Punished for Panty Flashing
Becky RomeroMy 6th Grade Teacher Decided I Needed to Be Taught an Embarrassing Lesson in Modesty in Front of My Whole Class

by Becky Romero

I had been caught goofing off with a boy in class after lunch. He had a tennis ball in his book bag and was tossing it up at the ceiling when our teacher left the room for a few minutes. At one point, it bounced away from him and rolled down the aisle towards me. I picked it up and was teasing him with it, pretending I was going to keep it. He started to get mad, demanding it back. So I tossed it to him, plunking him on the head in the process (not on purpose, just a bad throw), just as our teacher walked back through the door.

Bonnie Case was a no-nonsense, 60-something witch substituting for our regular 6th grade teacher who was out on maternity leave. My former first grade teacher, Ms. Case had semi-retired a year earlier and now worked in the office. Unfortunately, her retirement came too late to save me from the humiliation of having received a bare-bottom spanking in front of my first grade classmates five years earlier. (Private school teachers could sometimes get away with that sort of thing; that happened to me in 1992.)

Having seen me throw the tennis ball, Ms. Case yelled out, "Miss Romero!"

I was told to stand up by my desk, and at first was scolded for goofing off. But then the other shoe dropped.

"And another thing, Becky. Proper young ladies don't go showing boys what's under their skirts."

"Oh, no!" I thought to myself. She had seen what I was doing at lunchtime, with one of my girlfriends. We had been swinging our knees wide open back and forth so that a couple of cute boys in 7th grade we liked to flirt with could see the triangle patch of white cotton panties in between our thighs as we sat there. It was a game of us trying to flash them when the momentarily glanced away and them trying to catch us in the act. Eventually, I had gotten perhaps too bold when, with my legs spread, I lifted up the front of my skirt all the way to its waistband, flashing the two boys not only the front of my panties but several inches of flesh above so as well.

When I protested (and lied) that I hadn't done that, she said, "Don't you lie to me, young lady. I saw exactly what you were doing, as well as you, Melanie."

Whispering and low-level giggles could now be heard throughout the classroom.

"Shame on both of you," she continued. "Becky, come up to the front of the class."

A boy sitting near me who I knew from first grade whispered to another boy, "Ha! Ha! Becky's going to get a spanking."

The other boy teased me, "Yeah! On her bare butt! Becky Bare-Butt! Becky Bare-Butt!"

(Becky Bare-Butt was a nickname I had acquired after that first-grade bare-bottom spanking. It was a nickname that I naturally hated since it reminded me of my humiliation that day and of those who witnessed it.)

Stopping at his desk and slapping his arm, I said, "I AM not! And she wouldn't dare anyway! I'm too old to be spanked!"

Ms. Case overheard that and said, "Oh, really, Becky? You think I wouldn't? You weren't showing any modesty on the playground out there. Maybe a spanking like that will teach you how to act like a young little lady. Same goes for you, Melanie."

After being told that since I hadn't acted like a "proper young lady" on the playground, there was no need for me to stay dressed like one.

Standing and facing our entire class, I was ordered to unzip my skirt. I did as I was told slowly, needlessly prolonging my embarrassment. Once I had pulled my skirt down below my panties, I allowed it to drop down to the floor. As my skirt settle around my feet, I was told to step out of it. Ms. Case bent down, picked it up and tossed it over into the trash can in the corner.

If that's all the embarrassment I would have suffered, having to sit in class without my skirt on for the rest of the day, I would have been grateful. But my blouse was next to go. I slowly unbutton it, hoping this torment would end. It didn't. And soon my blouse joined my skirt, half-draped over the trash can.

As the giggles in class now turned to laughter, Ms. Case slowly walked around behind me. I was ordered to stretch out my arms to the side. Then, without warning, my bra was unhooked from behind and it fell to the floor. I quickly covered my developing breasts (I was at the time about four months shy of my thirteenth birthday), but my arms were just as quickly pulled down to my sides as everyone laughed and cheered. Every boy in class must have been whistling or hooting at the site of me topless, now wearing nothing but my white cotton panties, white socks and white shoes.

Then, while still facing the entire class, my panties were unceremoniously yanked down from behind me all the way to the floor!

At that point I screamed - and sat straight up in bed. It had been a nightmare.

I was spending the weekend at my best friend Libby's house. She must have comforted me for an hour or so afterwards as I cried and cried. Her older sister, Michelle, was upstairs and even she heard me scream and came downstairs to see what was wrong. Libby and I then told her what had happened the day before (on Friday) at school. You see, I had indeed been punished and humiliated in front of my 6th grade class for panty-flashing.

In my nightmare, I was reliving what had happened and then my worst fears took over. Why? Because the day before, events seemed to be headed straight into that direction.
"Oh, really, Becky? You think I wouldn't? You weren't showing any modesty on the playground out there. Maybe a spanking like that will teach you how to act like a young little lady."
I had essentially dared Ms. Case to spank me on my bare bottom in front of my whole class. Even though I hadn't meant for her to hear what I told the boy who had teased me, our teacher took it as an act of defiance. One that needed to be rebuked.

After being told that since I hadn't acted like a "proper young lady" on the playground, there was no need for me to stay dressed like one.

Standing and facing our entire class, I was ordered to bunch up my blouse underneath my breasts, exposing my midriff, and unzip my skirt. As I began to do what I was told I really didn't have much doubt as to where this was heading. Surely I would be spanked on my bare bottom in front of everyone. I would be thoroughly humiliated and the shame would be ten times worse than what I had suffered in first grade. The only question was whether or not I would be permitted the modesty of facing the class with my hands clasped over my pubes or whether I would be told to turn around and bend over - which would make it a hundred times worse.

As I slowly unzipped the top of my skirt and began pulling it down, the top of my panties came into view. The whispering and giggles began to grow and I couldn't bare to look up and have my eyes meet those of any of the boys in class.

Then, Wesley, the boy who I had hit in the head with the tennis ball, raised his hand and explained to the teacher that it was his fault; that he told me to toss him the ball back after he had been bouncing it near his desk when it then rolled down the aisle towards me.

As our teacher listened to the explanation I stood there, practically frozen. As much as I desperately wanted to pull my skirt all the way back up, I didn't dare out of fear I would be told to continue to strip.

But miraculously, Ms. Case seemed satisfied by the boy's explanation. However, because of the class disruption we caused, we were both sent to the principal's office to get a punishment slip. Benchings and extra homework would be our sentence, which seemed quite reasonable. Once out into the safety of the hallway and the staircase heading downstairs, I grabbed Wesley and gave him a huge kiss on the mouth. It was my first such kiss. He told me later it had been his, as well. But I was so grateful for what he had done for me, I couldn't resist expressing my appreciation further before we got downstairs. He didn't mind that at all, either.

After five or so minutes we both returned to the classroom, having held hands practically until we got to the doorway. As we each handed Ms. Case our punishment slip to prove we had met with the principal (thankfully, the tennis ball part of the story was all we needed to tell him), I glanced over at Melanie, who was sitting in her desk in the front row. She was sobbing, her face red as a beat. The boys around her were quietly giggling amongst themselves. What had happened? I soon found out firsthand.

Wesley sat down but before I reached my desk, Ms. Case told me to come with her. She stepped out into the hallway and I followed her. Halfway between the front and rear doors of our classroom, she told me to lift up my skirt.

"What! Why? I didn't do anything," I pleading and started to cry.

"Don't you lie to me again, young lady," she said. "Now you have about two seconds to do as I said before I take you back into the classroom and give you that spanking!"

There was no doubt in my mind she was deadly serious. As I figured I was going to be spanked, better it was out in the hall than in front of my classmates. So I did as I was told, lifting my skirt up to my waist.

Then I heard giggling. I looked to my right and two 5th grade boys across the hall and about 12 feet away were watching everything from their rear classroom doorway. I quickly and instinctively pulled my skirt back down as I blushed in embarrassment.

"Fine, Becky! Have it YOUR way then. Get back in class and take off that skirt and your panties!"

"OK! OK! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I said, as tears streamed down my face and as I quickly yanked the hem of my skirt up all the way to the bottom of my chin to the continued giggles of the two 5th grade boys across the hall.

Ms. Case just stood there for several seconds, as if to make me wonder whether my reconsideration of her orders was too late. She glanced over at the two boys, then seemingly glared at something or someone behind me.

She turned and walked back into the classroom. As I stood there in the hallway, my skirt still held up high, I could hear her yelling at one of the boys to get back to his seat or he'd get the same punishment as Melanie. I was left wondering what punishment was that? Then the thought occurred to me: had one of the boys in my class snuck a peek at me from our classroom's rear door? Libby told me later that was indeed what had happened.

Becky Romero - punishment for panty-flashingOnce our teacher returned to the hallway, she walked up to me and slowly placed her fingers inside the waistband of my panties. As the two 5th grade boys gasped in glee, my panties were then unceremoniously yanked all the way down to the floor. I looked down in shame, knowing that the boys had a partially frontal view of my bottomlessness.

After a few seconds, I was told to step out of my panties and was allowed to put my skirt back down. Following Ms. Case back into the classroom, I could hear her announcing to me as well as my whole class, "Becky, since you are not ashamed to let everyone see your panties, this is where they will remain until next Friday."

And with that, she pinned my panties up above the right front corner of the chalkboard, as all but my closest friends erupted into laughter. That's when I noticed that on the other side of the chalkboard pinned up were Melanie's panties. Come to find out, she had been humiliated the same way, out in the hall. And there was where our panties stayed, on display for all to see for a whole week and to serve as a warning to any other girl in our class who desired to flash her panties.

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For further reading on how I feel about corporal punishment, especially paddling, please see my essay, Should Schools Spank?

Sexism in School Paddlings
In current paddling-permissive schools, at the very least the paddling should be replaced by open-hand spankings by classroom teachers in front and in full view of the offending student's entire class, even if it's decided to spank students on the completely exposed bare-bottoms.

I don't deny that I surely deserved some kind of punishment for having been caught flashing my panties on the playground that Spring day back in 1998. But did Mrs. Case humiliate me unfairly or was she too lenient in allowing me to retain some modesty in the classroom?

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