Becky Romero's Op-Ed about Spankings at School

Unable and unwilling to ignore Bad Girl Spanker's constant, irritating diatribes directed towards her and her girlfriends, Becky Romero takes a challenge to debate him on whether she deserved the various spankings she got - the risk being if she loses, he'll be delivering one more to her... in person.

Becky Romero's Op-Ed about Spankings at School

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Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-06 01:15:06

I've just read Becky Romero's essay about spanking at school:

I started out agreeing with her: corporal punishment is wrong and should be abolished. My opposition to non-consensual spanking is partly based on my negative, although limited, experiences with spanking and caning when I was growing up. For details see the topics I started at, "Canings at school" and "Spanked when I was 11".

Then I got to this sentence in Becky's essay:

(2) Until then, in current paddling-schools at the very least the paddling should be replaced by open-hand spankings by classroom teachers in front and in full view of the offending student's entire class.

Um, no. Why does Becky demand this when she herself was humiliated this way in the first grade? It would be less cruel for corporal punishment to be carried out in private, such as in the principal's office or in a room reserved for this purpose. If Becky's concern is that female students are being humiliated by male principals and witnesses there is a simple remedy: demand that everyone in the room, including the person administering the punishment and all witnesses, be of the same gender as the person being punished. I don't think witnesses should be required if this rule is followed, and in fact I think the punishment would be less cruel, because less humiliating, if there were no witnesses.

As the essay goes on Becky talks about bare bottom spankings administered in front of the entire class, and while stating that she's personally against it, she becomes more and more graphic in her descriptions of how the punishment could/should be carried out. For example:

Teachers may decide how the student is required to position themselves to be spanked (in a non-discriminatory manner), such as over-the-knee, bending over partially or completely, legs closed or apart, facing the class or facing away from the class.

Teachers should be given discretion to instruct a student that she/he is not permitted to cover her/his genital area with her/his hands or by pulling down her/his blouse or shirt, even if the student is facing their classmates while being spanked.

This doesn't sound like an anti-spanking essay so much as a fantasy about a student being spanked in front of the class with his or her genitals on full display. So maybe Bad Girl Spanker is right: either Becky wants to be spanked and humiliated, she fantasizes about such things, or both.

I'm not a sex therapist but I saw an interesting article from one which suggests that a spanking fetish can be triggered by traumatic childhood spanking experiences: Perhaps Becky's interest in spanking and humiliation was triggered by that incident in first grade, and possibly others. Just a thought.



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-06 01:25:15

Bob, as I see it these girls are all pretty much against paddling simply from the physical aspect of it. If Libby wasn't such a snob, it would be interesting to see which she'd take. But I suspect all these girls would all rather be humiliated on their bare asses in class with a spanking than take the pain of the paddle. But you may be right that Becky's childhood led to an interest in spanking. Spanker's said that before, but Becky denies it.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-06 03:28:49

Sure it's a fantasy. When these girls write about being humiliated, they very clearly put themselves in the role and 'experience' it. They were very much into humiliating and being humiliated. They enjoy the attention and the humiliation of their nude photos and stories gives them a charge too.

It's like the first time a girl undresses in front of you "Don't look, oh don't look at me", except of course she wants you to look, but the embarrassment is part of the thrill and she doesn't want to look slutty. Now notice how many naked or nearly naked pictures of themselves the girls have put up. And how many they dared me to put up.

Becky wants to be spanked. She wanted to be spanked all along. And she's going to be.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-06 04:04:48

Given that Becky's being blackmailed, I don't know if she even wrote the essay about spanking in school. Maybe it's Bad Girl Spanker's fantasy.



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-06 06:17:44

Sorry Bob, but like it or not it's her essay. If you want to go that far into denial, you might as well say that I blackmailed Becky into saying everything she's said here. Or maybe there is no Becky, in which case you're just wasting your time.

I guess I somehow went back in time and forced Becky and her friends to play spanking games before I was even posting here. I probably made her post this back in 2005

And my nipples were quite perky too, in just thinking about that spanking you gave me. I guess I'll need to post a new photo of myself to prove that, huh?


I've been meaning to write to you for several weeks, but with school and everything I've just been so busy. Sorry. I guess that means I most certainly deserve another spanking from you? Well? What are you waiting for? I ready and waiting


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-08 14:11:10

Bad Girl Spanker,

O.K., I agree that Becky wrote the essay.

I'm not sure how much of what Becky has written about spanking is just joking and teasing and how much represents a serious interest in the subject. In the passages that you cited, for example, isn't it possible that both Becky and the person she was writing to were aware that no spanking had actually taken place?

Even if Becky did get spanked, my attitude is: "Not that there's anything wrong with that."



Image Posted by ashley randle on 2007-12-08 21:13:38

Hi'ya, Bobby Boy,

Becky was totally serious in that essay.

But, as for the posts between her and Jason, no she wasn't spanked. She did enjoy teasing him, as we all did until he betrayed her.

Jason did see us all completely naked on the web cam and pics (as we did him!). But Jason never spanked her and she did not come with me when I finally met with him in person.

Becky's feeling much better (so much for you being a gentleman and asking about her; I guess 49 years isn't long enough to learn some manners! lol) and may post something over the weekend.



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-12-08 23:28:25

Well Bob,

Becky was spanked naked in real life, she's posted on spanking forums, she clearly gets turned on by being spanked as her messages to Jason show and she entered a debate in which she gets spanked if she loses. I think it's pretty obvious she's into spanking. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.



Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-09 06:18:04

Ashley said:

Becky's feeling much better (so much for you being a gentleman and asking about her)

Oopsie. You're right, I should have said something like "Hope she feels better soon." I didn't think of it because I was focused on replying to what you'd said. Sorry about that.



Image Posted by lucianmc on 2007-12-09 06:48:35

Ive been watching this storyline unravel over the past few years and im still not sure what conclusions to make of it...Thank god in Ireland we dont have such extreme points of view on either side,least not any more!Umm btw Ashley you sound like u need to cum again...u need a hand(quite literally)im here 4 ya lol


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-09 22:29:30

Oh great, I see that I did it again. I was so busy apologizing for not wishing Becky a speedy recovery that I forgot to say that I was glad to hear that she was feeling better.



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-12-09 23:20:17

Bob, don't be such a wimp! It's probably Becky's own fault that she got sick anyway. These chicks like to exercise constantly no matter the weather. She was probably out jogging around in the cold in nothing but a skimpy top and short skirt and with no panties on underneath. Then caught a cold draft up her pussy.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2007-12-09 23:38:08

I'm just trying to be polite - unlike some!



Image Posted by bob76 on 2008-02-01 12:40:06

In another topic Becky wrote, replying to a1yitzi:

You said, ''I don't see any reason why paddling must be done in private. It does nothing to lessen a student's embarrassment. Everyone knows they've been paddled. Maybe on the bare would be too much, but what's wrong with making students drop their pants or lift their skirts?''

Did you notice how the other guys on the board ignore you when you agree with me? They didn't even ATTEMPT to argue against what you said. That only proves my belief that I am WINNING this debate, hands down.

I'm leaving Saturday for a week-long vacation so I don't have time for a long debate, but I can pick up the discussion when I get back if you're still interested.

I think being spanked on your underwear, let alone on the bare, in front of opposite sex classmates would be extremely embarrassing, and I don't think students should be humiliated this way just to generate public outrage. There's a big difference between other students knowing that you've been spanked or paddled and having them actually watch it happen.

I do think public education about the evils of corporal punishment is a good idea, but this should be done by getting students, teachers and principals to talk about the abuse that's going on now behind closed doors. Having the abuse take place in the classroom wouldn't really change anything other than making the punishment more humiliating, because the parents aren't in the classroom.

a1yitzi wrote:

Remember that whole Louise Ogborn thing? Imagine if 20/20 did a hidden camera story about a teenage girl being paddled at school. Maybe some sympathetic school secretary hides a camera in the principal's office. The girl's skirt gets lifted (let's say she has a thong on for modesty) and takes the five whacks on camera. She then stands there being lectured, rubbing her sore butt. Blood can be seen on her panties. How long do you guys think it would be before Washington would prohibit paddling in schools? Actually, I'm pretty amazed something like that hasn't happened yet.

I doubt this would happen because it would be practically pornographic and would be much too humiliating for the girl if she were identified. An anonymous interview might be a good idea, though.

Until fairly recently I didn't realize that kids were still being paddled in U.S. schools. I was never paddled and I didn't know anyone else who was paddled. I didn't even know that it was a possibility. Maybe I was lucky because I did get sent to the principal's office a couple of times, but all I got both times was a lecture. I saw other people being caned when I went to school in a foreign country. As far as I know only boys were caned and not girls - this was before women's lib (at least in that country) so there was no demand that boys and girls should be treated the same.



Image Posted by Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex on 2008-02-01 14:40:03

Equality as far as caning boys and girls would be insane. Equality in corporal punishment as Becky argues doesn't make any sense anyway. Girls can't stand up to the level of physical punishment that boys can.


Image Posted by Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex on 2008-02-01 14:41:15

Obviously no TV show is going to show a girl being paddled on TV and blood on panties is gross and pushing it much too far. It is obviously pornographic but that's no surprise considering that this is A1yitzi's fantasy here.

Paddling is already out in the civilized parts of the United States. The Red States are hopeless anywhere and they're where paddling happens, but hell if they can't stop marrying their cousins, what are the odds that they can actually stop corporal punishment?

I can't believe Becky would be so naive as to seriously think her plan would accomplish anything so maybe it's some sort of fantasy too, much as I hate to agree with Spanker.


Image Posted by virgie on 2008-02-01 16:24:06

if she wants girls padded bottomless in front of guys, she's a sick freak, that is so wrong

if she wants to show off bottomless for guys, let her do that herself


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2008-02-01 17:25:53

I completely disagree with you Virgie. Just because Becky enjoys the idea of being spanked naked with guys watching, does not make her a sick freak. It just makes her "interesting"


Image Posted by Steve Stop on 2008-02-01 19:55:44

First, stop putting down the South, just because you're a snob

Second, I've been paddled and there's no fucking blood, not unless you're being paddled by Michael Meyers. In my school lots of guys got paddled and only two girls got paddled and one later cut up a teacher, so she was real bad news anyway as you can get.
When there's paddling, girls are gonna get punished less unless it's some crazy school. I dunno why Becky is so worked up over paddling since she never got paddled, except maybe she really did and is lying about it.


Image Posted by bob76 on 2008-02-02 00:12:05

Thomas, as I understand it, even in states where paddling is illegal in public schools it's generally legal in private ones.

Steve, at your school were students paddled in private or in front of others? Were girls ever paddled by men? What do you think of the rules I proposed earlier in this topic, assuming that paddling is allowed at all: it must be done in private, and the person adminstering the paddling as well as all witnesses must be of the same gender as the student being punished.



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2008-02-02 01:47:52

Second, I've been paddled and there's no fucking blood

You get periods, Steve? I think Becky reference to blood was involving chicks.

You said you know of only two girls in your school who got paddled. Did you check out their panties afterwards? If not, how the fuck would you know that there was no blood?


Image Posted by lucianmc on 2008-02-02 05:40:33

Hmm well personally I don't agree at all with spanking kids in school.I would be furious if a teacher did it to a child of mine,especially on the backside as Becky has been talking about.Corporal punishment has been banned by leglislature in schools in Ireland and most of the UK since the late 1980s.I was personally happy to see it come in.I dont agree with any child getting spanked in school regardless of their sex or misdeamour.I guess spanking could have a place in grown up fun situations though,as BGS would attest too!lol


Image Posted by Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex on 2008-02-02 23:35:26

Bob, most private schools don't paddle either. We're talking Red State stuff here, the sort of places that think George W. Bush can do no wrong and that kids are best taught with a lot of whupping.

Your rules seem fine, I don't have a problem with them anyway, private beats public. Becky's idea that a public spanking isn't any less embarrassing than a private one is just bizarre.
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