Teenage Boys Teach College Brat Becky Romero a Lesson

These are incidents in our lives that left us blushing, embarrassed or downright totally humiliated. They include times in which we ended up naked in public, strip-searched and, yes, even spanked in class at school or in front of others. We're posting them as CC-SA to allow users to adapt, remix and build upon our experiences for any purpose as long as you follow the license terms.

Teenage Boys Teach College Brat Becky Romero a Lesson

Postby Becky Romero » Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:52 am

Having been caught skinny-dipping by high school boys during the summer is only the beginning, as Becky soon finds the shame follows her back to college and puts her modesty and reputation continually at risk.

It seemed a reasonable deal under the circumstances.

"We spank you bare butt, you get your clothes back," they said.

"They" were two teenage boys, high-schoolers, who had caught me skinny-dipping at a lakeside resort where I and three girlfriends were spending a few weeks of our 2006 summer break from college. The four of us would soon be starting our junior year the following month. My girlfriends had left me to go grab some food. I was enjoying the water too much to join them and really wasn't hungry.

But it wasn't long before the boys, who had been unbeknownst to us spying on all of us for a good amount of time, saw a golden opportunity when I was by myself, especially once they took my clothes which were lying on the ground far from me and unattended.

I was soon demanded to come out of the water, then put my arms to my side. They already had cell phone pics of me so I was told I’d better do as they say if I wanted them to delete them. So I complied.

Of course they added to my shame by ordering me to say, "Would you boys spank my bare bottom, please? I've been a bad girl today. A really bad girl."

Just before the third time they made me say it, they had started video'ing. So they made me look like a shameless slut. Even worse, I didn’t know that a third boy, a friend of theirs, was holding my cell phone, snapping off pics and a video and sending them to my entire contacts list of family, friends, mere acquaintances and, yes, even a few of my college professors.


I was later left to having to explain to people that saw it that I really hadn't wanted a spanking, but that the boys caught me skinny-dipping, etc.

They did keep their promise about my clothes. Well, sort of. They had only said they would give them back. They just didn't say how or when.

They kept my shorts but left my crop top, student ID card and cell phone at nearby lodge. I was left up to negotiate my way there, still totally naked, only to find they had kept my shorts. A grinning front desk clerk found me a robe to borrow. It was through him that I found out about the pics and video the third boy had taken with my phone when he asked, "Why were you a 'bad girl'?"

My bra and panties?

I would find out later that they mailed them to me in c/o a male fraternity at the university I was attending – along with a few glossy 8x10s from their own pics they took for good measure and a pic they took of my student ID card. This I'd discover to my horror that fall when the frat began to put new initiates up to the task of asking me to either autograph nude pics of me that they were given in a large sealed envelope or for me to autograph the initiates' bare butts instead.

It was their bare butts I autographed of course. With usually one or more of my girlfriends watching the show.

But one particularly shy, 18-year old freshman initiate cornered me on campus one day and said he had to either return with both my bra and the pair of my panties I was wearing that day, autographed along with several photos of me autographing them, or return with pics of 20 random male students looking at my nude pic that was in the sealed envelope he waved at me.

He assured me the frat would severely punish him if he unsealed the envelope, just as they would to the other initiates who had been approaching me the previous two weeks. That is unless I refused to help him with his pledge task.

Stupid me; I believed him.

We found a secluded spot; thankfully I was wearing a skirt that day. He took four pics: one of me with my panties pulled down below my knees, one of me blushing holding them in my outstretched hand, one with my skirt hiked up above my waist to expose my thighs and proof I wasn't wearing panties any longer and one of me autographing them for him.

Next was the bra. First was a pic of me with my blouse unbuttoned to the waist, exposing my bra. (He correctly pointed out the frat already had the pics of me nude, so "what's the big deal" when I meekly protested. Then a pic of me standing there with my blouse unbuttoned. Then one handing over my bra and finally one of me autographing it.

Then he produced a small pair of scissors and said he needed the buttons of my blouse, too.

"No fucking way," was my response.

Until he said then he'd have to complete the other option and that I could have my undies back. His bluff worked - and he snipped off my blouse's buttons one by one, taking a peek at my nipples in the process.

I didn't even bother a protest when he pointed to the belt on my skirt.

Lastly, he pointed to the buttons on my denim mini skirt. He said I could keep any two except he needed the top one and three others.

Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip.

I had settled on keeping buttons #2 and #3 - putting the fate of my modesty in their fastening. Losing the top button on the now unfastened waistline caused my skirt to slip down three inches, which wasn't a bad thing since the whole bottom half of my skirt would be flapping wide open as I walked or sat.

And, besides, I already had a solution to avoid a major wardrobe malfunction.

But thoughts of skipping the next class or two by driving to my place to change outfits were dashed when he said "Car keys, please."

After telling me where we could meet for him to give me my car keys back after my last class (he did keep his word, but he would be making me walk an unnecessary four blocks, in the opposition direction of my car), he said frat members would be watching me to and from each of my remaining three classes that day to make sure I didn't "find" any other clothes to wear.

For the rest of the day I walked about clutching my blouse tightly closed, with my lone notebook held firmly up against myself.

Adding to my misery that day, it began raining before my last class and I had no umbrella with me. Although my blouse didn't get soaked before class, I knew it wouldn't survive in its opaque state during the four block walk to retrieve my cars keys from the initiate. I also knew neither would my notebook, so I tossed it into a locker for retrieval later and proceeded to the area just off campus where I was to meet the initiate and get my car keys back.

Naturally, he wasn't alone. Two members of the frat were with him to "congratulate" him on a successful initiation. (I'd later find out that he had conjured up the whole idea of putting me in the embarrassing predicament - and the frat rewarded him for his "ingenuity.")

As I stood there shocked and ticked, I realized all their eyes were focused on my now quite transparent blouse. It had now stopped raining for the moment, not that it mattered much at this point.

One guy, an upperclassman and a member of the frat, then spoke and offered me his jacket since I had about an eight block walk in the rain to my car which was parked in the completely opposite direction. I nodded with an unhappy "thanks” and held out my hand.

Then he pointed to my blouse, "It's a trade, miss. You first."

I gasped as they all snickered.

Another guy then said, "We all already know what your tits look like, baby, so why don't you..."

I cut him off with a "And why don't you go fuck yourself."

The initiate grinned and handed me my car keys, which I took in my left hand.

The third guy there, another member of the frat, told the freshman, “Congratulations. You’re awarded membership. You can now open the envelope.”

He grinned, quickly ripped it open and started gawking at my nude pic as I stood there in shock.

"You assholes," I shouted. "I thought he wasn’t supposed to be able to look."

The grinning teenage boy then told me, "True. We couldn’t look. Unless we got admitted to the frat."

An uneasy, queasy feeling took hold of me and I asked, "What about all those other boys who've…"

"All of them got admitted, too," one of the frat members announced.

"What the fuck?" I snarled.

I then pulled my right arm back and high and swung my outstretched palm of my hand towards the direction of his face.

But he ducked and in doing so reach out and grabbed the opened right side of my wet blouse and pulled it in the opposition direction that the momentum was taking my body for the unsuccessful attempted slap to his face.

I soon find myself in a spin, as he moved around behind me pulling my blouse first out of my right arm sleeve and then eventually out of my left arm sleeve, too, leaving me topless.

"Nice tits, baby" said the first frat guy.

The freshman just gawked and said, "Even better looking that your pic. Now how about the lower half?"

"You assholes," I shouted, as I threw my arms across my bare breasts. "Give me back my top!"

"Feisty little thing, isn't she?" the first frat guy observed, as he waved my blouse about in his hand.

Each time he waved it closer and above my head, I exposed myself trying to jump up to grab it.

Until I gave up trying and instead let out a string of curses and threats after the other two guys started to make comments about how my boobs were bouncing about as I tried in vain to grab my blouse.

"Oh yeah?" he said to my threats of reporting him to the campus police.

"Go for it, bitch," he answered. "You can then maybe explain to them why a couple teenage boys are spanking your bare ass in this pic."

The second frat guy said, "Yeah, two boys who don’t quite look like they’re old enough to vote."

I blushed deep red at the comment and said, "You don’t understand. They made me ask them to spank me so I could get my clothes back."

"Hear that?" the first frat guy said. "They made her ask them to spank her sweet bare ass."

The initiate's eyes widened, intrigued by hearing all this apparently for the first time, as he asked, "What else did they make you do, miss?"

"Nothing!" I insisted. "Nothing else at all."

"Yeah," the first frat guy said. "Sure, baby. Nothing at all."

"I'm telling you," I insisted. "Nothing else happened."

"Oh we believe you," the second frat guy said. "But will everyone else?"

Nervously, I asked, "What do you mean, 'everyone else'?"

"Don’t frighten her," the first frat guy said. "There's no need to get her in trouble. Besides, Becky wants to keep cooperating in helping initiate our pledges, doesn’t she?"

With a gulp in my throat, I nodded cautiously. “Yes.”

"'Yes' what?" he asked in an authoritarian tone.

"Yes, sir," I obediently replied.

"That’s much better, Becky," he responded.

Then he added, "And we'll have no more profane outbursts from you, will we?"

"No, sir," I meekly announced.

"Now, I believe our latest member had a request?" he said.

The 18-year old spoke up, "Yeah. The lower half, please."

I gasped, biting my tongue to prevent from unleashing a string of curses. But my outraged glare soon melted to reluctant obedience when the first frat guy looked at me firmly.

"Yes, sir," I said, blushing, as I slowly slipped my skirt down off my hips and let it fall to my ankles, quickly adopted a one hand over my bush, one arm across my breasts pose.

That is until I was told, "Hands at your sides, Becky."

"Yes, sir," was now becoming a too often reply.

I nervously looked around as I was now quite naked on a public, but thankfully so far quiet, street.

"Could use a bit of a trim," the second frat guy said, reaching out to brush his fingers through my unshaven bush.

Then I heard a female voice exclaim, "Oh my God! Becky? What the hell?"

I turned to my left to see Claire, a woman who was in one of my classes.

She immediately began laughing hysterically, while saying "Lose a bet or something?"

I blushed badly, nodding while saying, "Something like that" while praying the frat guys wouldn't betray to her the real reason for my public nudity. Thankfully, they didn't.

Claire then reached up and first tweaked my left nipple, then brazenly groped my whole left breast while announcing, "Don't worry. They're real, guys."

"Yeah,” said the newest member of the frat. "We were just about to verify that ourselves."

Claire grinned then said, "Sounds like fun. Wish I could stay and help but I gotta run. You should take it inside though."

"Claire!" I protested.

At first she was puzzled, then started laughing.

"Oh! You thought I meant…" she said. "I mean, don't get caught out here naked."

"We’re just about done", the first frat guy said.

The second frat guy, the one who had brushed his fingers through my bush, then reached out and squeezed both of my breasts as I yelped in astonishment.

"They're real, alright," he said.

Then he handed the 18-year old boy a marker and said, "Autograph time. Turn around and bend over, Becky."

"Oh my God! Really?" Claire exclaimed.

I did as I was told, avoiding saying an embarrassing "Yes, sir" in front of Claire.

But the newest frat boy took his time, even positioning my back lower and lower until the palms of my hands were holding me up from the sidewalk. He then, just for added humiliation, nudged my feet further apart with his own before stepping back so they all got a good luck.

As the boy firmly planted one hand across my left butt cheek he began to sign his name on my right butt cheek, as the first frat boy said, "Be sure to leave enough room for everyone else."

Claire began laughing again. She had witnessed one of the pledges getting his bare butt signed by me and she began putting two and two together.

When the autographing was complete, I felt a good solid smack to my bare bottom, then another and another. All three guys had just spanked me.

Then Claire said, "Sorry, Becky. But I can’t resist, either."

And then she gave me several playful but firm slaps to my bare bottom, too.

As I stood upright again and turned to face them all, the first frat guy handed me back my clothes. Then said to Claire, "Would you mind seeing that Becky gets safely back to her car?"

Still laughing, Claire said, "Oh, no problem at all."

The two of us then walked off to my car. Embarrassing as it was tell Claire at least something to satisfy her curiosity, I was nonetheless glad she had happened to show up as it helped get me away from the three guys and whatever else they may have planned or thought up on the spot to degrade me.

Unfortunately for me the school year was just beginning.
Revenge is a dish best served to those who are nude.
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Re: Teenage Boys Teach College Brat Becky Romero a Lesson

Postby Becky Romero » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:51 pm

The thing is the guys were so reassuring and acting so nonchalantly while embarrassing me - I even got sent flowers the next day by the frat "thanking" me for helping them to initiate their pledges - that it didn't even register with me that I had actually been blackmailed by the last one. Perhaps the frat didn't even think of it at first, but now they knew how to do it without me even realizing it myself until I had been OWNED.

I was 22 and a college junior at the time. I was never into the sorority thing. I didn't go out with any frat boys. I lived off campus with four girlfriends. And yet there I was - stripping for teenage boys while they made me feel as if they were doing ME a favor by selecting that initiation choice of theirs.

At first, I thought their frat initiation was hilarious (that is, except for the embarrassment of knowing a whole frat had nude pics of me). I am referring to the fact I autographed about a half dozen guys' bare butts with a marker.

But the tide shifted so indiscernibly I guess I didn't realize it until a few weeks later when I found myself standing naked in front of an art class.

The day after receiving the flowers, another boy approached me for an "autograph." He was soon baring his butt for me to sign. My friend Ashley slapped his bare ass for good measure.

But a couple days later another boy said his task was to obtain my day's undies. I offered to go home and change and return with some, but he said the male student with him was there to insure he didn't cheat. In other words, I'd be undressing in front of both of them - and they were making me feel it was necessary to insure the pledge didn't cheat.

I rebuked him saying, "I can't take my panties off. Can't you see I'm wearing jeans?"

Then he told me his other choice of action was to wear my panties and bra (the ones I had autographed for the other pledge) at a frat-hosted party.

I was horrified!

Not that I would have cared that the boy would be embarrassed. It was knowing everyone would see my signature on girl's undies he would be wearing and that would just lead to questions I'd prefer not be answered for a wider audience of students.

So I relented. And, again, I didn't realize I was the actual the victim of inconspicuous blackmail.

The three of us walked to a discreet area of campus and I kicked off my shoes and blushingly lowered my jeans. I asked them to turn around while I took off my panties. They did, but the frat pledge insisted he needed a pic of me in my panties first.

He said the fraternity insisted that he prove that he was present when took off my jeans, that he had to pose in the pic with me. It seemed logical. But what I didn't realize was I was getting OWNED more and more by the minute.

Then he said he needed one of me with my panties off (I pulled my t-shirt down in front while making it obvious by hiking up the side and back above my waist that my panties were off, turning slightly for the camera, only realizing after that I was showing him my bare bottom (just not to the camera).

Then, as he grinned, he took pics - one of me handing my panties to him and then later took one autographing them.

But before I put my jeans back on, he said he also had to obtain my jeans.

I was about ready to slap him, but he held open a bag and said, "Wait, wait. They didn't say I couldn't give you something else to wear. So I brought something for you."

I calmed down - until he pulled out a red plaid mini skirt, something so short he must have gotten it at a costume store.

I was aghast! How could I wear that to my classes? Momentarily forgetting I was panty-less, I handed my jeans to the other boy while I held up the mini up to my waist. The hem was nearly six inches above my kneecaps! I knew there was no way I could bend over at all in that thing! Not only that, but the thing was made for a junior high school girl, so I knew it would be not only quite short but quite tight on me, too.

"No way," I said.

The pledge then put a more serious, dejected look on his face, saying to the other boy, "Well, I tried. I'm screwed"

I thought it over for a moment, then relented, saying "Alright, alright. I'll wear it."

He smiled, then pulled out a pair of white stockings, said I would need to wear those too. I muttered a few choice obscenities under my breath as he set them down for me to put on.

I handed the skirt back to him and stood there, crossing my arms and shaking my head, the whole thought process distracting me from something more important.

He then reminding me, while grinning: "Your bra, Becky."

I snarled, then unfastened my bra from underneath my t-shirt, slipped the straps off my shoulders, pulled it off and handed it to him. At least they weren't going to see my breasts. Then the boy reminded me, "I need a pic of you showing you in your bra and one that shows your bra is off", saying again that he needed to have the other boy take the pics of both of us facing the camera so he could "prove" he obtained my bra by personally by posing with me in the pics.

With steam probably coming out of my ears, I turned with my back towards them, yanked my t-shirt up over my head and tossed it aside, asking him to hand me my bra. After a short pause, the other boy suggested that he first take a pic of my bare back as a way to indicate my bra was off.

I shrugged; that certainly seemed harmless enough. The other boy asked that I turn so my face would be in the shot; I complied without thinking.

Then he asked that I turn and face him, suggesting that I cross both my arms over my breasts for my modesty's sake for another pic to indicate the pledge had gotten me to agree to remove my bra.

I did so; both boys were grinning but to me I figured I was covered, right? After the taking of several photos, the boy then said my arms were covering my breasts in a way that couldn't prove I wasn't wearing a bra. I was told to instead use my hands to cover each breast, leaving my cleavage exposed. I did so, but he kept saying, "More, more," to indicate I should move my hands farther and farther apart. By the time he was ready to snap another pic, my palms were no longer covering my nipples. Instead, my middle finger tips were!

I was then handed my bra to put on for a photo with the pledge showing myself in my bra. I reached out with my right hand without thinking, fully exposing my right boob to both of them then my left one as well when I stopped in shock before covering them both up with my finger tips again.

I quickly turned around away from the boys and then asked for my bra and thought I heard a chuckle covered up by coughing. But didn't immediate think anything of it and with my bra on, turned around facing both boys again for another pic. Then I thought, had he taken a pic of me with my boobs exposed? I figured there was no point in asking; I wouldn't be told the truth if he did.

I put on my bra and I turned around facing both boys again and several more pics were taken. Then I took my bra off again and crossed my arms over my boobs and faced the boys again, asking for my t-shirt.

Then, the pledge moved away from me and stood my the other boy, both of them grinning and looking downward.

That's when I finally remembered I was still bottomless - actually I was now quite fully naked - and threw my hands in front of my pussy as they grinned widely.

I wanted to accuse them of taking pics of me standing there bottomless, knew they probably had and knowing it would do me no good to argue or ask them to delete them.

As they chuckled, "Forget something, baby?", I trembled in anger and slowly but sternly slapped my hands down against my thighs.

"Go ahead!" I snapped. "Get a good look."

"Don't mind if I do," said the second boy and as I fought off the shame of having deliberately exposed myself by not trying to cover up, they circled around me, with the frat boy saying, "Nice. Could do with some bush pruning though."

After about a minute of stares, grins and smirks, culminating in admonishment by the frat boy for "exposing" myself punctuated with a firm slap to my bare bottom, I was told I needed to get dressed.

Being scolded made me instinctively say, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

I guess that only encouraged the frat boy because he said, "You know, you could get in BIG trouble, taking your clothes off in public like this."

I nodded, saying, "Yes, sir", wanting to kick myself for adding the "sir."

He grinned and said, "Well, perhaps there's no need to report you."

I nodded, shaking, "No need, no need."

"After all," he continued, his hand sliding down the small of my back, gently arching me over, before resting his hand on my bare bottom, "It will be easy to punish your transgression right now and no one else need know. Correct?"

I sighed, resigning myself to the inevitable.

"Correct," I answered.

"Count them out to ten, Ms. Romero," the sudden first one making me yelp out a loud, "One!"

By the time I said "ten," tears were streaming down my face. The pledge was holding his cell phone, grinning, and I blurted out "Oh my God! No! You didn't."

As I stood there, whimpering, my boobs jiggling about as I rocked back and forth on my heels, the frat boy told the pledge to show me his cell, to ease my mind that no pics of me being spanked were taken.

"Of course, he could have," I was told. "But he's the one being initiated, not you."

I nodded. I then put on the skirt and stockings and slipped my shoes back on. Then I asked again for my t-shirt.

"Sorry," the pledge said, before explaining I needed to wear something else. He handed me a blouse, but said the t-shirt had to go.

I put on the blouse and immediately realized it was semi-sheer.

"What the f---? I can't wear this to my classes," I protested.

But he then handed me a black, unpadded, semi-sheer, low-cut, half-cup bra.

"Um, bras go on first, you know," I said.

He apologized as I again turned (for whatever reason who knows; there was certainly no point my now), removed the blouse and put on the bra. My nipples were still apparent even after I put the blouse on, which was short and didn't cover my navel. It was also tight; I couldn't button it above the bra.

I was then handed a very costume-looking like short gray jacket. The bottom two buttons fastened, though not the top one. Cleavage showed. Also, about an inch of skin was still showing from my skirt (which I dared not tug up higher) and the bottom of the jacket.

I basically looked like a junior high student begging to be spanked. It was humiliating.

I "autographed" my undies as the boy took pics, then headed off to my next class. I could hear snickering as I walked past groups of students. And some whistling and a few hoots.

Nearly late for class, all the seating available was in the front row. My professor took a double-take, then asked, "Some kind of dare, Becky?"

Blushing, I answered, "Yes, sir. Something like that."

He grinned and looked me up and down, probably reminding himself of the video he received of me when the boys at the lake used my phone to shame me.

At one point during class I forgot myself and leaned over to my right to pick up a dropped pen. Two guys in the next row exclaimed, "Woah! Check that out!"

Snickering from other students who realized what I had exposed followed.

One of them said to the other, "Makes me want to have a bowl of clam chowder for lunch."

I couldn't face those guys in the eye the rest of the semester.

I actually didn't mind the blouse and jacket too much. The jacket at least covered my nipples even though the blouse and bra was semi-sheer.

But the skirt!

I'm sure I shamed myself throughout the day while walking up and down the stairs, despite trying to time it when no one seemed to be close around me.

Why "sure"? The occasionally snickering I heard from behind me. And a few clicking noises from cell phones.

But my skirt didn't fall off and my jacket buttons held. As before, I had earlier handed over my car keys. At least it wasn't raining this time when I met up with the pledge and his frat brother near their frat house. Three other guys were with them. They looked like first-year students (indeed I found out later they were).

As we approached the walkway to the frat house, I remembered how over four years earlier my girlfriends and I enjoyed chatting with a college girl in Indiana whose girlfriends had depantsed a boy, took his briefs and hung them up in her dorm for everyone to see, like a trophy on display.

Now as I looked at the frat house, I realize that MY undies were likely hanging from a doorway inside there.

We stopped along the walkway, out of the view of the street. I expected them to go inside, retrieve my car keys and give them to me.

But instead, the frat guy told the pledge he'd surely be accepted based on the day's events but that it was time for him to act like a man now and show some initiative. He said he heard rumors there was a female student, a junior, who had exposed herself to some underclassman and wanted to know what the pledge was going to do about it.

I blurted out, "But I had to expose... you know... because he was being initiated."

The frat guy said, "Oh, then this must be the girl."

The three other boys all laughed.

I was perplexed and said to the frat guy, "Of course I am. You were there."

More laughing.

The frat guy added, "Did anyone force you to take off ALL of your clothes?"

As the three other guys laughed some more, I said, "No, but..."

That's when the pledge firmly took charge.

"No buts, miss. Transgressions like that should be reported to school authorities, unless you'd like it resolved right now?"

I warily nodded slightly as he continued, "For starters, touch your toes."

"Seriously?" I asked, as it clicked in my mind what was to happen. "In front of these other boys?"

His answer was to ignore my question and instead unbutton my jacket, remove it and hand it to the frat boy. My nipples were no doubt visible through the semi-sheer bra and semi-sheer blouse.

Then, he pulled up the waistband of my skirt several inches and then lifted up the hem of my skirt, front and back and tucked in into itself at the waist.

The other boys snickered as they stared at my bottomlessness, no doubt wondering what the scrawny 18-year old freshman teenage boy had on me, a junior, to cause me to be so embarrassingly submissive.

"For shame! Not wearing panties," he scolded, giving me a sharp slap to my bare bottom as I yelped out a cry of pain while the other guys snickered and made comments about my bush.

Then gently leaned my back forward and then gently nudged my feet apart.

My face burned with shame knowing just how exposed I was to all five of them standing behind me and what was coming next.

"Count them out to ten," he instructed and then it began.

When it was over, with me rubbing my still exposed bare bottom, I was "formally" introduced to the three other boys.

"Miss Romero has been a big help in initiating a number of our new pledges," the frat boy said.

"Apparently," said one of the other boys.

Another said, "This sure must be a great frat. I definitely want to join."

The third snickered out, "I'm ready to right now."

I could just see my reputation sinking into Lake Michigan.

They were otherwise quite polite, even if grinning happily at my embarrassment, and asked me all the usual questions: "Where are you from, Becky?" "What's your major, Becky?" "Do you have a boyfriend, Becky?" "What would he think about you being spanked by a freshman on your bare arse?" "Do you always go commando?"

O.K. A few unusual ones, too.

I was still rubbing my sore bare bottom until the pledge told me to "adjust your skirt and cover yourself."

His task complete, the pledge then handed the jacket back to me, along with my cars keys. I quickly scurried away, leaving snickering in my wake.

When I met up with my roommates, they were of absolutely no help. In fact, once they saw my outfit (including the jacket) they insisted we go clubbing that night. They wanted to laugh at me getting carded all night - which indeed I was. I just tried to avoid sitting for much of the night.
Revenge is a dish best served to those who are nude.
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