's girlfriend, or rather EX-girlfriend, Angela, heard he was somewhat involved, she made sure she just happened to come walking down the street and saw him sitting in his car. She played up to him; she started undressing for him, saying how much she always wanted to f--- a guy in a car in public. Still, she said he actually took off all his clothes before she did. Figures. Another dope. His brain was in his d i c k this morning, too. His friends were counting on him to warn them and all he had on his mind was sex - and he didn't even get that! Once they were both naked, Dee Dee and Ashley quickly jumped in the car, grabbed all of the clothes and his car keys. Angela jumped out practically naked, but the girls had a coat for her to put on right away. Doug wasn't going to be going anyway or warning anyone this morning. ]

Belinda then said, ''You know what would be really good? Juan getting shaved himself.'' We all laughed.

Juan squirmed and said, ''I brought some shaving cream and razors in that bag. Just do it and get this all over with.''

''We're not going to shave you,'' I said. ''If you really want a shave, you have to ask one of the guys.''

The look on their faces was PRICELESS. Neither Danny or Raul wanted to do it. Juan was actually pleading for them to do so, finally Danny agreed.

Danny asked, ''Promise you won't go to the cops now?''

I said, ''I'm not making any promises. Like I said, you can all leave anytime you want to. We're just, how did Ouched put it last night, in the bleachers watching the game.''

He actually did it, shaved Juan bare.
[I couldn't resist rubbing his nose in it later!]

Belinda quipped, ''Kind of makes it look even smaller now. But it would be funny if Danny autographed Juan's butt'' and she 'accidentally' dropped one of those permanent black markers out of her pocket.

Danny picked it up and wrote on Juan's ass, ''Shaved by Danny. 11/11/03.''

Elizabeth, whose mother was born in Calgary, said, ''They call this 'Remembrance Day in Canada. Guess you guys will be 'remembering' this day for a long time to come.''

Then, Becky said, ''Come on girls, let's all go out to breakfast. My treat!''

The guys all started yelling no, don't leave them like that naked and everything. Danny started crying like a two-year old.

I said, ''Hey, this was all YOUR choice. We'd didn't threaten you or anything. What do you think, Becky? Should we send for some clothes for them, just for pity's sake?''

''I say leave them naked,'' Becky said. ''That's what you guys were going to do to Libby, right? Tell the truth!''

They said yes, they planned on doing that (leaving me stranded and naked in public).

I said, ''Well, I have more compassion than you guys'' and grabbed Danny's cell phone. ''What's your home number (I knew it anyway), I'm calling your sister.''

I handed him the phone and 'suggested' he tell her to bring him some clothes AND his computer. Then we repeated this with Juan and Raul.

''You guys want to give us your hard drives, right, and I 'm not talking about those little worms between your legs?'' Yes, they all said.

Why the computers, on the spot and with no warning? To make sure we'd get any more images they've stored and a record of their e-mails and web surfing and before they had any chance to make backups, if they already hadn't. What idiots!

They just sat there naked on the floor until each of their older sisters arrived.

''What the hell?'' Juan's older sister, Juanita, screamed when she saw the three guys sitting there naked, including her brother. The other two jerks' sisters got there about the same time. Danny's sister had even brought two of her girlfriends with her. None of them had any idea what was all going on. These five girls were all about a year or two older than the guys.

Ashley took the three computer cases and took them to her car, after we had Juan write down the password for his Depantsing Queens website. Guess we'll fix that up. Any ideas, anyone?

[ Believe me, we were VERY tempted, once we took over this website, to upload the parts of the video of those jerks stripping for us and of Juan getting his own pubes shaved by Danny. ]

I had Juan explain it all, the whole truth, how he posed as ''Johnny'', made up a 'sympathetic' story about getting stripped by a bunch of girls (be careful of what you wish for!) and then how he started harassing me and the rest of us online, the picture-taking, EVERYTHING! He confessed to it all. I didn't even have to warn him that we'd just play back the video tape for their sisters. When he was done, each of their sisters gave their brothers one hard smack across their face. Danny's sister smacked him twice, ''You didn't learn YET to leave these girls alone?''

The guys were begging their sisters not to tell their parents. The two girls that were friends of Danny's sister, Doreen, were just standing there grinning the whole time at the sight of the three naked guys, one of them pointing out, ''Oh my God! Someone got shaved!'' When Juan turned from her to hide his embarrassment, that's when Doreen noticed the 'note' that Danny wrote on Juan's butt.

We had one more detail. The cameras.

Lori said, ''You know what. I've always wanted a digital camera.''

''Take them,'' the boys whimpered.

Lori responded, ''Thanks, guys! Hey, Libby. How's you're pitching arm today?''

''As good as ever,'' I responded and, after taking out the disks from each camera, Lori, Belinda and I went outside to the baseball diamond. I just love the sound of a digital camera on a bat early in the morning.

After that, we came back inside and got ready to leave, the three assholes now dressed. Once outside, Matt turned off the video camera.

Elizabeth said, ''You guys, you know what would be funny? If the three of you wore girls' panties to school the rest of the week.''

Juanita said, ''Don't worry. We'll make SURE of it! Right, Juan?'' All three boys just nodded their heads.

I then told them, ''One more thing. I don't care how you do it or arrange it. But, I don't want to see any of your three f------ faces at school next semester. You are each transferring out. Understand me? Unless you want copies of this tape given to every girl at school!''

Again, all three nodded their heads.

With that, I and my friends left and went out to breakfast.

I have no idea how Doug got home and don't really care, either, but perhaps Juan can tell us when he gets his computer back. He'd better post one contrite apology! Then, after that, he better not post here again. Same for Danny and Raul and Doug.

Still, this was a very embarrassing day for me. This whole damned month! I didn't mind Becky's brother eventually seeing me topless, but them damn pics on the Internet! At least, Matt's a computer wiz and said he'll be able to get all that crap down.

Thanks a bunch for everyone's support. I wish I could hug all of you that wished me well. I told you to trust me. You weren't in my position and didn't know what I knew.

We tried to do everything 'by the book' today. My sister, Michelle, talked to several of her friends who are going to law school. Their advice: whatever we would do, give the guys plenty of chances to leave on their own and get them on tape agreeing to be taped.

Still, I'm really pissed at Juan posting those damn pics and letting everyone see them all day. That's the most humiliating thing about all of this. He probably should have HIS nude pics posted all over the place, but, girls (and, who knows, some of the guys, too?), trust me, he isn't worth looking at.


Of course, in the aftermath of all that I tried to put up a brave front on the net, but despite the personal satisfaction of exacting revenge on those jerks I still suffered embarrassment and humiliation almost everyday at school until graduation.

The insults about my unshaven bush, the snide remarks, the snickering not just behind my back but right to my face, continued until the spring.

The nude pics of me, Becky and Belinda, at first only slightly distributed and passed around to the jerks' friends, were soon widely available to anyone who asked. And asked they did. We tried to downplay that fact when talking about it on MisterPoll, but in truth most students at my high school obtain or saw copies of the pics of us naked. A number of teachers and coaches no doubt, too, saw them but most of them didn't say anything to spare us the additional embarrassment.

In all seriousness, I might as well been instructed to attend school the rest of the year fully naked so that no one had to look at just pics of me but could let their eyes help themselves to me naked in person.

At one point, the shame and humiliation had gotten to me so badly that after showering one morning at the conclusion of a pre-school softball practice, I decided there would be no difference and everyone might as well see me naked.

One day (in retrospect, thank goodness) I had confided to my teammate Lori that I didn't care anymore or what the consequences would be and what I might as well do. When I saw the look of concern in her eyes, I tried to laugh and said, "Just joking, of course."

She smiled and said, " You'd better be. Are you O.K.?"

I reassured her but she didn't buy it.

But couple days later when no one was seemingly paying attention to what I was about to do, I walked out of the girls' locker room stark naked and still dripping wet from my shower and headed down the hall to an emergency exit door that I knew would lock behind me and thus seal my fate. On the other side of the door could be well over two hundreds students at least, all 9th to 12th grade boys and girls, talking with their friends, putting things in their lockers, with more and more students arriving at one of the nearby entrances to the campus every minute in preparation to begin the school day but with enough time before the first bell that they wouldn't be heading to classrooms just yet and would just be waiting around outside.

I reached the door and knew there would be no turning back once it locked behind me. But I no longer cared how humiliated I might later feel. I was at a low point in my life and didn't think it could get any lower. So I shoved at the door and it swung wide open until it nosily hit a nearby trash can. Two 9th grade boys were standing a few feet away and they dropped all their school books on the snow covered ground in shock, as one whispered to the other, "Hey! That's that softball slu... uh, chick, you know, from the pics."

I stared back at them blankly for a couple of seconds before saying, "You know who I am? You saw the pics they spread around?"

At first they hesitated but then quickly nodded, " Yeah, Libby Marr" one of them said, both of them staring me up and down at my uncovered body.

"Everyone thinks I'm a slut, so say it!" I demanded. "Tell me I'm a slut."

I then walked away from the door and as I planned, the door shut behind me. I thought, damn, I should have slammed it to draw quicker attention to myself.

"Everyone saw my pics," I continued. "Now they can see ME instead."

The boys looked around behind them and, seeing no one else had apparently noticed me yet but that it could quickly change in a mere seconds, crowded in on me. One of them even began taking off his jacket, saying, "Here. Put this on before someone sees you. You O.K.?"

Then, a second later, the door flung wide open and wet hands and arms grabbed a hold of me from behind. Arching my neck around I could see it was Belinda and Lori. As I demanded, "Let me go! Let me go!" they quickly dragged me back inside, the door now held open by one of the two wide-eyed, shocked boys.

Then Ashley approached, wearing just her bra and a thong, as I struggled in vain with Belinda and Lori.

"Get in here and close that door," she said firmly to the two boys.

"Let me go. I don't care anymore," I pleaded, before giving up and breaking down in tears. At some point, I realized that both Belinda and Lori were totally naked as well.

After that it was mostly hazy for me. But the boys did indeed obey Ashley's directive, although one of them said, "Uh, you know we really shouldn't be in here."

"That's right," she told them. "You shouldn't be. And you guys could get in big trouble for being in here."

Dumbfounded, I was told later the boys were speechless at that point (I was too busy crying to notice having slid down against the wall, my legs uncaringly spread in a very unladylike position, Belinda and Lori standing and stooping down along side to comfort me.)

"Now, do you guys want to just stand there a look for a few minutes until first bell and promise to keep quiet about what happened or get in trouble?" Ashley asked the boys.

The boys, feeling slightly less nervous, now began to grin, cautiously saying "O.K. We won't say anything."

"Good choice," Ashley said, as her younger sister Dee Dee then showed up (fully dressed).

Dee Dee noticed the boys staring at the ample cleavage between Ashley's bra cups and told the boys, "Hi, guys. I'll toss in a bonus for you cute boys in June if you keep your promise to my sister" she said, as she began to unzip her sweatshirt and then got down on her knees in front of one of the boys before reaching out to his zipper.

The boys again readily nodded. There were be no problem in insuring their silence about my near nervous breakdown that morning.

By that time, Belinda and Lori had helped me to my feet and I vaguely recall the boys telling me that they were sorry what had happened to me and they each gave me a long, firm hug before my friends took me back to the showers just as the first bell sounded, meaning the first class of the day would begin in five minutes.

Ashley said at that point the still bewildered boys left, again saying there were sorry what had been happening to me for months with Ashley profusely thanking them.

Ironically, it turned out the boys were big baseball fans and, while slightly embarrassing for me, Belinda and Lori, attended almost all our softball games that year and wildly cheered us on. Of course, Dee Dee still attended school with them for one more year and told us the boys made junior varsity for baseball and were pretty good. Although Lori was too embarrassed, I was able to make Belinda come with me and along with Ashley and Dee Dee, and the four of us attended one of our old school's baseball games the following spring when we were back home from college at the right time (Dee Dee by now then a senior).

Dee Dee then graduated but Belinda's younger sisters were also going to our former high school. The older of the two girls, Maria, was actually in the same graduating year as the two boys (2007) and had gotten to know them well. In fact, Maria even dated one of them for a while, much to Belinda's embarrassment when Maria invited the boy over to the house one day during summer break from college and Belinda was caught sound asleep and sunbathing nude on a cot out back by their backyard pool (something Maria planned perfectly and let Belinda sleep for at least 20 minutes while she and the boy just sat there and watched her until Belinda awoke to quite an embarrassing shock). Although the boy and Maria broke up sometime in 2006, they have remained friends.

When they graduated in June 2007, Belinda and I attended (Lori was there, too, for other family in the graduating class). But although we had attended a few of the boys' baseball games that year, there was still some awkwardness greeting them that day and congratulating them.

Still, it was not lost on me that if not for their understanding that one cold morning in 2004, I might very well not have graduated three years earlier. And so the next night Ashley and I invited both boys (yes, they were both 18 by now) out as a "graduation" present. They eagerly accepted the invitation and we had a fine meal at a local restaurant. When the waiter asked us if we wanted dessert, I unabashed announced that I was going to be that night's dessert. They thought I was joking, of course, even as I picked up the last remaining breaded cheese stick from our appetizers, dipped it in the small bowl of ranch dressing and began to lick and suck on it in a very coquettishly manner.

I think they still thought I was just being an appreciative flirt when I pulled my car into a motel parking lot not far from the restaurant and they suddenly became nervous and fidgety as the four of us walked over to the check-in desk. The hotel clerk looked at how Ashley and I were dressed and I'm sure had some thoughts that maybe we were hookers so I spoke up to nip it in the bud from the outset.

I tossed him my ID and credit card and said, "These boys just graduated high school the other day and I'm their present."

Then, I added, "Show the man your ID boys so he can see you're both 18," which they did.

After the clerk looked at their IDs and nodded I said, "Basically, I'm to be their slut for the night and if you're worried this is a business transaction, you can come and watch if you need to set your mind at ease. Got a problem with any of that?"

Ashley started to unbutton her top, thereby drawing the clerk's attention, and said, "Oh. I'm the back-up slut in case she doesn't totally exhaust them. Why is it so warm in here?"

I think the look on the boys' faces, too, helped convince the desk clerk that I indeed wasn't some hooker and must just be into kinky sex.

Meanwhile, Ashley quickly hopped up onto the counter, turned and stretched out her legs out across it. Then, turning to the now sweating clerk, she lifted her short skirt up to her thighs to reveal a pair of nearly sheer lace panties.

"Want some company in case they want privacy?" she asked him. I thought the guy was going to hyperventilate or something.

When we got up to the room the boys I think thought they were dreaming, especially when I closed the door and licked my lips and then Ashley saying she couldn't wait to get out of her clothes. We were soon to find out the boys were quite inexperienced when I told them it was time to "unwrap" their graduation present.

At that point, both boys confessed they were virgins and that I didn't need to have sex with them because of what had happened three years earlier.

I just looked at them as seductively as could be and said, "Would one of you please take my clothes off?"

When the just stared at me as if in a mesmerized state, I shouted, "NOW!"

They then nearly tripped over each other trying to get to me first and within ten seconds I was . . .

As for Matt, he not only got to watch when I was stripped, spanked and humiliated when I was 18, but in 2005 on my 20th birthday down came my panties without any warning whatsoever and he spanked my bare butt - right in front of my friends! I don't know what turned more red that night - my butt or my face!

Was Their 'Revenge" Justice?
What's being said about me and my nude photos (they were posted on the web by jerks at my former high school)

Libby needs to shave her pussy.

If the girls like stripping men so much they deserve to be stripped

Libby and Belinda did more than just invade the privacy of those boys showering at that baseball camp. They humiliated them in front of perhaps dozens of girls. Belinda led a group of girls into the locker room where she knew naked boys were... And Libby made some of the boys show her that they were wearing cup protectors while girl campers watched and laughed at their obvious exposure... I have a suggestion. How about taking Libby and Belinda in front of all those boy campers they had humiliated, pull down their pants and panties and spank them on their cute bare asses?

I can't make up my mind who's the bigger bitch, libby or becky.

As for the Libby Marr bitch, her boobs aren't very big either and she has about the hairiest damned beaver you'd ever see. Her bush is so thick it should be declared a fire hazard.

Those nude pics of Libby Marr from her high school days. Can see why she's so pissed. My girlfriend would be pissed too if everyone saw she never shaved her bearded clam.

Totally disgusting behavior by Libby, parading into the boys shower room. How would you feel if someone saw your pussy by walking in on you?

Funny how things work out nicely. You chicks stripped the guys but now your nude pics are all over the net.

Anyone got some recent pics of Libby naked? I'd like to see Miss Prim and Proper bawling again like a cheap stripper as she was in high school when everyone saw those pics of her small boobs and hairy twat.

The girls did act like little bitches so maybe a little nakedness on the WWW will do them good. Especially the one who pulled down that little boys swim pants.

[Libby's] bush is so thick birds are building a nest in it.
--Road Warrior

Yor nothing but f*cking P0RN STARS now, with your tits and pussys on the www.

I remember how you were all crying when Johnnyscool posted your nude pics... Just dont you bitches ever forget that we all saw your bare naked tits, asses and pussies on the web. He turned you into nothing but two-bit strippers. No matter how many wimps whose pants you pull down, you can never change that fact. So stick that in your slits and smoke it.

Having obtained several nude photos of me, Bad Girl Spanker has been humiliating me with naked depictions of me such as this one. Libby Marr

As if his constant gloating and rubbing in the fact that he has several nude pics of me isn't embarrassing enough for me, Bad Girl Spanker has now resorted to using those photos to depict me totally naked with various backgrounds (like this one above) and posting them on the Internet, sparing me absolutely no modesty.

Not only that, but he has given permission to anyone wishing to further my humiliation for use on websites, artwork for erotic stories, book covers or just for plain amusement at my expense, modesty and shame.

I know it's totally within his rights to do so (as I did actually agree that anyone could use my nude pics as long as it was with a CC-SA license - actually I've insisted on it, even agreeing to pose for that purpose as part of an admission that I needed to be disciplined for some of my behavior). But still. It IS embarrassing nevertheless. I guess I'm still learning that some promises have consequences.

-Libby Marr

Many guys think I should still be punished and humiliated, not just for purposely embarrassing and forcibly stripping boys against their will during my high school years or for having seen naked some of the young boys I coach when I've had to quickly enter the boys' locker room or showers unannounced to deal with an emergency situation causing them embarrassment (especially given I've more than once did a poor job trying to control some inappropriate grinning and smirking). But also because, in a moment of weakness, I agreed to not stop guys from punishment by humiliating me for such behavior. I do keep my promises but it's lead to some shameful consequences. On the other hand, how can I learn from my poor behavior if I'm not punished for it in a very humbling, very embarrassing way?

Libby Marr, pics of my unshaven bush were seen by most of my high school