Should I Be Spanked?
Should Becky Romero be spanked?by Becky Romero
July 6, 2006

Just WHAT IS IT about some guys when they come across a strong-willed, reasonably attractive, intelligent young woman that makes them want to spank her?

Not, "Wow! I want to date that woman!" Not, "I want to fall in love with that woman!" Not even, "I'd sure want to have sex with that woman!"

But instead, they say to themselves and their male friends, "Man, I'd sure like to spank her cute little tight ass!"

Why this commentary? Because some jerks have been harassing me on the net, saying that because I depantsed a few guys over the years that I ought to be stripped naked and spanked! And I'm tired of that!

Can you imagine? Me! A grown, adult woman in college! Over their knee, with my panties pulled down, as though I was some little girl being punished for a temper-tantrum?

And SPANKED! Perhaps at a mixed-sex party or maybe even in public, totally exposed, without a stitch on! Some would say until I was made to cry, my bottom spanked red until I swallowed my pride and made a humiliating apology to my spanker!

One such jerk told me recently:

Re: Becky wants to be spanked, bad - NO I DON'T
Posted on 2006-04-18 12:54:43
by Bad Girl Spanker

I'd take you over my knee and spank your butt a good half dozen times without taking down your pants and warn you to stop being such a brat.

If you kept acting out then I would lead you to the bedroom. I would undress you from the waist down and tell you to stand in the corner that way for a half hour. Then I'd come back in, put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom bright apple red. I would keep on spanking while you cursed and then apologized through gritted teeth and then finally cry and begin to apologize for real.

Usually I've see that holds most bratty girls for at least a week or two but if you began acting out again I would lead you to an open window and make you stand where your bare bottom is visible through the window and spank you there while the neighbors can hear you cry and people passing by can watch you being spanked into a good girl.

If you were acting out at a party or around people and spanking you in private just didn't work, I would just have to grab you by the back of your jeans, turn you over on my lap, hold your hands with one hand, pin your feet between mine and give you what you're asking for. The more you struggled and kept up the same attitude that got you into this, the more clothes you'd lose even if you had to end up being spanked there bare naked in front of everyone.

I've had to do that sometimes and believe me it works getting through to the snottiest girl as her friends and enemies watch her get turned into a sobbing little girl wriggling on my lap.

Now, seriously, do I really deserve THAT? And I really want you to tell me the truth.

If you think I do and are one of these type of guys, brace yourselves because you are not going to like what I have to say!

If you want to see me spanked and humbled, I think it is because of your own insecurities.

You see some attractive girl you casually know at school or work, but you can't have her. She is strong-willed and intelligent, perhaps even smarter than you. Maybe she has a boyfriend who you think is a loser compared to yourself. Maybe she doesn't.

Either way, she resists your jerky-like, bad-boy attitude. She's in control of her own life and quite satisfied - and you can't stand that.

You think she needs YOU! But she tells you to get lost instead. Maybe even adds what you can go do to yourself.

So you think - in your little wet dreams - that if you one day grab her, threaten to pull down her pants and panties and spank her, that you'll be in control over her, that she'll no longer resist your pathetic attempts at wooing her and that she'll submit to your every whim in the future. Because, if she doesn't, you'll really do it, hinting you might even spank her bare bottom in front of her friends or colleagues.

To further press your argument, you begin to tell her that's want she wants anyway: a spanking. That all girls do. That she deserves it because of her attitude towards you.

And that the more she denies it, the more you say that means she really wants it. And YOU: you're the one man capable of giving her what she really wants! The more strongly she denies it, the more you say that proves your point.

You've already convinced yourself that all women are weak-minded and in self-denial about the need for a so-called strong man to run every aspect of their lives.

Furthermore (as you dampen your already sticky bedsheets) you think YOU are that man.

But, in reality, most woman would silently laugh in your face at the thought of ever having a thing to do with you.

Though some naive girls might stumble briefly in life and allow themselves to be temporarily controlled by you - first by some physical attraction, then by your threats (perhaps even following through) that you'll pull down their pants and spank them in public - eventually they'll see you for what you really are - A CONTROL FREAK - and dump your sorry butt into the scrap heap of discarded boyfriends.

Come on! Admit it! I'm right and I'm talking about you? Aren't I?

Becky Romero is constantly told by guys that she needs to have an attitude adjuistment by having her bare ass spanked. Are they right?

Should I Have Been Punished?
After a 9th grade boy pinched and then slapped by butt during gym class, I depantsed him. That's right. I yanked down his shorts (right after kneeing him in the groin), leaving him in front of everyone in his jock strap. I thought it was sweet justice. So did all the girls present.

But in discussing the incident on the net even some people who had little sympathy for the jerk I depantsed that day felt I should have nonetheless been punished for my retaliatory strike.

Even more amazing is the fact that some people felt I should have suffered an even worse fate than the boy I depantsed: standing completely bottomless in front of my entire mixed-sex 9th grade gym class!

And, just for good measure, been given a solid spanking on my bare bottom to teach me a valuable lesson! Becky Romero, topless

Yet, even that punishment isn't viewed as good enough for others. They've even have gone so far as to say I fully deserved that nude pics of me were taken and spread all around my high school when I was 18 during my senior year. Really? I mean, come on! Is that fair justice?

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above photo of me was circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty?

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above photo of me was circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty?

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above nude photos of me were circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty? I might as well been required to attend the rest of the school year naked. It left me vulnerable and indeed lead to me being literally stripped nearly entirely naked at school one day.

- Becky Romero

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