Girl Gets Diapered in Classroom by Her 1st Grade Teacher

These are incidents in our lives that left us blushing, embarrassed or downright totally humiliated. They include times in which we ended up naked in public, strip-searched and, yes, even spanked in class at school or in front of others. We're posting them as CC-SA to allow users to adapt, remix and build upon our experiences for any purpose as long as you follow the license terms.

Girl Gets Diapered in Classroom by Her 1st Grade Teacher

Postby Becky Romero » Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:57 am

I ended up regretting really bad that I had teased a first grade classmate that he belonged in diapers after he had wet his pants the first week of school. After wetting my panties several times in a couple week period, my teacher decided she needed to repeatedly do more than just tell me I belonged in diapers. Karma can sometimes have a cruel sense of irony when it comes back and bites you in the butt.

Originally published on August 16, 2009.

Over a several week period in first grade I had wet myself a number of times, to the point where my teacher had had enough. My accidents weren't caused by bladder or other serious health problems but by a old witch who believed in a strict bathroom schedule regimen in first grade back in 1992 when I was 7-years old.

Keep in mind that this was 20 years ago. My teacher was in her sixties at the time; she had been teaching since the 1950s. She was set in her ways and was the assistant principal as well. She started teaching in the days when they'd bash a girl's knuckles for hiking her skirt up too high.

I'm sure that in her mind she felt students needed more than simple 'potty training' before starting first grade and needed also to learn to 'hold it' for extended periods of time. Our private school had a strict bathroom time regimen. If you needed to go at a time other than the regularly practiced two times a day when a whole class lined up in the hallway and then went to the bathrooms at the same time, you were either at the mercy of your teacher or out of luck. You were often left to squirm uncomfortably at your desk until the next bathroom break or until the end of the day - unless you had an accident.

After wetting myself three times in a two week period, my teacher called my parents and suggested they consider making me wear diapers or allow the school nurse to put me in them if I had another accident if I didn't bring a clean change of clothes. With my mom out of town, my idiot stepdad gave her permission! (I didn't know most of that part until after it was way too late and my mom and stepdad had a huge argument afterwards.)

I was warned by my teacher of the consequences of having another accident, but a girl who I didn't get along with purposely tickled me at recess a few days later causing me to wet myself really bad. Then she gleefully told our teacher once we were back in class that I had an accident. As if everyone knowing just that alone wasn't bad enough, with the nurse out that week my teacher (who was also our assistant principal at our small private school) took me into an empty classroom and put a diaper on me, telling me that my stepdad had said it was okay. I cried and carried on horribly of course.

I do understand why she did it; I obviously couldn't stay in class in my wet panties. And with my mom out of town and my stepdad not caring one iota about my embarrassment, that's how it was going to be, whether I liked it or not. That's also the culture she grew up in and then later had that same mindset when she taught for so many years, although time passed her by. Just my luck, I suppose. I don't really think she was saying inside to herself: 'I'm going to humiliate Becky today.' Even one day when she spanked me, I knew it was purely for discipline.

I'm also sure that she thought by diapering me she was merely going to bring a regimen, discipline and self-control to my bladder. I also don't think she consciously set out to expose me in front of my classmates in order to cause me embarrassment. I just don't think she thought the modesty of a 7-year old girl as being very important.

The next day it happened again. When everyone left the classroom to go outside for lunch period, my teacher diapered me right on the floor next to her next desk, first removing my uniform skirt and then my soaked panties. Unfortunately, it had started sleeting outside and several classmates walked back in just as she was using baby wipes on me. Having two girls and a boy giggling and looking down at me as I was bottomless and watching me essentially get diapered like a baby, before my teacher shooed them away to their seats, was very shameful. Needless to say, the teasing was merciless and I regretted having teased a boy who had wet his pants the first week of school, telling him that he belonged in diapers. Karma can really come back and bite you sometimes!

The next morning during class, I made the mistake of raising my hand and asking to be excused to go pee. Being refused by the teacher only put me in the spotlight, with everyone watching and waiting for the inevitable - knowing it also meant my diaper would need changing.

When the classmates who sat around me were sure I had peed myself by the cringing look on my face, they started giggling. And when our teacher asked one of them what was so funny, she quite happily told the teacher that I had wet my diaper. I denied it, but Mrs. Case called me over to her desk. Then, much to the amusement of a boy who was sitting nearby and turned his head around to watch, Mrs. Case lifted up the front of my skirt and pulled the front of the diaper away from my body to check me.

With an annoyed look on her face, she scolded me for not telling the truth and said for now on I had better raise my hand and tell her anytime I wet myself or she would call me over to her desk and check my diaper every hour, every day. Faced with that unpleasant choice, I made sure I raised my hand after lunch hour and announced to her (and therefore to all my giggling classmates) that afternoon when I peed myself again.

I remember her diapering me every day the rest of that week, sometimes semi-privately (she didn't bother shutting the door in the spare classroom across the hall from ours), other times in our classroom on the floor by her desk during recess or lunch period, mostly - but not always - without anyone else observing.

On the day we had P.E. class we girls, as usual, changed into shorts in the spare classroom. So while changing clothes all the other girls in class saw me in the diapers they already knew I had been put into earlier that morning. Several of my close girlfriends had to tell some of the other girls to stop teasing me.

The teacher also told me I had to start wearing diapers to school the following week or she'd call my stepdad again and make sure I had them on before school or she'd put them on me right in our classroom before lessons started for the day. Thankfully, the nurse was back the following Monday and helped me to make sure I was wearing diapers before class started each day (yes, the teacher checked).

I only had two accidents that next week; the nurse changed me once in private but unfortunately the next day my teacher did so during recess in our classroom when the nurse was busy treating someone's scraped leg. She did not care one iota that several of my classmates who knew I had an accident outside, both girls and boys, came back into the classroom to linger, watch and giggle.

Thankfully, Christmas vacation soon started and my mom (now back from out of town) and stepdad had a huge fight about all this (they finally divorced when I was in high school). But I was so scared of having any more accidents once school resumed that I wouldn't drink anything before bedtime or before or at school. That eventually caused me to get dizzy and dehydrated at school several times. By that point my mom was so infuriated at my teacher that I was given permission to use the bathroom any time when needed. Which is how it should be at schools everywhere.

Unfortunately, many students are not given what should be a basic human right. A University of Iowa Health Care survey of nearly 500 elementary school teachers found that almost 80% of teachers said that they set scheduled times for student bathroom breaks. Even more disturbing was that one-third of these teachers said students were told to wait if they pleaded for a bathroom break during the middle of class. School principals and teachers aren't forced to wait and potentially wet themselves. Why should kids be?

But there are plenty of teachers even today who do what Mrs. Case did to me (deny students bathroom privileges), yet not out of some out-dated, misguided theory to teach bladder control as she was doing, but solely for pure embarrassment of the student involved.

One such allegation was against Edwin Victor-Louis, a math teacher in Miami who reportedly denied 14-year Sophia Gutierrez permission to use the bathroom. She couldn't hold it and when it was obvious to everyone she hadn't been able to, Victor-Louis chided Sophia in front of her entire class telling her, ''If you can't hold it, you should be wearing Pampers."

It's crap (no pun intended) like that and teachers like Victor-Louis who are then defended by teachers unions that makes me shed no tears when their members face layoffs due to budget cuts.

In the grand scheme of things, worse things have happened to me that I've dealt with and survived. But I really do feel for kids who weren't so lucky to overcome things like that or have had far worse things happen to them by teachers. I have nothing against first-grade teachers, but she was a real witch.

OK, sure. I didn't exactly get off on the right foot with her, calling her 'Snotty Face' to other students (her name sort of rhymed with that) and got spanked in class when she overheard me just weeks into the school year. So I guess maybe she figured I needed to be made an example of. My modesty was of absolutely no concern to her and the shame of being repeatedly exposed and diapered for several weeks and an embarrassing handful of times after that was just something I had to learn to live with - along with all the teasing that came as a result of it.

The teasing of course lasted longer but eventually died down and soon become more of an annoyance than bringing me to the verge of tears. Between having been diapered and spanked, I had to learn - while I wouldn't exactly say laugh about it - to acknowledge it when it was talked about to new classmates during the years. Inevitably, almost every year there would be some new boy who wanted to see if I was still wearing them. Even though I wasn't of course, it was the perfect excuse for him to flip up my skirt without warning and to check.

Although I was certainly humiliated and utterly shamed by being repeatedly diapered at school and by those times when my exposure and diapering was observed by others, I'd be very reluctant to tag it with any kind of 'abuse' label.

My embarrassment was nothing compared to the sick, twisted things of a sexual nature that a small percentage of teachers do to students today. When I hear about the awful things that some kids have had to endure, I really have to feel grateful and fortunate that my worse experiences at school in my early grades were a few spankings, exposure and being diapered.

While not to excuse what my teacher did, my mom handled it without making a federal case out of it as some parents today would. Quite to the contrary. They came up with an understanding that whenever I needed to use the restroom, all I needed to do was raise my hand in class and state so. If, as I did a number of times, I had an accident, my teacher or the school secretary would call my mom who would bring me a change of clothes.

On the other hand, if my mom wasn't available, it was understood and agreed upon that my teacher or the school nurse would clean me up and put me in diapers for the remainder of the day and change me as necessary. As my luck would have it, about the half dozen or so times when I did have an accident during the rest of the school year, my mom was unavailable and so I was diapered, including one time on a school bus during a field trip.

Each time she put me in diapers she wouldn't let me use the bathroom and instead changed me. So that meant being changed usually twice each day, at recess and lunchtime, and sometimes during the afternoon recess.

Of course, anytime I was observed being diapered it was embarrassing. But one day (because my mom had signed me up for a dance class after school), I had on a leotard under my uniform. On that particular day during morning recess my teacher diapered me on the floor by her desk.

I had wet my panties thru to my jumper that day so she first had me take my blouse off and then my jumper. Then she saw I was wearing the leotard so that meant everything ended up coming off except my white socks. A girl I didn't get along with had knew I had wet myself so she made sure she strolled in early from recess - and briefly watched as I was in the process of being completely undressed.

Our teacher then sent her to the office to the school secretary to find a pair of gym shorts for me to wear the rest of the day. But knowing I was being completely undressed, on the way to the office she made sure to tell several of our classmates still outside to quickly head back inside and to the classroom. Sure enough, two boys and one girl walked in seeing all of me, my leotard just having been removed and as our teacher was starting to wipe me.

I cringed in embarrassment, but there was nothing I could do but lay there naked in shame as my teacher lifted each of my legs up high enough to wipe my bottom as well spreading them to wipe me between them. She then left the room for a few moments and my giggling classmates quickly took the opportunity to call out the window to their friends, several more of whom hurriedly arrived in the classroom, at first slightly disappointed that my teacher was already putting the diaper on me but then quite happily watched when she decided to remove it to wipe me again before putting the diaper back on me.

As the grinning and smirking group of now three boys and three girls watched me stand up wearing only the diaper and white socks, my teacher put my blouse on over my head. The recess end bell then rang and several more classmates returned in time to see my diaper-covered bottom before the first girl returned with a pair of gym shorts, with the rest of the class filtering in shortly after.

But aside from those additional half dozen times or so after the holidays that my teacher diapered me and the occasional teasing I heard about it for years from classmates, that all became just part of my growing up experiences. A hugely embarrassment part, but just a part of growing up nevertheless.


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