The Debate: Should Becky be punished for breaking promise?

Unable and unwilling to ignore Bad Girl Spanker's constant, irritating diatribes directed towards her and her girlfriends, Becky Romero takes a challenge to debate him on whether she deserved the various spankings she got - the risk being if she loses, he'll be delivering one more to her... in person.

The Debate: Should Becky be punished for breaking promise?

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When college student Becky Romero agreed to debate Bad Girl Spanker on whether she had deserved to be spanked for past behavior, the agreement further stipulated that if she were to lose the debate, she would have to submit to an embarrassing and potentially half-naked or fully-naked public spanking. Given the high stakes, certain rules and parameters were established.

Principally, it was agreed that:

[quote]It's only fair that Becky should answer any questions he puts to her (except personal things such as her address, phone number, etc). Basically, she should be completely willing and forthcoming to discuss her past behavior, particularly when it comes to her dealings with depansting boys, her perceived sexual harassments by them, relationships.

Becky brought this whole thing up about polls. She should be willing to provide greater detail and clarification of things if she's honestly seeking people's opinions.[quote]

But when Bad Girl Spanker began probing about what Jason-Shannon meant in an earlier discussion when Becky had told him about recently having been caught naked in the shower by a young boy, Becky initially feared it would lead to the embarrassing and shameful revelation that the boy did indeed slap her bare-bottom (others would call it a spanking).

When Becky refused to answer Bad Girl Spanker's and others' questions pertaining to that incident, those debating Becky decided to punish her for allegedly breaking the debate agreement. As Bad Girl Spanker and others had obtained nude pics of Becky, the punishment was sure to be a humiliating one.

The posts below show what transpired:


Image Posted by a1yitzi on 2007-05-22 18:32:52

Does here anyone disagree that Becky Romero has recently been failing to keep up to the agreement she made to avoid being spanked? Specifically, that she has not been fully forthcoming in responding to inquiries which are essential in deciding the outcome of her debate with Bad Girl Spanker?

background for new readers

Not only that, but as Bad Girl Spanker, Scorpiono and others have pointed out, Becky further agreed to allow herself to be disciplined if she broke the rules of the debate.

If Becky can't keep her word, then she is as much as saying that she has lost the debate and deserves the spanking she sought to avoid.

But, as any parent or teacher knows, sometimes a little discipline is all that a child needs to keep her focused and in line. Even though she is in college, since Becky is acting like a little girl maybe she ought to be treated like one for a while and see how that goes.

Bad Girl Spanker has noted that, in addition to spankings, embarrassing exposure and forced public nudity certainly have had a disciplining effect in the past on Becky and her girlfriends. For example, once their nude pics ended up being passed around at their high school, did Becky, Libby or Belinda dare depants any more guys?

I would therefore suggest that Becky needs an immediate 'time out' - time without clothes, that is.

Becky should be required to post for public display at least two nude photos of herself. The photos must show her face and at least either her exposed boobs or her bare butt. She may certainly show more of herself if she so desires. I don't think anyone here would object if she did.

If Becky fails to post the nudes of herself in an exercise of self-discipline, then anyone who has nudes of Becky may alternatively post them. For example, Bad Girl Spanker has hinted that he has nude pics of Becky that would embarrass her into acting with proper behavior, but so far he has been more than tolerate of her constant disrespect to him.

Perhaps a brief 'time out' and the embarrassing exposure that comes with it will give Becky the incentive she needs to keep her promises, truthfully and fully answer the debate questions and perhaps even inspire her to go on and win the debate and avoid additional public nudity and the spanking that would come with it.

I suggest that the 'time out' end as soon as Becky answers the outstanding questions to the satisfaction of those that asked them, with that period being no longer than one week in any event. She can then take down her nude pics or delete those of her nude posted by others.

So that Becky can't say we aren't being fair to her, I propose we allow everyone who has been posting on this board to vote once on my proposal (and only those who've posted up to today). Everyone's vote will be public. Again bending over backwards for Becky to show our fairness, this will also prevent newcomers from decided whether she gets disciplined and prevent people from voting more than once (as what could happen in a hidden Mr. Poll vote).

I've created this new thread for this purpose. Hopefully everyone will use this thread just for this purpose alone.

In the interest of gaining a quick resolution to Becky's discipline problem, I also propose that the voting end at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time on Friday, May 25, 2007, with the majority deciding the issue.

Should Becky Romero receive an immediate and naked 'time out'? Yes or no?

Vote now.

My vote is yes.


Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2007-05-23 04:32:22

Hey! Cut that out!

I don't deserve a ''time out'' and be put on display naked! And everyone except a few perverts here know that. Not even the perverts here have answered your stupid little question. See what I mean?

Stop encouraging them! It's not fair. I shouldn't have to be embarrassed like that. I don't want a bunch of disgusting little wanking perverts seeing me naked! You guys are not being fair to be. Stop ganging up on me!

I AM answering the questions. And I'm winning the debate. Why don't you ask people that?

It's Bad Girl Spanker who's not answering MY questions. Make him put up nude pics of himself, like he promised he would when he doesn't answer. Give him a ''time out.''

You're just trying to embarrass me so that I'll give up. I'm NOT giving up.

And I AM keeping my word. And stop treating me like I'm a little girl. I'm an adult woman! Treat me like one!

Becky Romero


Image Posted by Bracko on 2007-05-24 09:48:35

Great idea a1yitzi. Hell yeah let's see her fucking naked. Its nothing personal Becky. You can fucking screw Spanker with a strap-on for all I care. I just wanna see your ass! Your tits! Your pussy! Now just have to sit back wait and see if these guys that have your nude pics are men or just fucking pussies.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-05-25 14:33:28

You're not a grown up woman Becky. You're acting like a little girl and as long as you act like one, you're going to be treated like one.

You kept promising that you would answer the questions if we just gave you a little time. Well we gave you time. And then you kept ducking the questions and this last week your behavior has completely gotten out of control.

It's up to you whether you're going to be embarrassed or not.

You were asked over and over again if that little boy spanked you or not. Yes or no.

If you don't answer the question, then you are giving up. You can take the embarrassment and answer the question or take the embarrassment of putting up photos of yourself or the embarrassment of having me pick which photos of you to put up. And my collection is pretty extensive.

And finally if you don't answer the question, you're defaulting further on the debate which means your bare bottom is just a step away from meeting my hand.

What's it going to be Becky.

I vote yes.


Image Posted by libbym on 2007-05-26 02:02:37

A1yitzi, just what are you trying to prove? That you can be as big an asshole as Bad Girl Spanker? If that's it, wow! Do you have a long way to go!

You chirped:

---''Bad Girl Spanker has noted that, in addition to spankings, embarrassing exposure and forced public nudity certainly have had a disciplining effect in the past on Becky and her girlfriends. For example, once their nude pics ended up being passed around at their high school, did Becky, Libby or Belinda dare depants any more guys?''---

We didn't need to depants any more guys in high school, you idiot. Once word got around what happened to Juan Ramos and his friends for what they did to us, any pervert who had any ideas of sexually harassing us decided against taking a chance.

As far as your stupid question is concerned, my vote is ''NO!''

My best friend does not deserve the humiliation you have suggested.

Libby Marr


Image Posted by ashley randle on 2007-05-26 03:31:09




Image Posted by dee dee randle on 2007-05-26 03:36:06

ditto (that means 'no', in case you perverts don't understand)

dee dee randle


Image Posted by E l l i e on 2007-05-26 03:57:55

What a bunch of two-year olds. Whah, whah, whah. What's the matter, a1yitzi? Somebody take your pacifer away? Maybe you can borrow Bad Girl Spanker's weenie. It's about the same size.

Obviously, I stand by my friends. My vote is '''no'''.


Women don't make fools of men.
Most of them are the do-it-yourself type


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-05-27 02:56:01

Welcome back Libby, Ashley and Dee Dee

Nice of you to show up Libby. But really it would be a lot more helpful to Becky if you could actually get her to keep her agreements. What we're trying to prove is that Becky needs to keep her agreements.

Dee Dee, really loyal of you to show up, considering how you humiliated yourself here last time. I notice the votes on your poll aren't as favorable as you might like.

Hey Ashley, did Jason call you yet? Or did you get tired of waiting for a message from him? Here's a little hint, he ain't calling.


Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2007-05-27 16:51:36

I vote yes

Becky promised to answer the questions and agreed she should be punished if she's tardy or doesn't answer them.

She didn't answer them and instead of doing that, she played games instead.


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-05-27 23:11:31

WTF happened? Last time I checked Becky was losing the vote. Thought I'd log on today and get to see her buck naked and tease her. Butt instead her girlfriends stuffed the ballot box at the last minute. WTF!


Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2007-05-28 00:06:41

Yeah you're real broken up about it and you wanted Becky to lose

That's why you didn't vote yes

You really think you're fooling anyone? And you're a moron if you're already fantasizing about hooking up with Becky. Everybody here agrees with me. Especially the girls, they're just too busy playing you to tell you to your face.


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-05-28 00:20:58

Then WTF didn't you vote before Friday? Becky's only going to say your vote's too late to count.


Image Posted by ashley randle on 2007-05-28 02:25:58

Yes, his vote (and yours!) are too late. Joe knows he was too busy screwing Bad Girl Spanker-Wanker in the ass after their date than to bother to vote. It's simple a matter of priorities, Scorpiono. You must remember his priorities.

And stop crying because we voted and you didn't. Becky prevailed, whether you like it or not.



Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2007-05-28 03:17:14

I voted and you still didn't, Scorp.

You helped Becky out. Let's see what you get for it.


Image Posted by Bracko on 2007-05-28 08:45:06

Scorpiono you fucked up! We could have forced Becky to strip naked for us but you fucked up. And so did you Joe Knows. You fucking bitch about Becky being tardy. Where the fuck were you? You fucking late ass. Its people like you that go vote on Wednesdays. Bunch of goddamn fucking morons. Scorpiono why the fuck are you surprised that those bitches stuffed the ballot box at the last fucking minute? You forget they from Chicago? Maybe Becky paid you not to vote too. Yeah maybe that it.


Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2007-05-28 23:31:29

To Bracko:

If I did a little something for Scorpiono, that's between him and me. It's none of your business.

You voted. I didn't stop you, did I? He didn't. That was his choice.

Your side lost. Get over it and grow up.

Becky Romero

Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-05-30 01:42:14

Bracko, you got me dude. You're right, I totally sold my vote. Becky showed up at a Motel 6, stripped down first then got down on her knees and really played a tune on my flute. She even swallowed and everything. You should have been there. She might have bought your vote too.


Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2007-05-30 16:55:00

Now we know what you sold your vote for

You sold it so Becky would post and back up your lame ass fantasy about doing her and you could play the big man

I was right the first time, you're a hopeless loser


Image Posted by a1yitzi on 2007-05-30 17:20:26

Becky: you and your girlfriends twisted the intent of this vote. It was never intended to allow them to cover your behind (literally, too). But rather it was to have people honestly answer if you should be punished. They circumvented the spirit of the vote since they haven't engaged in this debate over your possible spanking.

They may have gotten you off the hook this time. But from now on you better be prepared to answer just about anything related to your possible spanking or...

And to Libby: what am I trying to prove? Only the truth: whether that means your best friend gets that spanking or not.

You sure are otherwise the quiet one. Belinda's got a sailor's mouth and Becky chatters away so much maybe she thinks we'll forget what we originally asked her.

But since you are being so protective of her, maybe you'd care to substitute your butt for hers in the spanking situation? I'd sure like to watch and see how you'd handle it, laying across Bad Girl Spanker's lap as he unhooks your bra stap and then slowly but methodically slides your panties down over your butt. I'm sure you'd be much more humiliated than your friend.


The debate is continued here.
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