Louise Ogborn's Nude Strip-Search and Sexual Humiliation
Louise Ogborn - imagine her shame once the uncensored video was viewed by hundreds of males who she knew over the yearsAn 18-year old girl is stripped, spanked and sexually assaulted at McDonald's; the uncensored video tape is eventually leaked to online, humiliating her even more.

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by Libby Marr

September 2006

Louise Ogborn, an 18-year old high school senior in Mount Washington, Kentucky, wanted to help her ill mother, who had recently lost her job and was having trouble making ends meet. So the well-liked former Girl Scout took a $6.35/hr. job at the local McDonald's. She hadn't received a single admonition during the four months she worked at the restaurant. But, after being offered a few extra hours of work on the busy early Friday evening of April 9, 2004, this sweet, innocent young girl was about to go through a living hell.
What is documented below isn't for the squeamish. It has been compiled from numerous television and newspaper reports and court filings. It has been written in a no-holds-bar style deliberately designed to shock your senses, because what happened to Louise is so shocking it really shouldn't be told in any other way.

Some articles have tried to 'sanitize' her ordeal for their readers' sensitivities, but that practice only falsely moderates what she went through. But what happened to Louise Ogborn was beyond embarrassment. It was mortifying, degrading and complete humiliation. As you'll read on, it also became worse than that.

For guys reading this, try to imagine your wife, daughter, sister or girlfriend in Louise's position. Hopefully it will engage your sensitivities and righteousness enough to make you demand that justice be done for Louise. It is also hoped that many teens and young adults, particularly in low-wage retail jobs, can learn from Louise's experience so as to prevent similar things from happening to them.
As reported on the November 10, 2005 edition of the ABC television news magazine, Primetime, Louise Ogborn's assistant manager, Donna Jean Summers, 51, called the teenage girl into the office and said a police officer named ''Officer Scott'' on the other end of the phone was accusing Louise of stealing a purse from a customer. Summers said ''Officer Scott'' had a McDonald's manager on another phone call and that ''Officer Scott'' gave enough of a description to identify Louise as having committed the theft. Summers would later say she heard what sounded like police radios in the background.

My Own Humiliating Exposure

- by Libby Marr

Having been the victim of sexual harassment and attempted sexual assault myself, I too clearly understand what Louise Ogborn must have been going through that horrible evening at McDonald's.

In the fall of 2003, several despicable jerks at my high school secretly took nude photos of myself and my two Libby Marr closest girlfriends with a hidden camera while we showered at school after a Saturday morning workout. The three of us were 18 at the time.

Needless to say, they didn't keep the photos a secret for very long and made quite sure that our embarrassment and humiliation was both intense and widespread.

Nonetheless, what we went through pales in comparison to what happened to Louise. I doubt very much that I would have handled the aftermath of such a sexual assault with as much courage and dignity as Louise Ogborn has shown. She's my hero.

Libby Marr
What the young girl was told next shocked her: Louise Ogborn was going to have to be strip-searched. If she refused, she would be arrested, taken to the police station and strip-searched there. Summers called another employee, assistant manager Kim Dockery, 40, into the office and ordered Louise to begin emptying her pockets and to turn over her cell phone and car keys.

Then, per the caller's instructions, Summers ordered Louise to remove her uniform top. As Louise broke down in tears, she was then ordered to remove her bra. As Louise stood topless and sobbing, trying to cover her breasts with her arms, her supervisor inspected her bra then ordered Louise to take off her shoes. Unable now to cover herself from being exposed to her two supervisors and to the DVD surveillance video capturing it all, Louise bent down and took off her shoes, then her socks.

Louise's dark black pants were next to come off. As Ogborn removed each item of clothing, Summers inspected them and placed them inside a bag. After the way Summers looked at her bra, fearing what was about to happen next, Louise might have thought back to her elementary school days when she heard the saying, Always be sure to wear clean underwear each day because you never know...

Finally, as the teenage stood there humiliated in nothing but her panties, praying the inevitable would not be asked of her, Summers ordered Louise to remove those as well. If not, she would be arrested when police arrived. Her panties would then most certainly be removed off of her by force.

It is not difficult at all to imagine the young, frightened Louise picturing herself soon being handcuffed with her hands behind her back and led out of that small office, likely at least half-naked and possibly worse, exposed to all of her co-workers, male and female, and to who knows how many customers on a busy Friday night (perhaps some with camera phones who would instantly capture the moment and immediately share it with their friends!), then taken outside and into an awaiting police car.

She was warned her panties would be coming off, whether she protested it or not (and she had no assurances it wouldn't happen right there in the restaurant in front of everyone!). For all Louise knew, some of the customers on the other side of that door who might very shortly see her totally naked might be male classmates of hers, her teachers and her neighbors!). How could she ever look them in the eye after that? And then what? Wouldn't of her arrest, accompanied by humiliating photos of herself completly exposed quickly circulate around her small town of 5,000? How many of her family, friends and classmates would soon see them?

As Louise's manager insisted, one way or another, those skimpy panties of hers were coming off! The questions Louise had to ask herself at that instant, with little time to decide in her mind what the answers would be, was (1) who was going to take her panties off, (2) where would they be taken off and, (3) how many people would see her totally naked once they were taken off?

So, praying that her ordeal would end if she complied, Louise slowly and reluctantly placed her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties Louise Ogborn relunctantly removes her panties - artistic renditionand began to lower them, her two older female supervisors gazing at the young woman's complete nakedness as she did so. If they were leering at her at this moment, Louise didn't know it because her eyes were teared up and she was looking down at the floor in shame.

As Louise slowly lowered her panties, the surveillance video captured it all. She slowly slipped her panties off of her buttocks and down her thighs. Her two supervisors, as the uncensored video would later show to everyone who viewed it the tape, now knew the answer to whether Louise shaved her pubes or not.

She then slipped her panties down below her knees and down to the floor they dropped. Then she slowly bent down and pulled them off around one foot, then the other.

Sobbing in total humiliation, Louise handed her panties to Summers and did her best, though unsuccessfully, to cover her total nakedness from her two superiors with her hands and arms.

Summers held Louise's panties in her hands briefly, inspected them (perhaps wondering if she herself could ever fit into something so petite; perhaps not) and then put them in the bag with the rest of Louise's clothes. Louise Ogborn was now totally and completely naked in front of her two supervisors.

O.K. Now it should be over, Louise had to be thinking to herself. After all? Where could I be hiding a purse on me now? That question would soon be answered, too, to Louise's further degradation and humiliation. The sad irony was that once she was completely nude and thought she had proved her innocence, instead of Louise's strip-search ordeal being over, it was, in fact, just beginning.
Note: All of this and that which follows was captured on a McDonald's surveillance video, portions of which ABC aired and was seen by millions, including Louise's family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and classmates. ABC did occasionally slightly blur over Louise's exposed breasts, vagina and butt during the broadcast. However, there would be no modesty for Louise when the whole unedited, uncensored version would be seen countless times by police investigators, ABC producers, newspaper reporters, McDonald's executives and attorneys for all parties involved in the lawsuits that would follow.
Next, to Louise's horror, Summers then took the bag which had all of Louise's clothes and belongings, removed them from the office, and (unknown to Louise) locked them inside Summers' car outside. Louise was given nothing but a small, greasy black apron to hold in front of herself. She had obeyed her supervisor's demands that she remove her clothes, only in order to prove she wasn't hiding the alleged stolen purse. Now, to her shock and betrayal, she suddenly found out she wasn't going to be given those clothes back and, instead, was going to be kept naked. For what? I didn't do anything! she had to be saying to herself. But if Louise felt 'shocked' to be totally naked in front of two female supervisors, 'shock' is a understatement to what would come next.

Summers obviously believed ''Officer Scott'' strongly enough to order Louise to strip naked - totally naked. To her line of thinking, the young girl must have done something wrong and therefore her obvious embarrassment was brought on by her own actions, right? So, Summers showed Louise no sympathy at all. In fact, one may legitimately wonder whether she secretly enjoyed the moment. She was, after all, 51, certainly no spring-chicken herself. Unlike Louise, Summers would certainly not win any beauty contest (neither would Dockery for that matter). And whereas Summers might turn-heads on a beach if she dared wear nothing but a skimpy bikini, sort of like Louise's skimpy underwear that she just locked away, (if she could ever find one she could fit into, that is), those whose heads turned would likely be doing so to laugh, not lust, at her.

But Summers did know one thing: she was in total and complete command over this young, charming quite attractive teenage girl. Louise was just the type of young woman who drew all the looks and admiring stares from all handsome male customers and male co-workers. I wonder what they would think of this young 'upstart' who says she wants to climb the corporate ladder now. If only they could see her now, naked and accused of stealing?, Summers might have thought to herself.

Whether Summers did have any such thoughts is, of course, total speculation. She now claims to feel ''so sorry'' for her part in Louise's humiliation. But at a simple suggestion of ''Officer Scott,'' Louise's male co-workers just might get to answer that question. He instructed Summers to bring a male employee into the office to observe Louise.

Without hesitation, Summers quickly jumped at the thought and called male cook Jason Bradley, 27, into the office. The caller then ordered that Louise drop the apron, to thus totally expose herself to her male co-worker so that Bradley could describe her naked body to him over the phone, supposedly for the police report.

Louise no doubt blushed and continued to softly cry in utter humiliation knowing that she was about to be seen totally nude by her male co-worker. As Summers waited for Louise to comply with the instructions, Bradley surprisingly turned down the opportunity to see his attractive female co-worker's nakedness (that is, beyond what he could already see, as the small apron didn't really leave all that much to the imagination anyway). Bradley left the office, but did nothing to help Louise.

Nonetheless, he now knew Louise had been accused of theft and was waiting - as good as naked - inside that small office. How much he told his co-workers is not immediately known. But wasn't he certainly thinking about WHAT was under that tiny apron? Did he do the right thing? What if Summers calls in another guy to look at Louise instead? Will that guy pass up the golden opportunity to see Louise totally naked that he just did? Summers hadn't objected to what ''Officer Scott'' had wanted done and one wonders if perhaps''Officer Scott' now wished he had instead instructed Summers to either order Louise to hand over the apron or have her simply and swiftly rip it away from her body and totally expose Louise to her male co-worker. By now one hour had passed.

Louise was sobbing, frightened, nervous and trembling. It has also now been several hours since she had a break. She might have wondered to herself, What if I have to go to the bathroom? Will they give me my clothes back? Maybe I should say I have to pee. They wouldn't make me walk through the restaurant like this? In front of all those people? Or would they? After all, Donna was ready to let Jason see EVERYTHING! But then, what if I REALLY have to go?

At this point, one might also wonder whether ''Officer Scott'' could have simply have ordered Summers to walk Louise through the busy restaurant, hands held behind her back, to the entrance door, and have her wait there - totally naked and humiliated and exposed to all, accused of stealing from a customer - until a police car arrived. Summers certainly had just indicated to ''Officer Scott' that she had no problem with putting the young pretty girl to utter shame. She did, after all, called in a male cook to observe Louise's nakedness. Should he really had any doubts that he could get Summers to further humiliate Louise in such a fashion?

McDonald's can be a busy place at 6 PM on a Friday night and Summers told ''Officer Scott' she was needed up front. So the caller asked if there was another male who could guard Louise until police arrived. Summers called her 42-old fiancee, Walter Wes Nix Jr.

When Nix arrived, Summers then left the office to take care of other restaurant duties, leaving the sobbing Louise alone with him, still holding nothing but the tiny apron that barely covered the front of her teenage body. For the next two hours, ''[the caller] told me what to do,'' Nix would later tell police.

First, Nix was told that it was possible that Louise was hiding something (presumably stolen money) on her person and so he grabbed the apron and pulled it away from Louise, leaving her naked and exposed. Nix then described in detail Louise's body to the caller.

Louise was then ordered to turn and bend over so Nix could observe whether that was the case. When nothing could be seen (except, of course, the humiliated teen girl's exposed vulva), Louise was then ordered to dance with her arms above her head. The caller told Nix this ''would shake out'' anything she might be hiding in her vagina.
Louise Ogborn forced to masturbate in front of Walter Nix - artistic rendition
Louise was instructed to do deep knee bends, stand naked a stool, then on a desk and to spread out her arms and legs into different positions. Louise was also told to jog in place and do jumping jacks (which of course affording Nix views of her young, bouncing breasts and of her vagina). Nix also performed a body cavity search on the humiliated, naked teenager, as Louise was forced to sit completely naked on a stool with her legs spread wide open for Nix's degrading inspection of her most private area. More degradation soon followed when Nix ordered Louise to masturbate while he observed, describing in detail the scene for 'Officer Scott' and holding the phone up to Louise's vulva so that 'Officer Scott' could hear Louise work on herself while she moaned.

Whenever Ogborn initially refused to obey one of the caller's instructions, Nix had Louise bend over again, where he then proceeding to spank the girl's naked buttocks for approximately ten minutes. The utter humiliation must have been excruciating for her. As tears streamed down Louise's face - sobbing from pain, shame and embarrassment - red welts quickly formed on her naked butt.

A few times while Nix was watching her, Summers entered the office.

''I begged her every time she came in the room,'' Ogborn told Primetime. '''Get me out of here. Please get me out of here.'''

Louise said she also asked Summers to call the police, but each time, she said, Summers told her, ''No, we're still waiting for the cop.''

Louise Ogborn later told WHAS-TV of Louisville, ''I was crying the whole time, from the beginning, from when she accused me doing something wrong that, never in a million years would I ever dream of doing. I was just scared,'' Ogborn said. ''I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to do. I was petrified.''

Louise was threatened with additional bodily harm by Nix if she were to cry out or attempt to escape. But where could she go even if she tried? She was totally naked and even if she somehow could overpower Nix (who was taller and had well over a 145-pound advantage over the frightened teen girl) and escape from the office, then what? Her supervisor, Summers, could probably overpower her as well and would no doubt have other co-workers grab and detain her until, as promised, the police would arrive. However, until then, she might very well be made to stay out in the open, at one of the restaurant's most busiest times - nude in front of everyone, co-workers and customers alike, everyone of them who would no doubt look on with amusement at Louise's nakedness, feeling no sympathy for someone accused of stealing.

And even if she could somehow escape past all those laughing people and run outside the restaurant, where would she go? Her supervisor had taken away all of her clothes, her cell phone and her car keys. She did not know where they were. And where would she run? Down some dark alleyway, barefoot and totally naked? So it is not hard to understand why Louise complied with every order she was given. Furthermore, she was being physically beaten each time she did not do what she was told. Louise's spirit was now totally broken and she knew that no one was going to help her.

''I was too scared [to attempt escape],'' Louise Ogborn later told WHAS-TV of Louisville. ''I didn't know what was out there, what was coming in next or who was coming to get me. If I was in trouble with the cops, what if it was the cops, and I had a million thoughts running through my head, the what-ifs.''

Then, two and a half hours into her ordeal, Nix ordered Louise to knee in front of him and unzip his pants. Louise recounted in her deposition, ''I said, 'No! I didn't do anything wrong. This is ridiculous.'''

But she was threatened Nix would hit her again. She cried and sobbed, silently praying for some miracle. But no miracle was forthcoming. And so the sobbing Louise complied, slowly taking Nix's penis into her mouth and performed fellatio on him.

After some time, Summers returned to the office to get some gift certificates. As the door opened, Nix gave Louise the skimpy, dirty apron again to hold in front of herself. The caller told Summers that Nix could leave, but only if she could find another man to guard Louise. Nix left and Summers brought in 58 year-old Thomas Simms, a maintenance man at the restaurant. Taking the phone, Simms was asked by the caller to have Louise drop the apron so he, too, could see her total nakedness and describe her body to the caller.

Simms refused, but Summers insisted it was OK for him to observe Louise totally naked, that the ''corporate'' office had approved of it.

Nevertheless, Simms refused and told Summers something wasn't right. Apparently satisfied with the humiliation and sexual assault he helped inflict upon Louise, the caller quickly hung up.
[Given all that had already transpired, it is not an unlikely possibility that the caller might have otherwise also demanded ''identifying'' photographs of Louise (while naked, of course) be taken with someone's cell phone and emailed to him at his ''police station'' for the ''crime file.'' Had that happened, the caller could have quite easily uploaded images of naked Louise being humiliated, perhaps even body-cavity searched, to countless pornographic websites around the world.]
A now-worried Summers called her manager at home and later said it was only then did she realize she had been duped. That's right, only NOW she realized. She hadn't thought anything odd of forcing Louise to be totally exposed in front of her male co-workers. Hell, no! She even egged them on, that is was perfectly acceptable to have them see Louise in all her naked glory.

Perhaps if Simms hadn't been so insistent ''that something wasn't right'' when asked by ''Officer Scott'' to look observe Louise's nudity, Summers might simply have found another male co-worker, one more eager to co-operate, to come in at look at Louise's nakedness. Perhaps she was even thinking, These guys are always staring at Louise's ass and trying to look down her blouse. Now I've given two of them the chance to see her totally nude and they refuse? What's wrong with these guys. Are they all gay or something?

Upon calling the police, the small office - with Louise now clutching a small blanket given to her by Dockery to conceal her nakedness - was soon swarming with male police officers, investigators and co-workers. (Later that night, Summers watched the surveillance video and discovered what Nix had forced Louise to do.)

One employee dialed *69 and eventually law enforcement officials were able to trace the call, finding it was placed by a calling-card purchased at a Wal-Mart in Panama City, Florida. Eventually, crime investigators, using the time-stamps of Wal-Mart's own surveillance video cameras, were able to arrest David R. Stewart. Law enforcement officials allege that Stewart was behind at least 69 other hoaxes pulled off at other businesses from 1995 through 2004 in 32 states.

Dockery was transferred to another location. Summers was fired for violating a McDonald's rule which bars non-employees from entering the office. She was later indicted on a charge of unlawful imprisonment, a misdemeanor. She was found guilty and given probation.

In February 21, 2005, over the prosecutor's objection, Summers was placed on one year's probation by Bullitt District Court Judge Rebecca Ward. The county attorney's office had asked that Summers be jailed for a year. County Attorney Walt Sholar said the prosecution recommended jail time for Summers because Ogborn was ''emotionally and physically tortured for hours.''

''It didn't matter whether Summers thought she was dealing with police or not,'' Sholar said. ''If the president of the United States said to take that child's clothes away and detain her in that room, there was no excuse for it.''

Nix was charged with sodomy and assault. He pleaded not guilty, his attorney arguing he was just following the orders of someone he thought was a police officer.

Louise Ogborn's attorney scoffed at that notion. ''That is the defense made by Germans at Nuremburg,'' Yater said. ''You could be fooled into some of the things he did, but not sodomy.''

In February 2, 2006, Nix pleaded guilty to sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and unlawful imprisonment for his part in the case, agreeing to a five-year prison sentence. He also agreed not to seek probation at his sentencing. In exchange, prosecutors dropped a sodomy charge that carried a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

After Nix's guilty plea, Bullitt Circuit Judge Tom Waller asked Louise Ogborn whether she supported the deal and if so, why? Louise stated she did, because it will require Nix to serve time in prison, to register as a sex offender and to testify against David N. Stewart, the alleged perpetrator of the whole hoax. Stewart is still awaiting trial.

Shortly after her torturing ordeal, Louise Ogborn began suffering from panic attacks. She couldn't sleep and would have nightmares, according to a court deposition from her therapist, Jean Campbell. She's tried four different antidepressants for relief. Although she managed to graduate high school, she was too shaken to enroll in the University of Louisville, where she had planned to study pre-med.

''She was dealing with a lot of issues of shame, feeling contaminated, feeling dirty, questioning herself,'' Campbell said in her deposition. ''When anything like this happens, it destroys our illusions.''

In August 2004, Louise filed a civil lawsuit against McDonald's, claiming the chain failed to warn her and other Mount Washington employees about the hoaxes even though the company and its franchises were already defending lawsuits over similar strip-search cases in Georgia, Ohio, Utah and elsewhere in Kentucky.

But the chain denies any responsibility for what Louise went through. In a statement released to the news media, McDonald's says that Louise's saying that her injuries, ''if any,'' were caused by her failure to realize the caller wasn't a real police officer.

During her deposition, Louise was told by a male attorney for McDonald's that she was free to have walked out of the office at any time, an incredible statement given that Louise was totally naked and that the video showed she was already being beaten by Nix when she initially refused to comply with the caller's demands.

The restaurant chain gave an indication of the type of 'defense' it would play against Louise in the civil lawsuit when Joseph C. Goodman was arrested after attempting to serve subpoena papers last week on Misty McMillen, a friend of Louise's. Joseph C. Goodman allegedly identified himself as a federal agent. After a confrontation with McMillen and a deputy sheriff who was at her apartment at the time, Goodman was charged with menacing, harassment, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, as well as impersonating an officer and assault. The chain told Louisville Courier-Journal that Ogborn is conducting ''an all-out blitzkrieg to smear McDonald's.''

However, it has also been alleged that the restaurant manager, Lisa Siddons, instructed an employee to approach and encourage Nix to say that the oral sex Louise performed on him was consensual. In a deposition, the employee, Tammy Grigsby, said Nix declined to discuss the matter, saying he would have to talk to his attorney. In an interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal, Grigsby said that when she reported that back to Siddons, the manager ''kind of got aggravated.''

Ogborn said in an affidavit that McDonald's hired detectives to harass her and her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend and even interviewed her boyfriend's 6-year-old daughter. In a report that Ogborn filed with the Spencer County sheriff's department, she identified the men as Ronald Hoaf-Haas and Douglas Ostwalt. Ostwalt, a former Louisville postal inspector, denied the allegations and claims he was merely showing Hoaf-Haas, who is from New York, around the neighborhood. McDonald's also denies the charges.

But what McDonald's and other restaurants cannot deny is that these 'remote strip-searches', as they have been called, have gone on for years (see links to other news reports at left). It is disgusting that the restaurant industry and public officials haven't done more to warn workers, particularly teenage girls, not to fall prey to these horrible assaults on their privacy and dignity. And although the SOB who placed many of these phone calls has been arrested, what are they doing to ensure that copy-cats don't emerge? But because it involves nudity (gasp!) too many newspapers and TV journalists shy away from such reporting. And when was the last time you heard a public official warning people about they usually have a right not to be strip-searched. Hell! Good luck arguing that the next time you're at an airport.

So perhaps the best defense, the best way to protect young girls from these sort of crimes is publicity. If they knew what happened to Louise, they can help ensure not to become a victim themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone reads the Louisville Courier-Journal and a very small percentage of young people today watch shows like Primetime.

This is where you can help. Tell young girls you know about this website. Give them a link to the Primetime video. Tell them, in full detail, about Louise Ogborn's humiliation. And please do what you can to help Louise!

My girlfriends and I have said that a Lorena Bobbitt-style punishment might have been fitting for Nix and Stewart. And perhaps if the universe has any sense of justice, these two pieces of vermin, unworthy of being called human beings, will be on the receiving end in prison numerous times of the horrible, despicable sexual act they inflicted upon on Louise.

As for McDonald's, let's just say they can cry and complain until the cows come home. No one with any sense of decency should feel sorry for them. They should publicly apologize to Louise, settle the civil lawsuit with her and institute policies to ensure that no one ever goes through the degrading humiliation that Louise went through ever again.

I grant unconditional permission, without relinquishing copyright, to anyone wishing to republish the text of the article above (either in print or online), but only if attribution is credited to me and the article is republished unedited and in its entirety, which must include the unedited sidebar about my own sexually humiliating experience. Please also use the entire Creative Commons copyright notice below (including the hyperlinks) if you republish it on the Internet. Use the biographical information about me if republished in print. For permission to use a photo of me, see http://depantsing-queens.com/copyright.html

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Want to Help Louise?
Contact Ralph Alvarez, McDonald's President for North America, and urge that he ''do the right thing.'' Ask him to publicly apologize to Louise Ogborn and settle the civil case in her favor.

      Call McDonald's at THEIR cost on their toll-free telephone number: 1-800-244-6227.

      or write him at:

      Ralph Alvarez, President
      McDonald's Corporation
      2111 McDonald's Dr
      Oak Brook, IL 60523

Address your #10 size business envelope to Mr. Alvarez. Write or type neatly and do NOT indicate anything on the envelope that the correspondence inside has anything to do with Louise. This way, McDonald's will have to open every single piece of mail it receives to read what's inside.

Do NOT make threats in your letter. As much as you might think, that won't help Louise. DO indicate if you are a long-time customer of McDonald's. If you are shareholder, PLEASE bring up Louise's plight at the next Board of Directors meeting. You could bring forth a motion that the corporation settle with Louise in her favor as quickly as possible and issue a public apology for what she went through.

Update: October 5, 2006
Louise Ogborn awarded $6.1 million in damages!

Update: May 2009
More humiliation for Louise.
If all she has endured hasn't been enough, Louise Ogborn is now suffering further humiliation as some worthless scum who I hope burns in hell has posted on the internet long portions of the uncensored videotape footage of her ordeal. Dozens of despicable websites are making this video available to hundreds of millions of people worldwide and search engines have unfortunately and irresponsbily indexed the uncensored images showing Louise Ogborn completely naked, being spanked and sexually humiliated.

Reports are that the uncensored video shows Louise with her legs spread wide open, while Walter Nix looks closely up her vulva while doing a visual body cavity search. Louise is also shown apparently masturbating per orders from the fake cop and doing jumping jacks while facing the camera fully nude from head to toe. Several still images have also been posted on the net as well, showing an uncensored, fully nude Louise being spanked on her bare buttocks by Nix, as well as kneeling totally naked in front of him while being forced to perform fettalio on the fucking bastard.

It is unknown whether McDonald's has made any attempt to have these uncensored nude images of Louise removed from the web. There is some speculation on the web as to whether this might be a nefarious attempt to force Louise to capitulate and accept some low-ball settlement (the judgment in Louise's favor was challenged by McDonald's and is currently pending with the Kentucky Court of Appeals), with the underlying message that, if she doesn't, even more humiliating, uncensored video footage will find its way to the masses.
Update: November 20, 2009
Kentucky Court of Appeals Rules in Louise Ogborn's favor! Upholds $6.1 Million Judgment !!!!!! - link to news article

"She was deprived of her clothes and all her other possessions," Judge Glenn Acree wrote in an unanimous opinion of the three-member panel of the Court of Appeals.

"And Ogborn did not only face the false assertion of police authority, she also faced the real authority of her supervisors."

"[The manager's fianc�, Walter Nix] forced Ogborn to perform a series of humiliating physical acts, conducted a cavity search of her body, engaged in the additional physical assault of spanking her, and ultimately sexually assaulted her." ...

"While Ogborn was detained naked in the office and subjected to these searches and assaults, she continuously expressed her strenuous objection to the search, asked for her clothes, and requested permission to leave. Her requests evoked some sympathy from her managers but were ultimately denied."

Full text of ruling
Update: November 20, 2009
McDonald's Settles with Louise Ogborn; Payout Is in the Millions !!! - link to news article

"Avoiding the risk of losing an appeal at the state Supreme Court, McDonald's wisely decided to settle with Louise Ogborn, with reports of the settlement being in the seven figures.

Louise was stripped of her clothes and her dignity. She was observed nude by co-workers and supervisors. A male did a body cavity search on her and she was forced to masturbate in front of him, ultimately being spanked and forced to perform oral sex on him. All of this was captured on color in video and seen by hundreds of McDonald's personnel, lawyers, court room staff and jurors. Eventually the video was leaked to the Interet and millions of people of now seen Louise fully nude and being sexually humiliated.

Louise is now happily married and a proud mother and by news accounts hopes to make nursing a career.

No amount of money can restore the innocent she lost. But Louise - and justice - did prevail in the end. For what she endured and how she handled the aftermath in the face of public shame and humiliation, she is a true hero.
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Louise Ogborn standing topless
Louise Ogborn undergoing her humiliating strip search
Louise Ogborn ordered to perform excercises while totally naked in front of Walter Wes Nix Jr.
Louise Ogborn made to exercise in the nude so as she might shake loose anything she was hiding
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warning: this includes portions of the McDonald's surveillance video showing Louise Ogborn being strip-searched, forced to remove all of her clothing, sexually humiliated and eventually sexually assaulted

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Other Humiliating

'Happy Birthday, Now Strip Right Down to Your Birthday Suit' - On the Day a Utah Girl Turns 18, She Alleges Her Male Manager at McDonald's Strip-Searches Her Per a Phone Caller's Instructions; Once Totally Naked, for the Next Two Hours She's Ordered to Perform Various Nude Poses Designed to Maximize the View of Her Genital Area, All in Full View of an Open Door with Other Employees of Both Sexes Watching Her & to Passers-By Right Next to the Restaurant's Drive-Through Window

15-Year Old Female Burger King Employee Made to Strip Totally Nude for Male Manager, Submit to Thorough Inspection of Her Naked Teen Body

Male Taco Bell Manager Strip-Searches Two Teenage Female Employees, Feels Up One of the Girl's Breasts & Inner Thigh

TSA Whistle-Blowers at Airport Allege They Are Being Asked to Single Out Big-Breasted Women, Have Them Strip-Searched Naked in Publicly Accessible Areas & in Front of Hidden Closed Circuit Cameras So Male Supervisors Could Watch the Show

Female Wendy's Manager Tricked into Having Male Employee, 24, Strip Totally Naked in Front of Her

17-Year Old Girl Customer Strip-Searched by Male Taco Bell Manager; He Also Performs Body Cavity Search on Her

Male Winn-Dixie Manager Strip-Searches Female Employee

Rapid City Woman, 19, Forced to Strip for Male Restaurant Manager, Ordered to Perform Exercises Before Him in the Nude

20-Year Old Female Employee Strip-Searched Nude by Two Male Blockbuster Employees

Female Social Worker Brings Along Female Friend to Watch on as She Has Boy, 14, Stripped Naked at His School Looking for Signs of Paddling

High School Girl Made to Strip, Urinate as Teacher Watches Up Close

Report Says South Dakota State Boot Camp Male Guards Frequently Cut Away All the Clothes off Teen Girls, Then Handcuff Them Spread-Eagled & Nude to Their Beds

Gallup Judge Has 18-Year Old Girl Strip-Searched Before He Corrects Court Trial Date Error over Speeding Ticket

Caller Convinces 16-Year Old Female Manager to Order Male Cook, 19, to Strip Naked in Front of Her for Theft Search; Then Tables Are Turned on Her and She Is Ordered to Strip Naked & Later Made to Perform a Sexual Act on the Cook; A Concerned Male Manager, to the Girl's Additional Humiliation, Discovers Them Both Totally Naked, Still on Phone, in the Bathroom

Oregon Jail Does Body Cavity Searches on Females, Flashlights Light Up the View as Male Guards and Male Inmates Watch Closely

Police Strip-Search 15-Year Old Truant Girl; She's Totally Nude in Front of Large Window Facing the Building's Public Entrance as People Walk By

Your Right to Forbid a Strip Search at School

Self-Defense Awareness for Women