Ashley Randle in the Shower

Not content with the embarrassment he's already caused us, Bad Girl Spanker adds to our public humiliation, with Dee Dee discovering it wasn't a good idea to dare him to post nude pics of her after she mistakingly believed he hadn't acquired several photos of her in the buff, teaching her a very humbling lesson in a very public way.

Ashley Randle in the Shower

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Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-05-13 21:51:17

Since you closed the thread to run away from the question;

How's Jason doing again? Is he returning your calls? Or did you give it up for him in the shower and not even get a card in return.

And if I walked in on you showering, you would have your legs open in a second flat-- just like you did for Jason. Besides last time someone walked in on one of you girls showering, he apparently managed to spank her even though he was only a little kid.

Aren't you glad it wasn't you in the shower instead of Becky?


Image Posted by ashley randle on 2007-05-13 22:09:54

Why I do believe the Mad Gay Wanker is jealous! Jealous that Jason and I shared some intimate moments together.

I know you're no doubt jealous that he fucked me instead of you, but trust me: you're not his type. He was fantastic, by the way. Lots of stamina, too.

I closed the thread because you kept posting that piece of trash story you wrote to humiliate my friend.

As far as me showering, as I said:

If you ever dared tried to intrude on me showering, I'd make sure that I'd take a little momento of you home with me. And 'little' is quite the word to describe it.

And after that, every time you needed to pee and you looked down you'd have something to remember me by.



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-05-13 22:28:41

You closed the thread because you chickened out-- just like your sister did. Haven't seen her showing her face here in a while.

Jealous of Jason? Nah. Becky or Libby would be my first choice for who I'd want to take a shower with. Not you. Come to think of it, your sister comes in ahead of you. Especially after seeing how much weight she lost.

But don't feel too down Ash. You still have Jason-- right? He probably still keeps in touch after you two hooked up... or wait he forgot all about you. I guess you weren't much good. That's the thing about slutty girls, Ash. You flaunt it but you can't actually deliver on it. No wonder Jason doesn't want to hear from you.

And if we did shower together, I could find a better use for that big mouth of yours than talking back.


Image Posted by ashley randle on 2007-05-13 22:46:46

When Jason comes around and apologizes to Becky, I'll consider letting him make up with me.

But dating him? LOL! Not Jason. He's a tad little immature for my liking. A fling? Sure. But dating? LOL! I don't think so. Even if he didn't have a girlfriend.

He was so nervous when I suggested Jenny join us for some fun. She was game, but like I said. He's still a tad immature.

I'm not the least bit jealous that my girlfriends are more attractive than me and certainly not that my sister is, either. But your chances with any of them are nil.

You see, there's that gay thing about you that just turns them all off, bad boy or not.

Maybe when you get your dick screwed on straight... Straight. Get it? LOL! And lose the attitude you'll stand a better chance with girls than winning the powerball.



Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-05-13 22:55:12

Oh sure, Ash. You'll "consider" letting him make up with you. You mean you'll desperately throw yourself at him again.

Since you can't compete with Becky, Libby, Belinda or Dee Dee in the looks department, you've got to be the slutty one of the group. If you were any more desperate, you would be standing naked by the highway with a sign.

And a threesome with Jenny? And you're trying to use gay as an insult. Get real.

I'm doing good with girls right now. Can't say the attitude hurts either. And let's face reality-- in real life if I crooked a finger, you'd come calling faster than you could drop whatever it is you were doing.

And what is it with the + signs next to your name? Are you ten years old? You couldn't figure out how to do unicorns in ASCII?


Image Posted by The Grinch on 2007-05-14 05:15:24

WTF! Which one of you Randle girls deleted my post about the video of Becky. You know, the one where she flashes the pizza guy. Why'd you delete it? That's fucked up.

Hey Ashley. If I had to bet, I'd say you're hot and Spanker's just trying to get you all pissed off to dare him to post a nude pic of you. Looks like he's got them too.

Come on, be a good girl and give him a dare.


Image Posted by Bracko on 2007-05-14 09:07:19

Whats this about a video of Becky? Post it again Grinch. And if that dude has nude pics of Ashley and dont post them, then he's a fucking pussy for letting her talk to him like that. Maybe Ashley telling the truth about him.


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-05-16 00:49:05

Bracko, Grinch is just fucking with everyone. There's no video of Becky Romero flashing anyone.

But I say he's surely right on about Ashley.

I mean look at that B.S. he was giving us about Dee Dee, calling her a cow. Then we see her all naked, she mocks him with more nude pics of herself and she's like a 9 or 9.5.

If Spanker's calling Ashley a slut and dissing her looks, it probably means she's the hottest of the whole bunch. Especially with her and Dee Dee being sisters.

Spanker, give it up. That boat has sailed.


Image Posted by Steve Stop on 2007-05-16 01:22:55

Hey what did I miss and when did you guys get so whipped by the girls?


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-05-16 23:47:49

Steve, just check out the old messages if you want to see what you missed. And WTF do you mean we guys are getting whipped by the girls?
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