Should Males Be Required to Pee Sitting Down?

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Should Males Be Required to Pee Sitting Down?

Postby Becky Romero » Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:38 am

(originally published on February 20, 2007)

Young women in Sweden, Germany and Australia have a new cause: They want men to sit down while urinating.

This demand comes partly from concerns about hygiene -- avoiding the splash factor -- but, as Jasper Gerard reports in the English magazine The Spectator, ''more crucially because a man standing up to urinate is deemed to be triumphing in his masculinity, and by extension, degrading women.'' One argument is that if women can't do it, then men shouldn't either. Another is that standing upright while relieving oneself is ''a nasty macho gesture,'' suggestive of male violence.

A feminist group at Stockholm University is campaigning to ban all urinals from campus, and one Swedish elementary school has already removed them. Some Swedish women are pressuring their men to take a stand, so to speak.

Yola, a 25-year-old Swedish trainee psychiatrist, says she dumps boyfriends who insist on standing. ''What else can I do?,'' said her new boyfriend, Ingvar, who sits.

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But I can think of another reason to ban urinals. They are a sexist waste of space and money.

Because bathroom architects give extra places for guys to go, enabling them to pee while they stand up, guys are in and out, with little time wasted.

Some employers think this helps productivity and as a result women get crude remarks made to them, like ''what took you so long?'' Sexual harassment like that makes some women shy about using the bathroom and, as a result, makes us more prone to have humiliating accidents (as I can attest too!).

The only reason we girls take longer to go than guys is because we obviously have to displace more clothing and then also sit. Guys merely walk up to a urinal, unzip and whip it out.

I, however, have to walk into a stall, lock it, turn around, pull down my pants (or hold up my skirt), pull down my panties, sit down and then - finally - I can pee.

Some might question that even if schools removed urinals from boys' bathrooms, what's to stop a boy from peeing into a toilet behind the stall door?

They won't if low ceilings are placed above the toilet, physically forcing them to sit.

(That's also not a bad idea by itself - stall ceilings - to give everyone, boys and girls, total privacy. It would stop the harassment of girls and boys at school from other kids standing on the toilet in the stall next door, looking down on the kid on the toilet and making fun of her/him, perhaps even taking embarrassing photos with a camera phone and emailing them around).

Or moisture sensors can be placed on the tile floor, sounding an embarrassing beeping alarm if a boy misses.

For school boys that are still defiant, teachers could simply assign a couple of girls from their class as restroom monitors. The girls would observe which boys' shoes were facing the improper direction.

Since there wouldn't be any urinals, just stalls with doors, the girls wouldn't see anything they weren't supposed to see. An offending boy would be given a warning. Repeat offenders could be assigned bathroom cleaning duties or be denied bathroom access.

Unequal restroom budgeting results in longer lines for women at concerts, ballgames, amusement parks. We therefore miss more of these events than men, despite having paid the same price for a ticket.

Due to the long bathroom lines, we also are more prone to having a humiliating accident.

If guys had to pull their pants down and sit to go, they'd be up in arms about the lack of adequate restroom facilities and more stalls would be constructed.

My answer to the average guy who is probably outraged at my support to ban urinals?

You've probably never suffered the embarrassment of wetting your pants while waiting in a long bathroom line at a ballgame or crowded club, as I have, and then had to walk back to your seat, totally humiliated, with everyone smirking or outright laughing at you.
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Re: Should Males Be Required to Pee Sitting Down?

Postby Dee Walker » Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:47 am

I have suffered the embarrassment of wetting my pants while waiting in a long bathroom line. Unfortunately on more than one occasion. But making guys sit to pee (even if you could do it) would only make the problem worse, by reducing overall pee-stations and making them take longer.

The real problem is how long it takes us to relieve ourselves (more complicated clothing to take a simple pee) and not enough stall space to do it. Until there are more sit down toilets in ladies' rooms than there are toilets plus urinals in men's rooms, we're always going to be suffering longer waits, and sometimes the consequences.

The first time it happened to me was in college at a football game. There may have been tailgating involved before the game, and even though I was bursting, I waited until half time to go to the bathroom, only to find a huge, slow moving line at the ladies restroom, with effectively no line next door at the gents. Despite my best efforts to hold it, I began to leak before I even got inside the door to the restroom. I held out hope until it was too late, when with just three more girls in front of me I could no longer hold it and it all came out, completely soaking my pants. The walk of shame back to my seat was not nearly as bad as wearing the cold wet jeans for the rest of the game and having to make my way out of the stadium with massively peed pants.

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Re: Should Males Be Required to Pee Sitting Down?

Postby Hooked6 » Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:01 am

I can empathize, Dee, with your frustration about long lines for females at restrooms at public events.

Perhaps the solution is rather than requiring men to "sit," the opposite might be employed - allowing females to stand. Many females currently favor the practice of "hovering" over the toilet seat anyway rather than risk skin contact with a dirty toilet - thus making them as messy as males with poor aim.

Many popular community venues have adopted the female urinal or Herinal in women's restrooms (Google it) which not only saves time for women but is much more sanitary. Several communities actually report a notable decrease in waiting times for women at sporting events when Herinals have been installed.

The herinal also has the added advantage of eliminating the age-old argument of whether the seat should be left UP or DOWN.

Just a thought.

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