Thread 79085(G) [Libby's bare butt 20th birthday spanking]

Becky Romero and Libby Marr are left blushing and rubbing their sore bare bottoms in front of their friends on their 20th birthdays; while posing nude for posterity at a lake, Libby unexpectedly gets caught by a Boy Scout troop who get quite an education in the female anatomy; Belinda Ramirez pays off a humiliating bet to a male acquaintance after the World Series - but gets peeked at by one of her girlfriends' kid brother, leading to humiliating results.

Thread 79085(G) [Libby's bare butt 20th birthday spanking]

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Thread 79085 - part G

Image Posted by libbym on 2005-11-09 03:01:10

JASON! How could you?


JASON!!! I am shocked! Utterly shocked! And I am sooooooo disappointed in you that I just don't know where to begin!

I've only read some of what you've written so far, but had to stop right there to start a reply.

When Becky and Belinda dragged me over to the computer tonight and said that I would be shocked to see what you posted and just had to see ''it'', I thought, ''see it''? Don't tell me that Jason is posting nude pics of himself now, too? was my first thought. Shocked is certainly an understatement!

How could you do that to my best friend? How could you openly fantasize THAT MUCH about Becky that you...


. . . (pause) . . .

You actually said you FINGERED her! JASON! And you actually believe that you could do that without her objecting? Is that what you really think! And in my presence?! With me just standing there not trying to stop you? Jason! How could you even THINK you could get away with that! She's my best friend! I would fight to the death to protect her! HOW DARE YOU!

Is that why you fantasized about me stripping you and grabbing your penis? So that would make it permissible for you to finger her?

Why, you, you...

. . . (pause) . . .

HOW DARE YOU! How dare you fantasize about adding to my own humiliation of getting seen nude by those Boy Scouts! Do you have any idea how humiliating that was? Not to mention how stupid I felt, allowing myself to be caught naked like that. And to think that I almost - almost! - told Dee Dee to go ahead and post one of the nude drawings of me just so you could see. I should never, NEVER, have allowed myself to go along with that. And to think Becky and Belinda nearly got me to pose topless together... all three of us, together, JUST FOR YOU! I should have talked them out of it altogether. Becky did say that if I thought we really shouldn't do it, they wouldn't either. But I didn't want to hurt her feelings, she so much wanted to have some nude photos and drawings of ourselves, in good taste as compared to the sneeky, embarrassing ones that Juan took, and while we are all still young and attractive, even if no one but ourselves, our boyfriends, our future husbands and a few close friends - like you, we thought! - would be the only ones to ever see them.

This is exactly why I've stayed away from Mister Poll for ages now. All those jerks re-posting our nude pics, making insulting cracks and jokes about our bodies. Oh, they would probably really enjoy this. That the guy we trusted so much, that... What fools they probably think we are.

Dee Dee even told me about some sick porn site where some jerk is posting stories that fantasize about Becky being stripped naked, spanked by an older woman and publicly humiliated in front of a big crowd. It wouldn't surprise me if there were similar stories about me being stripped, spanked, shaved -- or worse. If they are, I probably don't know about them only because my friends know how upset I'd be to find out about them.

That's why I haven't even read hardly anything going on Mister Poll for a long time now, only some of what Dee Dee has told me that you've said or the occasional printout she, Becky or Ashley have given me to read. That louse impostor was one of the final straws. I came this close - THIS CLOSE - to actually sending him a topless photo of myself thinking he was YOU. Yes, just because you (I thought at the time) asked! Yes, that's right. Just because I thought it was you who badly wanted to see me naked again. I should have done more to try to stop Becky and Belinda from eventually embarrassing themselves. Maybe if I had Becky would have eventually resisted the impulse to put up that nude photo of her butt to tell those jerks to kiss her ass. There was actually a time I was close to feeling the same way.

I've tried to warn Becky and Belinda that flirting with you so openly on Mister Poll might give the jerks reading their posts and yours the wrong idea about us. Just look how many times we've been called whores, sluts, etc. Or the comments that have been posted on porn sites displaying our nude pics, like one of me with the caption, ''Libby Marr, Chicago's Hairiest Slut'' and another one that mocked me, saying ''Bad Hair Day.'' And neither of those were talking about the hair on top of my head, either! Those sick little perverts!

But never even in my worst nightmares... NEVER did I EVER think that you... YOU! ... you of all people! To think that Becky and I would be so promiscuous that we would meet up with you in person, go to your bedroom, and all just so that you could strip my best friend naked, spank her and take the unconscionable liberty to actually put your finger in her...

OMG! You made her... OMG!

JASON! You made her... So, it's all about the 'O' now, too?

I knew it! I just knew it! I knew that Becky was flirting with you just way too much. I tried to warn her and Belinda that once you get a guy, even a nice, young gentleman like I THOUGHT you were, to start thinking about wanting to playfully spank you - especially IN THE NUDE - and especially since he knows what you already look like in the nude - that he's going to want to actually really do it... and it wouldn't stop with the spanking!

Jason, just what the bloody hell has gotten into you?!?!?!

Yes, Belinda. That's right. Absolutely right! She sure said it! ''It's not what's gotten into HIM, it's WHO he wants to get INTO!''

Oh, now Becky's blushing! That's okay, Becky.

They are both sitting here with me, as well as Ashley, all basically speechless. They wanted me to read your whole posting first and said they had something to tell me before I posted anything. They also tell me I haven't even got halfway through it. What's next? Are you going to start having sex with Becky as I watch? Or maybe you are going to try to finger me? I just couldn't stomach to keep reading your post without giving you a good piece of my mind.

Well, my face is no doubt red right now, too. But it's not from blushing! And it's a good think you aren't standing here right now, mister! If you think digging my nails into your cock would be painful, you haven't just any idea just how capable I am of...

Becky's telling me to calm down. How the f------ hell can I be calm after what I read?

Not that I shouldn't take some of the blame. I am so sorry now that I helped set Becky up for that surprise birthday spanking by Brad. He only went through with it because we coaxed him to do it and Becky was probably too embarrassed about being caught nude by that point to object too much. She was being good-natured about it. More good-natured than I would have been, I must admit. That's my fault. I should have stopped it there before Ashley teased Becky over to Brad's lap. Or at the very least, I should have jumped on Brad's lap and let him spank me over my clothes to give Becky some time to reconsider. It's my fault for not doing that.

And then Belinda! Her making that stupid bet with Vance over the stupid Cub-less World Series. I hate those Dirty Hose almost as much as she does. But I just knew that the Astros were such a sorry bunch that had no business being in the playoffs, let alone the Series, that it would be no contest. Those overpaid prima donnas couldn't even win 90 games in the regular season and they're in the Series? What a joke! I handed Belinda a broom the night she made that bet, warned her Houston would be swept out the Series door on their overpaid fat butts and urged her to reconsider. But did she listed to me? Noooooooo!

I even asked Vance the day after Game 2 to let Belinda off the hook. And he would have to, the sweetie. But she's so stubborn. So the weekend after the Series, we're all in town over Becky's one morning and she insisted upon paying up - right on the spot. A shocked Vance was even open to alternatively attending a game at Wrigley next season with Belinda, providing she wear a complete, replica Chisox uniform, right down to the sanitaries, topped with a World Champs hat.

''I'd rather go to Wrigley naked!'' was her furious reply, and she began to immediately strip and didn't stop until she was stark naked! And then Matt had to accidentally walk into Becky's bedroom and see Belinda totally exposed from behind - and I do mean TOTALLY exposed! - and being spanked on top of that! He was even more embarrassed about unintentionally seeing so much of her than she was. Of course, after we all screamed at him to get out... And embarrassment wasn't his only reaction...

Wait... I'm getting off-track. For a moment I almost forgot why I'm so angry right now.

. . . (pause) . . .

OMG! You're asking ME to DO WHAT! JASON!


HOW DARE YOU be so presumptuous as to think that I would permit you to remove ANY of my clothing!

Why you little...

. . . (pause) . . .


I am so, so, so sorry! Jason, can you ever forgive me?

If I had a paddle, I'd spank Becky on her lying, teasing bare behind right this minute. Belinda, too. And while you got to watch!

I feel like such an idiot! This is soooooooo embarrassing!

And they won't even let me delete what I've written above! Damn it!

And that isn't even the half of it. If you heard all of the things I was saying about you, you'd really want to spank me! And I doubt they'd be only love taps!


Even the things I did type! My face is really, REALLY red, now!

For the things I said. My bottom deserves to be red, too!

Please, please, PLEASE forgive me! I honestly had no idea!

What a set-up! They really got me good.

I feel like such a dupe. I should have known better.

Please, PLEASE, forgive me. PLEASE! I feel so bad right now I could cry.

I am so, so sorry! I'm sure I've hurt your feelings and I just wish I could take it all back.


They've just told me how they asked you to make it a little erotic, but that you actually surpassed what they hoped.

(Becky did say she was not too pleased about one part - I think we both know what part that was - but so long as it doesn't happen again, she said that's okay.)

That they wanted you to actually strip me naked, rather than me taking off my clothes! I also know why Becky wanted me spanked!

OMG! If you could have heard Belinda! She was hoping you were going to...

Stop! LEAVE MY PUBES ALONE! How humiliating!

Becky said after her birthday spanking by Brad, the only thing better than this would have been you spanking me nude in-person.

I don't know how they kept a straight face through it all, as I was raging with anger.

Belinda was even pretending to be cussing you out in Spanish. And I was agreeing with her! And saying some things even worse!

But, I SHOULD have known better.

I SHOULD have figured that Becky was going to get me back good for her birthday spanking. But this?

It never occured to me, especially after the trick they DID play on me. I thought that was bad enough, making me think that a friend of a friend of ours recognized Billy from his nude pic, when we were showing our high school softball album to her and everyone else, making me think that her sister went to college with Billy's wife. Then she snapped a photo of Billy's pic with her cell phone and instant-messaged it to her sister. Her sister immediately calls up and she lets me overhear the initially part of their conversation, ''OMG! Billy Sanders! (followed by loud laughter) Look at that small little dick of his! Where did you get that nude pic of him? I've got to tell Amy about this!''

They had me so totally going. I ended up begging this woman over the phone - who've I never met - not to do that, that I didn't want to be blamed as a home-wrecker. That if Amy ever found out that Billy had sent us his nude photo, even though that was before they got married, I could never forgive myself if it affected their marriage. I was literally begging her to forget about it that she saw it.

She was like, ''No. Amy should know what her exhibitionist, naked, small-little-prick-of-a-husband has been up to.''

I quickly explained what had happened, our harassment at high school, everything (she already enough details about it all from Becky and Jasmine, of course, to know what to answer me with). How sweet and helpful and compassionate Billy was to all of us. Then she reverses herself and starts giving me a guilt trip about ''sharing'' Billy's nude pic. That I was now saying it really wasn't his fault? She then got me started naming all the girls who've seen it. WOW! I hadn't even realized there were THAT many! Thinking back, I even forgot about quite a few, too. There was even this usherette at Wrigley this past summer. We had sneaked down to some better seats. OK, yes it was a bribe to be allowed to stay there. Hey, but it made her day! She even teased us later, bringing over a vendor to teasingly ask him if they sold any jockstraps with Cubs' logos - in size ''extra small.'' It was her boyfriend, so that kind of made it funny (Well, okay, Billy probably wouldn't find it THAT funny. Poor guy. I miss him, but maybe it's better he isn't around to know that.)!

Then she asked how would I like it if Billy had done the same with my nude photos that Juan posted, showing them to all his guy friends? I tried to explain it was Billy's choice to be seen nude by us. We weren't nude on the internet by choice. We went over how it happened, how Billy sent us his nude pic.

''So, you basically tricked him into getting naked for you? And then you shared his photo with girls he doesn't know? Maybe you should be punished, have to get naked yourself. How many people are there right now? (I didn't like where this was going!) ... Well, that's far less than the number of women and girls that you showed Billy's little penis to.''

After seeing I was getting absolutely nowhere with reason with her, and her threatening to hang up and immediately call Amy, maybe even give her my number to call me to discuss Billy's ''exhibitionistic nudity'' directly with me, I reluctantly agreed to strip - yes, totally NAKED, in front of a roomfull of my guests! And, worse, there were several guys present, including Becky's boyfriend, Brad and Brian Burke, Vance and Matt and several boyfriends of some of the other girls (my boyfriend Ryan had a family emergency, did he ever laugh about that later, that is until my elbow made contact with his rib cage.)! The fact that most of the guys there had saw my nude photos when Juan posted them didn't lessen how embarrassed I was becoming as I started to strip! Even more embarrassing was that some hadn't, like Becky's boyfriend and several other guys.

And it was only after I was down to nothing but my bra and panties and was literally unhooking my bra, when Becky and Belinda walked over to me and each gave me a kiss on opposite cheeks and said, ''Happy Birthday, Libby.'' The woman on the phone (with the volume turned up as it now rested on the table as I stripped), asked, ''So, is that birthday girl in her birthday suit yet?'' (apparently, she thought the plan WAS to get me totally naked!) That's when I realized I had been so had! I was so flustered I nearly dropped my bra, nearly causing my exposure that Becky and Belinda had planned to stopped by that point. Matt, bless his sweet, little heart, actually put his hands over his eyes, just in case my bra did fall to the floor!

That's when Ashley and Dee Dee brought out the cake. So I'm standing there, arms trying to cover myself as best I could, in nothing but my bra and panties (skimpy ones, too, of all the days!) in front of a roomfull of people, most good friends, but still... as they all then sang ''happy birthday'' to me.

After I blew out the candles (trick candles on top of it, causing me to do some repeating huffing and puffing, which excited the guys quite a lot, especially given the skimpy bra I was wearing that night and the way I was leaning across to the center of the table where the cake was), I reached over for my jeans and top.

But no! Belinda had to grab them first. ''Doesn't the birthday girl still need a birthday spanking?''

Naturally, there were howls of ''Yes! Yes! Yes!'' (especially from the guys, who added, ''and in her birthday suit!''). One of our girlfriend's boyfriend went to snap a picture, but stopped when Belinda said, ''Do YOU want to be in YOUR birthday suit, too? Then, you go ahead and take Libby's picture.'' Then ask Brad what happened to him on Becky's birthday. (Brad blushed red). The guy got the hint and quickly put his camera away.

But I could see that a birthday spanking was coming, whether I liked it or not. Accepting the inevitable, I said, ''OK. But I pick my spanker.'' And so I quickly grabbed Matt by the arm and off we went to one of the bedrooms. Becky, Belinda, Ashley, Dee Dee and Jasmine followed us. The other girls and guys were all whining and crying, as Becky quickly locked the door behind us before they realized what was happening. Matt was wide-eyed and a little embarrassed.

''Okay. Let's just get this over with it,'' I said, as Matt sat on the bed and I nearly hopped onto his lap, my bottom up.

But Matt was actually too embarrassed to spank me. When Becky (still smarting from her September birthday-suit clad birthday spanking by Brad) said that if Matt didn't start spanking me, they'd have to get one of the other guys to do it, I begged, ''Matt, start spanking me! Now, Matt! NOW!''

He quickly began, little 'love-pats' at first. I couldn't believe this was happening. Getting spanked over my panties by my girlfriend's kid brother!

I was soon goaded into counting and at Becky and Belinda's urging, the spanks got a little harder, less someone else be called in relief. I still remember #15 and #16. They made me yell at him, ''Not THAT hard!'' He quickly apologize and #17 was so light I hardly felt it. I actually had to tell him, ''Not that light!'' By butt was stinging like crazy, even worse than when Danny McDonald slapped it two years ago.

Jason! Wipe that silly grin off your face!

After ''Twenty,'' Belinda said, ''Wait a minute. Matt, close your eyes!''

He did as he was told. Then, Belinda pulled down my panties!

Oh, she's laughing now. Let's see how much she laughs when I have Dee Dee relate to you her spanking by Vance. Oh, no, Belinda? What do you mean you're too embarrassed to let Jason know what happened? She's not laughing now!

And then she instructed an ignorant Matt, ''Now, keep your eyes closed and give Libby one really good, really, really last hard one for good luck! Remember, a really, really hard one! Tradition is the harder it is, the more good luck it will bring here.'' (yeah, right!)

I started to open my mouth to protest, but I looked up and saw Matt did really have his eyes closed.

Still... OMG! How humiliating! Becky was smirking at me. Serves me right, I guess.

(And a really hard one it was! It really stung! (I actually avoided sitting down back at the table after that. I even ate my piece of cake standing up. Some of the guys caught on to why and I got teased, ''Sore bottom, Lib?'' asked Brad. ''Not as sore as yours is going to be if you don't shut up!'' was my reply.)

After that last spank by Matt, by his bare hand on my bare bottom, there was silence, except for me moaning slightly in pain. I think everyone expected Matt to open his eyes in shock and see me bottomless. Instead, he asked if he should still keep his eyes closed or if he could open them.

I managed to say, ''Keep your eyes closed and please... GET YOUR HAND OFF MY NAKED BUTT!''

Becky started to laugh, then Belinda. Soon everyone was laughing except me and Matt. I managed to get up and stood there, facing them all, rubbing my sore bottom, my panties falling to the floor as I stood up. Much to my embarrassment, Belinda yells, ''Okay, Matt. You can open your eyes.'' I think I... I hope I... I wished I?... had managed to throw my hands in front of myself down there just in time. But if I wasn't quite quick enough, at least Matt is too sweet to ever tell me otherwise.

Matt seemed like he was in a state of shock. At the time I thought he was just stunned that he had actually spanked - SPANKED - my bare bottom. I found out later he was motionless for another reason.

Dee Dee finally grabbed a pillow and thrust it into Matt's face. ''Okay, Matt. Spanking and peep show's over.'' I quickly took that opportunity to pull up my panties. Ashley volunteered to fetch my clothes, but Becky insisted that I remain in my bra and panties at least until I opened my gifts in front of everyone.

So to the party I returned, blushing and to a round of quite embarrassing applause. One of the guys even wanted to see ''how red'' my bottom was. Trust me! He did NOT get to see! Brian caught me rubbing my behind for a few seconds and volunteered to rub my sore butt with cream, that is until Belinda pinched him from under the table. I wanted to sit down to allow the table to partially conceal my undressed state, but my bottom was too sore. Worse yet, I now had an urge to pee and Becky wouldn't let me pass her to go to the bathroom, thinking it was an excuse by me to get my clothes on. OMG! Why am I telling you this? I mouthed to her, ''I have to go! Now!'' Luckily, I did not have an accident. But Brian Burke knew I had to go, from the grin on his face.

After cake and desserts, I opened my gifts. The first two that I was made to open up were from Becky and Belinda: a pair of jeans and a sweater, which I quickly put on! That's why they had me open those two first. Putting on and pulling up the jeans actually made my butt sting even more, but at least I now had some clothes on!

When I opened Matt's gift, I looked around to thank him. But he wasn't there. Neither was Dee Dee. I asked where they were. Ashley said she'd tell me later. After everyone else had left except us (Becky, Belinda, Ashley, Dee Dee and myself), Matt emerged from the bathroom wearing apparently nothing but Ashley's pink bathrobe. I went in, did what I had to do - finally! - and came back out.

''What happened?'' I asked.

As Matt blushed in embarrassment, Dee Dee replied that, ''Matt had a little, uh... he had a little accident right after spanking you.''

Becky whispered to me, ''Diarrhea.''

Matt put his head down in mortified embarrassment.

When Belinda asked with concern, ''Diarrhea? Are you okay, Matt?'' Maybe you should take some Pepto-Bismol?'' Then, Ashley whispered something into Belinda's ear.

After that, all Belinda could say was, 'Oh - My - God!' over and over. Matt was really embarrassed now, especially knowing that Belinda now knew it wasn't diarrhea that resulted in his need for a change of clothes.

Ashley then teased her sister, ''How come Matt only gets 'diarrhea' when Libby's partially undressed in front of him?'' (But I no longer have that unique claim to fame, thanks to the Chisox; Dee Dee or Becky can explain that later.)

Dee Dee put her hands on her hips and frowned, pretending to be angry with Matt.

Matt was really getting embarrassed now, so I went behind him, put my head on his shoulder and hugged him for about a minute and then planted a soft kiss on his cheek and then resumed hugging him. That all apparently perked him up in more ways than one, because Becky, looking down, snorted in an announcer-like voice, ''Attention, Matt. Attention, Matt. Wardrobe malfunction. Wardrobe malfunction. Attention, Matt. Attention, Matt.''

Ashley added, ''Oh, Matt's 'at attention' alright.''

As I looked down to where Ashley was pointing, she stooped down and said to his penis, ''Hi there little fella. What's up?''

A now even more embarrassed Matt quickly adjusted the robe to hide his erect penis that was plainly sticking out into view, Belinda rolled her eyes and Dee Dee shot him a quite disapproving look.

Ashley added to his embarrassment when she said, ''Dee Dee, if your boyfriend is going to sleep on the couch tonight in MY bathrobe, will you please lend him a pair of YOUR panties? Just in case he has any more 'diarrhea' problems during the night?''

Matt now felt completely humiliated. He meekly asked if he could use the washing machine to wash his underwear and jeans. Becky and I told him not to worry, we would take care of it. But I think that made him even more embarrassed, knowing the two of us would see his, uh, you know, stain. Dee Dee then said she would wash his clothes instead, grabbed Matt by the arm and off they went to do Matt's laundry.

But back to my own embarrassment on how I treated you tonight, Jason.

I never would have expected them to top that, setting me up with Billy's nude pic as the tool, so to speak.

But... wait just one minute! YOU! Jason! Shame on you! You were in on it all along, weren't you?

Becky and Belinda and Ashley are all nodding their heads. Dee Dee, too, no doubt. Becky said, ''Darn right'' to that. Wait until I see Dee Dee this weekend.

Oh, yes! Yes, sir! If I was in your bedroom right now and had a paddle... On second thought, forget the flipping paddle!

A hairbrush is more like it. One of those that have the bristles... ON BOTH SIDES!

Maybe I could borrow one from Sally or Jenny?

No, I'm teasing you about that. I wouldn't do that. You've been too good a friend, even though you've now made me totally, totally, TOTALLY humiliate myself. Thanks a lot, Jason!

My BARE HANDS! Yes! They will work on your bare butt just fine until they are as red as a St. Louis Cardinal.

OMG! Becky!

Do you know what she just suggested? Never mind! Having you fantasize about stripping me naked and spanking me was embarrassing enough! Although what she said would be fitting in a way, considering how I went off on you.

In fact, I had better stop writing right now before I let her and Belinda talk me into letting you actually...

Sorry, Jason! One fantasy of yours of me being willingly and naked in your bedroom is more than enough!

Love a very embarrassed; a very contrite; a very apologetic; (and a nearly was ready to say very nude, bare-bottomed, waiting to be spanked by you for being so mean to you)



Image Posted by Jason-Shannon on 2005-11-11 00:27:42


OMG!! Libby, when I read the first part of your post, I got a REALLY SICK, SICK feeling in my stomach!!!


I thought to myself ?OMG!! WHAT HAVE I DONE???!!! I?VE, I?VE, I?VE GONE AND ALIENATED DEAR, SWEET LIBBY NOW!!!! The last time I heard Libby THIS PISSED was when she was flaming one of the jerks on Mr. Poll for grossly insulting her nude body and her closest friends!!? I was definitely ready to begin begging and begging your forgiveness!!

YES, YOU CERTAINLY DID HURT MY FEELINGS!!!!!! How could that tirade of yours NOT hurt my feelings, given how I?ve felt about you for over 2 years now??!! AND LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE RIGHT HERE AND NOW, MS. MARR!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . OF COURSE, I FORGIVE YOU, LIBBY DEAR!!!!!! I FORGIVE YOU!! I FORGIVE YOU!! I FORGIVE YOU!!

And IF I did actually have the real opportunity to give you a bare-butt spanking for what you said to me, I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that I would STILL give you ONLY LOVE-PATS!!! ...FOLLOWED BY THE BIGGEST HUGS I COULD!!!

Although your tirade sure did SCARE THE CRAP out of me!!!, there?s NO WAY it could ever change the way I feel about you!!!

OMG!! Libby, the girls REALLY pulled off a FIRST CLASS trick on BOTH of us this time!!!!


Yeah, they got you really good by not telling you that they put me up to this! But they got me really good by not letting you go back and delete the flaming, flaming tirade you gave me! WOW!! Those girls SURE DON?T MESS AROUND when they pull a trick on somebody, do they???!!!

It may sound funny, but I actually feel honored to finally be a part (and a victim) of one of their great ?fun tricks?!!

Well, all tricks aside, I now need to address the more serious side of all this:

FIRST OF ALL, I apologize on my knees to dear Becky. In retrospect, I KNOW I never should have taken the liberty I did during her spanking. I?M VERY, VERY SORRY, BECKY!!

Secondly, not to make any excuses, because there ARE NONE!!, but if you would be so kind, let me share with you exactly what was going through my mind when I typed in that ill-advised liberty. Yes, I was fantasizing about really being there like that with Becky. I was recalling a few months ago when Becky and I were hinting on Mr. Poll about ?wanting to do each other?, jokingly of course. But I NEVER should have let my imagination carry me away like that! I KNOW MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!! For what it?s worth, when I was fantasizing that, I was imagining my finger only on the outer part of her slit, not inside it (which is an even higher level of intimacy). But nevertheless, either way, I KNOW that?s simply TOO INTIMATE a spot to freely intrude upon the way I did. NO EXCUSES AT ALL!! I?M VERY, VERY SORRY, BECKY!!

And thirdly, having said what I just said, I HEREBY DO SOLEMNLY PROMISE YOU, BECKY DEAR, THAT I SHALL NEVER, EVER TAKE ANY SUCH INTIMATE LIBERTY WITH YOU AGAIN. EVER!!! Not only because it simply is NOT gentlemanly behavior at all, and not only because I have the highest respect for you, Becky, but also because it could give the wrong impression to the jerks out there. I know that you would only allow your boyfriend to ever become that intimate with you, so I would NEVER want to give those jerks even the slightest impression that you were (or might be) a ?loose girl? in any way!! What?s more, Becky dear, if our lives had taken a different course, and you actually were my girlfriend, my fantasy TOTALLY misrepresents what our relationship would actually be like. It would CERTAINLY NOT be centered around sex, like my fantasy may suggest. It would instead be like, ...well, like my relationship with Sally: Sex is only a small part of our relationship (and we?ve haven?t gone ?all the way? yet, nor do we have any intentions of doing that in the foreseeable future). Mostly, Sally and I just enjoy each other?s company and loving support and the fun times we have being together. And that?s EXACTLY the way I would want it if YOU were my girlfriend!! I NEVER take undue liberties with Sally, and I would NEVER take them with you either!! Once again, Becky dear, I?M VERY, VERY SORRY!!

I?ll have more to say here very soon, but I JUST HAD TO RUSH this message off to you and Becky ASAP!!!

Once again, Libby, I TOTALLY FORGIVE YOU!!! Please don?t let it bother you at all any longer!!

Love always, An equally embarrassed, contrite, apologetic, and, ah yes, RELIEVED!!,

KARMA: ''What goes around comes around and then bites you in the ass for good measure.''
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