Becky Romero Caught Naked in Public !!!

These are incidents in our lives that left us blushing, embarrassed or downright totally humiliated. They include times in which we ended up naked in public, strip-searched and, yes, even spanked in class at school or in front of others. We're posting them as CC-SA to allow users to adapt, remix and build upon our experiences for any purpose as long as you follow the license terms.

Becky Romero Caught Naked in Public !!!

Postby Libby Marr » Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:52 pm

She Lost a Bet & Posed Nude Only to Unexpectedly Get Caught by Several Little Leaguers and One Angry Mom Who Took Action in a Way That Would Have Made Bad Girl Spanker Proud

August 2014 -- It all started so innocently. A friendly wager with our friend Lori Sanchez that this would be the year our Cubbies would finish ahead of her damned redbirds. The loser would have to strip naked in a public place and pose for pics. It could be quick but had to be done between dawn and dusk to add the risky possibility of being seen. Although Belinda and I had faith in our Cubbies we didn't have quite that much faith. But Becky, tired of Lori's good-natured teasing about our past embarrassments wanted to turn the tables.

By August 1st, it was already obvious that Lori would win the bet and Becky reluctantly agreed to throw in the towel early (along with her shoes, pants, blouse, bra, panties). So a few weeks ago I drove Becky to Lincoln Park just before sunrise one early Saturday morning.

To save the time of having to strip, Becky wore only a bathrobe in the car on the way there. The plan was for me to park, get out, look around and make sure no one was around. Then Becky got out of the car, tossed the bathrobe back into the car, walked a short distance away from the car and started to pose. That's when Murphy's Law kicked in.

First, the damn batteries on the camera were dead so I went back to the car to grab the spare camera we brought along and then began taking pics of Becky. Then, all of a sudden we heard some giggling.

I was so concentrating on taking the pics of Becky I didn't even see the boys walking up on the field behind her, although we later would see the camera did. Becky turned and stood there in shock for nearly ten seconds as three young boys who appeared to be between the ages of 7 to 9 years old stared, gaped and made comments like, "Woah! She's naked! Check out those boobies!"

As Becky cried, "Oh, shit!" and I yelled for her to get to the car, we heard a woman yell, "Hey! What the hell are you doing?"

I turned to see a woman in her late 30s to early 40s go from a fast walk to running in our direction from a minivan parked near the other end of the field (which explains why we didn't hear a car or the boys walking across the grass). Becky reached my car before I did and was frantically yelling to me, "Hurry! Unlock the door."

Moments later I got to the car and my heart sunk, while Becky continued to practically scream at me, "Libby! Hurry up and unlock the fucking door!"

But it was no use. Yes, that's right. I had locked the damned keys in the car.

As the three giggling boys quickly ran over to get a closer look at Becky and the woman fast approached all of us, I felt totally hopeless. It was my fault and my best friend was standing there horrified and completely naked in a public park - with several young boys gawking at her.

I was wearing shorts and a tee so I quickly pulled off the tee (and quickly wished that I had worn a sports bra that day instead of a regular bra) and tossed it over the car roof in Becky's direction. But she had turned when the woman yelled at her and one of the boys quickly ran up and snatched it when it fell to the ground near Becky's feet.

We were now certainly totally fucked. You could practically see the smoke coming out of the woman's ears. As I slowly walked around the car and Becky tried to cover herself, the woman began berated us, "What the hell are you doing running around naked with little kids around? I should have you arrested for indecent exposure!"

She continued on, yelling at Becky, calling her degrading names and then said to me, "Are you stripping too?"

I several times tried to interrupt, while nervously looking around to see if anyone else saw what was going on. Finally, she stopped when I screamed, "Please, I can explain EVERYTHING! It's all my fault! Will you please just listen to me for a minute?"

I then told her everything, as Becky stood there, cowering against the car, trying to cover her bare butt from the curious boys, her boobs pressed against the car door window. As a rattled on the woman's angry demeanor slowly turned to curiosity and then she began grinning and snickering.

"Please," I begged. "I don't want Becky to get in trouble."

Nodding, the woman said, "It's a good thing you two are big Cub fans and not White Sox trash..." She need not say more, as both Becky and I nodded in agreement.

She added, "I'm a Royals' fan myself."

Upon hearing that, I mentioned, "The Royals are good. In fact, they won the World Series the year I was born."

She shot me an angry look, "Are you trying to be funny. I know it was a long time ago!"

I assured her I meant no offense and even offered, "I'd rather have Kansas City win than the Dirty Hose any day."

She laughed at the reference made to the Royals' division foes, then said to Becky, "But that still doesn't excuse your behavior, young lady. You need to be taught a lesson. You can start by facing me and putting your hands down."

Becky started to protest, then thought better of it as the boys now all got a good, long, uncensored look at everything.

As the boys grinned and snickered at Becky, all I could think of was my own shame from times having been caught naked as I showered by boys that age while coaching at summer sports camp. Meanwhile, the woman, who we now also learned was the mom of two of the boys, sternly lectured Becky before saying, "Follow me."

We did and the woman sat down on the edge of one of the benches in the 'dugout' and instructed Becky to lay across her lap. That was going to be her lesson: a bare bottom spanking! While naked in front of the three boys who eagerly gathered around.

Becky was already submissively compliant, but I protested: "We don't have time for this! What if more people show up?"

But the woman merely said, "Relax. It's only seven o'clock. We only came early so the boys could practice a little. But perhaps I should leave you like this. There's a game starting in three hours."

Becky spoke up and said, "Libby, it's OK. She's right. I need to be punished. I would rather get the spanking over with fast, OK?"

I reluctantly nodded and couldn't bear to watch as Becky winced in pain and was slowly reduced to tears and then crying and then bawling as her bare bottom soon turned pink and then red. As her legs kicked about uncontrollably the boys weren't shy about getting an educational view. After a full five minutes, the woman let Becky get up and then turned to me: "O.K. Your turn now."

Becky and I turned to each other, saying at the same time, "What?"

But the woman merely pointed to her lap, "You did say it was all your fault. Now get those clothes off or I promise you that you'll regret it."

I pondered her last statement for a moment, then kicked off my shoes and slowly unbuttoned my shorts. As the boys gawked at me, I first removed my bra, then pulled down my panties. Once I was naked, the boys grabbed my bra and panties and tossed them around. The woman looked at me and said, "Don't you ever shave your...? Never mind. Get over my lap. Now!"

I muttered an obedient, "Yes, ma'am" and instantly regretted it because she lectured me as she spanked me and with every question I began instinctively answering "yes, ma'am" and quickly felt like a little girl again. I was also reduced to tears and was soon bawling like a two-year old even faster than Becky was, the boys' giggling drowned out by my own cries as my legs no doubt kicked about uncontrollably too.

After five minutes my spanking was over and I was allowed to stand up. I was barely coherent, babbling that I learned my lesson and promised not to do this again, and this and that and this and that. I didn't even bother to try to cover my frontal nudity, as I tried to rub my sore bottom to make the pain go away to no avail. The woman sternly lectured both of us some more and said, "Now you two wait here while I go get my cell phone and call the Motor Club for you. Boys, come with me. You've stared at them enough for the moment."

Thank goodness! At least Becky and I could have a few moments together in our shame without three pairs of young male eyes gawking at us.

A few minutes soon passed and then I felt a lump in my throat as I heard a vehicle's motor start. Becky and I turned and yes it was our worst fears: the woman was driving off in the minivan. And the boys had taken my remaining clothes, too! We started running off across the field in her direction but it was too late. We were now OFFICIALLY TOTALLY FUCKED.

Becky and I walked back to the benches and sat down to ponder what our options were, quickly jumping up and rubbing our sore bare bottoms in pain. In surely an hour at most, the ball field would be loaded with even more young boys and their parents for the game the woman mentioned. And then soon after that would come the handcuffs. So we ended up just standing there crying, as I apologized over and over to Becky for having locked the keys in the car. After about twenty minutes, we heard another vehicle pull up.

Our hopes were dashed when it wasn't the woman returning in the minivan. The car's horn then started honking and we heard a garbled male voice over a bullhorn order, "You two women. Put you hands on top of your heads and walk over here. Slowly!"

This was it. Just our luck, too. Male cops. When Becky whispered, "Look. I'll offer to blow them if they'll just let us go" I nodded in agreement, "Me, too" I said, my stomach sickening at the thought.

We couldn't even look up as we walked to the car, we felt so ashamed. Then we heard the giggling and laughter. It was Lori - with two of her male teenage cousins! We had been had!

Becky and I both screamed and said something like, "What the fuck? You planned all this? You little bitch! How the fuck could you do this to us?"

Lori just took it all in good stride, laughing the whole time before finally saying, "Are you two streakers and exhibitionists going to get in the car before you DO get arrested?"

Becky and I exchanged glances and I said, "Good point." She made us get in the back seat between her cousins and we weren't exactly comfortably sitting down and ended up half laying across their laps. Modesty was not an option and as the three of them snickered at our humiliation Lori said she should drive us around town with us with our "bare red asses on display for truckers and bus passengers." But thankfully she was only kidding and we soon arrived at a house where upon arriving she told us to get out. In the driveway was the minivan belonging to the woman from earlier. The woman was Lori's aunt who was visiting from out of town (who Becky and I had never met before).

Once in the house came the embarrassing formal introductions to her aunt and the woman's two boys and a friend of theirs who had come along with them for a few days. When we again complained to Lori for embarrassing us (not to mention STILL not yet being given anything to cover our nudity with), to our shock and dismay we each got several more slaps to our sore bottoms from Lori's aunt and were ordered by her to go stand in the corner until a morning brunch was ready.

Lori's other aunt, whose house we were at, then walked into the room, grinning. Thank goodness both women were divorced with no husbands around to add to our shame! Still, with three young boys and two older teenage boys not going anywhere, it was quite humiliating just the same. On the other hand, neither Becky nor I felt like sitting down. Even when brunch was served we remained standing, still naked, which the five boys didn't mind at all.

After making us help clean up with the dishes, the second aunt then called us into the family room and told us she wanted to "inspect" her sister's handiwork. Within moments, first Becky was over her lap being spanked and then I got one, too. Back to the corner we were sent, Lori standing there smirking at our discomfort, the boys all grinning ear to ear.

And that's how we remained past noon until I was given only my panties and bra and Becky her robe to put on. Lori then drove us back to my car - and then handed me my own spare keys (which she had used to remotely lock my other keys in the car in the first place).

Lori then drove off and as we were about to get into my car Becky started cussing. She noticed the right front tire of the car was flat.


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Re: Becky Romero Caught Naked in Public !!!

Postby Becky Romero » Sat Sep 13, 2014 11:36 pm

Thanks a lot, Lib. :oops:
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