The Debate: Becky Romero vs. Bad Girl Spanker - Part 15

Unable and unwilling to ignore Bad Girl Spanker's constant, irritating diatribes directed towards her and her girlfriends, Becky Romero takes a challenge to debate him on whether she deserved the various spankings she got - the risk being if she loses, he'll be delivering one more to her... in person.

The Debate: Becky Romero vs. Bad Girl Spanker - Part 15

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Image Posted by bob76 on 2008-01-16 12:15:39

I think Becky should not be spanked, for two main reasons: because no one deserves to be spanked, and because she shouldn't be punished now for things she did as a teenager.



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-01-16 14:43:42

As to the first, it's a legitimate position to claim no one should be spanked but it's not one that Becky herself or the other girls agree with.

As Becky herself has said,

And their pants should come down immediately after that and have their little perverted butts spanked to teach them manners in how to respect women!

so Becky herself has endorsed and practiced corporal punishments for the kinds of things she herself has done. So by her own standards she deserves it.

As to the second, Becky is hardly more than a teenager now and her behavior has never changed.



Image Posted by bob76 on 2008-01-17 01:37:56

and her behavior has never changed

I doubt that Becky depantsed anyone in college. What has she done since turning 20 that you think makes her deserve a spanking?



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-01-17 01:46:23

There's no way to know if she depantsed someone in college, but since her views haven't changed, her attitude hasn't changed, she defends her actions in high school and she runs a website whose logo is "The Best Revenge is Served Nude", it's safe to assume that nothing has changed.

Her attitude is still intact. Her idea that men should be humiliated by women is intact. Her gender double standard is intact. The question should be what in the world would you cite as evidence that she has changed?



Image Posted by bob76 on 2008-01-17 02:14:56

I think most people mature between high school and college. It seems to me that most of the incidents you've been citing, like depantsing and spanking and bathing boys, happened when Becky was a teenager. I'm curious about what you think she's done to deserve a spanking since then. Are you saying that she should be spanked because of things she's said rather than things that she's done? What about free speech?



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-01-17 02:53:04

Some people mature between High School and College, plenty don't. Your arguments there just don't hold up. Now if Becky admitted that she had mistreated people and apologized for it, that might be a different story.

Becky continues having the same attitude and she continues behaving the same way. She continues advocating humiliating guys. I'm sure she's depantsed guys currently too. And actually that's a good idea for a question there

So Becky, when you get your naked ass in here, have you stripped or depantsed any guys lately?




Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2008-01-18 03:24:06

I doubt that Becky depantsed anyone in college. What has she done since turning 20 that you think makes her deserve a spanking?

Bob, good point.

Check this out.

Becky offered to put up topless pics of herself just so a guy could see a girl naked for the first time. OK, maybe not exactly like that, but not far from it. She was about 20 at the time she said that and was also asking Jason to give her a spanking.

And stop knocking Jason! He has been the perfect gentleman towards me. That's why I am not bothered that he's seen me completely naked. And if I asked him to give me another spanking, don't you think he wouldn't. He would. Tell him, Jason! That's the least I could offer to do for him.

Yeah, that from the girl who claims she doesn't want to be spanked.

Just noticed something, too.

Becky said:

Jason, I honestly was beginning to think that one naked Shadow-whatever jerk was right, that you thought I was acting slutty because I posted up the pic of my naked butt, when you never answered him.

If Becky already posted up pics of her naked butt for other guys other than Jason to see, what right does she have to complain about Spanker posting that pics of her bare ass now?

According to Dee Dee, Becky spanked her younger brother bare assed in front of several girls:

it was becky that gave her brother that bare-bottomed spanking over our house on the 5th, not me. he wasn't too happy that belinda and my sister ashley walked outside and caught the tail end of it, especially since he was fully erect. when he finally came back outside and faced us (i think he went to the bathroom to take care of his little problem! lol), ashley asked him if he wanted a sandwich and casually mentioned we had some Chilito's in the kitchen also, if he wanted one. belinda just couldn't resist, ''uh, matt already has a chilito!''

And why should Spanker give Becky nude pics of himself given the girls history of humiliating guys?

Dear Jason . . . my nipples were quite perky too, in just thinking about that spanking you gave me. I guess I'll need to post a new photo of myself to prove that, huh? Oh,maybe I better not. I wouldn't want that Gordo jerk to be ''disappointed'' in seeing my bare breasts, too. And, yes, Jason, all of us know that Heidi beats us all in that department hands down. . . . Heidi was also afraid of what Billy might have thought, given that he never did get to see her topless and yet it was him that goofed up thinking Libby was going to share a nude pic of herself and so he gave us his first, with Heidi getting to see him totally naked, with his little member pointing skyward! If Billy only knew! And did Heidi ever have fun with his nude photo, especially in Italy. Some girlfriends she made over there said... maybe I better not repeat some of the things she said they told her about his small penis! LOL! One thing Heidi was worried about was that one of her new friends over there, Alessandra, wanted to share Billy's photo on a girl-talk website about small penises. Heidi 'asked' her not to (wink, wink), but she's pretty sure Alessandra did it anyway. And her friend Tiffany! Some of the small penis jokes she made were just plain brutal! . . . Love Becky XOXO

And of course Becky allowed herself to be spanked by a guy who isn't even her boyfriend on her 20th birthday while totally naked. Again, the girl who insists she doesn't want to be spanked. Give me a break! Oh yeah. Becky then stripped the guy's brother who hadn't even done anything to her.

Becky continues having the same attitude and she continues behaving the same way. She continues advocating humiliating guys. I'm sure she's depantsed guys currently too. And actually that's a good idea for a question there. So Becky, when you get your naked ass in here, have you stripped or depantsed any guys lately?

Good question, Spanker!! Becky should have to answer that.

And wow! You found she's been posting on other forums. Doesn't that mean Becky's been kind of cheating on us? Shouldn't infidelity be punished by a spanking. Ha Ha! Man, I got to go checking that stuff out. Maybe she's confessed to doing other things worthy of a spanking.

Becky also never answered my questions about that one particular babysitting incident, when she humiliated a couple of young boys, making them get naked in front of their sisters. ... 79246/pg/4

She even stood by and watched as the girls spanked their bothers on their bare asses. ... 79024/pg/6

Imagine how totally humiliated that 12 YO boy must have felt, standing there in the bathroom totally naked on then 16 YO Becky's instructions and being teased by his 5 YO sister about his penis and then getting spanked on his bare ass by his 8 YO sister and 10 YO sister?

But, Becky did say:

And I was the one who ended up getting the worst of it while trying to break up their shoving match and to make sure no one got hurt.

I still suspect that maybe those two boys got even with Becky by spanking her. You know, she never fully explained what getting the worst of it meant.

I figure maybe she's ignored my question because I wanted to know if the boys spanked her. Since she could say she won't answer any more questions about being spanked, that she already answered them, let me put it another way.

Becky, what did you mean when you said you got the worst of it?

Did you spank either of the boys yourself?

Did you join with the boys' sisters in the teasing about the boys' penis sizes?

Spanker asked you this last June, but you never gave him a complete answer: ... 79024/pg/5

And exactly how many times has that sort of thing happened, younger sisters seeing their older brothers naked, while you were babysitting?

Becky replied:

I don't know exactly. I'm sure it happened a few times, but only a few times. Sometimes it was older sisters seeing their younger brothers naked! LOL! But I NEVER made them both strip in front of each other to take their baths, if that's what you're insinuating.

You detailed the one incident, why not the other 'few times'? Afraid they might show you deserve a spanking?

Becky, you bitched and bitched about Spanker writing that cool pool spanking story about you, saying you wouldn't have acted they way he wrote you did. In what ways would you have acted differently? You might not know it, but that's become a pretty popular story on the WWW and if Spanker agrees, perhaps it's only fair that he adds a chapter or two of you explaining how you would have acted differently.

Becky, I do I hope you will respond to my questions concerning you being raped in high school. If you could come forward and give us all the details about that incident, maybe it might help stop you from getting that spanking. Like I told A1:

But I disagree with you about no spanking for Becky. If she got thrown to the floor and forcibly raped, then OK then. She gets a pass. And if she says that's what happened, I'll publicly apologize to her on this board. But if she played up to this guy and got down on him, no pass. I agree based on what you researched that it's still got to be considered statutory rape. The coach deserved to be fired, maybe even jailed.

So what happened, Becky?


Image Posted by a1yitzi on 2008-01-31 21:20:25

I had just posted this elsewhere.

Probably should be here.


I think what upset Becky is that her naked butt is fully shown in the pic Bad Girl Spanker put up of her.

As for Becky being raped in high school, the guy was a high school coach and she was 15 or so. If you are over 21 and want to go around having sex with 15 year old girls and don't think you'll be charged for rape if the girl, her parents or authorities want to bring charges against, all I can say is good luck to you.

And it's not a rumor because Libby confirmed some of the details, just not the actual act of penetration. But usually when a girl leaves her panties in a high school coach's office and is seen leaving that office putting her top back on, you are pretty naive to think no monkey business was going on.

Speaking of Girl Gone Wild, it does bring a question to mind.

Becky, have you ever stripped at Mardi Gras, Spring Break, etc? Basically, have you ever taken your clothes off knowing other people would see you topless or naked?

To clarify: I don't mean like at the doctor's office, in front of your boyfriend or changing at school or posing for the nude pics you gave to Billy and Jason.


Image Posted by James19 on 2008-01-31 21:41:12

She had her naked butt up before and she's got her naked butt in two pictures on her page right now.



Like it's a difference if it's a 4/5th of her butt or the whole thing. I don't see where she even says she's upset about it, it just seems like you're upset on her behalf. She obviously doesn't mind it.

Like I said, a rumor about a slutty high school girl leaving the coach's office doesn't mean squat. She could have been using it to do stuff with some kid who had access to the office or the whole thing could have been a whole lot of noise about nothing. It's a long way from there to "fairly obvious rape". It's as fairly obvious a rape as the Duke case in my 2 cents.

Interesting question for Becky though.


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2008-01-31 23:54:45

James, you're right - to a point. I think A1 may be too hung up on the rape thing. Plus, he's kind of backed off on the whole spanking debate thing with Becky. Spanker and I have had to carry most of it lately.

Hey, I admit I got mixed feelings about it too. But A1's still got a point. Libby confirmed something went on by asking that Becky's privacy be respected with respect to what happened between Becky and the coaching dude. That Turbo dude went to their high school and knew the coach was fired. The dude was canned for something. Just a coincidence that it happened right after Becky was seen coming out of his office half undressed? Possibly, but I think not.

Here's what Libby said in reply to Turbo:

As for that incident involving Becky and that P.E. coach in 2001, that was a private matter between the two of them. It is, to put it as politely as possible, none of your business. No good is served by bringing that incident up.

You said:

the only thing I saw was Turbo repeating some school rumor about Becky leaving the coach's office. Rumors like that are all over the place at school. If some guys want to fantasize Becky got raped, that's their creepy deal.

Maybe Turbo was just repeating rumors. Maybe not. But seriously, dude. Do you think Libby would have said what she said if there wasn't some truth to what Turbo said? Or maybe you think Libby is also guilty of spreading rumors around to embarrass her best friend.

Becky's discussed other aspects of her sex life in the past, so why not this one if she had no problem having sex with the guy? Another thing: Libby referred to it as an ''incident.'' Girls hardly refer to a sexual relationship as an ''incident.'' Sometimes they say ''mistake'' as a way of saying they wished they didn't sleep with a guy, but they don't call it an ''incident.''

Personally, I hope Becky was just screwing around with the dude and wasn't forcibly raped. She screwed with everyone else in high school, so why not one of her teachers? But since consensual sex can't be consensual if you're under age, like Becky was at the time, then the coaching dude would have been guilty of at least statutory rape as has been pointed out. No surprise that he would get fired after that.

Hey, I know nobody wins points around here when you say the slightest thing nice about the girls or give an inch that they were right about something. But what's right is right.


Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2008-02-01 00:45:22

If someone gets raped, their friends don't say it's a private matter between two people. They just say it's a private matter or that she wants to be left alone about it.


Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2008-02-01 00:47:08

And what's with all the guys complaining about Becky's naked ass. She wants to show it to us, we want to see it. What's to complain about?


Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2008-02-01 00:50:55

Becky's discussed other aspects of her sex life in the past, so why not this one if she had no problem having sex with the guy?

only when they get dragged out of her. She was incredibly humiliated when that guy from her school showed up and told people about what she was up to

Becky's past comes up

it seems like it embarrasses her when people find out about her sluttier days, so she clams up about it, pun intended


Image Posted by AllyQ on 2008-02-01 00:54:43

Enough already, what is wrong with you Joe. Becky has said already that she finds this embarrassing. So why link to it again except to humiliate her some more. You are the one who should be ashamed of yourself.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-02-01 01:18:06

Joe has a point, a private matter between two people isn't abuse.

And Ally stop whining, it's just annoying. We'll link to whatever we want to link and you have no say in it.

Meanwhile I want to see Becky answer the questions. I'm still waiting for her to answer if she depantsed any guys since and A1 has a good question about whether Becky got topless or stripped down in public.


Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2008-02-01 05:00:49

To Bad Girl Spanker,

YOU should talk? YOUR name should be included in the dictionary definition of ''annoying.''

As for the question ''about whether Becky got topless or stripped down in public.''

Other than the times I've already mentioned: no, not really.

But isn't that more of what YOU would like to do? To take your clothes off in front of a crowd?

Don't think I've forgotten that you boasted that you, ''could undress in front of a crowd tommorow.''

There's a song that goes, ''tomorrow" is "always a day away.''

That's sums you up alright, buster. Just like tomorrow, you've put off posting that picture of yourself naked so that it's "always a day away.''

Yes, that ''tomorrow'' you mentioned never quite comes, just like you.

Becky Romero


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-02-01 05:15:53

Cute Becky, I'm flattered that you want to see me naked, but you had your chance to swap. Now I've seen you naked, but now if Libby is interested, I'd be happy to do it.

Meanwhile you've got a whole lot of questions to answer, so get cracking young lady.

Becky could feel her skin flushing brighter and brighter as she fumbled with her pants. The silence in the auditorium seemed overwhelming and the sound her fingers made sounded like thunder in her own ears. She tried not to think that in a moment she would be half-naked in front of them, that they would be seeing her exposed and begging. She wanted to believe that she wouldn't cry, but the confidence she had felt on the drive over had evaporated and she stood there, waiting for the inevitable moment when she would have to let go and let her pants fall and stand there on stage in just her panties.


Image Posted by lucianmc on 2008-02-01 05:50:48

Well the debates heated up in the last day or two that's for sure!I still think both sides are diametrically opposed but some good questions and retorts have been posted.Still Iam not here to embarrass anyone so think i,ll keep quiet for the minute and see how things turn out.An Luc


Image Posted by The Grinch on 2008-02-01 08:15:43

Swap offers don't work with these girls, even when you post your nude pic first in good faith and ask them to respond in kind. Dee Dee never came through after I let her see me naked.

But you weren't making a lets swap pics offer to Becky, just a blanket offer to let her see you naked that she took you up on. Either you don't mind getting naked for her or you do.

That tomorrow never cums line was good. I've got to give this latest round to Becky.


Image Posted by Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex on 2008-02-01 14:35:35

I don't think anyone is winning anything, it's mostly a waste of time. Not that anyone listens to me. This whole argument is a case in point, lots of insults being swapped back and forth and no substance. Which means that maybe it's time for everyone to just give this a rest.

And Grinch with that picture, shouldn't you be sniffing a Chihuahua's ass somewhere?


Image Posted by virgie on 2008-02-01 16:23:25

ugh becky asking a guy for naked pics

that is so slutty


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-02-01 17:20:50

Considering that Libby traded photos with Billy and Becky traded photos with Jason and some girl named Heidi traded photos with him too, a swap was a reasonable idea at the time.


Image Posted by Steve Stop on 2008-02-01 20:04:41

Hell yeah man, Becky wants to see you naked, maybe she wants to screw you too like she did with that jason guy


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2008-02-02 01:51:55

I think Virgie's jealous of Becky and her girlfriends because no one has ever asked (or probably would even want) to see her naked. Ain't that right, Virgin Virgie?

some girl named Heidi traded photos with him too

Yeah. Read that Jason said he thought Heidi's rack was best of all of the girls. Too bad we never got to see her naked.

Considering Jason allowed his cousin and friends to check out Becky and Belinda naked, I figure he must have did the same with Heidi.

Heidi hasn't posted here in years. I wonder if the girls have warned her about Jason?


Image Posted by bob76 on 2008-02-02 03:19:51

I think Virgie's jealous of Becky and her girlfriends because no one has ever asked (or probably would even want) to see her naked. Ain't that right, Virgin Virgie?

That's not very nice, Scorpiono. Why are you insulting Virgie? Are you trying to goad her into posting some pics, or are you just mad because you know she'll never do it?



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2008-02-02 03:27:31

Bob, we're here to see the chicks naked. Or to spank them. Or to embarrass them. Or just to have some fun. But why's Virgie here? To call Becky and her friends sluts?

She's bad mouthing the girls because she craves attention herself and she's jealous that we're all chatting with Becky while ignoring her. She's uptight because she's not getting any dick.

Are you trying to goad her into posting some pics, or are you just mad because you know she'll never do it?

I couldn't care less about seeing Virgie naked because she's probably a dyke and fat as a cow.

Virgie's putting down other women because they've slept around so she thinks she's superior to them. And to think I called Libby a stuck-up snob.

That's not very nice, Scorpiono. Why are you insulting Virgie?

Me? Not nice? What about her? She's no Mary Poppins.

I'll bottom line it for you: Beware of any women who call other women 'sluts.'


Image Posted by Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex on 2008-02-02 23:29:40

You'll have to excuse Scorpiono, nobody ever taught him how to hit on women so his best line is,

"Show me your tits you stuck up bitch"

and he can never figure out why it doesn't work. I'd feel sorry for him if I cared.


Image Posted by a1yitzi on 2008-05-22 21:15:22

I haven't felt like posting any comments in a while because some of you guys have been going down the low road and because the girls, especially Becky, haven't been willing to respond.

But this latest thing with Libby and Belinda really pisses me off. Were they wrong in observing boys under their care dressing, showering, etc? Yes. But to upload and share nude pics of Libby and tell people where to find them as Grinch is doing is downright dirty.

As for Belinda, Bad Girl Spanker and many of us have criticized her actions on numerous occasions. While it is true she has several nude pics of herself free for the looking displayed prominently on her own site, they are the pics of her that probably everyone she knows from school have already seen. Even though she's totally naked, the quality isn't the best. But Bad Girl Spanker has now put up one that apparently will leave no doubt how she maintains herself ''down there.''

Belinda Ramirez is obviously a quite attractive hottie. If not for her attitude, she'd have no trouble finding a great boyfriend. But to humiliate her in this way just out of spite is truly unconscionable. I agree with Bob. Some of you have gone beyond just having some fun and causing the girls mild embarrassment (such as displaying Becky's bare butt) to becoming downright vile.

Belinda, while certainly no angel and not so innocent (other than her virginity) with how she's treated people in the past, in still a human being nevertheless. Treating her like this serves no purpose other to prove that some of you can be ten times worse in treating people than she.

For the record, I'd now like to say that I have decided to say Becky does not deserve to be spanked. That doesn't mean I condone everything she's done. If it were up to me and all I had to go by was what some of you (and I put myself in that category) had initially accused her of, I'd like to have pulled her panties down and spanked her myself for some of her actions. But she ultimately convinced me that she doesn't want to be spanked (if she really wanted to be, she'd have long given up by now and used 'losing the debate' as an excuse) and she certainly doesn't deserve to be spanked as an young adult for some of her questionable actions as a little girl.

I also can't support the spanking of a rape victim. Nor will I put her in a situation that may spiral out of control. Further and needlessly humiliating Belinda goes to show that Bad Girl Spanker there is no guarantee that he would stop at simply stripping and spanking Becky. Once someone takes the blackmail road, they become emboldened. Holding power over someone broken and vulnerable may lead to further abuse. As Lord Acton said, ''Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.''


Image Posted by James19 on 2008-05-23 13:40:43

Vile. The Low Road? Puhlease. Is this coming from the guy who was suggesting that Belinda give sexual favors to Bad Girl Spanker in exchange for her nude pics coming down not that long ago.

But if Belinda sincerely apologizes, then a forthcoming discussion could result in a give and take to get her nudes down. That might include a private showing for you, a wank job, maybe even that spanking. Whatever, dude. That should be up to the two of you as consenting adults.

But Belinda's skipped town without so much as a, 'I'm sorry.' That just ain't right, dude. You gotta remember, this just isn't about you. Maybe you feel satisfaction enough without the apology, but I'm sure her classmates that she humiliated over the years would sure like to see her eat some crow.

Not even Spanker took you up on that one. So spare us the lectures. You're a liar and a self-righteous hypocrite and the thing I hate most are self-righteous hypocrites. You were the one working hardest to humiliate them and going way over the line.

Dr. Funke was right. You obviously decided there was more to gain on the other side but you aren't convincing anyone. Your rape scam fell through and spamming the board with your self-righteous rants accusing us of being vile is pathetic considering your history here.

Go away and take your halo with you.


Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2008-05-23 19:11:43

Whoa man, what a smackdown.

Nice work on that one James


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-05-25 17:25:26

I have to agree. I don't think there's anything left to say.


The debate is continued here.
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