Thiis hapens cunt Becky if cameto Baghdad

Former high school classmates discover our board and reveal even more embarrassing details about Becky's school years, including intimate details of her relationships with ex-boyfriends, noting that her reputation was such that she was widely referred to as "Sperm Bank Becky", and that full frontal nude pics of her were inserted into many of her high school's graduation programs, creating a lasting and revealing impression of her for many of the families of her fellow graduates.

Thiis hapens cunt Becky if cameto Baghdad

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Image Posted by Hashim on 2006-02-05 05:29:44

If amerikan cunt Becky came Baghdad like amerikan infidel soldier friend hers say this hapens Becky. She whorre bitch. She stripe Muslim boy naked. Many infidel bitch se Muslim boy naked she stripe. Soon she make turn stripe naked. Soon she make serve like haram whorre bitch.



Image Posted by TheUnseenPresenceofLostNakedShadow on 2006-02-07 19:14:44

this is what happens if Hashim came to America

and this is what happens to you Hashim if you come to America



Image Posted by Hashim on 2006-02-08 08:12:17

Infidel pig! Halv pay stupid amerikan type for Hashim. He whipped say wrong حريم. You make insult Muslims foto amerikan infidel soldier. Soon Becky pay you misteak. She make turn stripe naked. Soon she no more virgin. Soon she make serve like harem حريم whorre bitch.


Image Posted by TheUnseenPresenceofLostNakedShadow on 2006-02-10 15:18:10

Sorry Hashim or Hashish, I'm not becky, I'm a guy but you're probably more into guys anyway, right?

Oh I notice you got harem right this time.


And this happens if Hashim comes to Chicago

Image Posted by X -Gambit on 2006-02-12 05:09:14


If you come to America, you'll be lucky if only what UnseenPresence says would happen to you. Mess with Becky and its more likely her friend Libby will cut your balls and dick off and mail them back to Iraq or wherever in Arab Sand Land you come from in a jar of pig blood. There are so close some of us originally thought they were secretly lesbians lovers. Turned out they arent, but you hurt Becky and that bitch Libby will hunt you down and cut off your manhood faster than you can say 'Abu Grab sucks.'

You're just as bad as the guys here like Jason-S and Billy who want to fck Becky because of her good looks. They can have her. Body or no body she's still a bitch. Actually you're worse because you're also probably a fcking terrorist who should have a dog collar put on you everyday like in that pic Unseen showed you. Thats what should happen to all you terrorist assholes. Or even better, maybe have that female soldier chick put a leash on your dick and drag you around naked to every girls school in Iraq so all your Muslim women can see what a bunch of pussies you terrorists really are without your weapons.

You did say one thing that was f*cking funny, 'Soon she no more virgin.'

Becky ain't no virgin. Her ex made sure he bragged about banging her the summer before she became a sophomore in high school, when she was around 15 or 16. They broke up not long after he found out she was a one-trick filly. Didn't want in the mouth, didn't want it up the ass. He quickly got tired of her and told everyone despite her big boobs (which he said were real; actually some of us still doubted it until we saw her nude pics a few years later; we used to think she was a big-time bra-stuffer like another friend of hers, Belinda), Becky was a boring ass bitch. She was mighty pissed once everyone knew she wasn't a virgin anymore, then a few days later 9-11 happened and people forgot about it. Then her nude pics got passed around school a few years later.

I cant stand the bitch but have to give her credit and say she didnt go around crying every day in senior year after that happened like most chicks would. She and her friends got revenge on the guys that did that to them. Those bitches all got mean streaks in them. Of course it didn't erase the fact that many of us saw her nude pics and knew exactly what she and her girlfriends looked like underneath all their clothes. After that some of us would walk past her and eye her up and down and laugh under our breath, just to make her know we saw her nude pics. Then after graduation we found out that one guy slipped copies of her nude pics in a couple dozen of the programs that were on the chairs for the parents and guests that came later.

And forget that crap about Becky joining the Air Force someone wrote on her guest-book page. And so far as I know she didnt strip and Muslim dudes at school. Last I heard she was going to college out of state someplace.

Was wondering what ever happened to the Depantsing Guys poll that was up here and googled her last week and found this poll instead. Didnt expect I'd find some more of her nude pics of Becky, and in color, too. She was pissed when her nude pics made the rounds at school, but maybe she's not really that shy after all? That was a bonus, even though she's still a bitch.


Image Posted by TheUnseenPresenceofLostNakedShadow on 2006-02-12 16:26:30

Dude really, does it take that much guts to make up your own id instead of trying to pretend to be older posters?

You're not X-Gambit, you just signed up as X -Gambit by making a space after the X so it looks like the same id but it's not. We've seen that lame trick done.

Go back to being Gordo, you were funnier then.


Image Posted by X -Gambit on 2006-02-12 17:30:11


Interesting concept. Except for that I have printouts of the girls nude pics that Juan gave out to some of his friends at school. I could be an asshole and post them to prove it, but instead I posted that info about Becky getting banged and then breaking with her ex just to f*ck with her.

If that isn't true, then let the girls deny it. Just let them try to, anyway.

Not everyone at school liked the bitch. She and the other bitches embarrassed more guys with their pantsing antics than just that moron Juan Ramos and his friends. But now the shoe's on the other foot for a change.

Still, even though she's a bitch, I didnt like that Arab asshole saying that shit.


Image Posted by TheUnseenPresenceofLostNakedShadow on 2006-02-12 18:30:55

I don't know who you are or care a lot but you're not X-Gambit, you tried to imitiate his id with an extra space and got busted on it.

Anyone who hung around when the pics were posted can have copies of them, that's no big deal and the last post from one of the girls on this board was two months ago.

Guys at 'school' may not have liked them but seems they're pretty afraid of them or they wouldn't need to fake an id of a madeup id on the internet just to tell them off.


Image Posted by X -Gambit on 2006-02-12 19:53:48


OK, so I'm not the original Gambit, who's actually a friend of mine. Now you've made Becky feel even better by exposing that; that two more guys she knows from school have her nude pics instead of just one.

Sure, anyone hanging around Mister Poll could have the nude pics Juan posted, but how many know that a few months after Becky broke up with her ex I mentioned, she hopped a different guy in the back seat of a car after a school basketball game and they got busted by one of the security guards. The guard laughed it off but he made them leave. I heard Becky was pretty embarrassed since the guard saw her buck-ass naked riding the guy's dick.

Wonder how the guys she's hitting on here think about here knowing that?


xGambit, please stop!

Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2006-02-13 01:27:12

xGambit or whoever the hell you are,

We could delete your posts, like we've done to your attempted posts on our guestbook in the past few days, or I could try to deny what you've said about my past, but what would be next? Threats to post my nude photos? Go ahead and post them, if that's what you want. But if that's what you really wanted to do, you've would have done it by now.

Okay, so I made some mistakes in relationships when I was younger. I won't deny that. And if you are getting some perverted satisfaction about spreading those details about my past relationships, all I can say is that's just really low. If your goal was to humiliate me and make me look like a slut to Jason and other guys still hanging around on this board, you've likely said more than enough to do that. So please stop. Please?

Both of the guys you mentioned proved to be total jerks.

So why don't you just cut to the point and say what it is you want?

Becky Romero


Image Posted by X -Gambit on 2006-02-14 04:42:16

'Please stop?' You? Of all people, Becky, using the word 'please' to a guy? College must be mellowing you, dearie.

I may have called you a 'bitch', but I didn't call you a slut. If you think your past makes you look that way, then that's you defining yourself, not me.

As far as Tyler and Nathan are concerned, you're right. They were jerks. They didn't have many friends and no one missed them when they moved away. What did you see in them anyway? Must have been the size of their dicks, because after they bragged about banging you, if they had small ones you surely would have made that get around for revenge. Nathan did tell some of us he enjoyed the occasional hand-job you gave him in movie theaters.

So I 'should cut to the point' and say what it is I want?

Who said I wanted anything? I didnt. But you must be worried about me telling these guys more about your numerous sexual liaisons or you wouldn't have asked that question. Would you have, Becky?

But don't you worry your cute barenaked ass one bit about me threatening you with your nude pics. Same goes for Belinda and Libby. Not going to do that. Anyway after all the flashing you all have done here willingly for Jason-S, Billy, Coldave, Rob and who knows how many others, I don't think any of you would be all that embarrassed. Would you now, Becky? (do answer that question, just to amuse me).

Besides observing your nudity, I must also say I learned quite a lot more about you from reading your posts here than from observing you in high school. Did a lot of observing too, especially when you wore those cute low cut tops in 9th grade. You sure bent over a lot then. Then you seemed to switch for the tight fit after that. That's when some of us suspected you began bra-padding. But after seeing your tits in those pics, sure couldn't have been more wrong about that. Wish I knew about your spanking fantasies then. Could have made some bucks selling that info around campus. And you would have got what you wanted in the end. The end? Get it? (you don't have to answer that)

By the way who ever took that color pic of your naked ass you want everyone to kiss did a much better job than Juan.

What would I want? Not sure. Depends on what you are offering?

(don't bother offering me any pussy, unless maybe your friend Belinda is up for that job)

But first let's do clear one thing up. Is what I wrote above and here about your past sexual history the truth?


Image Posted by libbym on 2006-02-15 18:45:45


If you have any shred of decency at all, you'll stop these excessively cruel and insidious postings about my best friend. Everyone has had relationships that soured. Sure, she wishes there were things in the past she hadn't done. But by posting what you've did about her past for everyone to read, it's just ripping her apart. She couldn't even go to classes today, she's so upset. Haven't you said enough? You've more than humiliated her in front of Jason and everyone else, if that's what you wanted to do. Or are you waiting for her to have a nervous breakdown, too?

I'll even make a deal with you. Stop your postings and I tell you exactly where to meet me in private the next time I'm in the city and I'll strip totally naked for you. You can even bring a camera and do what ever you want with my pics. Humiliate me instead. Just so long as you stop torturing Becky with your posts.

Libby Marr


Image Posted by X -Gambit on 2006-02-17 04:57:09

Well. If it isn't Miss Bushy Red Beaver herself coming to her friend's rescue. Interesting offer there, Libby.

Except (1) you really wouldn't be 'totally' naked, would you? That super thick muff of yours covers your twat better than any bikini in existence.

And (2) you must really think I'm stupid. Meet you at a location you choose? What? So you and your friends can jump me and force me to strip naked like you did to Juan Ramos and his dimwitted f*cknut friends?. (You really should have let that video of them circulate around school. A few guys I know overheard a few of the girls you showed it to laughing about it.)

Might even except your offer, assuring of course I pick the location at the last minute. Then maybe then drop you off downtown, wet and naked, at mid-day. Or make you ride the L to the Addison stop and make you get off naked just as a big Cubs game crowd is mingling about.

But I've already seen your nude pics. Even though you're not as sexy as Becky, I'd wager you'd be a good f*ck. I'm sure I wasn't the only guy that liked to imagine you naked either, especially when you were up on the mound pitching in those tight white tights. I'll never forget that game at GHS when you split them clear down your butt crack and had to change tights with a teammate at the visitors bench, trying to shield yourself behind the water cooler and a few teammates (and not very successfully at that). I heard their school paper was going to print a pic of you standing there with your panties partially showing, but their feminist bitch editor nixed it. That would have been nice to have had along side that story they wrote about it, with that line their reporter wrote about the line drive ''that literally undressed the opposing pitcher.''

Must say I do envy your diabolical mind, Libby. How did you ever arrange for that false fire alarm in the guys gym class that day when Danny got caught outside wearing those gay-looking pink shorts and Juan came outside from the showers in just a towel before it got yanked off. Coach Meyers was mumbling 'What the fck! Is this queer coming out day or something?' Have to tip my cap to you on that. That day was a fcking riot. Especially with all those chicks seeing them.

But I honestly have do desire to blackmail any of you with those hidden nude pics Juan took of you. In fact I think he was an ass for doing that. Really. Didn't take any guts to do that. That wimp probably couldn't even take you in a fight. A lot of guys including me would have also liked seeing Belinda kick the holy shit out of him. You should have let her do it. So relax. In fact I'm pretty much satisfied with the way this has turned out. A little more chatting with Becky and I'll be on my way.

So Becky you have some regrets about your past after all? Thats good. But do you have any regrets about embarrassing the guys that you did? I'm not talking about Juan or Danny or any of those fcknuts that couldn't keep their hands from grabbing a tit or ass now and then. Who gives a shit about them. Or do you just regret your fcking?

What about those two little kids you humiliated? I see you are still bragging about it. Interesting how you now wish you somehow could have traded baring your ass to them for a spanking to avoid your nude pics being posting on the internet. Makes me wonder how far you would have gone. Would you have sucked them off, Becky? (do answer that, too)

Did you go home and finger yourself after accomplishing that, getting those two little kids stripped naked and spanked by their moms in public? Who knows? Maybe that was even the day when the boy that once lived next door to you (Herb, wasn't it?) and his friend looked out their window into yours and saw you buck-ass naked on your bed, playing with your vibrator, then tossing it aside and using your finger until you orgasmed. NOW THAT WOULD have been a great f*cking pic had they a camera. I know you denied it when word got around, but if he were lying his pants wouldn't have stayed on him at school for two seconds. Would they have, Becky? (do answer that)

And how about you suggesting to a couple of girls they ought to pants one of their boyfriend for cheating on them? Was that fair? Did you ever hear both sides or only the girl's? No! Did you ever think of how humiliated a guy can feel when he gets slapped, dumped, pantsed (boxers too) in a busy mall in front of a bunch of chicks? (most certainly answer this!)

Now maybe all the guys you keep flirting with here will see what they might be getting themselves into (literally, too, if they bang you).


Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2006-02-22 04:21:55


Please stop. Please. I don't care if you post my nude pics. Do that instead, that's less humiliating. Just please stop with the stories about me. Please!

You've totally humiliated me. You've embarrassed me to some of my friends who have been reading our board and even caused friction between my boyfriend and I. Not only that, but every guy on this board now for sure thinks I'm nothing but a slut.

Isn't that enough?

Yes, I have regrets about my past. Did you think I am proud of those relationships and what I did? Well, I'm not. I allowed myself to be used by those jerks. And I paid for it then with the embarrassment at school of them boasting of getting laid.

Libby tried to warn me; she really did. But I was too infatuated with those guys at the time to see it. She could have gloated after, but she didn't. Instead she helped me get over it, to help change, to be more careful in relationships, to be less trusting. So stop embarrassing her because of whatever grudge you have against me, like telling everyone about that incident with her uniform problem that one game.

As far as those two young boys at the pool are concerned, their moms embarrassed them, not me. But, yeah, if allowing myself to be stripped naked and spanked by them would have somehow prevented the embarrassment and humiliation my friends Libby and Belinda got from Juan Ramos, then yes I would have welcomed it, even to point of doing that sick suggestion you made. Not to save myself from humiliation, but for my two dearest friends in the world, even that I would have done, as degraded as that would have been.

But I'm not going to play your little game, answering this, answering that. I don't deny anything of what you said. All of that is part of my past. I can't change any of it. But it's not the woman who I am today.

And there wasn't a boy who I depantsed or who I helped depantsed who didn't deserve it. So I have no regrets there, if that's what you were trying to get at.

As far as the two-timing cheater jerk, his girlfriend and her girlfriend depantsed him in the mall, not me. I wasn't even there. Didn't even know about until later when I heard some girls talking at school who witnessed it. But I do wonder why you ''most certainly'' wanted me to answer that? Why's that? Are you him? Think I didn't suspect that? If that is you, Shayne Brennan, you brought it upon yourself. Don't blame me. Nikki was hurt and I made that suggestion only to try to make light of the situation. I didn't even know her all that well. That she actually did it, too bad for you. Of course if you hadn't cheated on her, it would have never happened, would it? So who's really to blame?

But I honestly didn't have anything to do with it. Maybe you think I did and if you want to keep humiliating me because of it, then do so. You obviously have copies of my nude pics. You know enough about me from school to humiliate me because of those few mistakes I made with relationships. But leave my friends Libby and Belinda out of it.

You've had your fun at my expense. If you wanted revenge, you got it. But enough. Please?

Becky Romero


Hashim Arrested in Chicago Stalking Becky !!!

Image Posted by The Postman on 2006-04-24 05:25:42

Hey girls. Just happened to be in the neighborhood and saw that some Muslim fanatic was harassing Becky.

Our boys got him though. This must be him.


Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2006-04-25 02:33:42

Dear Postman,

LOL! Looks like someone got depantsed! LOL!

Thanks for the laugh!

But after a few days, I think we should delete it only because we got flamed by more than one Arabic extremist on our message board who thought I was depantsing every Muslim guy in the Middle East.

Becky Romero
KARMA: ''What goes around comes around and then bites you in the ass for good measure.''
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