The Debate: Becky Romero vs. Bad Girl Spanker - Part 12

Unable and unwilling to ignore Bad Girl Spanker's constant, irritating diatribes directed towards her and her girlfriends, Becky Romero takes a challenge to debate him on whether she deserved the various spankings she got - the risk being if she loses, he'll be delivering one more to her... in person.

The Debate: Becky Romero vs. Bad Girl Spanker - Part 12

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Image Posted by dee dee randle on 2007-12-01 20:04:02


...where james19 going on 12 was trying to say my friend becky was spanked when she was not. she was slapped on her butt by that bratty little boy

...where some idiot was trying to claim my sister Ashley is anti-gay and homophobic; she is not

...where bracko was worrying about his penis falling off from lack of use

...and where bad girl spanker was totally ignoring a1yitzi's reasonable questions about spanking in the schools (and he faults becky for taking too much time to answer the debate questions? hypocrite!)

dee dee randle


Image Posted by dee dee randle on 2007-12-01 20:11:24

i do have an apology to make. it is taking longer to get up that page about becky's embarrassing shower incident. i've been busy with school and band practice

i've already started on it and should have it fully completed by next weekend. so to all you perverts out there: keep your pants on

dee dee randle


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-02 01:22:48

Hey Dee Dee,

Are you still trying to sell that 'Becky wasn't spanked' story? Good luck with that. She got her butt spanked and is hiding out of embarrassment at having to admit that just like the bad little girl she is.

Hurry on up with that page or maybe you'll be doing band practice in the nude. Then you can figure out where to put that flute.

I missed A1yitzi's question in all the garbage at the end of that thread. I would have taken the paddling. I have no problem trading pain for dignity. Becky's choice is in line with the fact that she likes the idea of being spanked naked. I mean a month ago she was volunteering to be spanked naked in any school.



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-02 21:46:53

Hey, Spanker. Didn't you once tell Becky you never got spanked or paddled in school?

So if you never did anything bad to worry about, why not - if you would have had a choice in the matter - attend a school where the girls would have been bending over bottomless to get spanked, showing off their asses and pussies right in front of your eyes?

WTF! I mean, come on dude! You're the Bad Girl Spanker! You'd pass up that chance to see some bad girls like Becky and Belinda get their due?

You did Belinda's dare? Where? Post a link dude!


Image Posted by ashley randle on 2007-12-06 21:55:49

Hi'ya, Spanker Wanker,

Still pretending to be Belinda, I see. What's the matter? No spine to admit there that you took her dare? You could have said something like here's a full frontal nude pic of a beautiful young woman with a knock-out figure who dared me to post it and here is her web page that gives permission for anyone else to do so, too.

So, what do you fancy most about wanting to be her? That you'd still be pure and innocent or that you'd have to pee like the rest of us (sitting down! lol!)? Or maybe you just would like to get rid of that useless noodle you have hanging over your marbles.

But seriously. We know what's really behind you pretending to be her. You want guys hitting on you! You want them messaging you and telling you how much they'd like to fuck you so bad. That they'd take away your virginity as they hammer their 8 inchers into you.


p.s. A1yitzi, the real reason that Spanker Wanker would chose to attend a bare-bottom spanking school is so he could get to see all the boys have to drop their pants and underpants!


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-06 23:12:37

Pretending to be her, Ashey, I made a profile for her. Was I supposed to make a male profile and put up a girl's picture?

Belinda got her profile and guys checking out her boobs and commenting on them, which is what she wanted. She had no problem putting up some of the comments, but she was too chicken to put up my comment on the guestbook about doing the dare. But then belinda was always a chicken.

Squawk, Squawk


Image Posted by ashley randle on 2007-12-08 21:51:15

Hi'ya, Spanker Wanker,

You should have noted that Belinda didn't make that profile herself, but that you did so on a public dare by her. Isn't there a blog there or something where you could note what you did?

But instead, you took the cowardly way out, which is no surprise. You didn't want people to see what a wanking little jerk you are because you know darn well that most people would say you were being a total jerk, even though you would have proved by the links to Belinda's comments that she dared anyone to post her nude pic.

If you want Belinda to acknowledge that you took her dare (which you obviously do or you wouldn't continue to cry and whine about her not doing so), then you should correct the profile, note it wasn't her posting her pic but you doing so on a dare, delete the lesbian comment and correct her age (she's 22).

But you? Show courage? Unlikely. We are all still waiting for that nude pic of yourself you promised to post as proof that totally stripping down in public is no big deal for you.

Go on. Admit it. You just don't have any balls. Which could be why you enjoyed pretending to be a lesbian in the first place. lol

BTW, how many guys have hit on you over there? And isn't that going to make Lashiv jealous? But then your type doesn't really consider sharing your asshole with more than one guy cheating, right?



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-08 23:26:53

Hey Ash,

So now I was supposed to make a blog and a profile for Belinda? Get real. She asked people to put up her picture on boob rating sites and ask people their opinion of her boobs. The only way to do that was to create a profile, there was no option to create profile for someone else. I made her a profile. She got some results.

Of course she was too chicken to admit I did it or to post the real ratings for her boobs, which were 4.2 last time I checked. She just posted some out of context praise, but then Miss Kansas is a bit of a chicken, isn't she?



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-09 00:42:27

Spanker, if I were you, I'd go ahead and give Ashley what she wants... just to make her shut up about it. Edit Belinda's profile in the description to say her nude pic was posted by a guy who she dared to post it, that it was done with her permission. Actually, I think doing that also brings more shame to her; it shows that she's owned as well as a slut!

But after you do, require to Belinda to publicly admit a couple of things on that page you linked to:

(-1-) That you took her dare and humiliated her

(-2-) Make her post a link back to the pic of her you posted

(-3-) Make her admit that her tits aren't getting the high ratings she hoped for

(-4-) Make her admit that she never kept her promise to post more nude pics of herself when you took her up on her original dare

(-5) Make her put a link on that page to Libby's post about how they humiliated those boys in the baseball camp. Maybe it will piss some guys off enough that they'll fuck her good by posting her nude pics on some porn sites to punish her

That's fair. And if she doesn't follow through, you can simply post a few more pics since guys are asking for them, like that nice color one of her bare ass or like that one of her spreading her pussy open for Jason that she originally denied ever doing. Or maybe Ashley might get a profile? Hey, Ash. How'd you like your tits up there for people to compare with Belinda's?

And fix that pic! What the fuck are you hiding Belinda's pussy for anyway? She doesn't deserve you giving her any modesty after the way she flames you.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-09 06:14:24

And if she doesn't follow through, you can simply post a few more pics since guys are asking for them, like that nice color one of her bare ass or like that one of her spreading her pussy open for Jason that she originally denied ever doing. Or maybe Ashley might get a profile? Hey, Ash. How'd you like your tits up there for people to compare with Belinda's?

But this isn't blackmail. Oh, no.


Image Posted by James19 on 2007-12-09 07:29:14

Oh you mean like this was blackmail? Now this is actual blackmail complete with a demand for money

Posted by alicia c on 2005-01-13 04:06:23


My message with the link to your nude photos is staying up until I decide it comes down.

So don't you dare even think about trying to delete that message, this one or any of my other messages, unless you want your name and nude photos to become synonymous with the meaning "one who has a small peni$" throughout this entire website and beyond!

You WILL do as I say, unless you want the two full length nude photos of you (face and all!) up here, along with the close-up of that little worm you are trying to pass off as a peni$.

You are going to beg - BEG ... did you hear me? - for her forgiveness and apologize for allowing Road Warrior's comments to be posted to begin with.

But I think a nice gesture would be to donate at least a tenth of what you offered me to a battered women's shelter in Phoenix.

No promises, but I think a gesture like that from you might put the other girls in a more forgiving mood.

(Of course, we'd need to see a copy of your check).


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-09 08:33:49


That's pretty nasty! Yes, I would describe that as blackmail. It doesn't justify Scorpiono's suggestion that Bad Girl Spanker threaten to post more naked pictures of Belinda unless she does certain things, though. For one thing, it wasn't Belinda who made the earlier blackmail threat, and in any case two wrongs don't make a right.



Image Posted by James19 on 2007-12-09 16:42:14

It was the girls who did it plural and kept the pictures up on their site and even took a vote on it among themselves, because the guy let people post humiliating messages about them on his poll. Like people have been telling you these girls aren't nice, they're pretty hard and mean to guys.

Posted by libbym on 2005-01-07 04:47:09

Like our friend Elizabeth McNally is fond of saying, "Revenge is a dish that is best served to those who are nude."

And Mr. T.J. Smithson is going to get a very heaping helping of it on his plate!

Thanks to Alicia (and for Beach Bum and Anderson's posts, too), we have a real opportunity to really give payback to this jerk who has allowed humiliating messages to be posted about us (mostly me).

Through a friend of Alicia's cousin in Arizona, we have five photos of a VERY NAKED T.J. Smithson.

We've uploaded two of them so far: ... hson01.jpg ... hson02.jpg

Another one shows a close up view of his penis (if one that small can qualify for that body part definition). The other two are full length frontal nudes of him, clearly showing his face.

Jason, Jenny, Anderson, Beach Bum, Alicia...

What do you think? Should we just post the nude photos of him on his (own poll) and demand that he delete the rude posts first before we delete the post with his photos or should we give him a chance to first delete the offensive posts?

p.s. 'Brent' emailed Becky, promising he won't bother us anymore if we promise not to tell his wife what he did. He claims to have deleting Becky and Belinda's nude photos. So I don't think we have to worry too much about him, at least as far as any worries that he might interfere with dealing with T.J. are concerned.

BrashyBecky17 on 2005-01-08 22:27:57

Thanks for everyone's comments, including Anderson's and Beach Bum's and Jenny's! (we just loved that poem about T.J.; please re-post it on his poll after Alicia exposes him!)


Libby is far too compassionate, wondering if T.J. should be given any warning. So go ahead and put T.J.'s nude photos up on his poll without any warning and keep them there until he apologizes and deletes all those messages that are so humiliating about Libby.

Make that little weasel with the little worm . . . squirm!

Use this link

And give the link to T.J.'s photos to your friends. Let him get a taste of what he allowed to be said about Libby.

I hope Jenny posts her poem for him to read, too! Was that a riot or what?

Jasmine said she's going to pluck him with a fastball right in the groin with some remarks. Speaking of plucked, he's plucked like a skinned chicken! And from his tan lines he must wear a speedo. Can you imagine? A speedo? The only guys I've ever seen wear speedos are ones that like to show off a BIG outline. He sure wouldn't show any outline.

Thanks again for everything! I can't wait for our get together in the Spring. It's about time you got to see that video. Let's talk early this week.



Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-09 17:37:33

because the guy let people post humiliating messages about them on his poll

That's pretty harsh, posting his nude picture not because of anything he said himself but because of things that were said by others on his poll. The guy was an idiot for sending his nude picture to anyone, let alone someone whom he didn't know. Was he hoping to get nude pictures back in return? Did the Queens ask him to delete the offensive messages and he refused or did they expect him to monitor his poll and delete any offensive messages himself?

I'm reminded of the song by War: "Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?" There seems to be so much animosity here.



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-09 23:07:16

But this isn't blackmail. Oh, no.

No, it's not, Bob. Because what I was proposing was an agreement between Spanker and the girls. Belinda's upset that Spanker's calling her a lesbian and making it appear she posted her own nude pic on that site. Spanker thinks that's no big deal but is still whining just as bad about Belinda being a chicken and not admitting to everyone that he did her dare.

So I proposed that Spanker agree to do what Ashley suggested if the girls agree to what I proposed they do for Spanker. An agreement is not blackmail, Bob.

As for Spanker posting Ashley's nude pics, that would be part of the agreement. If the girls don't follow through, we get to see Ashley's tits. Now what's wrong with that? Or maybe you don't you want to see her tits?

Since we've all already seen Belinda totally naked and looks like Spanker's shot his wad and already posted all the nude pics he has of her, I'd doubt there's anything more we could do to embarrass Belinda as punishment for breaking an agreement. That means another girl's gotta take the fall. Since we'll probably see Becky naked anyway when she gets spanked, that leaves Ashley, Dee Dee and Libby. Given Ashley has the biggest mouth of the three, might as well see if she has the biggest tits of the three.

As for that T.J. dude, how the fuck can you feel sorry for an idiot who emails an lesbian asking for nude pics of the girls so he can humiliate them further, then gets caught in a trap and then crawls on his fours like a total pussy and says stuff like this?

Ms. Mandy, Ma'am, I'm very sorry about what I said, saying that you deserved to be stripped naked in public. No girl deserves that, I know that know, but it first took for that very thing to happen to me to understand how embarrassing that would be. Ms. Cooke is making me allow you to freely use my nude pics to punish me. I hope you won't and am begging you won't, or at least not for long. I know I deserve to be humiliated by you for what I said, but I do want to apologize and beg for your forgiveness. T.J. Smithson Phoenix, Arizona

And if that's not enough to show what a total fucking losing pussy that dude is, check this out:

Ms. Mandy, Please, ma'am. Forgive me. Ms. Cooke is going to end my punishment, but only if I promise that I say it is fair that if you at anytime want to see my nude pics, she will post them and give you the link. Considering the alternative is her leaving my nude pics up on the net, having to strip naked for you is very fair. I offered to her that rather than many other girls again seeing them and again making fun of my $%!@, I'd do anything, even webcam nude for you, just so long as she keeps my nude pics away from other girls seeing them. I'm only begging that you wouldn't make me do things like wearing diapers or jacking off once I strip naked. That would be humiliating, and I don't except to be saved from hearing more small $%!@ jokes from you either. But better that than some girl from the high school I went to in Phoenix seeing my name and that my nude pics were up here. Actually, what's more embarrassing than that would be her seeing the things that Ms. Jenny, Ms. Kellyanne and Ms. Erica were saying about my $%!@. Please? T.J. Smithson Phoenix, Arizona


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-09 23:48:12

Great work on digging all that up James,

I think you just added to the case for Becky's spanking too. She certainly thrived on humiliating T.J. and called for no compassion. That undercuts her own case for sympathy and just adds to her pattern of humiliating guys.

Looking at that poll I also see the girls lied and never actually took the links down. Only when their site goes TOS'd did the pictures vanish.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-09 23:51:54


good idea. If Belinda is ready to stop hiding and being a chicken and ready to actually admit the truth, I'd be happy to fix her profile. But then again that girl has spent months in hiding after everyone got to see her naked and in living color and considering that her own poll shows most think she's flat as Kansas and even her boob ratings on the profile are at 4.2, I'm sure she'll just keep right on hiding.


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-10 00:18:37

Hey, Spanker. Great! Now we'll see if Belinda has the courage she and Ashley claim you lack. I hope they'll agree and then fail to follow through, so we can finally see Ashley naked.

Re: TJ.

It wasn't just Becky who enjoyed humiliating that dude. Ashley, too: ... 93991/pg/3

Whatever he was saying about Libby must have been really bad. Maybe her nude pics were up there, too?

But given how that dude was such an asshole, it's hard to say Becky deserves a spanking for that. Undercuts her own case for sympathy? Damn right. But a spanking? She's done worse and usually with younger kids who she bullied around, like boys she was babysitting.

Especially this incident, when she let three girls see their two brothers completely naked and stood by and watched as the girls even spanked their bothers on their bare asses. ... 79024/pg/6

Imagine how totally humiliated that 12 YO boy must have felt, standing there in the bathroom totally naked on then 16 YO Becky's instructions and being teased by his 5 YO sister about his penis and then getting spanked on his bare ass by his 8 YO sister and 10 YO sister?

But, Becky did say:

And I was the one who ended up getting the worst of it while trying to break up their shoving match and to make sure no one got hurt.

I still suspect that maybe those two boys got even with Becky by spanking her. You know, she never fully explained what getting the worst of it meant.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-10 00:20:32


If I have pictures of you cheating on your wife and I threaten to post them on the Internet unless you sell me your car for $500 is that a simple "agreement" or is it blackmail? That's how I would see a threat to post more nude pictures if certain things aren't done. Hopefully Bad Girl Spanker won't do this.

It seems pretty obvious that you'd like to see some more pictures, regardless of how this comes to pass.

Or maybe you don't you want to see [Ashley's] tits?

If I want to see pictures of tits there are plenty of web sites available for that purpose. I wouldn't want to see Ashley's photo if it was posted to embarrass her.



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-10 00:26:48

Bob, you're either missing the point or purposely confusing the issue for other people reading this. My proposal isn't blackmail at all.

If I want to see pictures of tits there are plenty of web sites available for that purpose. I wouldn't want to see Ashley's photo if it was posted to embarrass her.

Yeah, dude. Sure. You're just like the dude who says he buys Playboy to read the articles. I suppose you have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell us, too?

My proposal is to give Belinda and Ashley the chance to agree to what I proposed. If they don't agree, nothing happens. If they do agree, the Spanker fixes Belinda's profile. If the girls then fail to follow through, their agreement allows us to see Ashley nude.

Spanker's now agreed to my proposal and the ball's now in the girls court. So, I'll ask you again.

If the girls formally agree to my proposal and Spanker does his part, but the girls don't keep their end of the deal, would you object to seeing Ashley's tits? Remember, Ashley would be agreeing to that, too.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-10 00:57:56


As I said, I wouldn't want to look at a picture of Ashley if it was posted to embarrass her.



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-10 01:03:39

Even if she agrees to allow herself to be embarrassed? Bob, you are one strange fish.

Speaking of Ashley, she does have a few pics posted of herself on the girls' site.

How can you not want to see a girl like that naked?

(Doesn't say much for Libby's choice in boyfriends, though.)

It probably all won't matter anyway, because Belinda is too chicken to agree.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-10 01:49:45

Scorpiono, say I'm walking down the street with a female acquaintance, someone from work perhaps, who is much younger than I am and very attractive, and we get caught in a downpour. Her dress is soaked. Fortunately she has dry clothes with her, but unfortunately the only place for her to change is in an alley. Would I enjoy watching her change clothes? I'm sure I would! But the polite thing for me to do would be to stand guard with my back to her while she changed.



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-10 02:10:38


All T.J. seems to have done is allowed someone else to post a message making fun of Libby's bush. Doesn't seem to have justified what the girls, including Becky did.

That must have been some post. But I'd still give Becky a pass on TJ. The guy was clearly a pussy to let Alicia and the other girls steamroll him into submission. He was also an adult, so you'd think he'd have known better than to email Alicia nude pics of himself. Which he apparently did in the belief he'd be getting nude pics of Libby. I wonder what he would have done with them? Sorry, I'd don't feel sorry for the idiot.

But what Becky did to those boys she was babysitting, letting their sisters humiliate and spank their naked asses and tease them about their penises, that's far worse, wouldn't you agree? I also think she has more explaining to do about that.

Would I enjoy watching her change clothes? I'm sure I would! But the polite thing for me to do would be to stand guard with my back to her while she changed.

Bob, your example is stupid. I'll get to that in a moment.

I'd first note that you didn't actually say what you'd do, only what you said the polite thing would be to do.

Another thing, even if you did turn your back to her, you'd know fucking well that you'd be peaking in the side view mirror of the delivery truck that just happened to be parked in the right spot so you could see if your female friend was wearing any panties that day.

Then again, Libby and Becky will probably flame you and say if you really wanted to be polite, you'd do what that pussy Jason would say he'd do, take all your clothes off and give them to her, then put on her wet panties and dress to cover yourself.

Actually, the simple solution would first seem to be to just take off your jacket and wrap it around her, then find a place for her to change in total privacy, not in some dirty alley where some drunken out of work slob is looking down and filming the whole thing from his 3rd story apartment window and posting it on You Tube that night.

But here's why the whole thing is stupid. She just got her clothes all wet in a downpour. How stupid can she be to take them off and put on her only dry clothes in an alley? So another downpour can soak those too?

Just hail a fucking cab and get her home!

And next time you take her out in the rain, take a fucking umbrella with you.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-10 09:24:31

It does seem strange that Becky made a 12 year old strip in front of her to take a bath. A 12 year old is fully capable of taking a bath without help. By the time I was 12 or 13 my parents didn't need a babysitter anymore; they just left me in charge while they were gone. There was no need for me to supervise anyone's bath.



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-10 16:43:08

As I said, the girls enjoy using those tactics to humiliate boys. Flashback to Becky spanking that boy in the pool, the girls bursting in on boys at the camp in the shower or calling for female monitors in men's rooms. ... -down.html

and checking 13 year olds for cups.

Like there was time this boy about 13, a catcher, who Libby said took a foul tip in his balls during practice and they found it he wasn't wearing a cup. After that Libby obviously had to make sure the boys who were catchers had on proper protection. But I mean really. How can you stop over a dozen young girls from giggling while that's going on?

but as Becky put it when justifying her female monitors idea

But I think it might improve their behavior more and might also subconsciously engender more respect for girls their own age.

Which is really their agenda, to create "respect" for girls by humiliating boys.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-10 21:19:34

About Veronica bathing 13 year old Enrico, who had a cast on his leg, it seems to me that Veronica should have let Enrico wear a swimming suit while he was getting into the tub. Then Veronica could have either left the room or turned away when it came time for Enrico to wash his privates. And the best way to keep out prying sisters would have been to lock the bathroom door.



Image Posted by The Grinch on 2007-12-11 07:53:55

Yes, lock the door and keep the young girls out.

But I would be interested to know how a teenage boy with a cast on his leg would manage to take off a wet swimming suit without help.

Personally, I'd rather have a hot teenage girl help me out of it. Better yet, I'd rather not have it on in the first place. But then that's just my preference. I guess some of us big boys don't mind the wandering female eye as much as others here do.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-11 08:03:47

But I would be interested to know how a teenage boy with a cast on his leg would manage to take off a wet swimming suit without help.

I don't see why it would be impossible. I admit, though, that I've never had a cast on my leg so maybe I'm underestimating the difficulty of doing this. Another possibility would have been for the boy to wrap a towel around himself.

I was shyer about being seen naked when I was 12 or 13 than I was when I was younger, so I'm sure my first thought would have been to cover myself up somehow if an older teenage girl was going to watch me take a bath. Now if we BOTH got naked....



Image Posted by James19 on 2007-12-11 13:18:56

The same way anyone changes his clothes while wearing a cast. It depends on the type of cast and the clothes but unless you're a complete moron or unless you broke both arms, it's doable

And 13 year old boys at a co-ed camp don't need a teenage girl humiliating them either, but that's just my take on it and some of us are not so desperate for female attention that we're ready to take any kind we can get


Image Posted by James19 on 2007-12-11 13:20:33

The female monitors in the bathroom things is just nuts. Does Becky really want to hang out in the boys bathroom just so she can "create respect for girls"? She's sure got a funny idea of what respect is.


Image Posted by AllyQ on 2007-12-11 16:57:50

You are all being complete perverts and distorting what she said. It takes a sick and twisted mind to do that. The girls were only LOOKING OUT for the boys in their care. The bathroom proposal was a useful method, it was meant to make people think and yes if boys grow up experiencing some embarrassment, perhaps they would learn to feel enough shame not to behave like the bunch of you. Perhaps if you had been embarrassed more growing up, you would have learned some respect!



Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-11 17:56:17


It takes a sick and twisted mind to do that.

That reminds me one of the catch phrases of a radio show I enjoyed when I was a teenager, The Goon Show: "You silly, twisted boy

All I'm saying is that it seems to me that Becky, Libby, Belinda and Veronica didn't have to embarrass the boys as much as they did. When I was babysitting my siblings and later on my younger female cousins it never occurred to me that I should watch them while they took their baths. At most I might have drawn the bathwater for them and then left the room before they got undressed. But I'm not accusing B, L, B and V of child abuse or anything like that. I'm sure it was harmless and that the kids got over it.



Image Posted by AllyQ on 2007-12-11 23:21:02

Becky, Libby, Belinda and Veronica did not do anything wrong. If you have ever been a babysitter, I am sure you have embarrassed someone. These are private stories and not for public reading.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-11 23:40:58


I was only babysitting people in my own family, so it wasn't really the same thing.

You're right that these are private stories and weren't intended to be made public. I'm starting to think that I really shouldn't be here. This is a private poll.



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-12 00:00:00

Hey Ally,

too bad you don't have the same regard for the privacy of the boys, that the girls humiliated all through school... that you do for their public poll.

Now it seems that this is the kind of attitude that fueled Becky, Libby and Belinda's behavior all through school, from the boys they humiliated while babysitting to their fellow classmates to that T.J. guy whom they blackmailed using his nude photos.

Some girls can't help but enjoy a naked boy's embarrassment immensely. And it's not hard to understand why, even aside from the visually appealing aspects of the job when you're a teenage girl. Ordering a boy (or, later in life, a man for that matter!) to take his clothes off when he doesn't want to gives you a sense of momentary absolute power and authority over them that they hate!

Now this isn't just about babysitting, because you'll note the part about the "man later in life". I'd like to see you justify this whole attitude, Ally?



Image Posted by dee dee randle on 2007-12-12 02:29:17

hello, peoples and rodents,

sorry it took longer to do this than i had hoped when becky initially asked me for help. that was my fault. i thought i'd have more free time. but now that it's done, i hope this will end the matter once and for all and that the crybabies on the board (you all know who you are) will stop harassing becky about it

as for scorpiono's compromise about bad girl spanker's total disresepct for belinda, it is somewhat reasonable. belinda told me she may agree to most of that if certain conditions she wants done are met first. she said she'd post something herself this week to scorpiono

as for the comments by bob76 and james19 about boys in the bathtub, if you're so sure that a guy can strip off a pair of wet swimming trunks over his leg cast and off, while in the bathrub, wash himself, not get the cast wet, get out of the bathtub himself (one without safety bars) and dry off his wet (and hopefully hot!!!) naked body and then put on his tighty whities and other clothes, all without slipping on the wet floor and further injuring himself and without taking all night long to do it, then i suppose the both of you would surely volunteer to post a video of yourselves doing just what you suggested the boy who veronica had helped should have done

dee dee randle

p.s. thanks for the idea, grinchie, and if you think you're such a big boy who doesn't mind wandering female eyes, i suppose we should be on the lookout for a post featuring some nice full length nude pics of yourself?


Image Posted by The Grinch on 2007-12-12 07:43:51

Sure, Dee Dee. Why not? Here I am.



Your turn now.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-12 12:45:29

Dee Dee,

Another amazing Becky story! Thanks for posting it.

If Enrico had been wearing a swimming suit he wouldn't have had to take it off in the bathroom with the wet floor. After Veronica helped him out of the tub and helped him dry off with the suit still on Enrico could have gone back to his bedroom and taken it off there. And if a swimming suit wasn't practical because the leg holes weren't big enough he could have worn gym shorts.

Really, though, I blame the kid's parents more than I blame Veronica. I think if I'd been in that situation my father wouldn't have belittled my concerns the way Enrico's father did. It sounds like Veronica spared Enrico's feeling as much as she could under the circumstances, considering that she was seeing him naked, which I don't think was necessary.



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-12 20:58:21

Hey Dee Dee,

Now did that really have to take so long to follow through on? What's this I hear about Belinda actually crawling out of her chicken coop to follow through on her own dare. Miss Kansas is going to need a lot of liquid courage for that.

Now in Becky's full uncensored story, it seems that the boy only spanked her after she threatened to spank him:

He kept telling me not to look at him and I finally yelled back at him that he didn't ''have anything big enough down there yet for me to want to look at! Now finish and get out of here!''

Then the stupid kid pees on the floor because he kept trying to look back at me. I yelled at him to watch his aim. He zipped up his pants and started to leave but I yelled at him to wipe up the floor, which he did with some tissues and then he flushed the toilet. But then he muttered under his breath, ''What a bitch!''

I demanded him to repeat what he said and he actually did! ''I said you're a bitch.''

I yelled at him to get out before I pulled his pants down and gave him a spanking! Big mistake!

As I turned my back to him, stepped over the side of the tub and into the shower spray, the little brat swatted me on my bare butt with his bare hand.

Jason, I can't tell you how embarrassed I was! As embarrassed as I was when Brad spanked me on my 20th birthday, this was so much more humiliating I can't begin to tell you!

I whirled around and just stood there, arms and hands trying to cover myself, totally shocked, with my jaw open as this brat eyed me up and down, just standing there laughing at me.

Sounds like Becky's spanking was poetic justice and that's the one inaccuracy in becky's little story, because it was a spanking. So luckily I fixed that for you. No need to thank me. BGS


Image Posted by AllyQ on 2007-12-12 22:24:30

Enough already! Becky answered your question. She answered it in depth and that should be more than enough for you. She was slapped not spanked! A single slap does not make a spanking. And it was an embarrassing moment but we have all had those

Why don't you gain some decency and end this already?



Image Posted by TurboSupremo on 2007-12-13 04:29:48

Holy shit! Haven't checked this site out in a few weeks and look what I almost missed tonight! Helloooooo, Becky! I must say your butt looks even better than I imagined when you wore those tight jeans in high school.

But still that's fucked up with these guys doing this to you. It just doesn't seem right. You weren't very nice to that boy and looks like karma got you bad with him but this is going too far. You did everything these guys wanted and still got fucked by them. I know you probably won't believe me and this probably isn't much consolation but I swear I won't tell anyone you're naked up here.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-13 04:43:54

Relax dude, it's the same photo that's up on her own page, just with a different message and a reddened butt and cheeks. It's a photo that Becky herself put up.


Image Posted by lucianmc on 2007-12-14 18:39:41

Gotta say these recent articles do paint the girls in a bad light and not sure any man in his right mind would marry any of them with their attitudes towards men in general,but hey at least they can always get careers in the Femdom industry.


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-15 02:41:58

Lucianmc, what the hell is wrong with you? Look at that ass! Is Becky hot or what? And who said anything about wanting to marry them? You think Spanker wants to marry Becky? Fuck no! He just wants to sleep with her. And why not? And so would I and so would ever guy on this board. Any guy in his right mind would like to. And if Becky wants you to piss sitting down before she lets you into her bedroom, you'll be doing so just like the rest of us. Just get in line behind those of us who were here first.

But as Ally will no doubt chirp in, it ain't going to happened. Except for Spanker. I wouldn't be surprised if Becky cuts a deal with him if she loses the debate. She'll offer sex in place of a spanking. It wouldn't be fair to the rest of us, but hey. You think he cares about that? Having sex with a hot girl like her takes priority over spanking her. And if you're good enough, she'll want more. That's when you have her and she'll let you spank her to get more sex.

Still I gotta say, posting Becky's full moon isn't going to help him win this debate and is probably only going to get Becky more sympathy. She did keep her promise, although quite a bit tardy. Maybe Dee Dee should have been the one having her bare ass shown off?

But at least we now know that the little boy spanked Becky's bare ass because she threatened him. Ironic, isn't it? Becky threatened to pull down his pants and spank this 10 year old boy on his naked ass and instead got spanked on her naked ass by the boy! ha ha ha

Funny how even Becky's friends must be still teasing her about it. As Dee Dee said, Becky is embarrassed every time they talk about it. I read that as 'every time they tease her about it.'

And I wonder how that makes her boyfriend feel. A 10 year old boy gets to do what she won't allow him to do.


Image Posted by lucianmc on 2007-12-15 03:06:17

Scorpiono chill man...I wasnt saying anything bout her or the others looks just that i think they are very controlling on the opposite sex,obviously Beckys got a great ass!Was just sayin theres a lot of damming evidence been put in the case against them recently.As for waiting in line ive been checkin out misterpoll and this poll a few years just never commented before.To be honest I cant help but get the impression the spanking(or whatever else u think mite happen)mite never take place,not that spankers not doin great just that I think Beckys trying to humour him into not putting up her nude pics and drawing things out,I mean when will it and how will it actually be decided who wins the debate?Its been going quite a while now.Slainte


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-15 03:55:07

Hey, dude. I sort of agree with you about how controlling these chicks are. But they aren't always wrong. Those dudes in high school they dealt with weren't exactly Prince Charmings.

But that shouldn't stand in the way of making out with them. Hey. That makes it even more fun. The controlling girl who's always right and can't stand you spanking her on her ass while you're in line at the movies because it embarrasses her in public. But then when you get home, she can't get enough of it.

As for the spanking, who knows? Spanker's never pushed the issue too hard and that's probably what has made Becky feel getting spanked by him is acceptable. I mean, come on. If she positively hated the idea of being spanked and said no way in hell was it going to happen, it probably wouldn't. But she agreed to the debate. So she must not mind it happening too much.

As for the debate, I think Spanker's record a little mixed. Sometimes he's great, but other times not so. Becky's been more consistent and tenacious, even if I don't agree with most of what she says. In hindsight, one can see she totally outfoxed Spanker on the issue with the kid. She got a free pass on that and still managed to drag it out forever because of how humiliated she was about being spanked by a little boy on her bare ass. But now we can't use it to show she deserves to be spanked. Too bad, because that would have been some of the best evidence against her yet.

How it will be decided? Who knows? Most of us are at a loss. Spanker and Becky haven't helped either, probably because Becky doesn't want to commit to anything and Spanker's enjoying himself too much just having fun humiliating Belinda and Dee Dee. But, dude, if you got any ideas, speak up. We can use them.


Image Posted by lucianmc on 2007-12-15 10:41:54

Ah yeah i agree the girls aint all bad and at times on here I almost felt sorry for Becky when she was getting flamed left right and centre but tho they had sum bad experiences with guys in the past I cant say it gives them the right to treat men like an inferior species now.Definately think a few of the girls suffer from penis envy-obsession they never stop goin on bout it,tho obviously I am vagina obsessed 2 lol.Yeah I think its true that Becky is a good orator of her points(and she does seem to have great points)haha Im not one to say anything bout ending the debate as I find it interesting to read.


Image Posted by James19 on 2007-12-15 22:57:42

I don't think anyone here's into marrying Becky but fuck it if I would piss sitting down just because some chick tells me to. Girls don't respect you when let them push you around like that anyway.

I sure as hell don't feel sorry for Becky after reading that she threatened to spank the kid and then got spanked. Def not over Spanker putting up a picture that she had on her page.

A lot of the debate is too boring to follow for me and I think both Spanker and Becky have made their good points, bottom line tho, Becky herself keeps proving that she's got major issues with men and a major attitude problem


Image Posted by virgie on 2007-12-16 13:11:48

i read all this stuff and i just had to go whoa, this is NOT how normal girls act

I dont know what this becky's deal but she has a lot of issues and she either wants to be spanked or is teasing you guys that she does

normal girls do not go around depantsing guys unless we're like 12 or playing a game with them and this whole poll and all the talk about bathing little boys makes them sound 12 or creepy if theyre really 20

what happened with their pictures was awful but it sounds like they were fighting a lot and you know if it happened to me, you wouldnt find me stripping naked over the web after

this whole thing seems like a game to me and i wouldnt be surprised if this all somebodys idea

i worked in a camp too and we had clear regs about male counselors staying out of shower areas when the girls were in and female counselors staying out of shower areas when the boys were there, i dont know what kind of crazy pervert camp they went to but that is NOT how you do things and the thing about monitoring men in the bathrooms so they cant sit down is even more nuts

why would anyone want that???

my take is that becky if she's even real either really has a huge amount of issues with guys or is just teasing everybody, i hope its just teasing because if its not she is gonna have a ton of problems in a serious relationship unless she becomes a huge lesbian

anyway just wanted to say this is not how normal girls act and this is not feminism this is some monumentally screwed up chick with daddy issues and if they had been caught doing this stuff at our camp the parents would have been notified and they would have been out the door in 5 minutes because that is not professional and makes us all look bad!

thanks for listening


Image Posted by lucianmc on 2007-12-16 17:11:19

I agree with u James it does appear that the girls like to dominate men and be in control,theres numerous instances of that in their online history.Obviously nobodys sayin anything bout marriage my point was imagine living with any of them theyd try to make a doormat outta ya.Apart from their dominant biased attitude towards men im sure theyre lovely girls!lol if any of u girls think im being unfair towards yas in my opinion,speak up I actually graduated in law over here in Ireland and would like to think I try to be fair and impartial.As to the debate it does seem to be treading over previously said points and the girls aint commenting or rebuking them much...


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-16 22:15:15


interesting post. So you would say that Becky's babysitting behavior and at the pool and Libby and Belinda at camp were way out of line? Enough to deserve to be spanked?


girls like that are often looking for a man who can challenge them and dominate them. If you're strong enough, they will respect you. If you aren't, they'll ride roughshod all over you.

The debate itself was going in circles, after all the main points about the girl's behavior were proven and Becky just seems to have run away, afraid of facing the consequences.



The debate is continued here.
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