The Debate: Becky Romero vs. Bad Girl Spanker - Part 14

Unable and unwilling to ignore Bad Girl Spanker's constant, irritating diatribes directed towards her and her girlfriends, Becky Romero takes a challenge to debate him on whether she deserved the various spankings she got - the risk being if she loses, he'll be delivering one more to her... in person.

The Debate: Becky Romero vs. Bad Girl Spanker - Part 14

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Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-01-14 19:07:14

What Girls Say About Becky

Becky likes to claim that all her problems are caused by "perverts" and "sexism", but the fact is that besides her friends most girls and women think Becky is a control freak and way out of line, hates men and wants and deserves to be spanked


Becky - you actually sound gleeful because some random guy was humiliated - you really need to get over your weird man-hating issue - it's disturbing. ... class.html


Are you kidding me? That's public humiliation! The girl is a moron with no sense of proportion.

And if you're going to act all feminist then the least you could do is admit that she's not doing much for girls everywhere. ... class.html


I think you're lesbian but just not aware of it yet... Its just you seem to hate men

You post pics of you showing half your ass on a random internet forum...and youre surprised you're getting perves talking to you? wtf?? ... guy-2.html


I dont know what this becky's deal but she has a lot of issues and she either wants to be spanked or is teasing you guys that she does

normal girls do not go around depantsing guys unless we're like 12 or playing a game with them and this whole poll and all the talk about bathing little boys makes them sound 12 or creepy if theyre really 20


I feel like smashing BB over the head with a chair or something ... own-3.html

Name: Fanny

Comments: 3 Fendom childish bitches you,ll never have a decent hetrosexual relationship with a man with your attitudes.Better to seal your vaginas up now and be done with it.

ms lulu

this thread is evident as to why some women should be slapped by smarter women

shut it now please Becy, its beyond a joke ... 865&page=4


Heh, when I first read this thread I totally didnt notice it was Brashy 'stands up to pee' Becky. I would have paid even less attention had I realised. ... 7&t=192403


Bbecky...I would also like to welcome you to Classics but I wish to say that your thread and subsequent posts have left me completely it seeems to have others as well.

You rationalise your treatment of these guys by stating what they have done to you and your friends in the past...but there is an old saying that two wrongs don't make a right. ... 1152163605

Why would anyone who trully doesn't want a spanking pose such a question?


I'm not quite getting this either.

It's not up to others whether or not you get spanked, just you. If you don't want to be spanked, say no and, as wolf said, move on.

This seems to me to be some kind of online game/role play.

sarah ... 1152163605


I dont understand why anyone who doesnt want to be spanked, would post to a spanking board where they know people love being spanked. Am I supposed to take this seriously?

We all believe in consensual spanking here Becky, so the answer would be "NO". If you enjoy being spanked that would be different. Since you think so poorly about the men who say these things to you, why not just consign them to hell and move on?

Sorry, but your rant just doesnt make sense to me. And since you know all the proper buzz words of a spanko, and your post sounds more like a story written by a confirmed spanko...I'm just not buying it. ... 1152163605

Name: Vanessa W.

Comments: What yu all girls need is a public whupping. No one will think yu all got pretty asses after they all look red like a chili bean. Maybe not cuz yu probably would enjoy it cuz yu like showing yu pussy off. Modesty? Hell honey! Yu aint got no modesty when yu go putting up a photo of yur self like that.

depantsingqueens guestbook page 1


Becky, if you want to be spanked, there's nothing wrong with saying that. If you truly hate spanking, then you need to make that clear, as well. The impression I got of your post is that you are trying to DARE some guy to spank you. ... 1152163605

Name: Leslie

Comments: Someone put up a link to your site on our forum... I don't know what deal is with Becky's spanking or what. She says she doesn't want a spanking but she keeps talking about being spanked...? If she wants to be spanked why pretend she doesn't. I can't believe anyone acts like that unless they do...

depantsingqueens guestbook page 10

Name: Amy

Comments: I Guess I'm supposed to feel sorry for all of you as a girl but I don't. Libby seems okay and a decent girl but Belinda and Becky are just amazingly slutty. What is up with putting naked pictures of yourself online and then complaining how guys humiliated you by doing the same thing to you. You're such hypocrites. I think y'all just want attention from guys... And Becky is just the worst. What is it with her and being spanked?? ...She claims she doesn't want to be spanked and we should help her avoid it? Huh? She's naked all over the site. That's so slutty... I'm not trying to be mean here but whatever. Amy

depantsingqueens guestbook page 10

Name: Meredith

Comments: You girls should be ashamed of yourselves, claiming to be victims while stripping for guys on that Mr Poll site. I hope you all get spanked in public naked!

depantsingqueens guestbook page 9

Name: brittany

Comments: becky u were right in pantsing those jerks but like o-m-g. u want ppl voting on spanking u? that means u must want a spanking. btw, nice butt

depantsingqueens guestbook page 8

Name: Georgianna

Comments: Becky I dont get it. If you dont want to be spanked why do you have your naked butt half showing? Or maybe you really do want to be spanked? Nothing wrong with that if you do. I wish you lived over here. I would spank you. (I voted yes by the way - panties down)

depantsingqueens guestbook page 8


I agree with you Peter...Becky, your website, while it contains information about assaults on women and and how to prevent it...seeks support for your assault on several boys in your school. You talk of equality and not becoming involved with "control freaks" yet you continue a discussion with the very person you are railing against. And then to top it all off, you post a ridiculous poll on whether you should be spanked. The whole thing makes very little sense to me.

There is nothing in the least bit funny about what those boys did to you, but there is also nothing the least bit funny about what you did to them. ... 1152163605


The debate is continued here.
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