Becky Gets Spanked in Santa's Village

With story titles like ''Becky's Bare Bottom Pool Spanking'', "The Anderson School for Defiant Girls" and ''Libby Marr Joins the All-American Girls Professional Naked Softball League'', suffice it to say Bad Girl Spanker humiliated us regularly and quite thoroughly. Hard as we might try, his pen always seemed to have the last word.

Becky Gets Spanked in Santa's Village

Postby Bad_Girl_Spanker » Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:16 pm

It was 10 PM but the line in Santa's Happy Little Village stretched up the stairs to women's fashions and back down the stairs to household appliances with a sharp turn through electronics. Weary parents trying to keep their kids from running around waited their turn to reach a few miniature houses and a fat Santa in a red coat and his short-skirted assistants.

This season Becky Romero was one of those short-skirted assistants. Her last check for the interior design work hadn't come through. Instead her client chose a more direct payment plan that left her bottom bare and sore. So she had decided to try for some quick money as one of Santa's little helpers.

But the money wasn't quick, the line was long and her bladder was small.

Becky stood behind Santa along with three other girls, all dressed in bright green tunics that barely covered their panties, long candy cane colored stockings and jaunty red hats.

Unlike them Becky wasn't standing, smiling and waving to the tired kids and their irritated parents. Instead she shifted from one foot to the other. "I really need to go," she bent down and whispered to Santa.

"And I really need a long stiff drink," Santa snapped. "But I'll settle for someone keeping these rugrats under control. And that's you!"

"Federal law requires bathroom breaks every twelve minutes," Becky began lecturing Santa.

"This is the North Pole," Santa said. "Federal law doesn't apply in Santa's Happy Little Village. Now put a smile on your face and wave harder or these little toy-hungry monsters will eat us alive."

"Yeah, well you try running your North Pole Confederacy in the State of Illinois, buster," Becky retorted. "When Christmas is over you're just a fat man who smells like cheap booze and OSHA will smash down your door faster than you can... How dare you... Oww."

She screamed as Santa spun her around, lifted the edge of her tunic, pulled down her candy cane colored panties and slapped her bare bottom, once, twice and then three times. Each time his thick red glove came down, Becky screamed. Then Santa spun her back.

Becky felt dizzy, then she heard laughter down the line. Some of the mothers were covering their children's eyes because they were looking at her. Blushing, Becky tugged down her tunic, turned around and pulled up her panties, exposing her reddening bottom to them for more laughter.

"Let's see what OSHA has to say about that," Santa told her.

"Now you go out there and get the next kid."

"I can't go out there," Becky protested. "They're laughing at me."

"Grow up," Santa snapped. "I wear a fake beard and a costume for a month. If they laugh at you, you made their day a little brighter. Now go out there before I make your butt brighter."

"But they saw my bare bottom," Becky complained.

"And they'll see a lot more of it if you don't snap to it," Santa warned.

The kids did laugh at her and many of the parents snickered too. Every time she turned around, fingers lifted up the back of her tunic and tried to pull down her panties.

Becky's hands had to be everywhere to defend her modesty, but finally she brought the next child to Santa and then stood there, shifting from one foot to another.

"But I really need to go," she whispered to another elf.

The elf shrugged unsympathetically. "You came in late and now you're slacking off. Don't expect any help from us."

"What am I supposed to do? Pee myself?" Becky demanded.

"Do what the rest of us do," another girl-elf said. "There's a tiny toilet in Santa's house."

Becky looked back at the small house that was the centerpiece of Santa's Happy Little Village. Santa could barely fit inside, but she could duck in. There were even curtains that she could close. After a few moments of hesitation, with her bladder becoming more urgent, she quickly stepped back and into Santa's House.

In the middle of the room there was a miniature Christmas tree, a huge cot for Santa, a small portable closet where he probably kept his clothes, a mini-fridge that smelled like beer, a water hose and a potty trainer.

Becky shook her head. "No, no way."

But the nearest sales staff bathroom was a floor away and she would have to get past Santa, Mrs Morningsbee, the manager, and half the parents in the area. And her bladder was telling her that she was out of time.

Quickly Becky closed the curtains, pulled down her panties, bunched up her tunic and sat down on the potty trainer feeling like a little girl. It didn't help that the otherwise transparent potty trainer was decorated with Little Mermaid pictures.

Just as she began to pee, hands pulled open the curtain and she saw that kids were gawking in at her. Becky pleaded with them to close the curtain, but instead she could hear the kids telling other kids that one of the elfs was on the potty.

Covering herself, Becky rose from the potty and crawled to the safety of the Christmas tree while the kids pointed and laughed at her bare bottom. Her bladder became more urgent and the kids began making watery noises and taunting her.

Just then Mrs. Morningsbee, the store manager, marched in.

"What's going on here? Why aren't you helping with the kids?"

Before Becky could answer, Santa bellowed from outside. "She's a dirty thief. She's stealing beer from Santa's Happy Fridge, just like I told you."

Mrs. Morningsbee shook her head in disgust. "I knew hiring you was a mistake."

She pulled Becky up from the floor while the elf tried to keep her tunic down. The manager looked down at Becky's fallen panties. "Just what were you up to in here? Never mind." Holding her by the elbow, she marched Becky out, the candy cane panties around her ankles hobbling the elf.

Becky tripped over the doorpost to Santa's house and fell on her butt. The skirt of her tunic flew up and as the laughter grew, she couldn't hold it in anymore. With everyone watching, the bathroom-deprived elf began to pee.

"Quick, get her to the potty," Mrs. Morningsbee shouted, as if Becky were a child. With the curtains still open, pee running down her leg, the manager marched her back into Santa's House and put her on the trainer potty.

Becky sobbed and peed and the children at the windows pointed and laughed. When she was done, Mrs. Morningsbee began to tug at her tunic.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Becky protested.

"You've soiled your costume, you stupid girl," Mrs. Morningsbee said sharply. "Now I'll have to find you another one."

"But you can't make me work out there after this," Becky complained. The manager wasn't listening.

Mrs. Morningsbee spoke into her walkie-talkie. "One of the elfs peed herself. Made a mess of her costume. Which one? Number 3. Romero, Becky. Clean her up and fetch a new outfit."

With a sharp tug, she pulled the tunic over Becky's head, while the mostly naked elf still protested. Then she left, leaving Becky sitting on the potty trainer in only her bra and stockings.

Like the rest of her costume, it was decorated with candy canes.
Becky closed her eyes hoping that this was a nightmare and that she would wake up soon. Instead when she opened her eyes, she saw that some of the fathers had muscled the children away and were looking in at her.

Trying to preserve what tiny little faction of her dignity remained, she put one hand over her bare bottom and the other in front and struggled up from the potty.

"Don't they make razors in the North Pole?" one of the fathers hooted.

"She doesn't shave so her pussy stays warm," another suggested.
Becky's face reddened even further as she tried to look for some shelter, but there were windows on all sides and faces at all the windows. So she took a deep breath hoping that soon someone would come with something for her to wear.

Then the door opened and Eric, the assistant, came in, with a fresh costume tucked under one arm and a bag in the other, leering at her.

Becky's heart sank. Eric had asked her out the first time he saw and she had turned him down. Hard. Then she caught him trying to look in while she was changing into her costume and had almost managed to get him fired.

And as Eric looked at the mostly naked girl in front of him, she could see that he remembered it.

"Please give me the new costume so I can go out again," Becky asked, hating how she was already reduced to pleading with him.

Eric shook his head. "And let you ruin a second costume. Mrs. Morningsbee said you needed to be cleaned up."

"Then just give me something to quickly put on and I'll go to the ladies room and clean up," Becky said.

"No time for any of that. Come on," Eric said, putting down the costume and opening the bag. Then he picked up the water hose.

"No," Becky protested. "No, no, no."

"You can get cleaned up or leave the store the way you are," Eric said firmly. Then he pried Becky's hands away and gave her a quick pass with the hose.

Becky shrieked as the cold water hit her vagina. Then Eric laid her down on the cot and spread her legs exposing her completely to everyone watching through the windows. The humiliated girl protested and then really began to scream as he got out the baby wipes and the diaper.

Smoothly and efficiently, Eric wiped between her legs and along her bottom and then back again. And then hit her with another spray of cold water.

Then he picked up the diaper.

"No, I'm not a little girl," Becky protested, her lip stuck out, feeling like anything but an adult. She kicked her legs to keep him from diapering her. "I won't need it anymore."

"Big girls use the bathroom. Little girls pee themselves," Eric said. "Now come on."

"No I won't and you can't make me," Becky said.

Eric sighed. "Santa, Becky won't let me put on her diaper."

"No, don't call him," Becky said, but it was too late.

Santa ducked inside and rolled his eyes. Then he grabbed Becky with one arm, sat down on the cot and pulled her over his lap.

"Oww, Ouch, Oh, Oh No, Owwww!"

Becky struggled and kicked, but it did no good. She shrieked and wailed. She promised to be good. But Santa kept spanking her bottom, red, redder and finally reddest.

"I'll be good. I won't pee myself. I'll come on time," Becky pleaded.

Finally Santa let her go and stormed out. Eric put Becky on her bottom and she squealed because of the pain, and then the diaper came on.

In her bra and diaper, Becky stood up and let Eric pull the tunic over her head. But it was too tight. The size of the costume was too small.

Glaring at her as if it was Becky's fault, Eric tore open the neck so it was wider, then he tried to get it down past her shoulders. "The bra will have to come off," he told her.

"What, no," Becky said.

"Haven't you caused enough trouble for one day," Eric said.

"I won't," Becky said. "Haven't I been humiliated enough?"

"Do you want me to call back Santa?" Eric asked.

Becky lowered her eyes, turned around and undid her bra. But it didn't matter which way she turned, the windows were still crowded. She tried to keep her hands over her nipples, but he pulled them away and tugged the tunic down inch by inch.

With his hands cupped under her breasts, Eric tugged it down over them and down. But the tunic barely covered half her diaper and it was so tight over her breasts that it might as well be painted on.

"I can't go out there like this," Becky said. "It's obscene."

"Obscene?" Eric asked. "What do you think the show you've been putting for a family crowd has been until now?"

Then he stuck the pointy red elf hat on her head, smacked her on her bottom and told her to behave.

With her face redder than her bottom, Becky went out and joined the other elfs. The girls had their hands full and were glaring at her. Their glares hardened when they saw her cleavage.

The tear at the neck had spread as Eric had pulled the tunic down and the cleavage ran deep enough for Vegas. And even where her breasts were covered, they fabric clung so closely to them that she might as well have gone out there naked. And the cold water had hardened her nipples so they poked through.

With her breasts on display and her diaper sticking out from under her tunic, Becky awkwardly got back to her job.

There were only another three hours to go.
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Re: Becky Gets Spanked in Santa's Village

Postby Becky Romero » Sun Jan 03, 2016 3:30 pm

:oops: OMG!

I knew I should have taken that holiday job offer at the Billy Goat instead.

I suppose you are going to require me to pose on a small potty for the inevitable drawing?
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Re: Becky Gets Spanked in Santa's Village

Postby Bad_Girl_Spanker » Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:31 am

Becky Romero wrote:I suppose you are going to require me to pose on a small potty for the inevitable drawing?

Exactly right, Becky.
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