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This is NOT a complete list and is only a brief snapshot in time. We've deleted many obscene searches (such as libby marr thick bush pics) or ones very personally degrading about us (such as "belinda ramirez" +"flat chest"

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So many people have seen me naked already. What's one more?
In fact, it should be made a national law that I must be naked in public at all times.

OK, maybe I'm being a little sarcastic there.

But given recent embarrassments and those throughout my life,
would my shame really be any less than it has been?

Becky Romero, posing nude in public in nature in 2003

Should I Be Spanked Bare-Assed Because of My So-Called "Bratty" Attitude?

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Should I Have Been Punished?
Moments after a 9th grade boy walked up behind me and slapped my butt hard as we stood outside waiting for our gym class to start, I depantsed. Yes, I did. Pulled his shorts down to his ankles and left him standing there dumbfounded in his jock strap in front of everyone.

But what I find hard to comprehend is that even some people who have little sympathy for the jerk I depantsed that day felt I should have nonetheless been punished for my retaliatory strike.

Even more amazing is the fact that some people felt I should have suffered the same fate as the boy I depantsed: standing bottomless (or even totally naked) in front of my entire mixed-sex 9th grade gym class!

Becky Romero, topless

Yet, even that punishment isn't viewed as good enough for others. They've even have gone so far as to say I fully deserved that nude pics of me were taken and spread all around my high school when I was 18 during my senior year. Really? I mean, come on! Is that fair justice?

What's being said about me and my nude photos (they were posted on the web by jerks at my former high school)

Becky iz bitch like infidel woman soldiers who strip muslim men naked.

If the girls like stripping men so much they deserve to be stripped

The girls did act like little bitches so maybe a little nakedness on the WWW will do them good. Especially the one who pulled down that little boys swim pants.

Becky was bragging about her first 'depantsing'... two boys ages 11-12. Guess karma finally sprang up and bit her in the ass big time. I got no sympathy for the bitch and hope those boys find her nude pics on the net one day.

Becky pulling down that little innocent boy's swimming trunks and completely exposing and humiliating him in front of all those girls at the pool. What a bitch!

Becky is in need of a taste of her own medicine... [make] her do some knob polishing on those two young lads that she probably scarred for life.

I remember Becky taunting that if anybody had nude pictures of her they should just put them up. I guess she got her wish and probably wishes she hadn't. Nice boobs though. Too bad those 2 kids at the swimming poll she got stripped naked in front of their friends and families and spanked won't get to see them after all the trouble they took to try and get her top off. It's the least they deserve after what they went through.

Funny how things work out nicely. You chicks stripped the guys but now your nude pics are all over the net. And yes Becky - you should be spanked. Naked and in public.

I can't make up my mind who's the bigger bitch, libby or becky.

Really nice rack [Becky's] got!
--beer man2...U.S.

Becky deserves to have her nude pics posted. Totally humiliate the bitch!

I wuz checing out earlier today the nude pics of Becky on a XXX site I came across. ...What a rack! Nice pussy too, although I prefer the shaven look.

Yor nothing but f*cking P0RN STARS now, with your tits and pussys on the www.

I remember how you were all crying when Johnnyscool posted your nude pics... Just dont you bitches ever forget that we all saw your bare naked tits, asses and pussies on the web. He turned you into nothing but two-bit strippers. No matter how many wimps whose pants you pull down, you can never change that fact. So stick that in your slits and smoke it.
Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above photo of me was circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty?

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above photo of me was circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty?

Once your entire high school sees you naked, as when the above nude photos of me were circulated around campus, what good is trying to maintain any modesty? I might as well been required to attend the rest of the school year naked. It left me vulnerable and indeed lead to me being literally stripped nearly entirely naked at school one day.

- Becky Romero

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