Airport Embarrassment - TRUE

Remember how you felt when that snobbish cheerleader in high school had a major wardrobe malfunction while doing her cheers in front of the crowd at the big game? Or when that bossy teenage babysitter of yours lost her bikini top going down the slide at the water park in front of you and a laughing crowd? Here's a place to post your stores and reminiscences of people other than us being humiliated. PLEASE NOTE: this is for actual experiences of yours or those you witnessed. Don't use victim's full names and don't repost stories from other websites.

Airport Embarrassment - TRUE

Postby Hooked6 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 6:55 am

Airport ENF – True Event
By Hooked6 (

I witnessed this first-hand back in 2011 as I was leaving England to return to America.

I’m not sure how familiar you are with airport security features in the US but I can tell you that things are done very differently in the U.K.

When I checked in at the airline desk in England to return to the U.S., they validated my passport information and ran the data through their immigration system to get the okay for me to leave the country. I then checked my baggage and headed towards the ubiquitous security metal detectors like they have in the U.S. They X-rayed my carry-on luggage and I had to remove my shoes and any metal objects from my person and then walk through the detector. So far it was much like the way things are done in the U.S.

I was then instructed to arrive at my gate at Gatwick International Airport approximately 1 hour and thirty minutes before my flight left. They stressed that punctuality was important. I had no idea why such a long lead time was required as all the important things like checking in, getting my boarding pass, passport validation, and security screening had already been done and all that was left was to board the plane, but I was soon to find out.

Unlike American airports, in the U.K. each International airline gate is a secure area. Once you get approval to enter your gate you can’t leave – period. You’re stuck sitting in the gate’s waiting area twiddling your thumbs until the plane starts to board. (I found out later the airlines can also have their own security for International travel.)

When the gate actually opens 1 hour and thirty minutes before boarding, they check each passenger in again, recheck your passport yet another time and then one by one they allow you to enter the gate area.

Once inside I noticed two tables set up across from each other along the walls – one manned by a male security agent and the other by a female agent.

At random, or what seemed like every third or fourth passenger, the gate airport security officers selected people to be screened yet again – male officers for male travelers and a female officer for female travelers. I was one of those selected. I was called over to the table and asked to place my carry-on luggage on the table as the officer asked a laundry list of questions like did anyone ask me to carry anything on the plane, or at any time was this bag out of my possession or left unattended – all reasonable questions in the post 911 era I suppose. I was then asked to empty my pockets and extend my arms out like a “T” as the officer patted me down. The whole process was conducted in plain sight and within a few feet of other waiting passengers in the gate’s seating area.

I then took a seat near the front of the seating area and began my long wait to board the plane. I tried reading a bit but the distraction of people being searched only a few feet away from me interfered with that process.

About 40 minutes later I saw a blonde, twenty-something young woman enter the gate area. Now if I hadn’t seen this with my own eye’s I don’t think I would have believed what I am about to tell you, but I promise you that this is absolutely a correct account of what transpired with no embellishment at all.

The young woman was selected and called over to the screening table and asked to place her bag up for inspection. She was a bit put out but complied. Based on the color of the passport she was carrying (red) she was obviously a British subject. She tossed her bag upon the table rather forcefully and let out a very audible sigh.

The female security agent searched the woman’s bag and purse and was very respectful and polite given the job she had to do. The woman calmed down and answered the litany of questions. The woman was then asked to remove her coat and empty any items she might have on her person into the container on the table for inspection. It was then that I noticed something odd. The woman’s expression changed from calm to one of panic.

I noticed this right off and so did the security guard. Now this concerned me because, as you may already know, there had been several days of riots in and around London as well as several larger cities in England during the preceding two weeks so this “expression” set off alarm bells in my head and I was immediately transfixed on this woman, wondering why her demeanor had suddenly changed. After all, this screening operation had been carried out so many times that to those witnessing the event it seemed pretty mundane and boring.

The girl just stood there not moving a muscle so the officer explained the reason for her request and politely asked the woman to place her coat upon the table and empty her pockets.

The woman flatly refused and kept shaking her head “no.”

To her credit, the officer remained calm though it was clear she was on a heightened state of alert. She once again explained the reason for her request and asked the woman to empty her pockets and place her coat upon the table.

The girl replied, “I can’t. I just can’t.”

The officer’s posture changed and she rounded from behind the table to stand immediately in front of the woman and this time firmly instructed the woman to empty her pockets and place her coat in the table.

By this time I too was growing quite anxious and apprehensive as to the reason this woman didn’t want to comply. Was she carrying a bomb or something or perhaps a weapon of some kind? That seemed unlikely as she would have already cleared security once. Still, the woman’s actions were very suspicious.

The girl was frantically looking around the waiting room and then back at the officer. She then said something like, “I changed my mind. I’m not going to travel today. I’m just going to go home.” She turned to leave but was stopped by the officer who grabbed her arm. The officer explained that once in the gate area she couldn’t leave and that she was acting very suspicious. The officer demanded once again, this time with firm authority, that the woman empty her pockets and remove her coat.

The woman was fidgeting and continued looking frantically around the room. She kept saying, “I can’t. I just CAN’T. Don’t make me do this. Just let me go, okay?”

By now EVERYONE on the gate area was focused on the two women waiting to see what was going to happen. A couple of men even stood up from their seats in the back, presumably to assist the officer if it became necessary.

The woman pleaded one last time and the officer told her that she was not going to ask her again to comply.

The woman lowered her head, which was now beat-red and began to unbutton her mid-thigh length coat. To everyone’s shock there was no bomb or dangerous weapon hidden beneath her garment. As she reluctantly tossed her coat on the table, it was obvious to the entire waiting room that the young woman was only wearing a completely transparent, sheer white flimsy bra and somewhat sheer thong panties under her coat revealing her nicely trimmed pubic hair! Not one word was heard as pretty much EVERYONE in the waiting area was focused on the obviously embarrassed traveler.

I’m not sure if it was the adrenalin rush of facing a possibly dangerous situation or the fact that she now had a large audience, but the up-to-now calm and respectful security officer lost it. She began shouting at the woman asking her what she was playing at and whether she realized how close she came to getting hurt by her suspicious actions all because of a silly, childish prank. Clearly she was in no mood to see the situation as anything but grave.

The passenger began choking back tears and stated it wasn’t a prank and that she usually only wears her coat when traveling as it is more comfortable and that she hadn’t expected to be screened like this, or something to that effect.

I’m not sure I believed any of what she said as she was talking a mile a minute appearing to say whatever was coming to her mind. I recalled that at the main terminal area the airline check-in area I had to remove my coat when entering the metal detector for the first time so I assumed she would have had done that too and would have been “caught” way before now. Still I was glad she wasn’t some weirdo terrorist.

All this verbal exchange took place as she stood there in her underwear as everyone looked on. The officer did the pat down – I assumed to reassert her authority, rebuked her one last time and warned her how close she came to getting hurt by her actions and how serious this was. The passenger eventually was given back her coat but instead of taking her seat, she was allowed to leave the gate area and I never saw her again. In all the confusion I don’t know if she was told to leave and escorted to some place for further interview or if she left voluntarily, but left she did.

Clearly she was mortified by the entire incident.

Later on I had a chance to reflect on what had happened and I must say it was very interesting to say the least. Was the lady meeting her husband/boyfriend at the destination airport after a long absence and wanted to surprise him? Was she doing this on a dare? Perhaps she thought this would break up the monotony of such a long transatlantic flight. Whatever the reason, I got to see a priceless, truly embarrassed, almost naked, VERY attractive female in a VERY public setting. I definitely need to travel more often!
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Re: Airport Embarrassment - TRUE

Postby Dee_Dee_Randle » Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:40 pm

I think one way to discourage terrorism would be to have MULTIPLE and ONLY female TSA agents conduct complete and total strip-searches of all suspect male passengers. Al Qaeda suicide pilots and bombers would probably be more afraid of multiple women seeing them naked than they would be of potentially getting caught while trying to hijack an airliner.

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Re: Airport Embarrassment - TRUE

Postby Hooked6 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:30 am

Dee Dee wrote: I think one way to discourage terrorism would be to have MULTIPLE and ONLY female TSA agents conduct complete and total strip-searches of all suspect male passengers.

I'm guessing with your talent and flair for embarrassing people you'd probably like to apply for the job. Let me know if you get hired as I think I'd like to watch you in action.
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