Shocking School Humiliations

Female Social Worker Brings Along Female Friend to Tag Along and
Watch as She Has 14-Year Old Boy Strip Completely Naked

Female Social Worker Strips Teenage Boy Naked While Her Female Friend WatchesImagine you are a 14-year old boy when, one day at school, you are called to the administrator's office. There, you find two women to greet you. The first one tells you she is a social worker. Due to a domestic dispute, she tells that you she needs to physical inspect your entire naked body for any signs of child abuse. You are told that all your clothes must come off, including your underwear. You are stunned.

As your eyes well up with tears, you are slowly and embarrassingly stripped. As each piece of clothing is removed, it is set aside. Your shoes, socks, shirt are removed. Then your pants unzipped and pulled down. As your face reddens and your shame increases, you try not to make eye contact with the two women.

Then your humiliation increases a hundred fold as your underpants are also pulled down and your penis is now fully exposed. Your face is blushing bright red as the two women stare down at your private parts. You know that they can see how developed (or not) you are for your age. You are also hoping you don't get an erection.

You don't know it at the time, but the second woman isn't even a social worker. She is merely a friend of the first woman, invited to tag along for no other purpose other than to see a 14-year old boy stripped completely naked before her eyes.

According to news reports and a civil lawsuit, this is essentially what is alleged to have happened to 14-year old Bradley Dawson of Texas.

You can read more about this incident here.

Female Social Worker Lies; Induces Wrong Teenage Boy to Strip Naked for Her

Then there is 13 year-old David Beck of Westchester County, New York. He wasn't abused by his parents. But that didn't stop a female social worker from showing up as his school and ordering him to take off all his clothes, too. According to a civil lawsuit, the woman told the boy that she had found signs of abuse when making his sister strip naked at another school. Therefore, she told the boy, she had to visual inspect his completely naked body as well. Even worse, one of the school secretaries was in the room and stayed throughout the humiliating ordeal.

Left with no choice in the matter, David did as he was told and slowly removed all of his clothes. The humiliated teen was sure that the women took more than simply a brief glance at his penis and balls. Was that a smirk on the secretary's face? He felt extremely embarrassed and knew word would soon be spread around to his peers of his shame He couldn't help but wonder if the secretary would blab about his naked humiliation and describe the stage of his male development to the other female staff at the school, including his female teachers.

Soon after, David would find out that the female social worker had made a terrible mistake. He wasn't the boy suspected of being abused by his parents. The social worker had gotten an address wrong and therefore started investigating the wrong parents! Furthermore, the social worker found no signs of child abuse on his sister. She had simply lied about that to him in order to make him more cooperative in taking off his clothes. The boy had essentially stripped completely naked for the women, was totally humiliated and put to complete shame, for nothing!

You can read more about this incident here.

Police Strip-Search 15-Year Old Truant Girl
She's made to stand totally nude in front of large window
facing the building's public entrance as people walk by

If you think the above boys were embarrassed, then consider the shame of a 15-year old girl from Okanogan County, Washington must have felt. She skipped school and was Teenage girl forced to stand completely naked in public viewtaken into custody for failing to appear at a truancy hearing. She hadn't committed any other crime; she simply ditched class. No doubt she realized she would be in trouble, that she might possibly get suspended or have some privileges at home revoked. But never in her wildest nightmares did she think she'd be put on public exhibition while completely naked!

But, according to a lawsuit, that's exactly what happened to her. Once she was taken down to the police station, she was ordered to remove all of her clothes and submit to a humiliating body search. This was done right in front of a large window, one that was right next to the public entrance to the station.

As people walked by the window or by the door that was deliberately left open also, they could see the completely nude and humiliated girl. They could see the size and shape of her breasts, her bare buttocks and knew with absolutely certainly whether she shaved her pubes or not.

You can read more about this incident here.

Boy Wets Pants
Female teacher makes him remain in pee-stained underwear
in full view of his whole class, girls included

boy standing in his pee-stained underwear in front of his female classmatesIsn't it embarrassing enough when you have a accident and pee your pants?

But imagine, as a young boy, being told by your female teacher, to remove your wet pants - right there in the classroom - in front of her and dozens of other kids, both boys and girls!

And then, to make matters worse, you are made to stay like that for the rest of the day, in your pee-stained underwear, with every girl in your class snickering, pointing and laughing at your humiliation!

Imagine the teasing this boy received, not only from the girls but the boys as well, day in and day out long after that day ended. New classmates being told of his humiliation, girls describing to their new friends what he looked like standing there, blushing and embarrassed, in his wet underpants.

You can read more about this incident here.

Hundreds of Montana High School Girls Videotaped
Totally Nude in School Showers

Lawyers want tapes reviewed to identify each naked girl

In December 2002, three Powell County (Montana) High School senior boys pleaded guilty to installing two-way mirrors in the girls' and boys' locker rooms that permitted them to observe and videotape female athletes undressing and nude. Authorities uncovered seven videotaping locations in both the girls' and boys' locker rooms. Visiting female athletes were also filmed using the boys' locker rooms during tournament play.

The boys pleaded guilty to one count each of felony burglary before District Court Judge Ted Mizner, who gave each of them a deferred two year sentence, and ordered all three to serve 30 days in jail, apologize and complete 250 hours of community service. The school board expelled all three seniors.

Montana high school girls had their privacy violated - now hundreds of people may get to watch videos of them nude in the shower (note: this image is a simulation, not the actual victims)Now, isn't it humiliating enough to find out you may have been videotaped without your consent while completely nude at a high school sporting event, while you changed, used the toilet or showered?

But now imagine lawyers, many of them males, arguing over who should work to identify as many as 700 Montana high school girls, asking a judge to permit the videotapes be shown to teachers and students at dozens of high schools around your state. Whether they be male or female, makes no difference. Someone might recognize you. The more people viewing the videotapes, the better the chances.

Next, imagine the humiliation upon discovering that someone DID identify you from several of the tapes, as you stood, fully naked facing the camera, your breasts and untrimmed pubes completely exposed for all who viewed the tapes. In fact, you'll never know just how many people have already seen you naked.

You then have nightmares about being subpoenaed to testify and in open court say, ''Yes, that's me'' completely naked on the screen being shown to the jury and spectators.

Court records indicate that the male three students who allegedly perpetrated the scheme watched or filmed players from nearly all of the 18 girls' basketball and volleyball teams that competed in Deer Lodge, Montana from 2000 to 2003. Nude and semi-nude girls who appear on some of the 10 tapes seized by the sheriff's department last November remain unidentified.

You can read more about this incident here.

6th Grade Girls Who Got Bad Grades
Forced to Expose Their Bare Breasts to Mixed-Sex Class

Girls Felt Humiliated Standing Topless in Front of Boys

A teacher is being investigated for allegedly forcing members of her Grade 6 class who did poorly on their exams to undress before their classmates. Teacher forces 6th grade girl to bare breasts to male classmatesOne of the students reportedly dropped out of class after being made to take off her blouse, exposing her breasts. The teacher, Susana Quiambao, has confirmed the undressing incident...

Eleven and twelve year-old girls go through a difficult enough body-changing time as it is, let alone having to worry about this! Forced to let all the boys in your class see you topless? Can you imagine the embarrassment? The humiliation? The shame?

It's a good thing I didn't have a sixth grade teacher like this. (it was bad enough what I went through in the first grade.) Because if I had to strip naked in class everytime I did poorly on a test or homework paper, there would have been no point in me even bothering to wear any clothes to school at all in the first place.

You can read more about this incident here.

Schoolgirls Humiliated When Forced to Strip in Front of Boys for P.E.
10-Year Old Girl Says: ''The boys kept looking at me. I was embarrassed.''

10-year old Samantha Bedford, who is embarrassed that boys in her class are allowed to watch her strip off her clothesParents staged an angry protest after their young daughters were forced to strip in front of boys at school.

The girls, aged ten and 11, were left in tears after being ordered to strip for PE in a mixed classroom under a school policy blamed on health and safety regulations.

The headmistress of Hillside School in Baddeley Green, Stoke-on-Trent, said the girls had to undress in class as there were not enough teachers to supervise them separately.

But furious mother Dawn Bedford said her ten-year-old daughter, Samantha [photo], was reduced tears by the humiliation.

Mrs. Bedford said: ''Sam was embarrassed and distressed because the boys kept looking at her and making comments. . . .This is a very sensitive time for girls. Don't the teachers realise how difficult it is? Girls were trying to hide under a table so boys could not see them. It is disgusting.''

Sam added: ''The boys kept looking at me. I was embarrassed.''

You can read more about this incident here.

Tennessee Middle School Videotapes Students Naked
Uploads the kids' nude photos onto the Internet

From CBS News:

A Tennessee middle school allowed security cameras to film students undressing in locker rooms and then stored the images on a computer accessible through the Internet, according to a lawsuit filed by a group of angry parents. ...

The students were caught on tape while they were undressing for a basketball game in the visitor's locker room at Livingston Middle School. ... The cameras reportedly captured students, ages 10-14, in various stages of undress.

The parents contend the school system violated students' rights by putting hidden cameras in boys and girls locker rooms at Allons Middle School.

''I was terribly shocked, hurt, angry that the proper steps weren't taken to prevent something like this from happening, and expose it like this,'' said Michelle Meadows, mother of one of the girls, on The Early Show.

Her daughter is ''embarrassed and worried about who has seen this. She's aware that it has been over the Internet,'' she added. ...

The images were reportedly accessed 98 times between July 2002 and January 2003 � sometimes late at night and early in the morning � and through Internet providers in Tennessee and South Carolina.

You can read more about this incident here.

Male Principal Makes 15-Year Old Girl Strip Totally Nude
He Then Gives Her a Humiliating Bare-Bottom Paddling

This is so shocking I can't bear myself to describe it! Read for yourself, as quoted from the Arizona Republic, March 26, 1995:

PHOENIX -- The headmaster of a private school has been arrested and accused of forcing a 15-year-old girl to remove her clothing and kneel in prayer while he struck her with a wooden paddle. ...

Imagine the humiliation of being spanked by your male principal after he made you strip completely nudePolice say Michael William Wetton told the girl during her 75-minute ordeal on Feb. 24 that he wanted her to understand corporal punishment, which is used to discipline students at the school.

As part of the orientation, Wetton reportedly took the girl into a room alone and told her to take off her clothes. Crying, she removed everything but her bra and panties. Wetton then struck her once with a wooden paddle.

Wetton then reportedly forced the girl to disrobe completely, made her kneel as if in prayer and struck her across the buttocks. Then police say, he forced her to grab the edge of a table, spread her legs and submit to another swat.

You can read more about this incident here.

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Read about more humiliating school incidents
Bare-bottomed spankings, strip-searches, forced nudity and much more!

Naked & Spanked at School
If all of America had gotten to watch Marcia Brady paddled on her panties by her male school principal - seeing her shame, her exposure and her humiliation - the ensuing outrage would have ensured that school corporal punishment would surely have become be a thing of the past.

Just imagine if all of America
had gotten to watch its 1970's
teenage sweetheart,

Marcia Brady,

her face blushing, turning red
with huge embarrassment after
being asked if she was
currently menstruating,

then being told to bend over
and grasp her ankles,
a male witness standing to her
side, leering as her blouse
drops away from her body enough
to partially reveal her bra...

having one of her trademark
short skirts hiked up,
blushing with humiliation when
her panties are totally exposed...

first bravely wincing, but finally
screaming in pain while receiving
several hard swats of the paddle
from her male school principal...

dealing with the shame and
embarrassment as other students
find out she had been paddled...

later, back at home in her bedroom,
taking off her skirt, pulling down
her panties and turning around to
show her two sisters, Jan and Cindy
(and the TV audience), the red welts,
blisters and horrible bruises on
her once pretty teenage bare bottom...

If only America had gotten to see that,
completely uncensored and unedited,
the ensuing outrage would have
ensured that school corporal punishment
would surely have become
a thing of the past.

- Becky Romero

Becky Romero - naked in a high school classroom.
"Having a teacher like Lisa Lox would have been my worse nightmare! I have absolutely no doubt that if I were in Ms. Lox's class, I would have felt totally compelled to obey her just exactly as the humiliated boy did, leaving myself standing in front of my whole class topless and in nothing but my panties, or perhaps nothing at all if she so ordered. And may heaven have helped my poor bare bottom if Ms. Lox felt like demonstrating to everyone the most effective way to make me properly behave in class."
- Becky Romero -

No school punishment is more effective (or shameful) on girls than receiving a bare-bottom spanking in front of her class
Trust me...
I can attest to this from
personal experience.
- Becky Romero

If I had been spanked bare-bottom in front of my class more frequently than I was, I surely would have been a much better behaved and more attentive student. Becky Romero In current paddling-permissive schools, at the very least the paddling should be replaced by open-hand spankings by classroom teachers in front and in full view of the offending student's entire class, even if it's decided to spank students on the completely exposed bare-bottoms.

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