Happy Birthday to Becky Romero

Not content with the embarrassment he's already caused us, Bad Girl Spanker adds to our public humiliation, with Dee Dee discovering it wasn't a good idea to dare him to post nude pics of her after she mistakingly believed he hadn't acquired several photos of her in the buff, teaching her a very humbling lesson in a very public way.

Happy Birthday to Becky Romero

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Image Posted by TurboSupremo on 2007-09-24 00:48:21

Did you get your birthday spanking yesterday Becky? Twenty-two spanks on the bare to that nice tight ass of yours to help you celebrate? l-o-l

Just happened to Google you. Interesting site you have. Too bad you girls didn't have this up in high school. Belinda might have even have gotten offers to get her laid before graduating.

I got a Q for you. What really happened that day when that coaching asst called you into Coach Meyers' office that day back in 01?

Some say you blew him. Others that you only gave him a lap dance. Then there was that rumor going around that Leah Hughes saw you walking out of the office quickly while trying to button up your blouse at period end bell and that Meyers was pissed off when he found a pair of panties under his desk the next day.

Tell Libby that a lot of the guys still think she should have been chosen prom queen. I don't think there wasn't a guy in school that wasn't jacking off at night with some fantasy about her. She was one cool chick.


Image Posted by Bracko on 2007-09-24 11:11:53

Thats fucking awesome, dude! How long you've known these bitches? We've been having problems getting Becky to keep her promises and answer shit. If by chance you got some of them nude pics of her passed about at her school, dont imagine we'd be having any more problems getting her to answer?


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-09-26 00:27:41

Becky sure had her wild days,

I bet she'd appreciate some more stories about her slutty school adventures to share to help celebrate her birthday, wouldn't you Becky?


Image Posted by TurboSupremo on 2007-09-26 00:49:59

Promises to who about what? I haven't read everything here. But what ever all this is about Becky, you guys are right about one thing. The way she'd walk at school, like she was on a catwalk or something with her ass jiggling back and forth, guys couldn't help but think about wanting to spank her. She could be a total flirt, too, as long as she liked you.

But calling her a slut is a bit much. True, Becky certainly did sleep around and developed quite a bad rep in 9th and 10th grade. She just enjoyed having sex. What's wrong with that?

What's all you guys problem with her anyway? Yeah, I saw Becky's nude pics. Who didn't? Half the school probably did. So? I didn't know her all that well and only had a couple classes with her, but I sure wouldn't characterize Becky as a bitch. Only Juan and those other losers did.

And certainly not Libby. What a class act that girl is. Sweet as apple pie. Everyone hit on her and she just had this way, you know, letting you down so easy that you still fantasized about her without realizing she had totally rejected you.

Belinda? That's a different story. I never had a problem with her but lets just say not too many guys felt sorry for her when everyone saw her nude pics. I know that sounds harsh and I guess maybe guys who knew her well liked her and felt a little bad about what happened. How to say it? Lets just say lots of guys wanted to fuck Belinda, wanted to sleep with Becky and wanted to have babies with Libby.


Image Posted by libbym on 2007-09-27 03:34:15

To TurboSupremo:

While I'm certainly both flattered and embarrassed by the sentiments you expressed about me, you couldn't be more wrong than you are about Belinda. If, as it appears, you are indeed a former high school classmate of ours, you know very well that Belinda was widely liked, admired and respected by the students at our school.

As for that incident involving Becky and that P.E. coach in 2001, that was a private matter between the two of them. It is, to put it as politely as possible, none of your business. No good is served by bringing that incident up.

I would also like to ask you to please respect our privacy and our dignity. Please refrain from considering the vulgar and crass suggestions that the imbeciles you may come across on this board would have you do to us. Becky deserves none of the humiliation they would have you cause her. Nor does Belinda. You called Juan and his friends 'losers.' Would you act in the same manner? If so, what would that make you? Surely you are better than that?

Libby Marr


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-09-29 00:33:15

Hey, Supremo. Welcome dude. High time we finally got of the guys who was around to see these chicks get humiliated in high school. And maybe you can help us get to the bottom of things (no pun intended, Becky. Spanker will be getting to your bottom soon enough).

First, gotta ask you what was it like when all you guys at school saw their nude pics? Did they cry? Stay home and hide for three weeks? What was the reaction of you guys seeing Belinda's flat chest and Libby's hairy bush? Did getting exposed and humiliated get Becky to finally stop trying to get into a new guy's pants every week?

Who was most embarrassed? My guess is it was Libby. Why is she such a stuck-up snob who thinks she better than everyone else? You know you could really put her in her place by posting a few nudes of her. Bet she'd do anything to get them down.

Certainly she'd stop ignoring us. She never keeps her promises. Never answers questions. And from what she's done, she may deserve to be humiliated more than even Becky.

Like when she humiliated a bunch of young boys at some baseball camp, checking out and inspecting their cup protectors while a bunch of girls watched.

And walking in on young boys while they showered. This is what she also said:

Yes it's true that Belinda and I saw undressed and naked boys while we were coaching interns at a baseball camp a few years back, just like Becky said. But it was no big deal to us. I mean, to put it one way, when you've seen one little wiener, you've seen them all.

One day after practice, when many boys still weren't showered, dressed and exiting the locker room promptly, we first sent another boy who had come out (dressed) back in with a five-minute warning. When that time passed (with most of the boys then finished, dressed and out), Belinda poked her head in and yelled, ''One more minute, then it's SHOW-TIME, fellas!'' That at least got a few more of the slow-pokes to hurry up. It was only after several more minutes passed that we gave up and Belinda and I walked on in, announcing that we told the girls to wait one more minute outside in the hall before coming in. Belinda and I then walked through the locker room where several boys were either in their underwear or nearly dressed, around the corner, past the urinals and toilet stalls and into our offices, warning several boys who were still procrastinating in the showers 15 feet or so away that the girls would be entering the locker room in about 30 seconds and that they might want to cover up. When they immediately went running from the showers and past us, we could hear from the girlish giggles around the corner that they hadn't reached their towels in time. The 15 or so girls in the camp had been more than patient. So the few boys who were embarrassed that day had only themselves to blame.

How would you like it if Libby was checking you out or if you had kids, checking out your naked son and making wisecracks about his small dick?

I say it's time to put this stuck-up, conceited little bitch in her place once and for all.

The rest of us here know there were full frontal nude pics of Libby those dudes at your school passed out. Now if you can post a few of them, she'll finally get her due.


Image Posted by TurboSupremo on 2007-09-30 17:14:06

Yeah its true that Becky had trouble keeping her panties on back in those days. That's why I asked her about that liaison she had with that coaching asst. Rumors were they were caught screwing around in that office half naked and it cost him his job. Hope she can clear the air about that if for no other reason than to set the record straight.

But hell. Becky even had trouble a few times keeping her panties on even when she wasn't screwing guys. Like at a school dance in 02. And though she tried to maintain her composure after her nude pics surfaced at school the next year, you could tell she was embarrassed as hell, avoiding eye contact and burying her head in her books anytime guys were around that she knew saw the pics, for a few weeks anyway. Still, most guys liked her but you didn't dare say a word about her pics to her directly or even stare at them. Especially Belinda, unless you wanted the crap beat out of you by her.

Don't know what your guys problems are but you're totally wrong about Libby. Like I said, she was sweet as apple pie. I'm not sure just what the fuck you're accusing her of, but if I had a kid at a sports camp I'd rather have Libby coaching him and seeing him nude and showering then these fucking pedo queers they have today that are getting kicked out left and right from coaching boys clubs, Boy Scouts and sports teams all the time. And he'd probably learn a whole lot more about playing ball from her too. She's a top notch athlete. She'd could have been the star of the baseball team too, not just softball.

Conceited little bitch'? Stuck-up snob?

I don't know where the hell you're getting that idea about her, but you're a total idiot. Libby was constantly being praised for this or that, community service and awards. One example, after a cop-killer left a ninth grader without a father. The school did squat. But Libby Marr and Lizzy McNally organized a fundraiser that raised something like $30K for a scholarship for the boy. 'Conceited', 'bitch' and 'snob' are about the most opposite terms you could think of to ever describe Libby.

As for what that Down 'n dirty asshole is saying about Libby that you linked to, I won't comment about her nude pics because I don't want her feeling embarrassed that maybe I saw them too. I did see that one of Belinda you posted and a couple others, but like that one they were blurry and grainy so Belinda shouldn't feel like I saw much either. But even if I did see Libby's nude pics, makes no difference. Those things you assholes are saying about how she maintains herself down there is none of your fucking business. What are you? Some thirteen year old?

Libby, if you see or read this, just wanted to say don't let all this crap get you down. How'd you get mixed up with all these low-life losers anyway? I imagine it must have something to do with you girls nude pics. But geez! That was four years ago!

Sorry about that crack I made about Belinda. Like I said, I never had a problem with her. But you have to admit, everyone felt more sorry for you than her. But you're right. Most guys wanted to kick the shit out of Doug for that stunt he did with her nude pics after Juan already had embarrassed her once.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-09-30 20:10:17

The man's got a point. Libby is actually the class act of the three of them. Yes she's sorta stuck up but you really can't compare her to Belinda or Becky.

Being around Becky though makes for some better stories, that's for sure.


Image Posted by The Grinch on 2007-10-01 00:24:44

Re: Becky caught naked in shower again?


Image Posted by Bracko on 2007-10-01 09:59:40

Hey Turbo Supremo dude. You need to fucking chill out. So you googled these bitches because you went to school with them. Big fucking deal. You think you know everything about them? You said you havent read everything. You should. BGS and Scorp are right. Libby's got a chip on her pitching shoulder. But its nothing a good bare ass spanking in public wouldnt cure. Sort of like the one that one dude gave her in high school she wrote about only in front of a lot more people. Did you know she also let herself get spanked bare ass at her own birthday party? Yep, that's right. Your class act, sweet as apple pie, everyone wants to have babies with Miss Libby Marr, put herself over Becky's brother's lap and let him fondle and spank her naked bare ass until he came. Wonder what all those guys at your old school who think so highly of her would think of her if they knew what we knew about her? Or how she posed totally naked for photos and art sketches for an woman artist while the woman's young son watched? And then she frolicked around naked on a beach playing softball with Becky, Belinda and Ashley only to find out a troop of Boy Scouts were watching them? That's some class act.

Then there's Becky and her admitting 'I should have been spanked in school on my bare ass more often so I would have been a better behaved girl' essay. She doesnt just have trouble keeping her panties on. She has a whole history of trouble keeping any clothes on. Like this we got her to admit to only by threat of being punished: naked and spanked at the beach. And as far as the whole spanking thing with her goes, she's the one promising to be spanked if she loses the debate with BGS. I'd bet you know a lot of guys you both went to school with who can help answer the question: should she be spanked?

And finally we cum to Belinda. You said the nude pics of her those dudes at school showed everyone were ''blurry and grainy so Belinda shouldn't feel like I saw much either.'' Hey dude. Since youve given us some insight on these chicks and have given us some ideas to explore, specially re Becky, you deserve to see Belinda in all her latina naked glory. How'd we come across her naked? She was flashing and cyberstripping on this board for a couple of dudes here before the board got made public, then got totally fucked over when he shared her nude pics with other dudes who posted them. Kinda of makes you wonder if she secretly got off on everyone at school seeing her nude. Here she is, naked as the day she was born. She had she lied to BGS and said she didn't spread her legs for that Jason fag and dared him to prove otherwise. He did. Enjoy dude. Share them around. Maybe it will help that foul-mouthed virgin finally get some dick.


Image Posted by TurboSupremo on 2007-10-03 02:25:49

Holy shit! I don't believe it! How'd you get those nude pics of Belinda? You mean she actually did cybersex stuff online with guys? Oh man! I knew she was hot even before I saw those b/w grainy pics Juan and Doug passed around. But that one of her ass and in color! Damn! Makes me wish I was back in high school with her! Would have definitely hit on her! And her posing and flashing her boobs and pussy like that? If the guys only knew she was doing that while still in high school? Fuck! There must have been hell to pay for the guy who got her pics and then posted them.

As for Libby, you guys are still off base. She's not even 'sort of stuck up'. But got to say, really surprised to learn she posed naked. Becky, yeah. I could see her doing stuff like that for her boyfriend. But Libby? That's a shocker. And letting herself get spanked? And while naked? Birthday or not, I'm sure glad I didn't lay down any wagers on that one. Total shocker with that too. She must be pretty embarrassed with you guys reading so much personal stuff about her. That's probably why she ignores all of you but you all take it as her being a snob. Trust me. Any one who went to school with her knows she'd blush like crazy just for being tossed a compliment. I guess it only proves that even a nice, unpretentious girl like Libby has her little secret pleasures. She's going to be embarrassed as hell knowing a guy she went to high school with now knows this stuff about her. But I hope she doesn't let it bother her. It's only showing her suppressed hidden party girl side that every modest girl has.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-10-03 04:53:58

Belinda sent them to a guy online. After the girls pissed him off, he passed them over to me.

Belinda was dumb enough to call me a liar and dare me to post them.

http://www.misterpoll.com/messages.m?pg ... 4081519513

So I did. She chickened out of the dare she made and hasn't had the guts to show her face here again. No hell to pay.

Then she actually dared me to do it again on another site. I did and she shut her mouth again.

If you want to see Dee Dee naked, I posted her pictures too.



Image Posted by TurboSupremo on 2007-10-04 01:06:08

You guys don't know Belinda. You just don't mess with her. Not unless you enjoy pain. She can kick ass big time. That's one chick without fear. She once took down two gang-bangers that pulled a knife on her when she went running outside late on night after them because they were smashing car windows on her street with bats. From what I heard her community weekly paper wrote, they made her strip naked waist down, but then she threw her jeans at the guy's hand holding the knife, picked up the bat and busted his kneecap and jaw. The other one ended up with 3 broken ribs before the police got there. This happened back in 03 or 04.

Which Dee Dee? There were a couple girls with that name at school. Wouldn't be Dee Dee Dunn by chance? The guys would call her 'Double D' Dunn, for good reason. I'm telling you, what a pair she had! And I think one of Belinda's friends had a younger sister named Dee Dee. There was also a Dee Dee that was a frosh when I graduated.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-10-07 00:31:52

Well I messed with her and humiliated her worse than Juan had and all she does is curse a little every now and then. She hasn't even shown her face and was too gutless to keep her own dare.

Dee Dee Randle, Ashley's younger sis, luckily with better tits than Ashley though

http://www.misterpoll.com/messages.m?pg ... 2374849887

Check her out here


Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-10-08 01:04:21

Hey, Spanker. We all know that fag Jason was a big time pussy-licker, but he sure was in awe over seeing Ashley topless.

http://www.misterpoll.com/messages.m?pg ... =522712604

But you just said Dee Dee's rack was better looking. So, what's the deal? What's Ashley look like nude?


Image Posted by TurboSupremo on 2007-10-09 01:45:14

Dee Dee Randle! Yeah, I remember her now. She was pretty feisty, I understand. Her sister is one of Belinda's friends. Ashleigh or Ashley.

She might not have a rack like Dee Dee Dunn, but not bad. Not bad at all.

So, she dared you to post these pics of her topless? Okay. But I don't get it. Why'd you actually do it? She piss you off bad or something?


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-10-10 02:54:00

Ashley Randle, stick around and you might see her naked too.

For two months Dee Dee kept bitching and bitching and demanding that I put up her pics

http://www.misterpoll.com/messages.m?pg ... 3671691501

Now I was a gentleman about it at first. I told her I respect her more than she respected herself. But she kept on and on

http://www.misterpoll.com/messages.m?pg ... 1099678701

And I put up the pictures and shut her up. Not because she pissed me off but because it taught her ass a lesson. I mean why put up with all this crap from these girls? If you read their site, they've been going around and screwing with guys all these years. They needed a reality check



Image Posted by TurboSupremo on 2007-10-12 03:28:12

I sort of see what you mean now. The more I read about Becky bragging what they did to some of the guys in school, not hard to see her getting on your nerves.

But you got to understand, the guys in school that humiliated them with those nude pics were really total m'fuckers. Sure when some guys are showing you naked pics of a few really hot high school seniors you're gonna look at the pics and check em out. But you still feel a little guilty afterwards. It's sort of like cheating.

But about Dee Dee, what did she really learn? You said you taught her a lesson. About all I can see is maybe she learned not to dare someone to post naked pics of her if she knows he has them. Like, why was she giving you such a hard time anyway? Why do they all hate you so much?

Someone asked about Ashley. Didn't really know her all that well. Think I had only 2 periods with her in 4 years. Have never seen her nude but she's definitely a looker. She didn't take shit from guys either. She totally humiliated our high school QB she was dating when she found out he was two-timing her. Made a total laughingstock out of him. Don't tell me she dared you to post naked pics too?

Belinda curses on-line too? Really? That sure is no surprise.

There was this one day in class when she spilled some pop on herself that some moron had left on her desk from the period before. Man, you should have heard her cussing: fuck this, fuck that. The teacher got pissed off and told her to curb her mouth and just clean up the mess. Pop was all over her pants, so she was really pissed. She gets off on him wanting to know 'who the fucker was that left the fucking pop can on her desk last period.' He shoots back with, 'Back in my day, Belinda, you'd get the cane for that mouth of yours.' She doesn't let up. 'Oh yeah? Ooh (rubbing her ass). You want me to stay after class so you can take your best shot?' That totally cracked everyone up. Trying to regain control, he gets ready to say something, when this other girl, Felicia, waves her hand. He goes, 'yes.' And she says 'I wouldn't mind if teachers spanked us. So long as it's Mr. King. He's cute.' Everyone cracked up again and this old dude, he's like ready to bang his head on the wall. 'One more year, just one more year of this before I retire.'


Image Posted by ashley randle on 2007-10-13 00:23:54

Hi'ya, TurboSupremo:

I never dared the Mad Gay Wanker to do any such thing!

As far as Jake is concerned, he got what was coming to him. I heard he washed out in college. No surprise there. He never had much of an arm. He couldn't hit the broadside of a barn from ten yards out. If it wasn't for running backs Logan and Corey, our football team's offense stunk.

And leave Belinda alone! You'd better stop passing on info to the Mad Gay Wanker about us. Or else!



Image Posted by Scorpiono on 2007-10-14 02:11:55

Supremo, that was a nice story about Belinda. Too bad that professor didn't spank her right then and there in front of the class, panties down. Maybe that would have teached her a lesson about her dirty, profane mouth.

So Ashley had a cheating boyfriend? Ha! I wonder how many times he fucked her before she finally found out? No wonder she hates men so much. So Ashley. How'd you get even or did you? I know. You pulled his pants down, right? Bet that really made your betrayed pussy feel better, huh?

And such poor school spirit. Saying your school's football team stunk. Maybe you deserve a spanking for that. Or maybe if Spanker ever works up some nerve and decides to teach you a lesson and posts your nude pics, Supremo can show them to all those football players you said stunk up the field. How about that, Ash?


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-10-14 04:32:31

Great story about Belinda,

I see Ashley's here and threatening you already. That's what she and some of these girls are like. I don't see why she's so upset. I mean it's not like your story about Belinda hurt her in any way but some of these girls, (not Libby), have a bit of a control freak problem.

It's no secret that Juan and the rest were assholes. And once they posted the pics, I'm not sorry for anything that happened to them.

But you know Becky and Belinda have major issues with men. I mean Becky even has a piece on how men should be forced to urinate sitting down... because she pees her own pants (don't ask me how that makes sense)

http://depantsing-queens.greatnow.com/s ... -down.html

So you can see they're really out of control. All those times they depantsed guys have just gone to their heads and they've acted like real jerks online. And now Becky asked if she should be spanked and her own polls are saying that most think she should be. No real surprise there.



Image Posted by The Grinch on 2007-10-14 06:05:32

BGS, hope aren't holding back from spanking Libby's bare tushie just to appease that Turbo dude from the girls high school now, are you?

I agree with what you're probably thinking: would be nice if we can use him to gain some leverage on Becky. She's no doubt ashamed of him finding out things he probably didn't know about her before and now she knows word can get around (and pics, too).

But it's pretty obvious that dude has a major crush on Libby.

So be careful. Watch what you say about the Ice Princess. That's what you called her, right?

And what was that you said about her boobs?

I agree Libby's sexy but her breasts are on the small side

Speaking of breasts on the small side, Turbo's got to read your grandslam poem about Belinda.


Image Posted by Joe Knows on 2007-10-16 05:23:27

Man is that Becky chick looking to be spanked or what?

Now she's offering herself to any schools that want to spank her

http://www.depantsingqueens.com/spank-m ... omero.html

Spanker needs to spank her fast because she's boiling over


Image Posted by The Grinch on 2007-10-16 06:06:16

No more excuses.
No more delays.
Time to see Becky
all naked today!

Off with her panties
and her brassiere.
''Turn around, Becky.
Let's see your nude rear.''

Told to bend over,
spread her feet wide.
She's so embarrassed,
she wants to go hide.

She's told to count
out each spank for us.
But Becky instead
decided to cuss.

She tells Spanker off,
in certain rude terms.
Mocked his manhood,
''As small as a worm.''

Then Spanker's hand
smacks Brashy Becky's butt.
She soon will wish
she'd kept her mouth shut.

With each coming spank
the crowd gave a cheer.
And they snapped pics
of Becky's nude rear.

As Becky blushed red,
embarrassed and shamed,
Spanker announced,
she's ''fine'ly been tamed.''

Then Becky whispered
to Spanker a plea.
''A minute, please?
I have to go pee.''

She begged and squirmed,
and whispered, ''Why me?''
Then shouted out,
''I really must pee!''

The crowd roared with laughs,
one boy gave a stare.
Seeing Becky was
quite damp down there.

A trickle started,
but would her dam burst?
Becky gave up,
prepared for the worst.

Then, Spanker picked up
a bucket he had.
Becky yelled out,
''You truly are mad!''

''I can't sit down there,
in front of this crowd!''
''Peeing like that!''
''No way,'' so she vowed.

''No need to sit down,
so cheer yourself up.
That's right, Becky.
You'll pee standing up!''

Her eyes welled with tears.
No choice, she'd concede.
Her shame was complete.
So she stood there and peed.


Image Posted by Bad Girl Spanker on 2007-10-17 02:31:08

Hell yeah, all I can do is applaud. That's your best writing yet.
KARMA: ''What goes around comes around and then bites you in the ass for good measure.''
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