Stripping My Girlfriend's Brother Naked
Libby MarrWhen your best friend's kid brother is going around making fun of overweight girls at school, what's the best way to teach him some manners? Swoosh! Depants him in front of his girlfriend and several other girls, giving them all a good look at his itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie.

by Libby Marr

The comments within the yellow boxes below were originally posted on the Internet on on the poll entitled, Depantsing Boys II, during my senior year in high school in 2003.

When my best friend Becky Romero emailed me one night in September 2003 to tell me about a cool website, MisterPoll, that she found and how she was enjoying relating stories to other girls about some of the boys we've depantsed over the past several years, I couldn't resist writing my own post about the time when I helped strip naked - from the waist down - her younger brother, Matt.

Matt has since gotten over the embarrassing incident, which he freely admits he had coming to him for his very disgusting behavior towards a girl at school. Becky later explained the full details of how rotten Matt had humiliated this girl [a teammate of mine, Belinda's and Lori's], so I won't go into those details here. Suffice it to say he was taught a very embarrassing, humbling lesson.

Matt was 14 at the time, a freshman in high school; I was a junior and going on 17, as were most of the other girls involved. Ironically, Matt is now dating the younger sister of one of the girls, Ashley, who helped depants him and saw all his goods that day. Matt's always had a crush on me, so I don't feel too embarrassed that he ended up seeing me nude. He's been a big help throughout our ordeal. Well, O.K. Actually, I DO feel quite embarrassed about it. I just try not to make him know that (well, until he reads this).

I was only hoping Becky would show Matt my original post on Mister Poll, you know, to tease him. I even deliberately called him "Mark" in my post, because I didn't want to use his real name, Matt Romero.

But I had no idea that my post would create such an uproar! One creep on the message board, Ouched, especially and repeatedly pointed to that post about Matt as the reason why he wanted to personally strip me completely naked after school one day in front of a large crowd of guys, take a bunch of nude photos of me and then post them all over the Internet. A couple of months later, he basically got his wish.

Below are the posts about Matt and several others that were originally posted on Mister Poll.

It perhaps started with one jerk making a crude comment towards my friend, Becky:

Re: Girls, Let's Strip that Billy Kid !
Posted on 2003-09-01 18:19:12
by yarrmatey

somebody has a case of pms in here i wonder who it could be?

Not willing to take that sitting down, Becky responded in kind:

Re: Girls, Let's Strip that Billy Kid !
Posted on 2003-09-02 23:08:49
by BrashyBecky17

Sounds like this guy YARRMATEY is just itching to be depantsed.

He thinks he's a smartass with that 'somebody has a case of pms' line.

Well, once, there would be some stupid jerk at school that would say that to me or one of my girlfriends when they didn't like our 'attitude.' Not any more.

We'd just tell them that HE was the one with PMS - 'Puny Male Syndrome', which is also more commonly referred to as one who has a 'Puny Male Scrotum.'

It's especially good to point this out in mixed company and ask the other guys, 'You've probably seen him undressed in the locker room. That's what we hear, anyway. Isn't that right?'

Almost always, there'd be one or more of the guys who would quickly agree and the smartass would either engage in a hasty retreat or, sometimes, take a swing at one of the guys. One guy did this and the four friends (guys) of the guy who he hit quickly pantsed him, right there, along the football field after school, pants AND underwear down to his ankles -- right in front of five of us girls! And guess what. We WERE right! He did, indeed, have PMS.

Seems like almost always that the jerks with the BIGGEST mouths usually have the SMALLEST dicks.

Am I right or not?


When Becky had seen Yarrmatey's post, she emailed me. I was online at the time and, like I said earlier, just couldn't resist the chance to poke a little fun at Matt, knowing Becky would certainly show it to him:

Re: Girls, Let's Strip that Billy Kid !
Posted on 2003-09-03 00:23:37
by libbym

Hi, Becky ... and everyone else :>)

Thanks for emailing me just now and telling me about this board. You are sooooo bad, girl! I just loved the way you told off that YARRMATEY guy.

Remember that time when Lori, Belinda, Elizabeth, Ashley and I pantsed that obnoxious "Mark" kid early last year?

Well, everyone, "Mark" had been making fun of this other girl at school for weeks, always joking around and making fun of her to the other guys and girls about how overweight she was. Really mean stuff, you know - cow jokes, mooing at her, etc.

So, one day, after school we caught up to him in the alleyway on his way home. He was walking home with his older brother and their girlfriends.

We confronted him and said it was time for him to get his comeuppance.

His brother's girlfriend was pretty pissed at him, since she knew the girl he had made fun of. With her attitude being what it was, his brother's was like, hey, do what every you want with him.

He tried to run, but we grabbed him, held him down, took off his shoes, then pulled his pants right off. He was bawling like a little baby when we pulled his underwear down to his ankles and held his arms so he couldn't cover himself.

Talk about tiny!

Belinda started to sing to him:

"You've got an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, barely two-inch little pene ..."

As he was also kinda bald, Elizabeth then asked him if he shaved himself or was it that he just hadn't started growing any hair yet.

His brother's girlfriend and even his own girlfriend then started laughing at him.

His girlfriend then dumped him, right on the spot. Still crying, he started to plead for her to still go out with him, but she told him "no" and suggested that if he ever wanted another girlfriend, he'd better "grow up" first. (at the time, we thought she was talking about his lack of manners, you know, being so mean to that other girl; but, perhaps she was also referring to something else that still needed growing up, too ;>)

We gave him his pants back on one condition: The next day, he had to bring flowers and a box of candy to the girl he had been teasing - giving it to her in one of their classes they had together and apologize to her. (If he didn't, we warned him that we'd caught him another day, strip him naked and KEEP his clothes!)

It was so great seeing this big baby cringe in humiliation and have to apology to the girl he'd been teasing!

Did the guys ever tease him later about that!

Becky, cu tomorrow. I've got to finish reading that history chapter for Mr. Walsh's class.


The girls on the board enjoyed that; even some of the guys did and wanted to know more:

Re: Attention Libbym
Posted on 2003-09-03 23:49:43
by JustinKid

So how old was this "Mark" dude that you got in the alley?

I knew Matt would be embarrassed about me having a little fun at his expense, but other than us, who was ever going to know we were talking about him? So I answered JustinKid with some more details:

Re: Answer for JustinKid
Posted on 2003-09-06 18:01:31
by libbym

Hi, JustinKid,

"Mark's" a 10th grader now; he was 14 when this happened last year, although if you saw everything we did, you'd think he looked like 9 or 10, if you know what I mean by 'looked like'... ;-)

It's really embarrassing knowing that six girls at school know what he looks like in his birthday suit... LOL

He can never look any of us in the eye when we pass him in the hallway, especially Belinda. Last March, she told us that one day he saw her walking towards his direction when he quickly turned around -- right smack into a propped-open door, hitting his balls on the door handle!

On top of that, his brother and his brother's girlfriend (both now in college) are still seeing each other and are really close. Imagine how "Mark" will feel if that girl someday becomes his sister-in-law. LOL

But, he should have thought about all of that before he started that very mean teasing of that other girl. (It would have REALLY been a hoot had SHE also saw him naked that day).

Or, like my friend Elizabeth is always saying, "Revenge is a dish that is best served to those who are nude."


Not long after that, I made a post which Ouched attacked me for:

Beach Depantsing - Great Idea, Too
Posted on 2003-09-22 01:58:26
by libbym


I had to write to quickly tell everyone about a depantsing story I heard about on Saturday. You've asked for us to write about depantsing ideas; well, here's a good one. :-)

I was at a party last night and met this girl from Florida, Pam, that was visiting some relatives in my city. I forget how we got on the subject of depantsing boys, but we soon got to talking about it and exchanged our experiences.

Pam told us how she helped a friend of hers get even on a cheating boyfriend a few years ago (she's in her early 20s). The guy was hitting on Pam, but he didn't know that the other girl and Pam were friends. When Pam found out about him, she told her friend and was going to immediately dump him. But, her friend asked her to help her get even with the guy first.

So, Pam gets the guy to go with her to the beach one summer day with another girlfriend of hers. They then convince the guy to let the two girls bury him in sand, up to his head, probably a good foot or so.

While the guy's all excited about watching the two girls crawl around him in their bikinis and bury him in sand and such, Pam then reaches under the sand and pulls the guy's boxer-style swim trunks down and off and quickly pack up the towels they had lying about.

She then tells him off and says that's what he gets for cheating on her friend. Pam's friend then arrives (as per their plan) and tells the guy off, too, leaving him only an extra pair of her bikini bottoms nearby as his only potential covering.

The three girls then leave him to his fate, but not before telling a female lifeguard that 'some guy' needed assistance on the beach.

They then watched from a distance as two female lifeguards stood over the guy as he relunctantly emerged totally naked from underneath the sand and, with no other clothes or towels to cover himself with, puts on the bikini bottoms. The two grinning lifeguards then walked him over to a lifeguard station where he eventually emerged with some borrowed swimtrunks. But, not before dozens of people saw him walking over there in a pair of girl's bikini bottoms!

We were all laughing like crazy as Pam related all this to us.

I was thinking: WOW, what a great way to get even with a no good, cheating creep!


While all this was going on, there were many other posts on the Depantsing Boys board, some from girls, some from guys, along with some flirting and teasing.

Then that creep Ouched came along and pretty soon not only was all the fun gone, but I would soon be under threat of complete humiliation - that nude photos of me would be posted on the Internet.

As for Matt, he not only got to watch when I was stripped, spanked and humiliated when I was 18, but on my 20th birthday down came my panties without any warning whatsoever and he spanked my bare butt - right in front of my friends! I don't know what turned more red that night - my butt or my face!

Payback Time?
I am amazed by how many guys have flamed me over the years because I made Matt blush a little. From the way they came after me with a vengeance, you'd think I had emasculated the boy! So his pants and underwear got pulled down and seven teenage girls saw his small penis. Big deal! He got over it. So why can't these keyboard warrior blowhards do the same?

Is it perhaps because some of them did the same rude things to teenage girls that Matt did when they were his age and got similarly punished and embarrassed? Is it perhaps because I was an easy target for their venom, already being threatened by jerks at my high school who would post nude pics of me on the Internet? Is it because when those pics of me were posted, others saw an easy opportunity to rub salt into the wounds of my humiliation?

Whatever their deluded reasons for wanting my continued humiliation may be, I'm willing to let them gripe, whine and complain, even on our own Forum or note their opinion on the poll below.

Now, please don't get me wrong. I love Matt; he's a real sweetheart. And when I went through a horrible experience in high school, he was there to watch my back (and my butt, and my boobs and my...).

I'm just curious as to what most guys think. Would you be O.K. with my good-natured teasing over the years or, unlike Matt, are you so insecure with your masculinity that you would be out for revenge at the first opportunity?

You see, a few years back, when I turned 20, my friends Becky and Belinda actually did decide that I needed a birthday spanking. And since I had indeed set up Becky the month before for a bare-butt spanking of her own on her birthday by a male friend of ours in front of a few other friends, she saw a chance to potentially get even with me in front of a whole roomful of our friends.

I thought the only way for me to avoid a huge embarrassment that night was for me to quickly pick someone to spank me and pray for the best, hoping at least that I wouldn't be bared like Becky was, especially given that in addition to my close friends, some casual friends were also there, along with their boyfriends whom I had only just met. So, I picked Matt.

After all, though he was quite embarrassed when I...

  • helped stripped him bottomless in front of several girls after school one day
  • teased him often about his small penis
  • purposely walked in on the shy teenager while he was trying to take a bath after having broken his ankle and wouldn't leave until he let me help him out of the tub and towel him off
  • depantsed him numerous times, even in front of his girlfriend's older sister
  • never hesitated to remind him of his past predicaments and embarrassments, even in front of mixed company

    ...he never gave me any prior indication that he'd ever try to get even and make me blush for a change.

    So, if you were Matt and it was up to you to decide how I'd be spanked on my 20th birthday, what would you do - given our past history? Would you spare me the indignity and shame of baring my bottom in front of my guests, some of whom hadn't even seen me in a bikini (let alone naked)? Or would it be 'payback' time?

    Libby Marr, about to received an embarrassing birthday spanking in her birthday suit when she turned 20

    Was Matt as docile that night as I had hoped for? Or did everything back-fired on me in a huge way that night, leaving my bare bottom as red as my blushing face? You can see for yourself here.

    What's being said about me and my nude photos (they were posted on the web by jerks at my former high school)

    Libby Marr, at age 18 in 2003, in one of the nude photos of her circulated around her high school without her prior knowledge or consent

    Libby needs to shave her pussy.

    If the girls like stripping men so much they deserve to be stripped

    Libby and Belinda did more than just invade the privacy of those boys showering at that baseball camp. They humiliated them in front of perhaps dozens of girls. Belinda led a group of girls into the locker room where she knew naked boys were... And Libby made some of the boys show her that they were wearing cup protectors while girl campers watched and laughed at their obvious exposure... I have a suggestion. How about taking Libby and Belinda in front of all those boy campers they had humiliated, pull down their pants and panties and spank them on their cute bare asses?

    I can't make up my mind who's the bigger bitch, libby or becky.

    As for the Libby Marr bitch, her boobs aren't very big either and she has about the hairiest damned beaver you'd ever see. Her bush is so thick it should be declared a fire hazard.

    Those nude pics of Libby Marr from her high school days. Can see why she's so pissed. My girlfriend would be pissed too if everyone saw she never shaved her bearded clam.

    Totally disgusting behavior by Libby, parading into the boys shower room. How would you feel if someone saw your pussy by walking in on you?

    Funny how things work out nicely. You chicks stripped the guys but now your nude pics are all over the net.

    Anyone got some recent pics of Libby naked? I'd like to see Miss Prim and Proper bawling again like a cheap stripper as she was in high school when everyone saw those pics of her small boobs and hairy twat.

    The girls did act like little bitches so maybe a little nakedness on the WWW will do them good. Especially the one who pulled down that little boys swim pants.

    [Libby's] bush is so thick birds are building a nest in it.
    --Road Warrior

    Yor nothing but f*cking P0RN STARS now, with your tits and pussys on the www.

    I remember how you were all crying when Johnnyscool posted your nude pics... Just dont you bitches ever forget that we all saw your bare naked tits, asses and pussies on the web. He turned you into nothing but two-bit strippers. No matter how many wimps whose pants you pull down, you can never change that fact. So stick that in your slits and smoke it.

  • Having obtained several nude photos of me, Bad Girl Spanker has been humiliating me with naked depictions of me such as this one. Libby Marr

    As if his constant gloating and rubbing in the fact that he has several nude pics of me isn't embarrassing enough for me, Bad Girl Spanker has now resorted to using those photos to depict me totally naked with various backgrounds (like this one above) and posting them on the Internet, sparing me absolutely no modesty.

    Not only that, but he has given permission to anyone wishing to further my humiliation for use on websites, artwork for erotic stories, book covers or just for plain amusement at my expense, modesty and shame.

    I know it's totally within his rights to do so (as I did actually agree that anyone could use my nude pics as long as it was with a CC-SA license - actually I've insisted on it, even agreeing to pose for that purpose as part of an admission that I needed to be disciplined for some of my behavior). But still. It IS embarrassing nevertheless. I guess I'm still learning that some promises have consequences.

    -Libby Marr

    Many guys think I should still be punished and humiliated, not just for purposely embarrassing and forcibly stripping boys against their will during my high school years or for having seen naked some of the young boys I coach when I've had to quickly enter the boys' locker room or showers unannounced to deal with an emergency situation causing them embarrassment (especially given I've more than once did a poor job trying to control some inappropriate grinning and smirking). But also because, in a moment of weakness, I agreed to not stop guys from punishment by humiliating me for such behavior. I do keep my promises but it's lead to some shameful consequences. On the other hand, how can I learn from my poor behavior if I'm not punished for it in a very humbling, very embarrassing way?

    Libby Marr, pics of my unshaven bush were seen by most of my high school