Why I Deserved Receiving a Bare Bottom Spanking at School

This is sad to say because some of us learned this first-hand. But without a doubt, there is not a more effective form of discipline (or a more shameful one) to give to a schoolgirl than to spank her bare bottom in front of her entire class.

Why I Deserved Receiving a Bare Bottom Spanking at School

Postby Belinda Ramirez » Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:50 am

I, of course, got teased by all the boys who saw my bare bottom being soundly spanked. But it was a punishment which was totally justified and one which I totally deserved. In fact, it would have done me some good had I received a few more like it in front of my class each and every year, including high school."

(originally posted online, February 2014)

It was the fall of 1996.

I was in 5th grade and had just started my first full year at my new grade school after transferring over midway through 4th grade.

Making new friends was easy and I had settled in quite nicely, or so I thought. Although I consistently got high grades and wasn't a trouble-making instigator, I also wasn't exactly the most well-behaved girl at my previous school and my mom had already warned the principal and assistant principal that sometimes discipline was an issue with me. What I didn't know was that she had given them permission to spank me any time they thought it was appropriate. And, to her, that meant panties down!

My mom found that spanking me was quite effective - and I can't dispute that for a moment. In fact, my two younger sisters still tease me to this day that they received fewer spankings growing up than I did because they observed and learned from my mistakes.

Although spanking students in prohibited is public schools in Illinois, that is not the case in private schools. And the private school I was then attending had known history of disciplining students with the use of the paddle or simply with a firm hand applied to a certain tender spot. Throughout the 50s and 60s the usual practice was to have the student punished skirts up or pants down. Even into the 70s and 80s that was not an unusual, though by then very infrequent occurrence. My friends and I were aware of that from friends who had parents or other relatives attend the school.

I had also learned of a few spanking incidents that involved several of my classmates. A new friend of mine, Becky Romero, had her bare bottom spanked by her first grade teacher, who was now the assistant principal. She also had her panties pulled part-way down for a spanking by her second grade teacher. A couple boys in my class had also suffered the embarrassment of being spanked over their tighty-whities for fighting by their female teacher. All those incidents involved the assistant principal, Mrs. Case, who had taught the first grade class years before I enrolled there and who also was a frequent substitute teacher. She was a long-time teacher at the school. A good one, but a very strict one. It was when she was subbing one September morning in 1996 for our 5th grade teacher than I would earn her wrath.

We wore uniforms to school, with us girls having the choice between either wearing either a jumper or a skirt. If we wore a jumper we could wear our white-buttoned blouse either under our jumper or over it. I preferred wearing a skirt instead of the jumper (although I did wear a jumper once in a while, too). One this day I was wearing my skirt. With my rather flat chest there was certainly no need for me at that point to be wearing even a training bra so underneath my blouse was only a loose tee.

An obnoxious boy had just transferred into the school that fall and within the first few weeks of the school year started picking on me, perhaps in order to impress the other boys who had warned him, "Don't mess with Belinda." Of course the brat took that as a challenge and was soon annoying me by shooting spitballs and rubber bands at me.

On this particular day Mrs. Case stepped out of the classroom for a few minutes and the boy quickly switched seats with the boy sitting behind me. He immediately started kicking at my desk, pushing it out of alignment with the others with his feet. I turned, yelled at him to knock it off and tried to straighten my desk. As I did so, he made the desk serve again, causing my pencil case to spill its contents all over the floor to the right of my desk.

As I bent over to pick up my stuff, I heard giggles from behind me. The brat was not only pointing out to my classmates to my left that my panties were visible as I leaned over, stretching to reach my stuff, but I then felt the back of my skirt behind raised, exposing me further.

I quickly sat up straight in my desk before turning and yelling at him again. Mrs. Case heard me as she walked back in the classroom for a moment and yelled at ME to behave myself when she saw me slap the boy's hand. I protested and said it was the boy who was "bugging me." But she calmly told the boy to also "behave" as she would be back in a few minutes.

As the remainder of my stuff was still on the floor, I again leaned over to pick it up, this time being a little more cognizant about my skirt. We did like to hike up our skirts as much as possible to show some leg above the knee and I was as guilty for that as much as the other girls. Of course, that meant at times like this it was a bit more problematic to not show more than intended. And so it didn't take much for the boy to once again show off my panties to my classmates in the adjacent row, this time by tipping my desk to the right.

I was soon struggling to keep my desk from tipping over on its side. As I did so, he took the opportunity to lift the side of my skirt up, partly exposing my panties again. I swore at the boy and stood up, knocking the book out of his hand. I told him, "If you touch my fucking skirt again I'm going to sock you."

Of course bullies can't appear to be intimidated by someone else, particular a girl. So, sure enough, as I stood next to his desk, he did it again this time using both of his hands to flip up the back of my skirt.

And with that: POW!

As a little bit of blood dripped from his sore nose, he started to cry. The girls were all giggling, even some of the boys. But they all had something much more entertaining to giggle about a few moments later. Unfortunately for me, it was at that time that Mrs. Case had walked back into our classroom.

I had already hit another boy the previously spring after that boy had said to me on the playground, "Today is dress up day" before he flipped up the back of my skirt to the laughter of a few of his friends. As with this new incident, Mrs. Case had caught me striking the boy. She gave me a stern warning but perhaps didn't punish me because either I had just transferred into the school a few months earlier or because she saw what the boy did or perhaps both. But this time she was not in a forgiving mood.

She called me up to the front of the class as she moved a chair in front of the first row of desks and said:

"Belinda, apparently, your mom is right. You only listen once you get spanked."

As my classmates giggled, I was told to stand next to the chair and that she would be back in a few minutes. What I didn't know at the time was that Mrs. Case called my mom, who was soon on the way to our school which was not very far away. My mom also, again unbeknownst to me at the time, re-affirmed her permission that I could most certainly be spanked in class and that it was up to Mrs. Case if she wanted to spank my bare bottom instead of just over my panties.

"Belinda is much more cooperative while being disciplined when her panties are down," I later learned my mom had told her.

Most of my classmates were likely wondering if Mrs. Case was bluffing. But of course my friend Becky Romero knew first-hand in first grade that our assistant principal was not one to bluff. Another new friend I made in the previous spring, Libby Marr, was sitting in front of Becky and in the front row and had a pained looked on her face when I glanced at her. The other four desks in the front row, three to Libby's left and one to her right, as well each of the desks immediately behind them were occupied by boys. One of those was the boy, now seated in his proper assigned desk, who was holding tissues up at his bloodied nose, after refusing the offer by Mrs. Case to go see the school nurse.

After a few agonizing minutes of standing there listening to quiet whispers of some classmates and open snickering of others, Mrs. Case returned and sat down in the chair. Then, she called me over and when I was close enough she firmly placed her right hand, pushing downward to guide me over her lap. I could see Libby cringing, as well as the boy to her right smirking. The boy directly to my right and the two to his left were snickering perhaps too loudly, as Mrs. Case said, "Shhhhh!"

"Belinda," Mrs. Case began, "Since you continue to fail to conduct yourself in a proper manner, you're leaving with me with no choice but to punish you."

And in one quick motion the whole back of my skirt was up over my back, exposing most of my panties and generating a loud roomful of giggles and snickering from my classmates which grew only louder when Mrs. Case's right hand came crashing down over the back of my panties.

Embarrassed more so with my skirt being raised than being spanked, I reached back and tossed the back of my skirt over my panties. As soon as Mrs. Case lifted it back up over my back, I did it again. And again. And again. Annoyed and telling me I was only making matters worse for myself, Mrs. Case said if I didn't keep my hands still that she would pull my panties down as well and THEN spank me. There were a number of hoots from some of the boys and Mrs. Case didn't say anything to discourage the giggling.

To emphasis her point, she then reached into the back waistband of my panties and pulled them down about an inch before swatting me a second time.

I started to squirm and reached back again to flip my skirt back for dignity.

"Belinda, I am not kidding around," Mrs. Case said. "I mean it! I WILL pull your panties down! Now keep your hands still!"

To make it known to me she was serious, my panties were pulled down another inch or so and this time she pulled them down on each side and in the front, too.

I glanced at Libby and she had the look of sadness on her face. Mrs. Case tried to get a quick swat in between but I then squirmed about over her lap and again reached back to pull my skirt back down over my panties.

"Have it your way then, Belinda," Mrs. Case said. And with that she not only lifted the back of my skirt up but this time pulled the front of it away from her lap and then tucked the back and sides of it into itself. It was now like more of a large belt than a skirt. The giggling grew louder as my panties were now completely exposed and the constant squirming about had left me arched slightly forward enough that my blouse had ridden up above my navel.

I then felt Mrs. Case's fingers reach into the waistband of my panties again and I winced but then couldn't avoid a last ditch attempt to regain some modesty. But I soon found myself falling forward to the floor and held my hands downward as if they'd be needed to break my fall. But she simply lifted up her right leg and crossed it over her left one, causing my butt to raise up quite pronounced while my blouse rode up even more, gravity pulling it towards the floor and up over my upper body and towards my neck. My loose half tee also was effected and I was later teased by some of the boys who claimed that they saw my tiny, pre-teen buds were completely exposed. Libby would later try to tell me otherwise to ease my feelings, but years later after our shared high school humiliation she finally admitted that the boys were indeed correct.

I then felt my panties being pulled down over my bottom and I cried out, "No! No! Please. I'll behave! I'll behave! I promise. I promise. Don't pull my panties down. Please!"

Miraculously, my pleas were heard and the downward tug stopped. But only for a moment. Most of my butt crack was now visible and the boys immediately to my right and behind me to my right were having a field day, giggling, snickering and laughing.

"No, Belinda," Mrs. Case said as she gave me a sharp slap to the exposed part of my butt. "I think you need a good spanking on the bare."

And with that my panties were tugged down more before another slap was applied.

"Please, Mrs. Case," I begged. "I promise I'll behave."

"And you will keep your hands still while I discipline you?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am," I answered.

"Very well," she replied. "But if you so much as..."

Interrupting her, I pleaded, "I promise."

With that, she must have spanked me a good dozen or so times, almost all to the bared part of my butt but several sharp ones to my still-covered sit spot area as my classmates laughed and giggled.

Truth be told, Mrs. Case preserved way more of my modesty than I deserved. My teacher had been far too patient with me. As embarrassing as I was with my skirt fully up, my panties partially lowered and with much of my butt crack exposed as I was spanked with everyone watching, my teacher really should have pulled my panties down all the way and spanked my bare butt soundly in front of everyone - a punishment that was totally justified for my misbehavior and one which I, without a doubt, totally deserved. In fact, it would have done me some good had I received a few more like it in front of my class each and every year, including high school. I certainly would have behaved better. I always did for at least a while after anytime I got spanked.

After my spanking, Mrs. Case told me to stand up and go sit back at my desk. With all eyes on me, I was so thoroughly chastised that I didn't even think to reach down to un-tuck my skirt and instead walked back to my desk, past the boys in the front two rows, with my fully exposed panties halfway down off my butt and my skirt tucked into itself around my waist before even realizing it, leading to more laughter. Basically, I might as well not had my skirt on at all.

Mrs. Case then threw me a bone to help silence the laughter: "If I catch another boy even TOUCHING Belinda's skirt, much less lift it, that boy will be up here with his pants down. Understood?

When her question was met with silence, she repeated it loudly: "UNDERSTOOD?"

"Yes, Mrs. Case," all the boys quickly answered.

I then attended to my clothes and sat uncomfortably for ten or so minutes, hardly paying attention to the lessons for the day, when Mrs. Case excused herself to walk out into the hall. Libby got my attention with a "Pssst" and I looked out towards the hallway and saw my very stern-faced mom!

About this time, an afternoon recess bell rang for five or so seconds for the lower grades and when it stopped Mrs. Case called me out to the hall.

Within a minute or so, all three of us were inside an adjacent spare classroom with my mom reminding me of what she said the previous spring of would happen if I hit another classmate again. She had warned me she'd come to school and spank me herself!

Mrs. Case quickly explained what had happened and my mom asked me if my conduct was appropriate. I agreed it was not. She then asked me if Mrs. Case was correct in spanking me. I embarrassingly agreed that she was. Then my mom asked Mrs. Case if she could bring the boy in so that I could apologize to him. Mrs. Case nodded, saying that was a good idea.

As Mrs. Case left the room for about a minute, my mom instructed me to unzip my skirt. I cringed, quite afraid that my mom intended to perhaps spank me in front of him!

A stern, "Now, Belinda," was all I needed do as I was instructed.

As the boy walked into the room, my mom was already folding my skirt over a nearby chair.

Mrs. Case introduced him to my mom who, as she was saying hello, instructed me to pull off my blouse. When I naturally hesitated she simply pulled it up and lifted it up over my head for me.

Unfortunately, I felt my loose cropped tee lifted up with it and over my head and, sure enough, my tiny, pre-teen buds were obviously completely exposed to him for several seconds until I shamefully pulled my tee back down.

So there I was, standing there in just my panties and a cropped tee that really might as well been off too since the boy had just seen my bare and totally flat chest as my mom and teacher looked on and waited for me to apologize. I also had to tell him that I was going to be punished again, that my mom was going to spank me too because I had been warned not to hit my classmates. The boy just smirked when I said that and at that point my mom instructed me to lay across her lap. There was nothing I could do but prepare for the inevitable humiliation of my panties coming down all the way this time.

But as my mom started to pull them down, Mrs. Case chuckled a little and told the boy, "Time to go back to class while Mrs. Ramirez deals with Belinda."

But my mom said, "Oh, you can both stay if you want. Belinda very well knows that when she gets spanked it doesn't matter who is in the room. This will only take a few minutes."

But, thankfully, the boy's back was already turned by the point and he was walking towards the door when my mom quickly pulled my panties down to my ankles. However, Mrs. Case returned to the room a moment later and watched for a few moments as my bare bottom was spanked. My mom then reminded me that she had given ALL my teachers permission to spank my bare bottom and told Mrs. Case that the next time I needed disciplined, my mom need not even be informed ahead of time, that I should just simply be spanked! My mom also made it clear that permission wasn't just intended for this year but in all subsequent school years until I graduated (8th grade). As my mom's hand struck my bare butt several more times, Mrs. Case said, "I'm sure Belinda will behave because she knows now that I will not hesitate to spank her again."

With that, Mrs. Case left the room and my mom continued to apply swat after swat to my bare butt. She stopped several times to lecture me and to hear me make the obligatory promises that I would behave in the future. Then, the swats continued until my bottom was quite sore and I was in tears. My mom never didn't spank me overly hard, but always preferred to spank me for several minutes. As with previous spankings, I for sure would not be sitting comfortably the rest of the day.

When my spanking was over with, I was told to stand. As I rubbed my sore bare bottom, I was lectured again then quickly blushed as I saw an 8th grade boy smirking at me from just outside the classroom door, likely while he was on the way to or from the bathroom. Mrs. Case had left the door wide open! My friend Libby told me later that she could hear the swats to my butt barely from the next room over in between Mrs. Case's lecture to the class. But knowing a boy at my school had just seen me being spanked on my completely bared bottom and then saw me standing there bottomless, exposed and facing him made the day even more embarrassing. But little did I know of the shame to come.

My mom hugged me, told me to get dressed and go back to class. At least she didn't embarrass me by hand-holding me and walking me back to my classroom. Instead, she left to go home and to give me a few moments alone to compose myself before heading back to close. So for a few minutes I would be alone in the room.

But right after my mom left, I heard some tapping on the windows. I turned and to my horror about ten or so fourth grade boys were grinning widely and giggling. I wanted to scream! Turns out that they had watched me being spanked the whole time as they were on their recess period.

With several of my classmates having younger brothers in the class below us I soon learned the extent of my shame. They had saw everything from the moment Mrs. Case had left the room - my panties being pulled down, my mom spanking me, me being lecturing as I stood there rubbing my sore bottom and of course when I turned facing them while still bottomless upon hearing the tapping on the window.

I stood there, in shame, trying to cover my myself but I knew I needed to get dressed. So with no choice I had to expose myself to them even longer while I turned my back to them and put my panties back on (which had flew off my ankles at some point as I kicked my legs widely apart while being spanked), before finally putting on my skirt and blouse and heading back to class to the inevitably whispering and low-keyed snickering.

When my mom found out she said she was sorry that I suffered that additional embarrassment but correctly pointed out that had I not misbehaved in the first place I wouldn't have been humiliated with all those boys watching me being spanked and seeing me half-naked.

This wasn't the first time boys had seen me spanked on my bare bottom nor would it be the last. But it was one of the more shameful times simply because of the sheer number of young male eyes riveted on my nakedness. Needless to say, the teasing afterwards was relentless. And I knew I had no one to blame but myself.


I grant unconditional permission, without relinquishing copyright, to anyone wishing to republish the text of the article above (either in print or online), but only if attribution is credited to me and the article is republished unedited and in its entirety. Please also use the entire Creative Commons copyright notice below (including the hyperlinks) if you republish it on the Internet. Use the biographical information about me if republished in print.

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"My behavior on that day was inexcusable and it would have been totally justified had my 5th grade teacher pulled my panties off completely and spanked my bare butt in front of all my classmates - instead of just pulling them halfway down over my butt as she did before spanking me in front of my class. A good, sound, embarrassing completely exposed bare butt spanking that day in class would have served me right! In fact, a few more like it throughout each and every school year certainly wouldn't have been unreasonable, either. I would have deserved them. I honestly don't have a problem with any of the spankings I received for disciplinary reasons, even the bare butt ones I received."
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Re: Why I Deserved Receiving a Bare Bottom Spanking at Schoo

Postby Hooked6 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:25 pm


What an absolutely marvelous story! I love your writing style and the visual images you paint when recalling this humiliating experience. Thank you for sharing your experience here with us. It must have taken a lot of courage to recount that episode here in this very public forum. I too had a few very public and embarrassing spankings at school that were witnessed by others - one by my coach and one by the assistant principal that especially come to mind - so I can relate somewhat to what you might have been going through.

You mentioned: "I had received a few more like it in front of my class each and every year, including high school." Might we be so fortunate to have you recall a few more of your experiences as you got older? I for one, and I am sure MANY other "silent" fans of yours would be VERY interested in reading about what happened to you.

Thanks for sharing and looking forward to reading more!
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Re: Why I Deserved Receiving a Bare Bottom Spanking at Schoo

Postby Dee_Dee_Randle » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:11 am

Belinda Ramirez wrote:I, of course, got teased by all the boys who saw my bare bottom being soundly spanked. But it was a punishment which was totally justified and one which I totally deserved. In fact, it would have done me some good had I received a few more like it in front of my class each and every year, including high school."

Bel's typo has been corrected (these two words were previously transposed).

Sorry, Hooked6. As much as even Belinda freely admits herself that it would have been beneficial for her, she never received any bare bottom spankings from her teachers in front of her classmates during her high school years.
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Re: Why I Deserved Receiving a Bare Bottom Spanking at Schoo

Postby Hooked6 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 5:25 pm

Ah well, that explains it. Darn typos . . . Don't ya just hate 'em? LOL

I understand and trust me, there's nothing more embarrassing - or effective - than getting punished in front of friends.
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Re: Why I Deserved Receiving a Bare Bottom Spanking at Schoo

Postby TheGrinch » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:24 am

Belinda Ramirez wrote:I, of course, got teased by all the boys who saw my bare bottom being soundly spanked. But it was a punishment which was totally justified and one which I totally deserved. In fact, it would have done me some good had I received a few more like it in front of my class each and every year, including high school."

At least one of the Depantsing Queens has the honesty to admit she deserved to have her bare ass spanked in front of her class in high school. And not just once, she says, but a few times "each and every year."

Considering all the F-bombs she dropped over the years arguing, who would have guessed it would eventually be Belinda to agree with Bad Girl Spanker about girls, bare asses and high school spankings?
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Re: Why I Deserved Receiving a Bare Bottom Spanking at Schoo

Postby Belinda Ramirez » Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:48 pm

TheGrinch wrote:all the F-bombs she dropped over the years arguing, who would have guessed it would eventually be Belinda to agree with Bad Girl Spanker about girls, bare asses and high school spankings?

There's no "eventually" me having agreed with Bad Girl Spanker.

You make it sound like I changed my mind to agree with him.

I didn't like it when I got spanked at school, but I don't have a problem with such bare-hand spankings if administered fairly. And I said so when discussions of me having been spanked at school first came up.

The only disagreement I recall with respect to Bad Girl Spanker's view and mine is that he wouldn't have boys spanked. So if he were teaching a class, he'd have pulled down my panties and spanked me in front of everyone but not spanked a boy for the same infraction. That would be unfair, even though I would have still deserved the spanking.
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