Female Teacher Orders 12-Year Old Boy to Strip During Class

Gut-wrenching true stories about girls and boys being stripped of their dignity - and frequently of their clothes, too - at school.

Female Teacher Orders 12-Year Old Boy to Strip During Class

Postby Becky Romero » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:22 pm

Girls giggle and snicker as the 6th grade boy stands in front of them and his teacher, Lisa Lox, in his underpants, preparing to pull them down for the ultimate humiliation.

(originally published in October 2007)

In October 2003, Union Elementary sixth-grade social studies teacher Lisa Lox was teaching a history class about ancient Egypt. At one point during the lesson she decided she needed to clearly demonstrate to the nearly two dozen girls and boys in the classroom the need for society to have laws.

The following, according to published news accounts of the incident, is how the Biggsville, Illinois teacher proceeded:

She ordered a 12-year old boy to stand in front of her and the entire class and take off all of his clothes! The embarrassed boy did as he was instructed, as a whole classroom of laughing girls and boys looked on in amazement.

As Ms. Lox stood by watching, the embarrassed boy slowly removed his clothes beginning with his shirt. Within moments, he was unzipping his pants and shamefully sliding them off. The red-faced boy was now standing there clad in just his underpants - in front of his whole class!

As the giggling girls in the classroom grinned from ear to ear and widened their eyes in anticipation of what they would soon see next, the boy... suffered an anxiety attack and passed out.

Was the teacher fired? Of course not. Because she was tenured, she had union protection. The school district Superintendent, Dean Irlbeck, defended Lox, saying she is ''a creative teacher.''

''Creative''? That's sure an understatement!

Henderson County State's Attorney Ray Cavanaugh declined to press charges against Ms. Lox, saying:

I believe that the evidence does show that Ms. Lox did an act (in having the student take off his clothes) that was so unreasonable that it would disturb and alarm another (the other students). However, the last element which must be proven is that this act provoked a breach of the peace. While it is clear that this act is troubling to the community, as it is to myself, the action did not lead to a disturbance or provoke a breach of the peace in the classroom. The act provoked a breach of the peace in the community after it was learned what took place in the classroom, not in the classroom at the time the event took place.

In other words, because Ms. Lox only humiliated the boy in front of all his classmates, both boys AND girls, WITHIN THE WALLS OF THE CLASSROOM, it was O.K. Had she done so ''in the community'' (say, at a park or on a public sidewalk) then it wouldn't have been O.K.

Even more outrageous is the suggestion by Cavanaugh that even if Ms. Lox had forced the boy to remove his underpants also and thus have allowed every single one of his female classmates to see him completely nude and to gaze upon his penis, point, laugh and make jokes, that would have been O.K. too, so long as Ms. Lox herself didn't enjoy any ''sexual arousal or gratification'' from the incident or make any ''sexual comments'' herself to the boy.

Now, imagine yourself being that 12-year old boy. Imagine the teasing, the humiliation, the shame. Worse, imagine if you had finished stripping and stood there totally naked facing your female teacher and your entire class, desperately wishing you could hide what every girl in class was pointing, staring and giggling at. Imagine hearing the laughter, the name-calling, the humiliating and degrading comments about your exposed body parts. Imagine having to face them, as well as your female teacher, day in and day out for the rest of the school year, perhaps for even several more years, knowing they knew precisely the stage of your development (or lack thereof) down there.

And why? Because, as a 12-year old child, you did not yet fully understand the complexities of modern society and why we need laws.

It's a good thing I didn't have a 6th grade teacher like Ms. Lox. Because I'm certain that if I had to take off ALL of my clothes in front of my classmates every time I did poorly on a test, homework paper or in-class assignment, I might as well simply have gone to school completely naked each day to begin with.

I think back to when I was in 6th grade and wonder if that had happened to a boy in my class, what would my reaction have been, especially if his underpants came down, too. It would have been this: we girls would have been in absolute heaven!

That boy would have never heard the end of it! We would have teased him mercilessly, especially about his penis size. And we would have made sure every girl in school got the full details of what we saw. I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, especially if he had been one of the boys who witnessed me receiving a brief bare-bottomed spanking in 1st grade. As a friend of mine once said: Revenge is a dish best served to those who are nude.

But, this young boy in Biggsville had done nothing wrong. He didn't deserve such humiliation. And if he had been my classmate in 6th grade and this happened then, I would have later regretted the teasing I would have heaped upon him. After all, if Lisa Lox had this boy down to his underpants in front of his whole class for merely doing poor on a class lesson, I surely would have fared much worse.

Having a teacher like Lisa Lox would have been my worse nightmare! I have absolutely no doubt that if I were in Ms. Lox's class at that age, 12, I would have felt totally compelled to obey her just exactly as the humiliated boy did, leaving myself standing in front of my whole class topless and in nothing but my panties, or perhaps nothing at all if she so ordered. And may heaven have helped my poor bare bottom if Ms. Lox felt like demonstrating to everyone the most effective way to make me properly behave in class.

The Lisa Lox incident certainly begs the question: Why do we allow teachers and school officials to humiliate our kids? Strip-searching them, forcing them to urinate in the open, paddlings that send kids to hospitals, hiding video cameras in showers and locker rooms, embarrassing forced exposures in front of others, denying bathroom breaks that result in humiliating accidents.

When are we as citizens going to demand an end to it? When are we going to reduce the power of the teachers' unions and school boards, making it easier to fire them? When are we going to force school officials to obey the same standards that in some cases would send parents to jail if they did something similar? When are we going to demand justice for our kids?

Kids are people, too!


I grant unconditional permission, without relinquishing copyright, to anyone wishing to republish the text of the article above (either in print or online), but only if attribution is credited to me and the article is republished unedited and in its entirety. Please also use the entire Creative Commons copyright notice below (including the hyperlinks) if you republish it on the Internet. Use the biographical information about me if republished in print.

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Revenge is a dish best served to those who are nude.
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Re: Female Teacher Orders 12-Year Old Boy to Strip During Cl

Postby Olga's Boy » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:29 am

Apparently Lisa Lox may have been getting lot's of attention because of this story since her school email changed to her married name of Lisa Miller. Just a few months ago it was still Lisa Lox. Check out her school's website and her new email:

http://www.wc235.k12.il.us/vnews/displa ... 9f49befd74
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