Thread 79085(D) [Libby caught naked by Boy Scouts]

Becky Romero and Libby Marr are left blushing and rubbing their sore bare bottoms in front of their friends on their 20th birthdays; while posing nude for posterity at a lake, Libby unexpectedly gets caught by a Boy Scout troop who get quite an education in the female anatomy; Belinda Ramirez pays off a humiliating bet to a male acquaintance after the World Series - but gets peeked at by one of her girlfriends' kid brother, leading to humiliating results.

Thread 79085(D) [Libby caught naked by Boy Scouts]

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Thread 79085 - part D

Image Posted by Gordosindahous on 2005-09-18 17:05:08

just call my bluff

just do it!


Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2005-09-19 00:09:39

To the Gordo is Great jerk:

And just what exactly were you ''disappointed'' about?

Not that I'm bragging about my body, I know I'm not the prettiest girl out there, but if you can't at least appreciate my body then the other Gordo is probably right, you must be gay (not that there's anything wrong in that, just that you'd probably rather be looking at nude pics of gay guys than at me and maybe that's why you were ''disappointed''). Well, no one's asking you to look at us anyway. So beat it!

And stop saying I'm a stripper. I am not a stripper! I only had Dee Dee put up that naked pic of my butt so I can tell jerks like you to kiss my ass for saying I owe the jerks I depantsed apologies.

So stop calling me a ''strip queen.''



Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2005-09-19 00:59:19

Dear Jason,

Can you believe that jerk Gordo? He has the nerve to say he's ''disappointed'' in how I look naked?

You weren't disappointed, were you?

And what's with you, stripping yourself naked to give Belinda a spanking? You didn't do that for me!

She's been so insufferable about it. She especially loved that part when you told her, ''Belinda, PLEASE try to keep your legs together now, sweetie.'' LOL!

Belinda said later, ''Didn't it ever occur to that boy there might be a good reason why I would NOT be wanting to keep my legs together at that point?''

And my nipples were quite perky too, in just thinking about that spanking you gave me. I guess I'll need to post a new photo of myself to prove that, huh? Oh,maybe I better not. I wouldn't want that Gordo jerk to be ''disappointed'' in seeing my bare breasts, too.

And, yes, Jason, all of us know that Heidi beats us all in that department hands down.

When we saw her she told me that she didn't mind that you saw her topless and made a little confession, that she was a little sorry she didn't do a complete strip for you (you didn't know this, but it did actually cross her mind to do a webcam of her for you in a bubble bath. She thought that perhaps you could have been posting live on Mister Poll while watching her from her bathroom, instructing her what to do so you could in essence be giving her a bath. But Libby talked her out of it at the time. So, you'll have to blame Libby for losing out on that.)

Heidi was also afraid of what Billy might have thought, given that he never did get to see her topless and yet it was him that goofed up thinking Libby was going to share a nude pic of herself and so he gave us his first, with Heidi getting to see him totally naked, with his little member pointing skyward!

If Billy only knew! And did Heidi ever have fun with his nude photo, especially in Italy. Some girlfriends she made over there said... maybe I better not repeat some of the things she said they told her about his small penis! LOL!

One thing Heidi was worried about was that one of her new friends over there, Alessandra, wanted to share Billy's photo on a girl-talk website about small penises. Heidi 'asked' her not to (wink, wink), but she's pretty sure Alessandra did it anyway. And her friend Tiffany! Some of the small penis jokes she made were just plain brutal!

So, what do you think? Should I completely disappoint Gordo?

Love Becky XOXO


Image Posted by Jason-Shannon on 2005-09-21 12:33:15

Hi Becky Dear!!

No, I can?t believe that Gordo the Gay jerk either!! I?m SURE that if YOU said the sky was blue, HE would say it was green! He?s just that kind of guy!!

NO WAY!! NO WAY was I disappointed in how you look naked!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! To me, you literally look stunning naked!! You LITERALLY take my breath away EVERY TIME!! I?m NOT exaggerating in the least!! Don?t ever doubt yourself for a minute! You ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL AND AWEFULLY CUTE!!!!

I sure didn?t intend for Belinda?s spanking to be more erotic than yours. Because she asked me to describe her spanking for her, I just went into more detail with her spanking. You can be absolutely certain that anything I did with her, I would do with YOU!! You?re both SO SENSATIONAL, I would be nothing but equitable in how I treated you both! It wouldn?t be right for me to play any favorites. As a matter of fact, after reading your last post, I?ve already dreamt about spanking you nude, while I was nude too!

Boy, I THOUGHT Belinda might have been giving me some hints by not keeping her legs together! Darn, why didn?t I catch on??!! LOL

OH YEAH!! Just because I didn?t make a comment about your nipples, Becky sweetie, don?t think that I didn?t notice them big time!! I SURE DID!! In fact, in my dream, I just HAD TO place my face up against those perky nipples (with your permission, of course)! I was QUIVERING over you?re LOVELY, LOVELY body!!! WOW!!! You can easily imagine the tremendous disappointment I felt when I woke up from THAT dream!! ...and that was the ONLY disappointment I felt the entire time!!! There was CERTAINLY NOTHING AT ALL disappointing about the rest of it!!

WOW!!! Just when I think I can?t be more impressed with Heidi, you tell me she was going to do a live webcam bath for me!!! I LOVE THAT GIRL!!! Of course, she knows she didn?t have to show me anything ? I just really enjoyed chatting with her! But this really shows me just how much she trusted and appreciated me! I?m VERY DEEPLY TOUCHED by that!! WHAT A TRUE SWEETIE HEIDI IS!! WOW!!! And what a WILD, FUN, BEAUTIFUL girlfriend she would have been to me!! I would have been greatly honored and thrilled to be her protector!! Thankfully, it sounds like she has a boyfriend like that now! (OK, Sally just told me that that?s enough carry on about Heidi already!!)

And you say Libby TALKED HEIDI OUT OF THE WEBCAM THING!! Thanks a lot, Libby!! LOL Right now I can almost hear Libby telling me ?You?ve already seen enough, Jason!? LOL

And speaking of all of our fond memories over the past 2 years, I?ll NEVER forget how much I used to enjoy chatting with Heidi via email! I was SOOOO GLAD I could lift up her spirits and reassure her, at times when she was so upset and anxious over all the nasty things that were going on at that time on Mr. Poll. And she has such an awesome sense of humor. WAY FUN!! Of course, her beautiful body speaks for itself!

I wonder if Billy has any idea just how many girls his nude pic has provided great pleasure to! I didn?t realize before that his ?little member? was pointing skyward!! NO WONDER all you girls went nuts over it!! LOL

Oooo, Becky!! You asked ?So, what do you think? Should I completely disappoint Gordo??

Another one of those questions that make me want to say ?yes AND no?!! I confess, I would be thoroughly thrilled and sent back up to ?cloud nine? any time to see your VERY CUTE, PERKY bare breasts!!! But I think you would be wasting your time trying to convince Gordo how nice they are!! Who knows?? Maybe he likes women with tattoos all over their bodies too!! Any way you slice it, his tastes are FAR from my tastes!!

Well it?s time once again for Sally to take care of my little ?overheating problem? again!! LOL Take care! You and Belinda be nice to each other now! LOL

Love, Jason XOXO


Image Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2005-10-16 22:32:29

Dear Jason,

I've been meaning to write to you for several weeks, but with school and everything I've just been so busy. Sorry. I guess that means I most certainly deserve another spanking from you? Well? What are you waiting for? I ready and waiting . . . click my pic!. LOL!

What I wanted to tell you was that we all got to talking recently a couple weekends ago back in the city and thought 'what would be something we could do to show Jason how much we appreciate him while at the same time slam all the jerks.' Like to say to them, see what you missed out on, jerks? Of course, we know we'd have to SHOW them what they missed out on to prove our point. LOL!

We were also teasing Libby that since she spoiled your chance to see Heidi webcam you from her bathtub, wouldn't it be appropriate for Libby to make it up to you personally - if you know what I mean, as in subbing for Heidi?

Then Ashley brought up the point that's kind of how you saw us all naked for the first time, while we were showering, thanks to Juan and his jerk friends for humiliating us with those sneaky nude pics they took.

So Ashley suggested that the three of us - myself, Libby and Belinda - webcam for you LIVE while showering this coming Saturday night. I'd be lying if I wasn't both nervous and excited about it as the days tick by.

Matt immediately volunteered to ''hold the webcam steady.'' That earned him a quick elbow from Dee Dee. But Belinda added that was fine with her. But Libby said, ''Like hell it is! I flashed Matt my boobs once. Once was enough!''

But Matt was deadly serious. He grabbed Dee Dee's video camera and then walked into the bathroom, as the five of us girls followed him, to show us how we could similarly position a webcam for a full view of the shower.

Belinda repeated that she'd have no objection to Matt watching the three of us naked and asked Matt if he had any objections.

Matt's face quickly lit up like a little boy's on Christmas morning, ''Objections? Are you kidding me? NO WAY do I have any objections!''

Libby, meanwhile, was simply aghast! ''O.K. I certainly don't mind Jason seeing me nude again, but not if Matt's going to watch. Dee Dee, can't you handle the web cam stuff?''

But when Libby and I caught Belinda and Dee Dee winking at us, we realized we needed to play along. I went so far as to even pull my top off, leaving Matt dumbfounded and speechless as he looked at my bra-covered breasts.

''Man, I wish there was a tape in here,'' Matt said, as he held the video camera at me.

Belinda, slowly and teasingly, unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slipped them off, as Matt stood speechless, staring at her sexy legs and high thigh-cut panties. (Down, Jason, Down boy! Down! Belinda wasn't wearing a thong.)

But Dee Dee was unsuccessful in getting Libby to remove any clothing at that point.

Then Matt handed the video camera to Ashley, stepped under the shower nozzle and asked her to stand back by the door to see if the angle would be wide enough to get the three of us in the shot for you next week.

That's when Dee Dee walked over and quickly depantsed him (Matt was wearing a pair of tan shorts). Then she grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it up quickly over his head and off completely. As Belinda turned on the water, Belinda added that since the three of us would be nude for Jason it was only fair that Matt also put on a nude show in the shower (after we would be dried and dressed, not with us, of course) -- for Jenny and Sally!

As Matt's whities quickly soaked to become quite see-through (hello there, LITTLE brother!), he struggled to pull his shorts up. But Dee Dee would have none of that. She stepped into the shower, getting her jeans and top totally soaked in the process, and took Matt down, and within seconds she was holding up his shorts in triumph. Matt stood up in embarrassment, at first not realizing how much he was showing us thru his briefs, until I said to Ashley, ''Yeah, Matt. I wish there was a tape in there, too!''

Dee Dee pointed out to Matt that his wet whities weren't exactly hiding anything now and suggested he either remove them and shower for us or take the offer of the towel Libby was holding up for him. Matt, hands now at his crotch, stepped out of the shower and allowed Libby to wrap the towel around his waist. Dee Dee then quickly bent down, reached under the towel and pulled down his briefs!

Libby first teasingly pretended she would drop the towel. Then, she pulled it away from the front of Matt's body for a sneak peak. Both the grin on Libby's face and the blush on Matt's face indicated she saw it. Then Libby said, ''Belinda, you shouldn't have turned on the cold water.''

Then, Dee Dee let us in on a little secret, ''Matt, didn't I hear you joking last week with Ryan about that time Blushing Billy said he got caught in the shower after school by some girl friends of his?''

Obviously ashamed to admit it, Matt embarrassingly nodded his head.

''And when Ryan said, ''Gotta be embarrassing, but I wouldn't mind that too much? Would you? You agreed, right? And said that it 'might actually be cool, especially if the girls were pretty?'''

Libby's playful tone quickly changed and she interrupted, ''Oh, so he 'wouldn't mind,' would he?''
--------------- Jason, care to guess who got spanked a few nights later? That is, after he ran out of the shower, embarrassed and totally naked, past Belinda, Ashley and myself. And Libby didn't give him any love taps, either! As we watched from the doorway of Libby's bedroom, she yelled at Ryan, ''And this is just in case you also have a fantasy about being spanked, too!'' Don't worry, Jason. All's well with those two lovebirds. Ryan came over the day after with four boxes of chocolates (great, just what I needed when I watching my weight), a huge bouquet of two dozen roses for Libby and handed her a paddle with Libby's name written on it for good measure.

Matt, embarrassed that Dee Dee overheard his admission, nodded his head again.

But Libby, at the time, was seriously ticked off. ''So, the two of you were sharing and dreaming up little boy fantasies about being naked in front of other girls, were you?'' (As she said it, she playfully grabbed at Matt's crotch from the outside of the towel, Matt yelped as Libby obviously grabbed more than just the towel.)

After another squeeze when he didn't answer, Matt yelped again, ''I'm sorry, Libby. It was my fault. I brought it up about Billy. Please let me go get dressed.'' (Matt was blushing like crazy.)

Dee Dee grabbed Matt's arm, ''Come on, Matt. Before Libby rightfully lets that towel drop to the floor.''

Libby calmed down, but gave Matt a quick spank UNDER his towel-covered butt as Dee Dee led him out of the bathroom.

As Dee Dee and Matt went into Dee Dee's bedroom, she yanked the towel off of him and tossed it into the hallway. As Libby, Belinda and I stood in the bathroom, we heard Matt yelp again, then the sound of roaring laughter. A few seconds later, Ashley came walking out of Dee Dee's bedroom with a wide grin on her face. As we gave her inquisitive looks, she said to me, ''What? Hey! How was I supposed to know your brother was going to walk in there totally naked?'' (she later explained she was simply putting the video camera away when in walked Matt, in his birthday suit, and Dee Dee.)

Now, Jason, back to what I know you're really interested in - our webcam live performance for you.

Belinda suggested that we sing 'Take me out to the ballgame' and wish your Cardinals luck for the playoffs.

Libby was stunned!

''You guys are serious, aren't you? And here I thought it was just a joke on Matt for what he and Ryan said.''

Ashley then volunteered that she would join us in the shower on the condition that Libby stripped for you. ''Think the big boy could handle looking at these,'' she said, cupping and pushing up breasts under her tight top.

Libby then explained that just because Belinda and I put up nude pics of ourselves on our website, that didn't mean that she should have to, too.

''Yeah, sure I'd rather have Jason seeing me naked at my choosing, too. But still...''

Then I added that I was pretty sick and tired of all those jackasses complaining about her pubes. So ever since that started a while back with, who was it, Gordo or Road Warrior, I stopped shaving mine entirely; just a trim on the edges once in a while. I now told Libby that if she went along with Belinda and I, I was going to post a full frontal pic of my pubes and tell those jerks to f--- off, that's there's nothing wrong with a girl not shaving and if they have a problem with it then they can make fun of me instead of Libby. Not to brag, but aside from Gordo, I don't think any of the guys who might still be hanging around this board will complain about seeing me nude.

Libby started to cry, ''You'd really do that because of how...''
--------------- Even before we graduated high school, there was a jerk who taped a razor to Libby's locker at school -- this was AFTER Juan and his crowd were gone. But our friend Lori caught the jerk doing it and made him apologize directly to Libby and warned him that it better end there. It actually didn't because some of the guys were so pissed at him they gave him a razor one day after gym class and told him he'd better have his own pubes shaven off by the next day for gym class or they were either going to do it for him or get a couple of girls who'd gladly do it. He must have believed they were serious, because the jerk did come shaven the next day. One of the guys even tried to hand Lori a plastic bag with the evidence after school; she told him to throw it in the trash can. The jerk then apologized again and that was the end of it. But Libby knew that she was being mocked behind her back by some for not shaving.

Then I started to cry, then so did Belinda (who added, ''Sorry Lib, but I'm still keeping my in a strip.'')

Just then, Matt sheepishly walked back down the hall, wearing his shorts. Ashley went to hand him his soaking wet whities, then offered to put them in the dryer. Dee Dee said, ''Don't worry. I gave him something to wear underneath his shorts.''

Matt blushed red as we all knew what Dee Dee meant by that - a pair of her panties! We all just smiled and grinned at him.

Ashley then said, ''Matt, your sister is so sweet. Did you know what she hasn't been doing because...''

I screamed, ''Ashley! Don't you dare tell him that!'' Now, I was blushing! Of course, now when he reads this, he'll know it anyway.

Once Dee Dee took Matt downstairs, we continued our talk.

Because of Libby's understandable shyness at getting purposely naked for you, Jason (she went through much more than Belinda or I did), we came up with something a little different.

We know an artist at school who, after talking to her, we felt comfortable enough to pose naked for. She knew of a relatively secluded spot on the west side of the lake and the five of us girls met her one early weekend morning. There was some added embarrassment for us, though. She couldn't get a babysitter for her five-year old son. Libby started to complain that aside for Ryan and her ex-boyfriend, no boy or man had ever seen her completely naked. She meant, in person, of course. But the minute she said it, she realized how foolish it sounded, given how many guys have seen her nude pics and how Juan and those jerks nearly stripped her naked in November 2003 in front of Matt. Thankfully, our artist's son wasn't too interested in staring at us too much, although he did ask how come Belinda looked different (our pubes!) than Libby and I.

Our artist took a few photographs, too, which later proved problematic due to a mix up at the photo lab, more on that later (slightly embarrassing, but we got our pics back with ten minutes; luckily, the guy never left the parking lot with them; Ashley was the one blushing that day). And Libby, after running after a loose baseball (hey, what's an empty beach worth if you can't play a little naked catch), heard someone yell, ''Hey, did you see that? That chick's naked!'' In trying to quickly hide in some brush, she slipped, fell in some mud and found herself staring up at three boy scouts, the oldest of whom was no more than 16. It didn't help that she strained a muscle going down (she's fine, now). Ashley and I, with our robes on, found her quickly enough and handed her a robe. The scouts offered first aid, which Libby politely and embarrassingly refused. We couldn't resist teasing her afterwards. She said the youngest scout was looking at her like he had never saw a naked girl before.

Dee Dee's going to post some of the artwork later and, as promised, pics of yours truly.

So long for now.

Love Becky XOXO

p.s. I don't think a surprise birthday spanking for Libby would be out of order. She turned 20 earlier this month (so sad! none of us are teenagers anymore except Dee Dee and Matt), so remember, Jason, give her an extra one for good luck! But do make sure that Libby's the one wearing the birthday suit. LOL! She really teased me about the spanking you gave me. But when I teased her back, saying 'You know you'd let Jason spank you, too', she didn't answer, just gave me that smile that said 'in a heartbeat.' You do know how to properly and politely undress a girl, don't you? LOL! Belinda's still talking about your little erection problem you were having, with it pressing up against her. Well, I mean your not-so-little erection problem. LOL! Don't worry. I'll take the blame if Libby flames you for taking her clothes off and spanking her. But you'd better either stay dressed or, at the very least, maybe keep ''little Jason'' a safe distance away from her you-know-where.
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