Bare-Bottom Spankings May Return to Classrooms
Here's a depiction of me, Becky Romero, being spanked in front of my classOhio Judge OKs Bare-Bottom Spankings of Teenage Schoolgirls

by Becky Romero

October 2007

In a controversial decision that shocked children's advocates, an Ohio judge has given the greenlight for the spanking of teenage schoolgirls on their bare-bottoms.

Mason Municipal Court Judge George Parker ruled that it was "appropriate" for 49 year-old Gary Freudenthal of Blue Ash, Ohio to pull down the panties of a 14-year old teenage girl and repeatedly spank her on her bare bottom for staying out late the night before.

"I spanked her hard enough so she could feel it ... so it would sting, so she wouldn't be able to sit down, so she would remember it," Mr. Freudenthal testified. "She was so out of control."

Freudenthal is a friend of the girl's grandmother (her legal guardian) and the single father of the spanked girl's female friend.

The girl's grandmother said she never gave Freudenthal permission to strike her granddaughter. That did not matter to Judge Parker.

After the girl attended a football game with his daughter and then stayed out past curfew, Freudenthal said he went to the girl's grandmother's home in Mason about 9:30 AM the next morning. He entered the house and walked into the girl's bedroom where she was sleeping in bed. After pulling down the bedcovers, he grabbed the underwear-clad girl, placed her over his knee and spanked her over her panties.

Freudenthal said that when the girl laughed, he decided a more humiliating and shameful punishment was necessary. So he pulled down her panties, completely exposing the teenage girl's bare bottom, and spanked her even harder.

A police officer who later interviewed and observed the girl's bare bottom testified that the spanking caused bruising on the girl's upper legs and buttocks.

City Prosecutor Robert Peeler had argued to the Court that the issue was clear-cut: "Did [Freudenthal] commit an act where he caused or attempted to cause physical harm?" to the teen, which are the elements of a misdemeanor assault charge.

"This case was about whether a 49-year-old man has the right to go into someone else's house and pull down the pants of the 14 year-old girl and strike her," Mr. Peeler said.

But Judge Parker disagreed and ruled there was nothing wrong about the bare-bottom spanking.

Children's advocates, however, were appalled.

"It sounds like assault. There is no authority I'm aware of that gives someone who is not the parent the right to spank or hit the child," said Yvette McGee Brown, president of the Center for Child and Family Advocacy in Columbus.

a humiliated teenage schoolgirl, after receiving a bare-bottom spanking in classNadine A. Block, executive director of the Center for Effective Discipline, a Columbus-based national organization that opposes corporal punishment agreed.

"You can't hit a neighbor's dog, so what was he doing hitting a teen-age girl?" she noted.

But pro-spanking advocates, like Freudenthal, were ecstatic that the ruling could give a greenlight to more widespread bare-bottom spankings of girls, perhaps even in school in front of their classmates, as a method of discipline for their poor behavior.

"Parents should be free to do what is in their best perception to control their children," said Freudenthal, indicating perhaps that any child guardian, even a school teacher, should be able to pull down a girl's panties and spank her for disciplinary reasons.

Lest you think Judge Parker is a lone nutcase in Little Wet Dreamland, there are plenty of men in government who feel that thousands of other teenage girls should be disciplined in this same humiliating manner.

The Texas legislature, without one single dissenting vote, passed in 2005 a bill which gives virtually anyone the same rights as Freudenthal. That is, to discipline a girl as he or she sees reasonable, which very well could include the shame and embarrassment of suffering a bare bottom spanking in the classroom in front of classmates.

HB 383 states:
AN ACT relating to the right of certain persons to discipline a child.
     SECTION 1. Section 151.001, Family Code, is amended by
adding Subsection (e) to read as follows:
     (e) Only the following persons may use corporal punishment
for the reasonable discipline of a child:
        (1) a parent or grandparent of the child;
        (2) a stepparent of the child who has the duty of
control and reasonable discipline of the child; and
        (3) an individual who is a guardian of the child and
who has the duty of control and reasonable discipline of the child.
     SECTION 2. This Act takes effect immediately if it receives
a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as
provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution. If this
Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, this
Act takes effect September 1, 2005.
The bill was later signed into law by Governor Rick Perry.

Houston Rep. Alma Allen, a former high school principal, once called paddling a "hand-down from slavery, where people learned to control other people."

"I don't ever see a need to hit another human being. We only hit children because they are smaller than us," she said.

But regrettably, not even she had the courage to object when HB 383 came to a vote.

My first grade classmates saw me spanked bare-bottomed - Becky RomeroFrom personal experience I can say it was embarrassing enough that I received several spankings in front of my classmates when I was in first and second grade. Having to face my teachers after the infrequent spankings I did receive, not to mention my classmates who witnessed and teased me about those spankings, was a constant reminder of my shame. But to suffer those punishments as a teenager in high school in front of my classmates and with my panties completely lowered would have been humiliating beyond belief.

Yet I am certain that if I had more teachers who believed in delivering shameful corporal punishments like Judge Parker and Gary Freudenthal subscribe to, my panties would have frequently hit the floor all the way into and through my high school years. I would have been left with no choice but to meekly blush and accept the embarrassment, humiliation and shame that comes from being spanked while totally exposed and naked from the waist down in front of my classmates.

Let there be no doubt: to be stripped of your panties, of your modesty, and of your dignity and then to be spanked on your bare-bottom, especially by a man, in front of others, leaves us girls feeling utterly ashamed and with a long-lasting impression of our punishment.

Freudenthal is correct about one thing. Spankings like that are never forgotten.

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For further reading, see:
"Judge Rules Bare-bottom Spanking of Girl, 14, by Man Okay"
by Sheila McLaughlin, The Cincinnati Enquirer, January 17, 2003

Sexism in School Paddlings?
Imagine if Marcia Brady had gotten paddled for all America to see!

Just imagine if all of America
had gotten to watch its 1970's
teenage sweetheart,

Marcia Brady,

her face blushing, turning red
with huge embarrassment after
being asked if she was
currently menstruating,

then being told to bend over
and grasp her ankles,
a male witness standing to her
side, leering as her blouse
drops away from her body enough
to partially reveal her bra...

having one of her trademark
short skirts hiked up,
blushing with humiliation when
her panties are totally exposed...

first bravely wincing, but finally
screaming in pain while receiving
several hard swats of the paddle
from her male school principal...

dealing with the shame and
embarrassment as other students
find out she had been paddled...

later, back at home in her bedroom,
taking off her skirt, pulling down
her panties and turning around to
show her two sisters, Jan and Cindy
(and the TV audience), the red welts,
blisters and horrible bruises on
her once pretty teenage bare bottom...

If only America had gotten to see that,
completely uncensored and unedited,
the ensuing outrage would have
ensured that school corporal punishment
would surely have become
a thing of the past.

- Becky Romero

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