[Softball in Skirts & Libby bathes her girlfriend's brother]

We created a private message board in late 2003 as a much-needed support group for encouragement to help Becky, Belinda and Libby endure the humiliation of their nude pics being circulated at our high school and the net.

[Softball in Skirts & Libby bathes her girlfriend's brother]

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Image Posted by libbym on 2004-07-12 05:27:53

Dear Jason and Jenny,

I see that Jenny took some photos of you skinny-dipping at the lake! Oooo, la la, Jason! :)

Sorry, I'm just teasing you. :)

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry that Becky and I haven't posted recently and, to be honest, we probably won't be for too much longer. Becky's been busy with everything for her older brother Bobby's wedding this summer. And we're also getting ready for college in the fall. We had a nice time at Niagara Falls. All that water! I also didn't realize how close we were to New York City, just a half-day's drive. Too bad we couldn't meet up with Veronica. But we promised her that we will show her the town (and show her Matt, too! hee hee!) if she ever visits here. And then I've been playing in a summer softball league. Belinda and I even got Becky to agree to play. (We put her out in left field!) It's just one night a week, plus weekends. But lots of fun. Our high school teammates Mary and Lori also signed up, plus my friend Jasmine who will be going to our same college in the fall and a few of her teammates from her high school and also a few girls we didn't know until the league started. Jasmine was the girl who kept Danny McDonald in check after he transferred schools and started mouthing up. That is, until Jasmine threatened him with a copy of the video, then got nude photos of him in exchange for not giving it away (of course, all she had was a blank tape, but he didn't know it at the time). Still, we couldn't resist showing Jasmine the video after. She deserved a ''little'' reward for helping us. And, with Danny, ''little'' is the right word to use. She was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face! She said had she known just how bad the things were the jerks were doing to me, she would have made Danny shave his pubes! (What little there is of them!)

And speaking of Veronica, she called us on Friday morning asking if I would be at all upset if one really handsome hockey player could see that video of me from last year, getting nearly stripped naked by Juan, Danny and Raul. I said, ''What? Veronica, what on earth are you talking about?'' Then she explained that Heidi and her boyfriend were sitting in her office. She put Heidi on the phone, who promised to ''cover her boyfriend's eyes'' when they arrived at the part when my panties nearly torn off into shreds by Juan and when he ripped my bra completely off.

Heidi explained to me that she couldn't keep secret any longer from her boyfriend what had happened to her, her sending her topless photo to Dave and everything that Jeff (Very Curious) did to her. She said she cried and cried, worried how it would effect their relationship, but that her boyfriend was so understanding about it all. He said he would have liked to beat Jeff to a pulp. Heidi said neither of them had ever been to New York and she wanted so much to meet Veronica in person to thank her for everything, that they rescheduled their flight to Italy to be able to do that.

Heidi was teasing her boyfriend and said she'd send me a photo of him in nothing but his jock! I could hear Veronica laughing in the background, saying she wouldn't mind seeing a photo like that either. What could I do? I mean, what's one more guy seeing me NEARLY nude after all what happened (and considering how many guys DID see me NUDE!) I know why Heidi wanted him to see the video, even though her boyfriend told her it wasn't necessary. She wanted to show him what a bunch of jerks we had to deal with and why Heidi felt obliged to send Dave her topless photo when she was worried that Dave was going to give our nude photos out if she didn't pay off her bet with Dave. I told Heidi it okay if her boyfriend saw me just about half-naked (I forgot that I might as well been naked, given that my panties and bra were practically see-thru anyway from those damn sprinklers going on in the field that morning on me when Matt and I got there), but that if he ever makes it into the NHL, I want an autographed photo of him (wearing his jockstrap would be optional - lol).

Veronica stayed on the line while they all watched the video and, in the background, I could hear all this, ''Oh my God! ... That dirty weasel! ... Oh my God! ... How could he! ... That lousy son-of-a ...'' Then, when the jerks stripped naked after Becky and the rest of my friends and teammates entered with baseball bats in hand, I could hear all these women cheering and laughing in the background. I asked Veronica, ''Just how many people are in your office watching this?'' She said besides Heidi and herself, there was her law partner Kathleen, another woman attorney in their office, plus a couple of college-age interns and her secretary. Heidi's boyfriend was noticeably embarrassed, Veronica said he kept crossing his legs back and forth, especially when they got to the part where Danny shaved Juan's pubes and at the parts where comments were made about Juan and Danny's little penises. After all, he was in an office with seven women watching a video of three guys stripping naked and getting humiliated by about a dozen girls. I could hear one woman in the background saying, ''They should have made those little pricks suck each other off for what they did to that girl!'' Veronica told me that was one of the interns that said that. Then, before Veronica got off the phone with me, she said everyone was saying they wanted to watch it again! If Juan, Danny and Raul could only know all this! That would be the icing on the cake!

About the softball league. Like I said, lots of fun! Fast-pitch, too! We started just after we got back from our trip. Four teams, the guys are mostly in their late 20s and 30s, quite a few with beer bellies, plus a few high school guys, including one who has the hots for Becky. We were all hanging around the first day and some of the guys were making fun of us, saying things like what's with this bunch of girls and asking us where our cheerleading outfits were. The younger guys were sort of embarrassed by the behavior of the older bums and we trying to hit on some of us instead.

Anyway, there's these three guys who are the coaches and as the time passed, they started to complain about the forth coach, Denise, who called from her cell phone saying she was running late. They started saying things, ''Just like a woman, always late.''

Then, despite a few protests by some of the girls (which Jasmine and I quieted down), the three male coaches decided to pick teams without waiting for Denise, deciding her team would have the ''left-overs.'' Guess who the ''left-overs'' were? Yes, all the girls.

Denise finally arrived and she was pretty upset. But, Jasmine and I had a little talk with her in private. The male coaches were still mouthing off, saying things like, ''If girls are going to play, they should wear skirts.'' By this point, Belinda had enough and challenged them that the losers should have to wear skirts for the next game. The guys were all hooting and yelling ''Right on!'' One of them even patted Lori on her butt and said he couldn't wait to see her in a skirt so he could look underneath it. Then his buddy shoved him and told him to cut it out and apologize. He did, but not before Lori had slapped him. These two younger guys on one of the teams, they're around 16 and 17, were really embarrassed.

Well, to try to make this short, because I have a lot to tell you tonight, once Denise found out that she had five All Star players from local high schools on her team, she was feeling a little more confidence in us and dropped her demands that the teams be re-chosen.

Our team, we named ourselves the ''Comets'' and it was decided that we were to take the field first (''ladies first'' they said, adding ''ladies will be first to get their butts whipped''). I don't want to make it sound like it was all these guys doing and saying these things, maybe about a dozen between the three ''guy'' teams. But it even started to annoy their wives, daughters and girlfriends in the stands.

So we took the field. I started the game at second, while Jasmine pitched. We agree to switch off mid-way thru the game. The first guy hits a little squiggle and beats it out. Then he starts yelling to Belinda (at shortstop, of course), that he was going to come down there and they could make love on second base. Belinda was really ticked by this point. The next guy hits a one hopper to me. I flipped it to Belinda, who submarined it to first, nearly taking the guy's head off as he hit the deck to avoid her throw. Double play! Jasmine, who had been holding back, whiffed the next guy on three pitches.

Belinda lead off for us. On the first pitch she hit a line drive right towards the pitcher's head. He hit the deck and started swearing. Nicole, a 16-year old incoming junior at another high school, hit a line drive into right. Then, Jasmine hit a liner into left to load the bases. Then, on the first pitch to her, Mary (who played first at our high school), belted a grand slam that just cleared the center field chain link fence. Then, all of a sudden, all the guys' wives, girlfriends and young daughters in the stands started jumping up, clapping and yelling and carrying on. Denise was suddenly all smiles and yelled over to the other team's bench that she knew a store where the guys could get some great deals on pleated skirts. Then, when their coach angrily pulled their first pitcher after Mary's slam, our newfound cheerleading section in the stands broke into a rendition of ''Na na na na, Na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye.''

We had decided that we would take no prisoners. We batted around (yours truly had a bloop double) and it was 7-0 after the first. Jasmine cranked it up and blew them down one after another, usually on three pitches. Not one guy reached second. I pitched the 4th and 5th innings with 5 K's before the mercy rule kicked in. We won, 14-0.

Still, incredibly, some of the guys were in denial before we even left the field. They started to say things, ''But if this were real baseball, we would kick your little butts.'' So Denise told us to stay put there and tossed me a regulation baseball and offered their coach a ''Double or nothing'' offer. The double meant two games in skirts for them if we won. None, if they won. Whichever team was ahead after a full inning was complete would win. I went up the ladder on the first guy, who fell down swinging at strike three. The next guy tried to bunt and popped it to third. I fanned the next guy. Belinda led off for us with a liner into left. Nicole belted a single to right. Jasmine dropped down a perfect bunt to load the bases. Then Mary hit the first pitch to her high and deep, way over the right field fence. There was this loud crash of glass shattering and then a car alarm going off. Their coach starts swearing, ''My truck! My truck! You f----- up my brand new truck!'' Mary's 2nd slam of the day had went right through his windshield! As the guys walked off the field shaking their heads, our cheering section started singing ''Good-bye'' again. Afterwards, one of the little girls told her father (their catcher), ''Daddy, you can wear my skirt next weekend, but I don't think it will fit you. You better borrow one of Mommy's.'' (To their credit, the guys did keep their word the next time our two teams played a week later, but we agreed they could wear their skirts over their pants and we let them take off the skirts after two innings (a couple of the guys tried to disguise their embarrassment by wearing Hawaiian-style hula skirts and leis over their clothes); just long enough so that those guys will never say ''Girls can't play baseball'' ever again.) The mercy rule kicked in again after 5! Those poor two younger guys! They took a lot of ribbing from their friends who showed up to see them take the field in their skirts. Denise even teased the guys that she had called a local sports reporter she knows to have her stop by and take some pictures for an article on girls' sports. She didn't. But just the thought of that kept most of those guys constantly looking over their shoulders out on the field during the game. A little gamesmanship like that never hurt anyone. Still, that would have been a real hoot to have their pictures give a boost to girls' softball!

Oh, before I forget. Yes, I did give Matt that bath.

Jenny, I wish you could have been there. When I walked into the bathroom instead of Becky, he yelped. Then started covering his crotch (over his boxers). I said, ''Matt, what are you so embarrassed about?'' You know I know what you have down there.'' After a few minutes of him whining and pleading with Becky to bathe him instead, he finally relented. As he stood with his crutches, I ever so slowly pulled down his boxers from the front, with his erection bending and bending, creating a little bulge, then finally plopping up against him after I slid his boxers down far enough. You know that red on your old Cardinals' caps down there? That's how red Matt's face was.

I finally told him, ''Matt, I would have been disappointed if you DIDN'T have an erection.''

When, he answered ''Really?'' (misunderstanding what I meant), I said, ''Yeah, really! After all, you got quite erect for Becky (did he ever blush at that comment!). I would have been disappointed if you didn't at least get a little erection for your old friend, Libby.''

Our conversation went something like this:

He said, ''Libby! I know it's little.''

ME: ''I didn't mean 'little' in a literal sense, but now that you mention it...''

MATT: ''Oh, crap. This is so embarrassing!''

ME: ''Fine, then I'll get Becky.''

MATT: ''No, no, no. I'm sorry.''

ME: ''Matt, you've always wanted to date me, true?''

MATT: ''Yes.''

ME: ''But you just never wanted to be naked for me. You just wanted ME naked for YOU.''

MATT: ''No! That's not true.''

ME: ''You mean you don't want to see me naked?''

MATT: ''I didn't say THAT!''

ME: ''Matt, yes or no? Do you want to see me naked?''

Before he could answer, (I knew he would have been too polite to say ''yes'') I unzipped my top and let him see me topless. Jenny, now don't go gasping about how could I do that. I had seen Matt totally nude on several occasions now, including the one time in which I helped strip him after school and more recently when he broke his ankle. Even though there was no hard feelings between us over that (well, on second thought, looking down at Matt's penis, there certainly WAS some HARD feelings on his part - lol :)

He put his head down before finally looking up. When he started to smile a little too much, I zipped my top back up. Maybe he got like a five second show. But then his eyes started to widen in fear and he asked me if he could have a few minutes alone because his diarrhea was coming back. I looked down and saw that his penis was twitching. Diarrhea, hell! I didn't want to embarrass him, so after helping Matt sit down on the toilet, I quickly left the bathroom (probably just in time!). Becky was asking me what was wrong. I told her what I did. She laughed and said, ''You didn't!'' ''Yes, I did.'' She said, ''What if he asks ME to do that?'' I told her not to worry. The last thing Matt would want to happen is to ask her to flash him and cause another 'diarrhea' attack. When Becky was confused by what I meant by that, I added, ''You know. Like Ranger Rob had after seeing your nude photo.'' Becky screamed, ''He didn't!'' I answered, ''Oh, yes he did.'' Becky said, ''Right in front of you?'' I said, ''I think I left the bathroom just in time.'' I then told Becky not to tease Matt too much about it, that he's probably embarrassed enough already.

After five minutes, I knocked and asked Matt if I could come back in and help him with his bath. He said okay and I opened the door and he was standing with his crutches real-ashamed like, one hand covering his crotch.

Becky peeked in as I closed the door, ''Happy bathtime, Matt.''

I said to Matt, ''Is your 'diarrhea' all gone?''

MATT: ''Libby, I am so embarrassed. I think you know I didn't have diarrhea.''

ME: ''Yes, Matt. I know you didn't have diarrhea.''

MATT: ''I didn't mean to... It's just that I, you know, love, er, LIKE you so much and when you showed me your...''

ME: ''Matt, not another word about it. That is, not until I tell Veronica, Heidi and Jenny.''

MATT: red-faced silence

ME: ''Matt, you're certainty not the first boy to have that happen to them and be embarrassed in front of a girl about it. I'm really flattered that you, what did you say, LIKE me that much.''

MATT: more red-faced silence, then finally a smile ''Libby, seriously. If you weren't going out with Ryan, would you go out with me?''

ME: ''Yes, Matt. Yes, I think so. But don't getting your hopes up, like you got other things up just now.''

MATT: ''Sorry, I didn't mean to... Crap! Why couldn't Ryan have met Becky instead of you?''

ME: ''Matt!''

I then helped him into the tub, and then held up his ankle with the cast on. Then, the next surprise for Matt. After filling the tub with a few inches of water, I turned off the tap.

MATT: ''Aren't you going to fill up the bathtub? Becky does.''

ME: ''Well, I'm not Becky. I'm giving you a sponge bath instead.''

So, there was no hiding under the water for 'little' Matt. But he kept his hands covering his privates nearly the whole time. I shampooed his hair, washed his back, soaped him up all over his chest, arms and legs. I then told him to stand up, that it was time for a rinse down. He was in shock. But I made him stand up. He held onto the shower safety bar with one hand, and used one crutch over the bath tub side to help balance himself. I rolled up a large dry towel all around his cast (that foot was outside the bathtub) to keep it dry. Then I took a washcloth and gave him one more good scrubbing from head to toe (and, yes, everything in between).

By this time, Becky had been peeking into the door frame, which was open a few inches. Finally, without looking back, I yelled out, ''Becky, you might as well come in.'' Matt hadn't seen her peeking in and yelped again. The way he was positioned standing up, holding himself up, there was just no way for him to cover himself -- or his once-again fully erect penis. He just stood there, with his head looking down in shame. Becky let out a small gasp when she saw me scrub Matt up between his legs. Heidi, if you read this, yes, I was tempted to give him a little poke, but didn't! Matt was embarrassed enough with his sister watching me give him a once-over washing of his privates with the washcloth. I then hooked up the spray nozzle and rinsed all the soap off Matt, except for his one leg and foot that was positioned on the outside of the tub. I had to do that one with the washcloth. Becky was just standing there, grinning from ear to ear. And Matt was red-faced from ear to ear. Then, Becky helped him out of the bathtub and I dried him off with the towels. I could see him wincing in embarrassment when I dried him off between the legs. Yes, I gave him one short, quick squeeze (just something for him to always remember me by). He yelped. Becky just looked away, trying to keep from laughing out loud. Then, I figured we'd better help Matt get dressed (before he got anymore ''diarrhea'' attacks).

And, yes, Dee Dee knows all about Matt's bath. In fact, Becky made sure that she knew ahead of time so that Dee Dee called to speak to Matt while he was in the bathtub. That's when Becky was peeking in the door. Matt was beside himself, when Becky told her that Matt would have to call her back because Libby was helping him bathe.

(Matt, my sweet little darling, don't you worry none. Dee Dee's not jealous or angry at you. In fact, it was her idea all along (that I give you your last bath while you had the ankle cast on). She figured you'd have no excuse to be embarrassed anytime she wants to help you bathe after that!)

It's just after midnight now. Got to get some sleep. Got another busy day tomorrow.

Love Libby xoxo


Image Posted by Jason-S on 2004-07-12 17:53:12

Hi Libby!! You wonderful girl from that wonderful town!!

You said: "I see that Jenny took some photos of you skinny-dipping at the lake! Oooo, la la, Jason! :) Sorry, I'm just teasing you. :)"

Reply: No need to apologize at all!! Teasing ALWAYS feels absolutely wonderful coming from you!! Jenny didn't actually take any photos of me at the lake, but just the same somehow, vivid pictures of a naked Jason under water (as seen through a diving mask) keep flowing through her mind, day after day now!! LOL

Thank you!! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!! for that super, super, SUPER post!!! Not one, not two, but THREE SUPER "GIRL POWER" stories in ONE post!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Libby, it's really no wonder at all that Matt and I feel the way we do about you. Girl, you are definitely as COOL and as FUN as you are BEAUTIFUL!!! And YES, you are STILL MY HERO!!!

I wish you could have seen Jenny and Laurie as they read your post. They were giggling and cheering and yelling "Yes, yes, YES!!!" and "RIGHT ON!!" and "COOL!! COOL!! TOTALLY COOL!!" all the way through it. And of course, after reading about your baseball game, Jenny just had to turn to me and say (in a cutesy sing-song voice) "GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL!!" and then both girls stuck their tongues out at me. REALLY CUTE!!! I LOVED IT!!! I guess they really didn't notice that I was cheering right along with them!! LOL. I JUST LOVE it when girls show up big creep guys like that!! It really shows that girls don't have to take that teasing, taunting crap, ...and the boys get a very-hard-to-take (and well-earned) lesson in extreme humility from the so-called "weaker sex"!! WEAKER, MY A$$!!! My only regret is that I couldn't have been at your game to enjoy it for myself!! And BTW, NICE PITCHING, LIBBY!! And NICE GOING, BELINDA, for making those jerks hit the deck and suck some dust!! OH YEAH!! (That's not ALL they should have sucked!! He He!!)

Oooo La La!! What a WONDERFUL IDEA to humor (and turn on!!) all the women at Veronica's law office at the expense of those low-life creeps!! I'm sure the ‘shaving' part had to be especially sexy to them!! It was definitely "Girls Night Out" in the office!! I can only imagine how many times those women are gonna wanna see that video over and over and over and... I KNOW THAT VIDEO SERIOUSLY HAS TO BE VERY, VERY REWARDING AND SATISFYING for all the women who helped Veronica legally nail those jerks!!! To make it a PERFECT showing though, I hope Heidi followed through and actually did cover her boyfriend's eyes when you were nearly naked on the video!!

And then there was all that softball/baseball fun!! I'm sure you girls never doubted the outcome of those 2 games for a second. Those moron guys really picked on the wrong girls!! I LOVE IT!! And the cheerleading and taunting by the females in the stands I KNOW really added to their frustration and extreme embarrassment (REALLY NICE TOUCH!!). And then for those guys to be stupid enough to challenge you girls to a baseball game AFTER you had just thoroughly humiliated their a$$es in softball!! WHAT EGOTISTICAL IDIOTS THEY ARE!!

Like I've always said, there's just something about girls: "Just tell a girl she can't do something, and then LOOK OUT!! -- just watch her kick into ULTRA-HIGH GEAR (a gear that most guys DON'T EVEN HAVE!!) and make the guy VERY SORRY he ever opened his BIG MOUTH!!"

For you girls I know it had to be a thrilling, fun night you'll never forget!! You know, sometimes I wish I could be a girl for at least a little while, and experience a victory like that!! That's gotta be ESPECIALLY FUN, FUNNY, AND SATISFYING from the girls' point of view!! ...even if you're a female just sitting in the stands watching it.

OF COURSE, Jenny, Laurie, and I all hope that you girls go UNDEFEATED in this summer softball league, ...and it sounds like that shouldn't be any problem for you!! LOL GIRL POWER!! GIRL POWER!! GIRL POWER!!

And finally, it sounds like you REALLY "got your money's worth" out of the bath you gave Matt!! (And so did sweet Becky!!, the cute little peeker!! LOL) Jenny was quick to observe that you used a few of the same techniques that she used on my bath. Jenny agrees that it SURE IS FUN to see a boy's erection pop up when our pants are slid down!! She's also very glad that you took advantage of the opportunity to give Matt just a "little teasing squeeze" to remember you by!!

That was really sweet of you to give Matt a peek at your breasts like that!! But I like the way you still managed to "keep a leg up" on Matt -- after all, he could only look briefly at your nude breasts, while you not only studied his "package" long and hard, but got to wash it with a wash cloth, OOOOO, YEAH!! Jenny of course already knows how HEAVENLY that was for you!! LOL. (In fact, you'll recall Jenny got to even use her bare hands for that!! Oooo La La!!) And we both know, Matt had to be thinking how badly he wishes he could reciprocate and wash YOUR body all over like that. And we both know that THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! LOL You don't know how happy you made me reading about the bath you gave Matt!! And I'm REALLY GLAD to see that Matt gave in and gave Becky free nude viewing privileges too during his bath!!

Funny! I've never heard masturbation called ‘diarrhea' before!! LOL LOL

I can't blame Matt at all!! (In fact, to be honest, I have to confess, Libby: After reading your post, I just had to give in and "take care of my diarrhea" for the first time since my first date with Sally. Sorry, but it's true. And I know I'm gonna take more teasing from Jenny for this!! I know exactly what you're going through, Matt buddy!) You girls get our wild hormones all worked up, while you usually remain "as cool as a cucumber"!! When it comes to boys' frequent erections and then those highly impulsive "playing with ourselves" episodes, I frequently wonder why nature made those big differences between the 2 sexes, but I know you girls (including Jenny, of course!) are very glad it did!!

But I must say: If ever a girl had a very good excuse to play with HERSELF, it would be you, Libby, after personally experiencing these 3 fantastic sexy "Girl Power" stories!! LOL. I SURE WOULDN'T BLAME YOU!!, although knowing YOU, you probably have more self-control than that!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Love, Jason XOXO


Image Posted by jenny-angel on 2004-07-12 18:27:51

Hi Libby,

Wow!!! I ditto everything that Jason said about your SUPER, SUPER post! EXCEPT OF COURSE, I DIDN'T PLAY WITH MYSELF! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT! lol

Laurie and I REALLY THOROUGHLY enjoyed that immensely!


And Libby, I don't blame you at all for flashing Matt. In fact, now please don't be upset with me. I have a confession to make too: After reading how you flashed Matt, and how you justified it to me, I, I, ...that's right, I flashed Jason for the first time ever! I did it right after he posted his reply to your post. I came up to him and said "Jason, wasn't it funny the way Libby did this!" And I raised my t-shirt all the way up. BUT, unknown to Jason, I had my bikini top on underneath my t-shirt, and Jason had a very relieved look on his face, because my breasts were covered. However, 2 minutes later I came back up to Jason, and he didn't know that I had just taken my bikini top OFF! This time I said to him "Would you like me to do flash you the way Libby did for Matt?" He quickly replied "NO, NO WAY! DON'T DO THAT!" But before he could say another word, UP came my t-shirt, and this time he was face to face with my bare breasts. Both of our hearts were racing like crazy and we both had trouble breathing. Following your lead, I limited the view to just 5 seconds. Jason couldn't speak for a minute after that, and he just kept gasping with huge eyes! Finally he said "You shouldn't have done that!"

But as I explained to him, if Libby can do that for Matt, I can surely do it for my favorite boy in the whole world. I'm mean, if I can't do that for Jason, WHO IN THE WORLD CAN I DO IT FOR?! Jason told me "Your breasts are a lot more beautiful than I imagined!" To which I replied "Hey, how dare you try to imagine what's under my top!" He just laughed at that, as he was still trying to catch his breath. Again, even though I didn't think it were possible, Jason and I felt even closer still after that little encounter. We just hugged and kissed each other's faces for a couple of minutes after that. I'm glad I did it!

THANK YOU, LIBBY, for leading me to do that! I've been wanting to give my sweet Jason a little payback for while now, and you just gave me the incentive and courage to actually do it! THANKS AGAIN! And don't worry, he's NOT gonna get a peek at MY "down below". We ladies MUST have our limits! lol

Luv ya, jenny


Image Posted by Jason-S on 2004-07-12 20:47:35

Hi Libby!!

I ran out of time earlier today, but I wanted to share a little "Girl Power" experience that Jenny and I were privileged to enjoy about 4 years ago, and I figured you'd enjoy hearing about it too:

I was in 8th grade then, and Jenny was in 6th grade, and our 7th and 8th grade boys' basketball team had their second disappointing season in a row. (I didn't play on the team, by the way.) The year before they were eliminated in the first round of the boys' district playoffs, and this year, they didn't even make the boys' district playoffs.

Our 7th and 8th grade GIRLS' basketball team, on the other hand, had a dynamite team and won the girls' district championship for the SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR. The girls had "stolen" our school's basketball glory away from the boys, in much the same way the U.S. Women's Olympic Soccer Team stole the glory away from the U.S. men's Olympic soccer team in 1996.

In order to try to "save some face", the boys team challenged the girls team to an exhibition basketball game in our school gym and donated the admission ticket money to our church's food and clothing center. There were about 30 adults (about 50-50 male-female) in attendance in the bleachers. In addition, there were about 20 schoolboys (including me) and 45 schoolgirls (including Jenny) mostly from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades of our school also in the bleachers to witness this most unusual event -- unusual because the boys had never played against a girls team, and vice versa.

The boys were not arrogant and rude like the softball team that you girls just THOROUGHLY HUMILIATED!!, except for ONE boy who was. But the other boys on the team were nice and sportsmanlike. The trouble was, the boys team just assumed that because they were BOYS, all they had to do was show up and win against GIRLS their own age!! The fact that the girls had won back-to-back girls' district championships didn't seem to concern them at all. BOY WAS THAT ATTITUDE ABOUT TO CHANGE!!

Well, the girls came out determined to make a very clear statement. They were all over the boys, and scored the first 3 baskets to take a 6-0 lead. The fans were indeed surprised. One of the boys then had a fast break. It looked like a sure basket, but then one of the girls stuffed the boy under the girls basket as he went to make a lay-up. The boy froze in a stunned manner for a second, and the girl just grinned at him as if to say "Yeah, girls can do that too!". The stunned reaction by the boys gave the girls a fast break of their own and they made an easy lay-up to take an 8-0 lead. The girls and the mothers in the stands were cheering and going crazy. And even many of the fathers in the stands started cheering for the "underdog" (not really) girls, though not as enthusiastically as the females were. The schoolgirls started chanting "GO GIRLS! GO GIRLS! GO GIRLS!".

The boys' coach called a time-out, and the boys were visibly shaken and frustrated as they SLOWLY WALKED over to their bench. The girl players, in SHARP contrast, were giggling, jumping up and down, and looking very confident as they RAN to their bench. And the girls got a roaring ovation from nearly everyone in the bleachers, even from most of the SCHOOLBOYS!! The boys team finally got on the scoreboard, and pulled back to a score of 8-6. But that only seemed to make the girls team kick it up a notch or two. The girls got a big 3-pointer to make it 11-6. Again they were really pressing the boys to force mistakes (and take advantage of the "gender pressure" that the boys couldn't ignore!). The girls scored 3 more unanswered baskets and 2 foul shots. The boys had missed both of their two foul shots. So the first period ended with fabulous girls holding a shocking 19-6 lead over the befuddled boys. Again, with loud cheering, the crowd showed that they had really gotten behind the surprising girls and were hungry for a very satisfying gender upset!! This clearly was making the boys team increasingly more unsettled and flustered. And the girls were killing the clock with ball control and shooting hot to go with it.

The boys bounced back somewhat in the second period, but every time they got closer, the girls would just answer again by taking control back. The disheartened boys kept waiting for rebounds under their own basket, but the girls' hot shots just kept falling into the basket. By halftime, the girls were able to build a 35-19 lead. The girls had made over 90% of their field goals, to only 36% for the boys, and the girls sank 9 of 10 foul shots, while the boys sank only 1 of 7. Again, the delighted girls team was loudly cheered as they left the court at halftime. And again, even the schoolboys had to give the girls team their dues for an outstanding effort.

In the third period, it only got worse for the boys, who were SOOOO confident of victory coming into the game. The boys wanted to get back into the game SOOOO BAD, but just couldn't settle their nerves enough to overcome the relentlessly pressing girls to get their shooting on target.

Meanwhile, the girls shooting stayed hot. The girls reeled off 4 straight baskets to take a 47-26 lead. The boys were SOOOO stunned. How humiliating it would be to lose to the girls!! The boys felt pressured to outplay the girls and started to push too hard. As a result, the boys kept missing short shots and turning the ball over. And if LOSING to the girls was very humiliating to the boys, just think how humiliating it would be for the boys to be COMPLETELY BLOWN OUT by the girls!! And this game was rapidly becoming a complete blowout!!

At one point the boys made 5 straight baskets, and were getting back into the game. By the end of the third period, the girls' lead was cut to 52-42 by the end of the third period. New life was just beginning to come back to the boys team, when the girls scored the next 10 points and made the score 62-42, in favor of the girls. The boys were really pressing hard now. But each time they tried to score, they either missed the shot or the girls stole the ball. With about 3 minutes left in the fourth period, the stunned boys looked up and saw the scoreboard, which read 67-45 in favor of the girls!! They knew now they were not just losing to the girls, but they were getting completely humiliated by the girls. The girls looked so confident, while the boys looked so desperate, just wondering how this could possibly be happening. And of course, to make the nightmare still worse for the boys team, the crowd, especially the females, couldn't resist singing that famous "Nah, nah, hey, hey, good-bye" song to the boys!! The girls "held their own" the rest of the game. As a final exclamation point on the game, the girls leading scorer sank a 3-pointer for the last scoring of the game, and the girls won by the score of 74-52, a COMPLETE BLOWOUT ALRIGHT!!!

All of the girls (players and spectators) went wild, and he boys and men in the stands were standing applauding the girls, though some of them showed distinct signs of disbelief -- THE GIRLS HAD BEATEN THE BOYS!!! THE GIRLS HAD BEATEN THE BOYS!!! ...AND VERY BADLY TOO!!! That made huge waves around our school and parish community. I was very surprised that the girls won by such a big margin, but I wouldn't be nearly as surprised today to see a girls team do that.

The stunned boys walked slowly off the court with their heads hung. An hour after the game, the boys players finally got over their shock and humiliation enough to congratulate the girls players. That was really the icing on the cake for the already very satisfied girls!!

Next week, at a "Rec Night" in the gym, the boys and girls teams had a very informal basketball rematch game [with no formal uniforms, no big crowd watching (just 5 other girls and 8 other boys), and no coaches either]. It wasn't a blowout, but the amazing girls won this game too, by a convincing score of 58-49.

Immediately after this "Rec Night", both the boys and girls teams agreed to practice together the following season. Of course, many of the players from that year would be in high school the following fall, and would no longer be on the team. But the players who were going into 8th grade were really looking forward to the co-ed practices next fall.

Love, Jason XOXO


Image Posted by Jason-S on 2004-07-12 21:48:44

Hi Matt!

(Becky, please pass this on to Matt.)

If or when Veronica comes to visit Becky, Libby, and their friends in Chicago, please let HER give you a bath. I KNOW you'll love THAT experience, just as I would LOVE IT!!! Why? Simply because she's a very kind, gentle, special lady (as long as you don't do her wrong, of course).

You've already experienced how nice, understanding, and consoling she is on the phone. Yeah, you'll still feel the embarrassment as she washes your naked body, but she'll make you feel like it's OH SOOOOO RIGHT at the same time!!

Don't forget!! You CAN'T go wrong with Veronica!! I personally endorse her!!

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