Girl Power! - Naked Female Athlete Beats the Boys

Various news footage and articles about embarrassed people caught naked in public. KFC female employees tricked into stripping nude in public. Tennis player literally loses her panties in a televised match. Judge order teenage girl to be paddled while he watches. University student humiliated when school newspaper prints her uncensored nude pic. Truant teenage girl strip-searched by police, naked next to public window... and more.

Girl Power! - Naked Female Athlete Beats the Boys

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Image Posted by libbym on 2007-06-10 22:48:45


Congratulations to Rags to Riches for beating all the boys in the Belmont Stakes yesterday.

Girl Power! Yes!

Go, baby, go!!!!!


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-06-11 01:56:59

If your girl power sports role model is a horse, you're really getting desperate Libby.

Now Amanda Beard who is an Olympic medalist and is doing Playboy is a much better role model. Now this is a sports girl worth watching.


Image Posted by The Grinch on 2007-06-11 03:33:45

Hey dude! Of course she's a role model for Libby. That filly is running around practically naked and Libby did say she wants to play baseball in just her panties. So they have something in common. Actually that filly looks kinda hot. Why don't you try spanking her butt? I bet she kicks back harder than Becky.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-06-11 04:10:26

Yeah she may be a role model for Libby, bare naked baseball. But you can have the horse. I'll take Amanda.

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